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Amherst College Class of 1827
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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84. *Amerman, Thomas Albert.  S. of Thomas and Margaret O. (Bogart), b. N. Y. City, Ap. 4, 1798.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  T. S., New Brunswick, N. J., 1827-30; ordained evangelist by Classis of Reformed Dutch Ch., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., at Beekman, N. Y., D. 1, 1830; home miss'y under its appointment, 1 yr.; p. 3 Churches in Classis of Albany, New Baltimore, N. Y. and Onondaga Co., 7 yrs.; r. Waukau, Wis., 1840-84.  D. Waukau, Wis., N. 27, 1884.

Married Ap. 30, 1835, Eliza T. Laycock, foster-child of Dr. Samuel Harris, Camden, N. J.  5 ch.

85. *Boggs, George Washington.  S. of Joseph and Jane (Renwick), b. Bethesda Congregation, York District, S. C., Je. 20, 1796.

Prepared with Rev. Andrew Brown, Pendleton District, S. C., and Mr. Faris, Pendleton Village; Hampden Sidney [sic], 1824-25; A. C., 1825-27.  Princeton T. S., 1827-30; agent for A. B. C. F. M., principally in S. C., 1831-32; ordained by Charleston Union Presbytery, Mch. 14, 1832; miss'y Ahmednuggur, Mahratta Mission, India, 1832-38; preached Kosciusko, Miss., 1839; p. Walterboro, S. C., 1841-43; s. s. Horeb and Aimwell, Fairfield District, S. C., 1846-66; p. Providence and Little River, Abbeville Co., S. C.; r. Columbia and Winnsboro, S. C.   D. Williamston, Pickens District, Anderson Co., S. C., Aug. 14, 1871.

Married May 28, 1832, Mrs. Isabella Adger, da. of William Ellison, Fairfield, S. C.  8 ch.

86. *Bradford, Ebenezer Green.  S. of Rev. Moses and Sarah (Eaton), b. Francestown, N. H., May 24, 1801.

Prepared Meriden (N. H.) Acad.  Andover T. S., 1 yr.; finished theological studies with Rev. John Whiton, Antrim, N. H.; ordained Colebrook, N. H., F. 29, 1832; p. there, 1832-36; Wardsboro, Vt., 1836-42; under Home Miss'y Soc., s. s. Presb. Ch., Platteville, Wis., 1842-44; s. s. Prairie Du Sac, Wis., 1844-47; Waupun, Wis., 1847-49; Princeton, Wis., 1849-56.  D. Leverett, Aug. 29, 1861.

Married May 25, 1832, Angelia, adopted da. of Ezekiel Thompson, Swanzey, N. H.  Ch. adopted only.  [Seems to be brother of Moses B. (A. C. 1825).]

87. *Clark, Charles Grandison.  S. of Shubael and Esther (Tracy), b. Preston, Conn., Ap. 8, 1796.

Auburn T. S., 1827-29; ordained Madison, N. Y., S. 9, 1829; p. Webster, Mich., 1829-54; Lodi, Mich., 1854-58; w. c. Ann Arbor, Mich., 1858-71.  D. Ann Arbor, Mich., O. 2, 1871.

Married (1) Aug. 30, 1830, Elizabeth, da. of Levi Platt, Winchester, Conn., who d. O. 28, 1858; (2) Aug. 31, 1859, Mary E. Chadwick, York, N. Y.  2 ch.

88. *Clark, Joseph Sylvester.  S. of Seth and Mary (Tupper), b. So. Plymouth, D. 19, 1800.  M. A., A. C., 1830; D. D., A. C., 1851.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1827-28, 1829-31; tutor A. C., 1828-29; ordained Sturbridge, D. 21, 1831; p. there, 1831-38; sec. Mass Home Miss'y Soc., 1839-57; Cong. Library Assoc., 1853-61.  Trustee A. C., 1852-61.  Ed. Cong. Quarterly; author historical sketches.  D. W. Newton, Aug. 17, 1861.

Married D. 27, 1831, Harriet B., da. of Joseph Bourne, New Bedford.  5 ch.  Joseph B. (A. C. 1858).

89. *Clark, Lucius Fayette.  S. of Daniel and Millicent, b. Brooklyn, Conn., about 1800.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830.

Prepared Westfield.  Licensed to preach; associate prin. Westfield Acad.; agent S. S. Union 1 yr. and a half; prin. Castleton (Vt.) Sem., 1832-38; prof. chemistry and natural history E. Tenn. Coll., now U. of Tenn., Knoxville, 1838-40.  Author Child's Expositor; Topical Questions on Woodbridge's Geography; Outline Maps and other works; ed. Tennessee Farmer, 1840.  D. Knoxville, Tenn., Aug. 25, 1840.

