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Amherst College Class of 1826
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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54. *Babbitt, Calvin Washington.  S. of Isaac and Prudence (May), b. Goshen, Je., 1798.

Andover T. S., 1826-29; ordained S. 24, 1829; under Presb. Home Miss'y Soc., Tenn., 1829; Tazewell Co., Ill., 1830-37; Princes Grove, Ill., 1837-39; Grand Detour, Ill., 1839-40; r. Bloomington, Ill., 1843; Washington, Ill., 1846; in nursery business and teaching Metamora, Ill., 1850-69.  D. La Salle, Ill., N. 26, 1869.

Married Je. 28, 1831, Mary, da. of John Laughlin, Greenville, Ill.  Ch. Everett B.; 2s. (d.).

55. *Barber, Lucius Israel.  S. of Calvin and Rowena (Humphrey), b. Simsbury, Conn., O. 7, 1806.  M. A., A. C., 1829; M. D., U. of Penn., 1835.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Taught in N. C., 1826-28; studied med. with Dr. J. O. Pond, N. Y. City and Dr. Amariah Brigham, Hartford, Conn., attending lectures at Pittsfield and U. of Penn.; practised med. Milwaukee and Jefferson, Wis., 1835-39; agriculture, Simsbury, Conn., 1845-89.  County clerk and clerk of U. S. District Court, Jefferson Co., Wis., 1840-45; Representative of Milwaukee Co. in 1st Wis. Legislative Assembly, 1839; Speaker, 1839; Representative from Jefferson, Wis., 4 yrs.; from Simsbury to Conn. General Assembly, 1850; Judge of Probate, Simsbury, Conn., 1858-68.  D. Simsbury, Conn., F. 16, 1889.

Married (1) Mch. 1, 1843, Marion P., da. of Eliada Brown, Jefferson, Wis., who d. F. 18, 1845; (2) Je. 10, 1874, Abbie L., da. of Marvin Sexton, Simsbury, Conn.  1 ch. (d.).

56. *Bridgman, Elijah Coleman.  S. of Theodore and Lucretia (Warner), b. Belchertown, Ap. 22, 1801.  D. D., U. of N. Y., 1841.

Prepared Belchertown.  Andover T. S., 1826-29; ordained miss'y to China, Belchertown, O. 6, 1829; in China, 1829-61.  Spent 14 yrs. in translating Bible into Chinese; ed. Chinese Repository, 1832-51; joint author Chinese Chrestomathy.  D. Shanghai, China, N. 2, 1861.

Married Je. 28, 1845, Eliza J., da. of Canfield Gillett, Derby, Conn.

57. *Bullard, Artemas.  S. of Artemas and Lucy (White), b. Northbridge, Je. 3, 1802.  D. D., Marion Coll., Mo., 1841.

Prepared with Rev. Enoch Pond, Ward, Me. and at Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1 yr.; ordained Ap. 20, 1831; sec. and general agent Mass. S. S. Union, 1828-32; dist. sec. A. B. C. F. M. for Miss. valley, Cincinnati, O., 1832-38; p. 1st Presb. Ch., St. Louis, Mo., 1838-55.  Delegate from Mo. to Peace Conference at Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1850.  Ed. S. S. Treasury, 5 yrs.  D. Jefferson City, Mo., N. 1, 1856.

Married Je. 2, 1829, Anne T., da. of Samuel Jones, Acton.  7 ch.  Henry (A. C. 1860).  [Seems to be brother of Asa (A. C. 1828).]

58. *Carlisle, Hugh.  S. of Hugh and Roxana (Miller), b. Belfast, Ireland, Jan. 22, 1800.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Left home early; educated for ministry by 5th Presb. Ch., Philadelphia, Penn.; prepared Newark, Mendham, N. J., Amherst Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1826-29; under A. H. M. S., N. C. and Va., 1829; ordained by W. Hanover Presbytery, Charlotte, Va., 1832; with A. H. M. S., 18(?)-65.  D. Ravenna, O., Je. 22, 1871.

