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Amherst College Class of 1825
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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29. *Babcock, Elisha Gulliver.  S. of William and Elizabeth (Gulliver), b. Milton, D. 1, 1799.

Prepared Milton Acad.  Andover T. S., 1825-28; ordained Wiscasset, Me., Ap. 22, 1829; p. 2nd Cong. Ch. there, 1829-31; Thetford, Vt., 1831-48.  D. Thetford, Vt., S. 21, 1848.

Married May 31, 1830, Eliza, da. of Joshua Hibberd, Guilford, N. H.  6 ch.

30. *Bradford, Moses Bradstreet.  S. of Rev. Moses and Sarah (Eaton), b. Francestown, N. H., Ap. 20, 1799.  M. A., A. C., 1828.

Prepared Kimball Union (N. H.) and Pembroke (N. H.) Acads.  Studied theology with Rev. Theophilus Packard, Shelburne, 1825-27; ordained Montague, N. 19, 1828, p. there, 1828-32; Grafton, Vt., 1832-59; Wardsboro and Jericho, Vt., brief periods; McIndoe Falls (Barnet), Vt., 1859-69; r. there, 1869-78.  D. McIndoe Falls, Vt., S. 23, 1878.

Married (1) N. 5, 1829, Mrs. Asenath C. Ewers, da. of Thomas Dickman, Greenfield, who d. Jy. 26, 1840; (2) Jy. 17, 1843, Martha M., da. of Levi Green, Westmoreland, N. H.  7 ch.  [Seems to be brother of Ebenezer G. (A. C. 1827).]

31. *Burt, George.  S. of Joel and Martha (Lyman), b. Westhampton, D. 2, 1802.  M. A., A. C., 1829.

Prepared with Rev. Vinson Gould, Southampton.  Studied law with Bates & Dewey, Northampton, short time but never practised; taught in Ala., about 2 yrs.; merchant Sparta and Benton, Ala.  D. Benton, Ala., Ap. 19, 1834.

32. *Campbell, Joel.  S. of Benijah and Jane (Dunn), b. Metuchin, N. J., Mch. 12, 1797.  M. A., A. C., 1854.

Prepared Metuchin (N. J.) Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1824-27; licensed to preach, 1827; p. Bethany, Penn., 1828-; Honesdale, Penn., 1829-35; agent Amer. S. S. Union, 1836-37; Hamburgh, N. J., 1838-56; Lafayette, N. J., 1856-69; r. there, 1869-72.  D. Lafayette, N. J., May 14, 1872.

Married May 29, 1827, Rebecca, da. of Samuel Cutler, Woodbridge, N. J.  2 ch.

33. *Clapp, Ralph.  S. of Elisha and Hannah (Miller), b. Southampton, Jan. 19, 1796.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley, with Rev. Lemuel P. Bates, Southampton, and Rev. Moses Hallock, Plainfield.  Studied theology with Rev. John Woodbridge, Hadley, 1825-26; Auburn T. S., brief period; preached W. Greece, N. Y., 1827; ordained No. Bergen, N. Y., by Rochester Presbytery, F., 1829; preached there, 1828-32; p. Cong. Ch., W. Greece, N. Y., 1832-34; united with Meth. Ch.; p. Parma, N. Y., 1845; Kendall, N. Y., 1846-47; Slavonia, N. Y., 1848-49; Trumansburg, N. Y., 1850; Benton Centre, N. Y., 1851; Livonia, N. Y., 1852-53; Mt. Morris, N. Y., 1854; Granger, N. Y., 1855; Parma, N. Y., 1856; Bellona, N. Y., 1857-58; Milo, N. Y., 1859-60; Junius, N. Y., 1861; Manchester, N. Y., 1862-63; E. Palmyra, N. Y., 1864-66; r. Phelps, N. Y., 1866-82.  D. Phelps, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1882.