Married F. 26, 1830, Martha B., da. of Charles C. Raboteau, Belchertown.

90. *Dwight, Timothy.  S. of Cecil and Mary (Clap), b. Northampton, May 25, 1807.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830.

Prepared with Rev. Sereno Dwight, Boston.  Taught private school Amelia Co., Va., 1828; acad. Hadley; tutor A. C., 1832; taught New Haven, Conn. Gymnasium; Yale D. S., 2 yrs. and studied with Rev. Dr. Taylor; licensed to preach by assoc., Amherst.  D. Moscow, N. Y., O. 13, 1835.

91. *Farnham, Lucien.  S. of Elijah and Mary (Greenslit), b. Lisbon, Conn., Jy. 8, 1799.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1827-30; ordained as evangelist by Presbytery of Newburyport, S. 23, 1830; taught Ill. Coll., 1830-31; home miss'y Lewiston, Ill., 1831-32; s. s. Jacksonville, Ill., 1832-33; p. Princeton, Ill., 1833-39; s. s. Hadley, Ill., 1839-42; Batavia and Big Woods, Ill., 1842-49; Lockport, Ill., 1849-50; p. Newark, Ill., 1851-57; w. c. there, 1857-74.  D. Newark, Ill., Jy. 8, 1874.

Married (1) S. 14, 1830, Louisa, da. of Samuel Denham, Conway, who d. Aug. 21, 1833;  (2) S. 22, 1834, Susan, da. of Moses Porter, Hadley, who d. Jan. 27, 1849;  (3) Aug. 14, 1851, Eliza J., da. of John McConihe, Princeton, Ill.  8 ch.

92. *Howard, Joseph.  S. of Joseph and Anstiss (Smith), b. Salem, S. 20, 1807.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830; M. D., Columbia, 1831.

Prepared Salem with Gerard Hallock, afterwards ed. N. Y. Journal of Commerce.  Studied med. with Dr. Abel L. Pierson, Salem, Dr. Charles Ball, Brooklyn, N. Y. and at Columbia Med. School; apothecary Amherst, 1831-34; practised Brooklyn, N. Y., 1834-48; Amherst, 1848-49, 1852-55; surgeon on Empire City line of California steamers, 1849-52; practised Brooklyn, N. Y., 1855-79.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., Ap. 14, 1879.

Married F. 17, 1832, Mary A., da. of Joseph Montague, Amherst, who d. Je. 6, 1855.  8 ch.

93. *Johnson, Stephen.  S. of Stephen and Lydia (Larned), b. Griswold, Conn., Ap. 15, 1803.

Prepared Acad., Plainfield, Conn., and Amherst Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1829-32; ordained as miss'y evangelist by New London Co. Assoc., Griswold, Conn., F. 21, 1833; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Siam, 1833-47; Foochow, China, 1847-53; returned to U. S. and preached until 1862; r. Gouverneur, N. Y., 1862-86.  D. Gouverneur, N. Y., Jan. 14, 1886.

Married (1) May 26, 1833, Maria, da. of Rev. John Preston, Rupert, Vt., who d. Jan. 8, 1839; (2) N. 1, 1840, Mary, da. of Edward Fowler, Oxbow, N. Y., who d. Jy. 1, 1841; (3) S. 17, 1849, Caroline, da. of Eric Selmer, Stockholm, Sweden.  3 ch.

94. *Johnston, William Moncrieff.  S. of John and Mary (Bull), b. Newburgh, N. Y., O. 22, 1807.  M. D., Berkshire Med. Coll., 1833.

Prepared Newburgh (N. Y.) Acad.; A. C., 1825-27.  Studied med. with Drs. Eben and Absalom Woodruff, Suckasunny Plains, N. J., 1 yr.; with Dr. Gedney, Newburgh, N. Y., 1 yr.; with Dr. George Field, Sussex Co., Va., 2 yrs.; Jefferson Med. Coll., Philadelphia, Penn.; grad. Berkshire Med. Coll., 1833; practised Prince George Co., Va., 2 yrs.; Newburgh, N. Y., 3 yrs.; Cold Spring, N. Y., 1840-52; taught La Grange Coll., Tenn., 1858; Hernando, Miss., 1859.  Probate Judge De Soto Co., Miss., 1865; Asst. Assessor U. S. Int. Revenue, 2 yrs.  D. Hernando, Miss., D. 20, 1887.

Married D. 18, 1834, Mary A. E., da. of John Purham, Purham's Store, Sussex Co., Va., who d. O. 15, 1874.  7 ch.