Married S. 10, 1839, Eunice E., da. of Peter Tyler, Circleville, O.  2 s., 1 da.

59. *Chapin, Alonzo.  S. of Moses A. and Lucina (Graves), b. W. Springfield, F. 24, 1805.  M. A., A. C., 1829; M. D., U. of Penn., 1831.

Prepared Westfield and Springfield Acads.  Taught in Bradford, Frederick, Md., and Charleston, S. C., while studying medicine; attended 2 courses of medical lectures, Philadelphia, Penn.; medical miss'y Sandwich Islands, 1831-36; r. Boston, 1 yr.; Barre, 1 yr. and a half; Foxboro, 1 yr. and a half; E. Abington, 10 yrs.; Winchester, 26 years.  Postmaster E. Abington, 1848-51; examiner of pensions, 1853-76; coroner, 1863-76; on school committee, many yrs.  Contributed to medical journals.  D. Winchester, D. 25, 1876.

Married O. 26, 1831, Mary A., da. of Samuel Tenney, Boston.  1 da.

60. *Colby, Enoch Long.  S. of Isaac and Mehitable (Jones), b. Bradford, N. H., Je. 11, 1797.  M. A., A. C., 1830; M. D., Jefferson Med. Coll., 1836.

Prepared with Rev. Mr. Sawyer, Bradford, N. H.  Studied law and lectured on botany Providence, R. I., 1 yr.; prin. Hopkinton (N. H.) Acad., 1827-34; studied med. School of Me., Bowdoin, 1834; N. H. Med. Institution, Dartmouth, 1834-35; Jefferson Med. Coll., 1835-36; practised med. Cincinnati, O., 1836-39; Claremont, N. H., 1839-49.  D. Claremont, N. H., Aug. 24, 1849.

Married May 8, 1838, Sarah M., da. of Matthew Porter, Claremont, N. H.  Ch. Edward P.; George I.

61. *Colton, Chauncey.  S. of Gad and Ann (Colton), b. Longmeadow, Aug. 30, 1800.  M. A., A. C., 1829; D. D., N. Y. U., 1835.

Prepared Monson Acad.; entered A. C. during sophomore yr.  Post-graduate student Yale, 1826-27; est. Mt. Pleasant Classical Institute, Amherst, with Francis Fellowes (A. C. 1826), 1827, associate prin. while studying theology, 1827-30; ordained deacon, Prot. Episcopal Ch., 1830; priest, 1831; s. St. Ann's Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1830; rector St. Paul's, Rochester, N. Y., 1830-31; Trinity, Washington, D. C., 1831-33; president Bristol Coll., Penn., 1833-36; prof. of pastoral divinity, Theological Dept. Kenyon Coll., Gambier, O., 1837-41; r. Cincinnati, O., 1841-51, having charge of Trinity Ch. there for nearly 1 yr. and teaching remaining yrs.; prin. St. Thomas' Hall and associate rector Christ Ch., Holly Springs, Miss., 1851-54; asst. to Bishop Polk, New Orleans, La., 1854-55; rector Christ Ch., Smithfield, Isle of Wight Co., Va., 1855-58; Hungar's Parish, Northampton Co., Va., 1858-68; Emmanuel Ch., Cumberland, Md., 1868-72; r. Jenkintown, Penn., 1872-76.  Corresponding member Royal Soc. of Antiquarians, Copenhagen.  D. Jenkintown, Penn., Ap. 15, 1876.

Married O. 15, 1832, Ann, da. of William Coxe, Burlington, N. J.  5 s., 1 da.

62. *Cressy, Benjamin Cothen.  S. of Benjamin and Anna (Robinson), b. Pomfret, Conn., S. 24, 1798.  M. A., A. C., 1832.