Married (1) May 22, 1828, Mary, da. of David Dexter, Amherst, who d. Ap. 8, 1840; (2) F. 28, 1841, Sophia, da. of Joel Marsh, Bethany, N. Y., who d. S. 13, 1853; (3) Jan. 15, 1854, Sarah S., da. of Denison Brown, Canadice, N. Y., who d. Jan. 18, 1858; (4) S. 28, 1858, Mrs. Margaret Ballard, da. of Patrick Maguire, Parma, N. Y., who d. F. 24, 1868; (5) S. 8, 1869, Catherine, da. of Jacob Coombs, Romulus, N. Y.  3 ch.

34. *Clark, Lincoln.  S. of Elisha and Lucinda (Keith), b. Conway, Aug. 9, 1800.

Prepared with Rev. Moses Hallock, Plainfield and at Hopkins (Hadley) and Deerfield Acads.  Studied law while teaching; admitted to bar in N. C., 1828; practised Pickens Co., Ala., 1830-36; Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1836-48; Dubuque, Ia., 1848-62; Chicago, Ill., 1862-69; r. Conway, 1880-86. Attorney-General of Ala.; Judge of Circuit Court, Ala.; member of Congress from Ia., 1851-52; member General Assembly of Presb. Ch., 3 times.  Wrote political pamphlets, speeches, etc.  D. Conway, S. 14, 1886.

Married S. 24, 1836, Julia A., da. of Erastus Smith, Hadley.  5 ch.

35. *Coffin, Robert Allen.  S. of Matthew and Elizabeth (Allen), b. Williamsburgh, Aug. 23, 1801.  M. A., A. C., 1844.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Taught private school Northampton, 1825-27; acad. Ashfield, 1827-29; New Ipswich, N. H., 1829-33, young ladies' sem. Warren, R. I., 1833-37; acad. New Bedford, 1837-38; Tisbury, 1838-40; Falmouth, 1840-46; Pawtucket, R. I., 1846; So. Norwalk, Conn., 1846-49; private school Conway, 1849-52; accountant and private instructor Conway, 1852 nearly to end of life.  Author Compendium of Natural Philosophy; Prize Essay on Town Organization.  D. Conway, S. 4, 1878.

Married Mch. 13, 1828, Welthea, da. of John Arms, Conway.  3 ch.  [Seems to be brother of James H. (A. C. 1828).]

36. *Cooke, Sylvester.  S. of David S. and Lucinda (Taylor), b. Patridgefield (Peru), Aug. 25, 1799.  M. A., A. C., 1854.

Prepared Hopkins (Hadley) and Amherst Acads.  Studied theology under Presbytery of Elizabethtown, N. J., 5 yrs.; ordained, Ap., 1829; p. Brooklyn and Springfield, Penn., 1830-44; Wantage, N. J., 1844-71; r. Gaithersburg, Md., 1871-78.  D. Gaithersburg, Md., May 18, 1878.

Married D. 24, 1828, Olivia, da. of Oliver Wade, Springfield, N. J.  9 ch.  Oliver W. (A. C. ex 1855).

37. *Dickinson, Appleton.  S. of Perez and Lucinda (Foster), b. Amherst, Mch. 27, 1808.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Tutor in Va., 1 yr.; r. with brother-in-law, Joseph Estabrook, Knoxville, Tenn., 1828-29.  D. Knoxville, Je. 11, 1829.

38. *Eveleth, Ephraim.  S. of Joshua and Catherine (Mirick), b. Princeton, Mch. 3, 1801.

Prepared Bellingham.  Andover T. S., 1825-27; ordained as Baptist; travelled 1 yr. in southern states as agent of Amer. S. S. Union.  Author History of the Sandwich Islands.  D. N. Y. City, Mch. 1, 1829.

39. *Flagg, Horatio.  S. of John and Lucy (Bliss, née Stebbins), b. Wilmington, Vt., Jan. 24, 1798.