95. *Kendall, John Ballard.  S. of Jesse and Elizabeth (Raymond), b. Phillipston, D. 26, 1799.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830.

Prepared New Salem and New Ipswich (N. H.) Acads.  Andover T. S., 1827-30; ordained Hartford, N. Y., 1831; p. Hartford, Easton, Brunswick, N. Y., Bethany, Conn., So. Wilbraham, Mansfield and Orange for periods varying from 1 to 3 yrs.; taught W. Troy, N. Y., 2 yrs.; preached No. Granville, N. Y., 1 yr.; farmer and lawyer Butler, N. Y. and Eckford, Mich., 1840-79; r. Kalamazoo, Mich., 1879-88.  D. Kalamazoo, Mich., Mch. 31, 1888.

Married (1) N. 14, 1831, Mary A., da. of Stephen Wyman, Ashby, who d. Jy., 1836; (2) D. 1839, Mary, da. of Gen. Covell, Hartford, N. Y., who d. Mch. 1, 1870.  1 da.

96. *Kingsbury, Enoch.  S. of Samuel and Mary (Benton), b. Langdon, N. H., Ap. 21, 1800.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1827; Union T. S., (Hampden Sidney [sic] Coll.), Va.; preached Granby, 1830; ordained as evangelist So. Hadley, N. 17, 1830; r. Danville, Ill.; p. Presb. Ch. there, 1831-57; miss'y to the freedmen in Ala., 1865-66; in Ga. and S. C., 1868.  Served twice as judge of elections in S. C.   D. Danville, Ill., O. 26, 1868.

Married N. 1, 1830, Fanny, da. of James Goodwin, Simsbury, Conn.  8 ch.

97. *Lyman, Giles.  S. of Giles and Mary (Hubbard), b. Belchertown, Mch. 16, 1802.  M. A.,  A. C., 1830.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley and with Rev. Theophilus Packard, Shelburne.  Andover T. S., 1827-31; ordained Jaffrey, N. H., Jan. 11, 1832; p. there, 1832-37; s. s. Fowlerville, N. Y., 1837-38; Ashburnham, 1838-39; Gardner, 1839-40; Marlboro, N. H., 1841-69.  D. Winchendon, N. H., N.16, 1872.

Married D. 14, 1835, Louisa H., da. of Phinehas Whitney, Winchendon.

98. *McClure, Alexander Wilson.  S. of Thomas and Mary (Wilson), b. Boston, May 8, 1808.  M. A., A. C., 1830; D. D., A. C., 1854.

Prepared Boston Latin School; Yale, 1823-25; A. C., 1825-27.  Andover T. S., 1827-30; ordained Malden, D. 19, 1832; p. there, 1830-43; asst. p. Presb. Ch. St. Augustine, Fla., 1844-46; ed. Christian Observatory, 1847-50; asst. ed. Puritan Recorder at same time; p. 1st. Cong. Ch. Malden, 1848-51; Dutch Reformed Ch. Jersey City, N. J., 1851-54; sec. Amer. and Foreign Christian Union, 1855-57.  Was appointed chaplain at Rome; represented the Union at the anniversaries of the great benevolent societies at London and Paris; was largely responsible for the erection of the Paris chapel.  Author 2 vols. of Lives of the Chief Fathers of New England; Four Lectures on Ultra Universalism; Translators Revived, and many tracts, editorial and magazine articles.  D. Cannonsburgh, Penn., S. 17, 1865.

Married D. 25, 1832, Mary B., da. of Vinson Gould, Southampton.  8 ch.

99. *Paine, William Pomeroy.  S. of Elijah and Martha (Pomeroy), b. Ashfield, Aug. 1, 1808.  M. A., A. C., 1830; D. D., A. C., 1856.

Prepared Sanderson Acad., Ashfield.  Taught Amherst Acad., 1827-28; Andover T. S., 1828-29, 1831-32; tutor A. C., 1829-31; ordained Holden, O. 24, 1833; p. there, 1833-76.  Trustee Leicester Acad., many yrs.; A. C., 1854-76.  D. Holden, N. 28, 1876.

Married Je. 11, 1834, Sarah, da. of John Mack, Plainfield, who d. O. 3, 1868.  6 ch.  Arthur R. (A. C. 1871).  [Seems to be brother of Elijah (A. C. 1823).]