Prepared Salisbury (N. H.) Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1826-29; ordained Avon, N. Y., 1829; p. Salem, Ind., 1829-32; agent in N. E. for Hanover Coll. and the A. H. M. S., 1832-33; Salem, Ind., 1833-34.  D. Salem, Ind., Jy. 10, 1834.

Married Mch. 17, 1829, Emma, da. of Dr. John Bestor, Simsbury, Conn.  2 ch.  [Seems to be brother of Timothy R. Cressey 1828]

63. *Cutler, Robert.  S. of Dr. Isaac G. and Nancy (Hastings), b. Amherst, D. 19, 1808.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  House builder Amherst, 1826-56; dealer in lumber, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1856-90.  D. Grand Rapids, Mich., Jy. 25, 1890.

Married F. 20, 1831, Julia N. W., da. of Moses Leonard, Sunderland, who d. Mch. 23, 1873.  4 ch

64. *Dunton, Samuel.  S. of Amasa and Mary (Taylor), b. Cambridge, N. Y., Mch. 23, 1798.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1826-29; ordained as evangelist, Winfield, N. Y., S., 1830; miss'y in O., 1830-45; p. Malta, N. Y., 1846-49; r. Saratoga, N. Y., 1849-66, taught part of the time.  D. Saratoga Springs, N. Y., O. 29, 1866.

Married S. 26, 1829, Sarah M., da. of Dr. Cyril Carpenter, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.  2 ch.

65. *Elliott, Caleb Burbank.  S. of Andrew and Mehitable (Waters), b. Millbury, Mch. 14, 1803.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Taught Clinton, Ga., 1826-33; studied theology with Rev. Mr. Herrick, Millbury and Dr. Tyler, E. Windsor, Conn.; ordained Slatersville, R. I., S., 1835; p. there, 1835-37; W. Millbury, 1837-39; Truro, 1843-45.  D. Millbury, N. 29, 1847.

Married Jan. 30, 1830, Mrs. Mary King, da. of John Jacobs, W. Millbury.

66. *Ellis, Calvin.  S. of Nathan and Fanny (Barrett), b. W. Brookfield, N. 6, 1802.  M. A., A. C., 1829; M. D., Bowdoin, 1829.

Prepared Monson and Leicester Acads.  Studied med. Bowdoin; practised med. and dentistry Boston, 1829-44.  D. Hopkinton, May 10, 1844.

Married 1835, Harriet, da. of Francis Wilby, Boston.  2 ch.

67. *Fellowes, Francis.  S. of Ephraim and Dorothy (Chester), b. Montville, Conn., N. 20, 1803.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Prepared Bacon Acad., Colchester, Conn.; Plainfield (Conn.)  Acad.; with John Witter, Preston, Conn.; with Rev. Salmon Cone, Colchester, Conn.; A. C., 1823-26.  Founder and prin., with Chauncey Colton (A. C. 1826), Mt. Pleasant Classical Institution, Amherst, 1826-32; studied law, Hartford, Conn.; admitted to bar Hartford, 1836; practised principally in Hartford, 1836-88.  Author Manual of the Constitution of the U. S.; Astronomy for Beginners; legal articles; early ed. American Advocate of Peace; The Connecticut Observer.  D. Hartford, Conn., Ap. 25, 1888.

Married (1) O. 10, 1827, Mary, da. of Gad Colton, Longmeadow, who d. Mch. 29, 1861; (2) Je. 15, 1864, Mrs. Catherine Humphreys, da. of Henry Glasgow, Leesburg, Va.  2 s., 2 da.

68. *Fisher, Nathaniel Wilcox.  S. of Nathaniel and Mary (Riggs), b. Newport, N. H., Mch. 1, 1799.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Prepared with Rev. S. Dwight, Boston.  Auburn T. S., 1826-29; ordained Avon, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1829; p. Sparta, N. Y., So. Hollow, N. Y., brief periods; under Bd. of Education, Marietta, O.; Gallipolis, O., 1829; Burlington, O., 1830-34; solicitor and financial agent Marietta Coll., 1834-36; r. Thompson, Conn., 1836-37; under Educational Bd. Lewiston, N. Y.; working with the Tonawanda and Tuscarora Indians, 1837-38; p. Lockport, N. Y., 1839-45; Palmyra, N. Y., 1845-47; Sandusky City, O., 1847-49.  D. Sandusky City, O., Aug. 1, 1849.

