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Amherst College Biographical Record (1821-1921)
Alumni portraits

Although the Amherst College Biographical Record is solid text, I am slowly adding portraits to break up the monotony.

You can view pictures of:

[Ebenezer Strong Snell 1822]Ebenezer Strong Snell 1822.
[William Seymour Tyler 1830]William Seymour Tyler 1830.
[Henry Ward Beecher 1834]Henry Ward Beecher 1834 (as an undergraduate).
[Roswell Dwight Hitchcock 1836]Roswell Dwight Hitchcock 1836.
[Richard Salter Storrs 1839]Richard Salter Storrs 1839.
[Edward Payson Crowell 1853]Edward Payson Crowell 1853.
[Elijah Paddock Harris 1855]Elijah Paddock Harris 1855.
[Richard Henry Mather 1857]Richard Henry Mather 1857.
[William Cole Esty 1860]William Cole Esty 1860.
[Benjamin Kendall Emerson 1865]Benjamin Kendall Emerson 1865.
[Professor Edward Tuckerman]Professor Edward Tuckerman.


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