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Amherst College Biographical Record (1821-1921) errata

This is a list of errata that have been both noticed and recorded since 1 February 1999.

xviiWalker, Williston's term of trusteeship shown as 1896-1921Shown as 1896-1922 in biography on pg. 446.
xviiiWoods, Josiah Bridges, M. A. (A.C., hon., 1862)The list of honorary degree recipients on pg. 951 gives this name as "Woods, Joseph Bridges."
xviiiTerm for Bixler, James Wilson, D. D. given as 1892-.Biography on page 424 states "Overseer Charitable Fund of A. C., 1891-"
1"(A. C., ex 1855)." in entry for Fairchild, Ezra.Extreneous comma. To match rest of book, should be "(A. C. ex 1855)."
2"(A. C., 1850)." and "(A. C., 1837)." in entry for Dickinson, Edward.Extreneous commas. To match rest of book, should be "(A. C. 1850)." and "(A. C. 1837)."
3"(A. C., ex 1849)" in entry for Burt, Jairus.Extreneous comma. To match rest of book, should be "(A. C. ex 1849)."
3"(A. C., 1865)" in entry for Johnson, Leonard.Extreneous comma. To match rest of book, should be "(A. C. 1865)."
3"S. of Samuel and Martha (Edwards); b. Montague..." in entry for Marsh, Justin.Semicolon should be a comma (to match convention in book).
4"(A. C., 1851)." and "(A. C., ex 1859)." in entry for Nash, John Adams.Extreneous commas. To match rest of book, should be "(A. C. 1851)." and "(A. C. ex 1859)."
5"(A. C., 1824)" in entry for Shepard, George Champlin.Extreneous comma. To match rest of book, should be "(A. C. 1824)"
6"Williamsburgh" in entry for Coffin, Robert Allen.Should be "Williamsburg".
7"Aug. 20. 1847" (second-to-last line of Jones, John Taylor)Should be "Aug. 20, 1847"
7Entry for Strong, Elijah Dwight 1825 does not list a brother attending AmherstEntry for Strong, Henry Wright 1825 (pg. 7) shows brother Strong, Elijah Dwight 1825.
7"Jy. 16 28" in entry for Train, Asa Milton.Should be "Jy. 16 1828"
8"Ap., 4, 1881" in entry for White, Franklin Walter.Extraneous comma.
8"Andover, T. S." in entry for Babbitt, Calvin Washington.Extraneous comma.
11"77. *Pratt Levi."Missing comma. Should be "77. *Pratt, Levi."
17"Rockford, (Ill.) Female Sem." in entry for Brown, Hope.Extraneous comma. Should be "Rockford (Ill.) Female Sem."
18"Newton T. S. 6 mos." in entry for Fisher, Ezra.Missing comma. Should be "Newton T. S., 6 mos."
19"Washington Co., Assoc. of Me." in entry for Kittredge, Hosea.Extraneous comma. Should be "Washington Co. Assoc. of Me."
21"D. in Texas., May, 1842" in entry for Winn, Washington Harrison.Extraneous period. Should be "D. in Texas, May, 1842"
21"*McDowall, John Robert A. C. 1824;"Missing period. Should be "*McDowall, John Robert. A. C. 1824;"
22"b. Mansfield, Conn. D. 10, 1805" in entry for Goodwell, Abner.Missing comma. Should be "b. Mansfield, Conn., D. 10, 1805"
24"Eliza da. of Martin O. Hills" in entry for Lyman, Henry.Missing comma. Should be "Eliza, da. of Martin O. Hills"
24"D. Marietta. O., Jan. 24, 1867." in entry for Maxwell, Samuel.Second period should be comma. Should be "D. Marietta, O., Jan. 24, 1867."
24"James H. (A. C., 1862)" in entry for Nash, Simeon.Extraneous comma. Should be "James H. (A. C. 1862)".
24"Ch. Aaron, H.;" in entry for Nelson, William Francis.Extraneous comma. Should be "Ch. Aaron H.;"
25"Petrocokino, Nicholas Pantoleon"This name is given as "Nicholas Petrokokino" on pg. 113.
25"Constantinople 1853-1901" in entry for Riggs, Elias.Missing comma. Should be "Constantinople, 1853-1901"
25"M. A., A. G., 1832" in entry for Russell, Ezekiel.Should be "M. A., A. C., 1832".
28"p. there. 1835-38" in entry for Eastman, Henry Edward.Second period should be a comma. Should be "p. there, 1835-38"
52"s. of Rev. Jacob. W." in entry for Eastman, John Calvin.Extraneous period after Jacob. Should be "s. of Rev. Jacob W."
66"Port, Gibson, Miss."Extraneous comma. Should be "Port Gibson, Miss."
113"Prepared with father and with Nicholas Petrokokino (A.C. 1829)"This name is given as "Petrocokino, Nicholas Pantoleon" on pg. 25.
126"1860-62; 1864-65, 1876" in entry for Howland, William.First semicolon should be comma.
133"Mary L., da. of Rev. Joseph Bennett" in entry for Morong, Thomas.Mother of his son listed as "Mary Lawson (Bennet)" on pg. 312.