Married Jy. 22, 1829, Martha M., da. of Rufus Graves, Leverett.  8 ch.

69. *Fittz, Hervey.  S. of Robert and Phebe (Patch), b. Charlton, N. 22, 1799.  M. A., Colby, 1829.

Prepared Amherst and Dudley (Leicester) Acads. and with Rev. Enoch Pond, Auburn.  Newton T. S., 1826-29; ordained Waterville, Me., O. 7, 1829; p. Baptist Ch. there, 1829-30;  Hallowell, Me., 1830-32; ed. Baptist Miss'y Magazine and s. So. Boston, 1832; p. Middleboro, 1832-36; Thompson, Conn., 1837-39; Marblehead, 1839-41; Millbury, 1841-43; with Mass. Baptist Convention, 1843-78, at No. Brookefield, 5 yrs., Ashland, 6 yrs., Middleboro, 24 yrs.  D. Middleboro, Je. 10, 1878.

Married (1) S. 14, 1829, Angeline A., da. of Dr. Nicholas Jenks, Southbridge, who d. S. 30, 1861; (2) N. 13, 1862, Mrs. Hannah L. Lazell, da. of Timothy Wood, Middleboro.  4 s., 1 da.

70. *Goffe, Joseph.  S. of Rev. Joseph and Elizabeth (Waters), b. Sutton (now Millbury), S. 29, 1804.  B. A., Harvard, 1826.

Prepared Leicester Acad. and with father.  Taught in Ga., 1826; studied law Harvard, 1826-28; carried on a sugar plantation Fla., 1828; clerk of Circuit Court, Autauga Co., Ala., 1832-33; asst. clerk of Circuit, Montgomery, Ala., 1834-36; notary public of State Bank of Ala., 1836-38; also in U. S. Land office.  D. Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 13, 1847.

Married F. 9, 1842, Almira C., da. of Vilroy Hepburn, Vergennes, Vt.  2 da.

71. *Haven, Samuel Foster.  S. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Foster), b. Dedham, May 28, 1806.  M. A., A. C., 1829; M. A. (hon.), Harvard, 1852; LL. D., A. C., 1879.

Prepared Phillips Acads., Andover and Exeter, N. H.; Harvard, 1822-24; A. C., 1824-26.  Studied law with Theron Metcalf and at L. S., Cambridge, 1 yr.; practised law Dedham, 1 yr.; Lowell, 1831-33; librarian Amer. Antiquarian Soc., Worcester, 1837-81; librarian emeritus, 1881.  Author many historical monographs, papers and reports.  Member many learned societies.  D. Worcester, S. 5, 1881.

Married (1) May 10, 1830, Lydia G., da. of Rev. Freeman Sears, Natick, who d. Mch. 10, 1836; (2) D. 3, 1862, Frances W., da. of Samuel Allen, Worcester.  1 s. (d.).

72. *Jones, Edward.  S. of a freedman of Charleston, S. C., being the first colored graduate of A. C.  M. A., Trinity, 1830.

Studied theology African Mission School, Hartford, Conn.; ordained deacon, Aug. 6, 1830; priest, Christ Ch., Hartford, Conn.,  S. 5, 1830; resident graduate Andover T. S., 2 yrs. before 1830; miss'y to Liberia; prin. Fourah Bay Christian Institution, Sierra Leone, many yrs.; p. Freetown; went to England for health, 1864.  D. Chatham, Eng., soon after arrival in England.

Married (1) da. of Rev. Mr. Nylander, Sierra Leone; (2) Miss Boultman.  2 ch.