100. *Partridge, Samuel Dwight.  S. of Samuel and Mabel (Dickinson), b. Hatfield, O. 15, 1806.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley; Yale, 1823-24; A. C., 1824-27.  Studied law in office of Billings & Clark, Hatfield, 2 yrs. and a half; with Samuel Hoar, Concord, 6 mos.; admitted to bar, Middlesex Co., 1831; practised Woburn, 6 mos.; Hatfield, 1 yr.; in business Hatfield, 1833-49; N. Y. City, 1849-75; r. Milwaukee, Wis., 1880-93.  Representative from Hatfield to Mass. Legislature, 1842; officer Boston Custom House, 1846-49.  D. Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 19, 1893.

Married S. 8, 1834, Lucretia A., da. of Zenas Warner, Chesterfield.  5 ch.

101. *Porter, Charles Summerfield.  S. of Joseph and Leonard (Graves), b. Ashfield, D. 9, 1803.  M. A., A. C., 1830.

Prepared Sanderson Acad., Ashfield.  Andover T. S., 1828-31; ordained Gloucester, Aug. 1, 1832; p. there, 1832-35; 2nd Ave. Presb. Ch., N. Y. City, 1835-41; 1st. Presb. Ch. Utica, N. Y., 1842-45; Cong. Ch. Plymouth, 1845-53; Phillips Ch., So. Boston, 1854-57; s. s. E. St. Ch., So. Boston, 1857-62; w. c. Boston, 1862-70; s. No. Beverly, 1866-67.  D. Boston, Ap. 10, 1870.

Married (1) Jy. 19, 1837, J. E., da. of William P. Fiske, Cambridgeport, who d. D. 7, 1843; (2) Jy. 7, 1847, Louise, da. of Samuel Adams, Derry, N. H.  2 s., 1 da.

102. *Reynolds, Tertius.  S. of Jonathan and Martha (Sutliff), b. Warren, Conn., Mch. 29, 1800.

Prepared Morris Acad., So. Farms (now Morris), Conn.  Auburn T. S., 1827-28; preached Parishville and Pierpont, N. Y., 1830-31; Constable, N. Y., 1833; Keene, N. Y., 1836-37; p. Cong. Ch. Fairfax, Vt., 1839-44; r. Fairfax, Vt., 1844-55; Pine Island, Minn., 1855-63.  D. Pine Island, Minn., Je. 25, 1863.

Married Je. 1, 1829, Eliza, da. of George Talbot, Athol.  4 ch.

103. *Stockbridge, Hiram Fish.  S. of David and Sarah (Allis), b. Whately, Je. 8, 1804.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Studied law Greenfield; admitted to bar about 1830; practised Gill; Whately; Rochester, N. Y., 1837-45; in office of canal collector, 1837; clerk in post office, 1838-40, 1847-48, 1852-53; in weigh-master's office, 1845-46.  D. Rochester, N. Y., Ap. 8, 1859.

Married Aug 30, 1830, Eliza, da. of Consider Morton, Whately.  3 ch.

104. *Tinker, Reuben.  S. of Rufus and Miriam (Bliss), b. Chester, Aug, 6, 1799.  M. A., A. C., 1830.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1827-30; ordained Chester, N. 3, 1830; miss'y Sandwich Islands, 1831-40; r. Madison, O., 1841-45; p. 1st Presb. Ch., Westfield, N. Y., 1845-54.  D. Westfield, N. Y., O. 26, 1854.

Married N. 14, 1830, Mary S., da. of Nathan Wood, Madison, O.  Ch. Samuel; William; Miriam; David; Rufus; Reuben; Lucy; Joseph E. (A. C. ex 1857).

105. *Winch, Moses.  S. of Francis and Judith (Turner), b. Holden, F. 23, 1801.  M. A., A. C., 1830.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1827-30; ordained Paxton, S. 21, 1831; p., 1831-34; preached, 1834-37; r. Needham, 1835-.  D. Wellesley, D. 8, 1875.

Married (1) May 28, 1828, Eliza, da. of Joseph Russell, who d. D. 22, 1855; (2) F. 23, 1857, Elizabeth D., da. of Luther Smith, Needham.  2 s.

106. *Wright, Alfred.  S. of Calvin and Zilpha (Morgan), b. Chicopee, Mch. 17, 1803.

Auburn T. S., 1827-30; ordained Henrietta, N. Y., by Genesee Assoc., Je. 2, 1830; miss'y in Mo., 15 yrs.; Mt. Prairie, 1831; in Presbytery of St. Charles, 1832-34; in Monroe and Randolph Counties, 1838-40; in northwest Mo., 1843-44; r. Big Woods, Ia., 1846-50; Anamosa, Ia., 1850-54; Quasqueton, Ia., 1854-55; s. Churches there 1855-59; Durango, Ia., 1864-65.  D. Durango, Ia., N. 18, 1865.