140"Bethel, Conn, S. 14, 1824" in entry for Seelye, Julius Hawley.Missing period after Conn. Should be "Bethel, Conn., S. 14, 1824"
195"2. s. William T. (A. C. 1886)" in entry for Mather, Richard Henry.Extraneous period. Should be "2 s. William T. (A. C. 1886)"
206"6 ch., Howard (A. C. 1889)." in entry for Wilson, James Duncan.Extraneous comma. To match other entries, should be "6 ch. Howard (A. C. 1889)."
212"Smith, Luther Rominor"Middle name is given as Rominer in son's biography, on page 582.
221"The Wages Qeustion" in entry for Walker, Francis Amasa.Should be "The Wages Question".
253"France, (2) Je. 2, 1890" in entry for Sampson, Chandler.To match rest of book, comma should be semicolon. Should be "France; (2) Je. 2, 1890"
253"Alice M. ------" in entry for Sampson, Chandler.Missing period. Should be "Alice M. ------."
258"(m. Thomas C. Esty, A. C. 1893;)" in entry for Emerson, Benjamin Kendall.Semicolon should follow right parenthesis, not precede it. Should be "(m. Thomas C. Esty, A. C. 1893);"
273"D. 3, 1868" in entry for Hower, George.Members of Class of 1866 clearly born before 1868.
276"D. D. Ia. Coll., 1878"Missing comma. Should be "D. D., Ia. Coll., 1878"
312"Mary Lawson (Bennet)" given as name of mother of Morong, Arthur Bennet.Name of father's wife given as "Mary L., da. of Rev. Joseph Bennett" on pg. 133.
319"Eliza N. da., of Dr. David W. Miner, Ware" in entry for Garman, Charles Edward.Misplaced comma. Should be "Eliza N., da. of Dr. David W. Miner, Ware"
334"Bancroft, Wnifred Baxter"Should be "Bancroft, Winfred Baxter"
358Seely, Charles De Loss.Son's father's name given as Charles DeLoss on pg. 864.
383"198 Harvard St. Brookline" in entry for Slack, Ezra Allen.Missing comma. Should be "198 Harvard St., Brookline".
383"Phillips Acad, Exeter" in entry for Sleeper, William Washburn.Missing period. Should be "Phillips Acad., Exeter"
408"president Lowell board of trade, 1 yr.; D. Lowell, Je. 1, 1915." in entry for White, Henry Kirke.Extraneous semicolon; should be "president Lowell board of trade, 1 yr. D. Lowell, Je. 1, 1915."
424"Overseer Charitable Fund of A. C., 1891-" in entry for Bixler, James Wilson.Given as 1892- on page xviii.
438"Hallett, Samel Worthington"Should be "Hallett, Samuel Worthington"
446Walker, Williston's term of trusteeship shown as 1896-1922.Shown as 1896-1921 in list of trustees on pg. xvii.
579"Derby Samuel Jesse."Missing comma. Should be "Derby, Samuel Jesse."
582"S. of Luther Rominer (A. C. 1859)" in entry for Smith, Luther Ely.Middle name is given as Rominor on page 212.
585"Esther A. (Lockwood,) b. Watkins" in entry for Pellet, Robert Lockwood.Comma and parenthesis mark juxtaposed. Should be "Esther A. (Lockwood), b. Watkins"
588"member city council Northampton" in entry for J. C. Coolidge.Should be "Member city council Northampton"
588"Ch. John (A. C. 1928); Calvin. (d.)" in entry for J. C. Coolidge.Extraneous period. Should be "Ch. John (A. C. 1928); Calvin (d.)."
588Entry for Coolidge, John (Calvin) does not show his trusteeship of A. C.Position as trustee shown on pg. xviii.
601"interne Children's Hospital Boston" in entry for Eastman, Alexander Crane.Should be "intern Children's Hospital Boston"
601"Bro. George. S." in entry for Eastman, Alexander Crane.Extraneous period. Should be "Bro. George S."
637"Overseer Charitable Fund of A. C., 1916." in entry for C. W. Merriam.Should be "Overseer Charitable Fund of A. C., 1909-1916.", per pg. xviii.
854"Bro. Philip Y. (A. C. 1918)" in entry for Eastman, Gardner Pettee.Philip Y. Eastman was in the class of 1919.
864"S. of Charles DeLoss (A. C. 1876)" in entry for Seely, Charles Warner.Father's name given as Charles De Loss on pg. 358.
881"b. Amhert" in entry for Spear, Irving Lewis.Shound be "b. Amherst".
935"Boston., Mass." in entry for Ehrlich, Louis H.Extraneous period. Should be "Boston, Mass."
951Woods, Joseph BridgesThe Corporation listing on pg. xviii gives this name as "Woods, Josiah Bridges."
1002"PETROCOKINO, Nicholas P. 1829"This name is given as "Nicholas Petrokokino" on pg. 113.


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