73. *Kimball, Milton.  S. of Joseph and Eunice (Atkinson), b. Boscawen, N. H.,  F. 20, 1799.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Prepared Phillips Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1826-28; Andover T. S., part of 1 yr.; ordained as Presb., Auburn, N. Y., Jy. 21, 1829; home miss'y Chester, O., 1829-33; agent for A. B. C. F. M. in Ill., 1836-46; r. there 1846-.  D. Oconee, Ill., O. 10, 1865.

Married Jy. 29, 1829, Louisa, da. of Nathan Willcox, Ogden, N. Y.  6 ch.

74. *Morrill, John.  S. of Enoch and Eunice (Pierson), b. Warner, N. H., Aug. 25, 1796.

Prepared Meriden and Pembroke Acads.  Taught 2 yrs.; Andover T. S., 1828-31; ordained by Presbytery, N. Y. City, O. 7, 1831; home miss'y Vevay, Ind., 1831-33; Connersville and Brownsville, Ind., 1833-34; Laporte and Michigan City, Ind., 1834-36; Rockford, Ill., 1837-41; Lamoille, Ill., 1841-43; Gap Grove, Ill., 1843-44; Ridott, Ill., 1846-56; w. c. Pecatonica, Ill.  D. Pecatonica, Ill., F. 16, 1874.

Married S. 29, 1831, Elizabeth, da. of Benjamin P. Danforth, Amherst, N. H.  1 ch.

75. *Pattison, Robert Everett.  S. of William and Sarah (Everett), b. Benson, Vt., Aug. 19, 1800.  M. A., Brown, 1832; D. D., Brown, 1838.

Prepared Wyoming (N. Y.) Acad.  Tutor Columbian Coll., D. C., 1826-27; associate prin. Amherst Acad., 1827-28; prof. of mathematics and natural philosophy Colby, 1828-29; ordained Salem, S. 9, 1829; p. 1st Baptist Ch. there, 1829-30; Providence, R. I., 1830-35, 1841-43; president Colby, 1836-39; Western Baptist T. I., Georgetown, Ky., 1845-48; Colby, 1854-57, and prof. of mental and moral philosophy there, 1857-58; prof. systematic theology, Newton T. S., 1848-54; prin. Oread Institute, Worcester, 1859-63; prof. of theology Shurtleff Coll., Ill., 1864-70; Baptist T. S. Chicago, Ill., 1870-74, and also vice-president and acting president Chicago U., 1871-72.  Author Commentary on the Epistle to the Ephesians, also many articles in religious periodicals etc.  D. St. Louis, Mo., N. 21, 1874.

Married (1) Aug. 19, 1829, Lavinia, da. of John Brown, Hopkinton, N. H., who d. S. 10, 1833; (2) N. 11, 1834, Frances, da. of James Wilson, Worcester, who d. May 24, 1846; (3) S. 15, 1849, Ella, da. of Abel Woods, Hamilton, N. Y.  7 ch.

76. *Peck, Joseph.  S. of Joseph and Isabella (Hyde), b. Amherst, 1797.

Prepared Amherst Acad. under Joseph Estabrook.  D. Andover, while studying at the T. S., S. 24, 1827.

77. *Pratt, Levi.  S. of Benoni and Anna (Leach), b. Cummington, O. 17, 1799.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1826-29; ordained Hatfield, Je. 23, 1830; p. there, 1830-35; Medford, 1835-37.  D. Medford, Aug. 9, 1837.

Married Aug. 26, 1835, Abigail, da. of Cotton Partridge, Hatfield.  Ch. George A.

78. *Reed, Andrew Hunter.  S. of Silas and Eleanor (Hunter), b. Oakham, F. 25, 1799.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1826-29; ordained Park St. Ch., Boston, S. 24, 1829; p. Bozrahville, Conn., 1829-34;  Raymond, N. H., 1834-36; Mason, N. H., 1836-39; Bozrahville, Conn., 1839-41; a. p. Mendon, 1841-48; r. Mendon, as farmer and electrician, 1848-80; r. Littleton, 1880-81.  D. Littleton, D. 4, 1881.

