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Index -- Favour
(to the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

Every student record containing the surname Favour. Click on a name to see the full biography.

Every Favour that has been indexed so far. Click on a name to see the relevant biography.


An "ex" preceding the class year means that the student did not graduate from Amherst.

Note: To date, about 45% of the entries in the Biographical Record are typed, and about two-thirds of those are indexed. As more entries are typed and indexed, this index page will probably grow. Consequently, if you're interested in this surname, you should bookmark this page and check back again every few months.

Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions list if you would like more information about a specific graduate.

(If you're interested in the surname Favour, consider checking these surnames, which also have Soundex value F160: Faber and Fauver.)


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