Married S. 2, 1830, Louisa C., da. of Ira Barbour, Auburn, N. Y.  2 s., 2 da.


*Barker, George Payson.  B. Rindge, N. H., 1804.  A. C., 1824-25; grad. Union, 1827.  Practised law Buffalo, N. Y.; Attorney-General N. Y.  D. Between 1847 and 1850.
*Bement, William.  S. of Samuel and Anna, b. Ashfield, Ap. 5, 1806.  M. A., A. C., 1823; grad. Dartmouth, 1828.  Taught Mobile, Ala., 1828-30; studied Princeton T. S., 1830-32; Yale T. S., 1832-33; ordained Easthampton, O. 16, 1833; p. there, 1833-50; Elmira, N. Y., 1851-54; supt. public schools there, 1860-65.  Pub. sermons and articles in The New Englander.  D. N. Y. City, Jy. 28, 1876.
*Caldwell, Jacob.  B. Lunenburg, Jy. 26, 1806.  A. C., 1823-24; grad. Harvard, 1828.  Grad. Harvard D. S., 1841; taught 10 yrs.; Unitarian minister Hampton Falls, N. H., Standish and Calais, Me., 20 yrs.
*Crary, Isaac Edwin.  B. O. 2, 1804.  A. C., 1823; grad. Trinity, Hartford, Conn., 1827.  Practised law, Marshall, Mich.  Delegate to Congress from Territory of Mich., 1835-36; Representative in Congress, 1836-41.  D. Marshall, Mich., May 8, 1854.
*Dunham, Earl.  Registered from W. Springfield; A. C., 1823; left coll. on account of ill-health.  D.
*Giles, Joel.  S. of John and Mary (Adams), b. Townsend, Aug. 6, 1804.  LL. B., Harvard, 1837.  A. C., 1823-24; grad. Harvard, 1829.  Tutor Harvard 1831-34; grad. Harvard L. S., 1837; practised law Boston and N. Y. City.  Member Mass. Constitutional Convention, 1853; Representative and Senator, Mass. Legislature.  Bequeathed A. C. $50,000 for Library.  D. Townsend, Jan. 12, 1882.  (Portrait in possession of A. C.).
*Gunn, Nathaniel.  Registered from Montague.  A. C., 1823-24.  Taught in Penn.; Culpepper Court House, S. C.; in business Savannah, Ga.; surveyor Alexandria, La.  D. 1836.
*Hardy, Charles Franklin.  B. Waltham, Je. 11, 1807.  A. C., 1824.  Taught various places in South and West.  Justice of Peace; county commissioner; Judge of Probate, Mower Co., Minn., 1850-70.  D. Brownsdale, Minn., Aug. 1870.
*Hawks, Daniel.  B. Deerfield, S. 3, 1804.  A. C., 1823.  Grad. Union Coll., 1827; practised law Cortlandville, N. Y.  D. 1853.
*Howard, John Loomis.  A. C., 1823; grad. Yale, 1827.  D. 1830.
*Kingsbury, Addison.  S. of Joseph and Lois (Porter), b. Coventry, Conn., Jy. 5, 1800.  D. D., Marietta, 1854.  Prepared with Rev. George A. Calhoun, Coventry, Conn.; A. C., 1823-24.  Grad. Andover T. S., 1828; ordained by Presbytery of Newburyport, S. 25, 1828; home miss'y Washington Co., O., 1828-29; p. Belpre and Warren, O., 1829-39; Putnam, O., 1839-78.  Author Historical Sketch of Ohio, 1838-68.  D. Marietta, O., Jan. 25, 1892.
*Phoenix, Alexander.  B. N. Y. City, Mch. 26, 1808.  A. C., 1823.  D. Mch. 7, 1833.
*Pierce, Otis.  B. Stoughton, Ap. 17, 1790.  A. C., 1823-24.  Taught Milton; Dorchester; master Franklin School, Boston, 1826-38; taught private schools Boston, Chelsea, Watertown and Newton, 18(?)-48.  d. Roxbury, Ap. 12, 1858.
*Poindexter, Albert G.  S. of Gov. Poindexter.  Registered from Natchez, Miss.  A. C., 1824.
*Sherwin, Edmund Phelps.  B. Buckland, N. 24, 1804.  A. C., 1823-25.  Teacher, farmer, lecturer.  Ch. Abner T. (A. C. ex 1856).
*Simonds, Ephraim.  B. Winchendon, 1805.  A. C., 1823; grad. Yale, 1827.  Taught Snow Hill, Md.; prof. of Greek and Latin, Transylvania U., Lexington, Ky.  D. before 1848.

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