Married S. 11, 1832, Sarah, da. of John Lawrence, Concord.  3 ch.

79. *Strong, Charles Lee.  S. of Simeon and Lois C. (Emerson), b. Amherst, Aug. 19, 1808.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied theology, 1 yr.; taught Hadley; New Jersey; Syracuse, N. Y.; W. Chesterfield, N. H., 1842-44.  D. W. Chesterfield, N. H., Aug. 2, 1847.

Married Jan. 12, 1843, Mrs. Prusha Ford, da. of Ashbel Wheeler, W. Chesterfield, N. H.

80. *Thompson, Artemas.  S. of Artemas and Hepzibah (Leland), b. Hinsdale, O. 12, 1800.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied law with Samuel F. Dickinson, Amherst, 1826-29; admitted to bar, Buffalo, N. Y.,  D. 17, 1830; practised law there, 1831-37.  D. while on a business trip, Mobile, Ala., Aug. 16, 1839.

Married Jan. 12, 1823, Fanny, da. of Elijah Dickinson, Amherst.  3 ch.

81. *Van Dyck, John Brevoort.  S. of John and ------ (Meggs), b. N. Y. City, about 1797.  M. C.,  A. C., 1829.

Prepared acad. York Co., S. C.;  A. C., 1823-26.  Princeton T. S., 1826-29; ordained as evangelist by Charleston, S. C. Presbytery, N. 9, 1830; p. Saltketcher Ch., S. C., 1831-40; also r. and taught Walterboro, S. C., 1835-40.  D. Walterboro, S. C.,  F. 17, 1840.

Married Mch. 10, 1831, Mary, da. of Charles Christian, Charleston, S. C.  2 ch.

82. *Willard, Frederic Augustus.  S. of Benjamin and Sally (Conant), b. Lancaster, Mch. 4, 1807.  M. A., Colby, 1829.

Prepared with Rev. Abiel Fisher, Bellingham.  Gave course of chemical lectures at opening of Vt. Med. U., Woodstock, 1827; lectured on chemistry and natural history, Vt. Med. U. and Colby, 1828-29, 1830-31; studied Newton T. S., 1827-30; ordained Worcester, Jan. 17, 1832; p. 1st Baptist Ch. there, 1832-35; Louisville, Ky. 1839-42; prof. of natural science Louisville Coll., 1843; supt. Louisville, Ky. Tract Soc. and City Mission, 1 yr.; p. Jeffersonville, Ind., 1843-48; W. Townsend; So. Danvers, 1849-54; So. Abington, 1854-56; Needham, 1856-65.  D. Philadelphia, Penn., Mch. 17, 1866.

Married (1) May 1, 1835, Mary W., da. of Seth Davis, W. Newton, who d. N. 12, 1842; (2) May 9, 1854, Anna F., da. of John Mustin, Philadelphia, Penn.  Ch. Harriet D.; Frederic A.; 1 da. (d.).

83. *Williams, Albert.  S. of Samuel and Nellie (Wright), b. W. Brookfield, N. 14, 1801.  M. D.,  Bowdoin, 1830.

Studied med. Bowdoin; practised med. Boston.  D. Boston, Mch. 13, 1835.

Married 1833, Mary A. Twombly, Cambridge.


*Bowman, Joseph Harding.  S. of Joseph and Sally (Penniman), b. New Braintree, F. 5, 1807.  Merchant Boston, 1830; retired about 1848; r. Brookline, 1855-.  Bro. Charles D. (A. C. ex 1836).
*Bridgman, Frederick.  B. Belchertown, Mch. 26, 1804.  M. D., Harvard, 1830.  A. C., 1822-23; grad. Yale, 1826.  Grad. Harvard Med. School, 1830; practised med. Macon, Ga.; Tuskegee, Ala.   D. Tuskegee, Ala., Jy. 29, 1850.
*Cooley, Orrin.  B. So. Deerfield, Aug. 18, 1801.  A. C., 1823-26; grad. Union, 1827.  Grad. Yale D. S., 1830; preached, 2 yrs.; taught Carlinville, Ill.
*Crosby, Josiah Davis.  S. of Fitch and Rebecca (Davis), b. Ashburnham, Mch. 1, 1807.  A. C., 1822-25; grad. Union, 1826.  Andover T. S., 1827; ordained Jaffrey, N. H.,  O. 4, 1837; p. there, 1837-45; r. and taught Ashburnham, 1845-88.  Representative to General Court, 1859.  D. Three Oaks, Mich., Je. 9, 1888.
*Glazier, Orlan.  B. Willington, Conn., May 12, 1805.  A. C., 1822-25.  Taught Willington, Conn.  D. Ap. 13, 1857.
*Grosvenor, Charles Payson.  S. of Payson and Prudence (Gray), b. Pomfret, Conn., Aug. 12, 1804.  A. C., 1822-24; grad Yale, 1827.  Andover T. S., 1828-30; Yale T. S., 1831; ordained Waterford (Blackstone), 1834; p. there, 1834-35; a. p. Kingston, R. I., 1835-38; p. Scituate, R. I., 1838-47; a. p. Rehoboth, 1847-56; Stoneham, 1856-58; p. Canterbury, Conn., 1858-71; Woodstock, Conn., 1871-74; Ashford, Conn., 1874-81; r. Ashford, Conn., 1874-93.  D. Palmer, D. 23, 1893.
*Hallock, Homan.  B. Plainfield, May 24, 1803.  A. C., part of 2 freshman yrs., 1822-24.  Engaged in printing, binding, engraving, type-founding in Smyrna, Malta, and N. Y.; perfected Arabic type for the new Arabic Bible tr. at Beirut.
*Hamilton, Henry Joel.  B. No. Brookfield, about 1805.  A. C., 1822-26.  Taught Salem.  D.  N. Y. City.
*Haslet, Samuel E.  Registered from Charleston, S. C.   A. C., 1823-25.  D. 1825.
*Johnson, Asa.  B. So. Deerfield, F. 13, 1802.  A. C., 1822-25; grad. Union, 1827.  Auburn T. S., 1830; ordained, 1830; p. Cape Giradeau, Mo.; Hamilton, O.; Nunda, N. Y.; Goshen, Ind.; Redfield, Ia.
*Knight, Walter T.  S. of Rev. Caleb.  Registered from Franklin, N. Y.   A. C., 1822-24.
*Meech, Stephen Walbridge.  B. Lebanon, Conn., 1804.  Registered from Preston, Conn.  A. C., 1823; grad. Yale, 1826.  Merchant St. Louis, Mo., Norwich, Conn.  D. May 31, 1857.
*Newell, Nelson.  S. of Stephen and Lois (Sikes), b. Monson, Jy. 17, 1801.  Prepared Monson Acad.; A. C., 1822.  D. Wilbraham, N. 26, 1822.
*Packard, David.  B. Plainfield, 1802.  A. C., 1822-25.  Farmer.
*Pomeroy, Levi L.  Registered from Buckland.  A. C., 1822-23.  D. Amherst, 1823.
*Scovell, Matthew.  Registered from Colchester, Conn.  A. C., 1823-26.  Miss'y to Cherokee Indians.
*Thomas, Noah.  B. Cummington, Aug. 13, 1803.  A. C., 1822-26.  Grad. Auburn T. S., 1832; evangelist.
*Towner, Henry.  Registered from Williamstown.  A. C., 1822.
*Ward, Beriah.  Registered from Athol.  A. C., 1824.  Taught Athol.  D. about 1826.

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