Prepared with Rev. Moses Hallock, Plainfield.  Studied theology with Rev. Dr. Packard, Shelburne; preached Colerain, 1827; ordained Hubbardton, Vt., Jan. 24, 1828; p. there, 1828-34; Clarendon, Vt., 1835-36; Colerain, 1837-48; taught and member school committee in several towns where he r. Representative Mass. Legislature from Colerain, 1851.  D. Colerain, May 19, 1861.

Married (1) Aug., 1827, Minerva, da. of Benoni Pratt, Shelburne, who d. D. 29, 1844; (2) Je. 26, 1845, Mary, da. of Jonathan Coombs, Colerain.  5 ch.

40. *Gould, Nahum.  S. of Thomas and Abigail (Chase), b. Warwick, D. 25, 1798.

Prepared New Salem and Amherst Acads.  Studied theology with Rev. John Woodbridge, Hadley and Rev. Daniel A. Clark, Bennington, Vt.; ordained Coventry, N. Y., Je. 21, 1827; home miss'y McDonough, N. Y., 1827-30; Union, N. Y., 1830-34; La Salle Co., Ill., 1834-71; Kearney Junction, Neb., 1871-75, where he organized Presbytery of Kearney and Synod of Neb.  His house was for many years a depot of the Underground Railroad.  D. Kearney, Neb., Je. 30, 1875.

Married (1) Jan. 29, 1828, Rebecca B., da. of Francis Leonard, Warwick, who d. Mch. 3, 1838; (2) Mch. 14, 1839, Sarah, da. of Roswell Dewey, Troy Grove, Ill., who d. N. 9, 1850; (3) N. 2, 1857, Mrs. Lois J. Leonard, da. of Mark Morse, Galesburg, Ill., who d. Jan. 15, 1861.  10 ch.

41. *Graves, Frederic William.  S. of Rufus and Experience (Graves), b. Leverett, Mch. 9, 1807.

Taught after grad.; studied theology Auburn T. S., 1829-33; p. Lockport, N. Y., 1833-35; ordained by Presbytery of Ill., Alton, Ill., N. 18, 1835; p. there, 1835-39; Cong. Ch., Elmira, N. Y.,1847-48; rest of time evangelist and, 1 yr., temperance lecturer; helped President Stearns in revival of 1855.  Hospital Chaplain during the war; delegate of Christian Commission.  D. Canandaigua, N. Y., D. 8, 1864.

Married Ap. 25, 1834, Susan E., da. of Dr. John C. Hoyt, Corning, N. Y.  4 ch.

42. *Jones, John Taylor.  S. of Elisha and Persia (Taylor), b. New Ipswich, N. H., Jy. 16, 1802.  D. D., Columbian Coll., Washington, D. C., 1850.

Prepared New Ipswich, N. H., and Bradford Acads.; Brown, 1819-20; taught several places 1820-23; A. C. 1823-25.  Andover T. S., 1827-30; Newton T. S., 1830; ordained Boston, Jy. 28, 1830; under Amer. Baptist Miss'y Union, Burma and Siam, 1831-51.  Tr. New Testament from Greek into Siamese; wrote smaller works in Siamese.  D. Bangkok, Siam, S. 13, 1851.

Married (1) Jy. 14, 1830, Eliza C., da. of Rev. Henry Grew, Hartford, Conn., who d. Mch. 28, 1838; (2) N., 1840, Judith, da. of Dudley Leavitt, Meredith, N. H., who d. Mch. 21, 1846; (3) Aug. 20[,] 1847, Sarah Sleeper.  5 ch.

43. *Kelly, John.  S. of Simeon and Elizabeth (Knight), b. Plaistow, N. H., Jy. 22, 1796.  M. A., A. C., 1828.

Prepared Atkinson (N. H.) Acad. and Phillips Acad., Exeter, N. H., and while teaching at Plaistow, N. H. and Rowley; A. C., 1822-25.  Studied law with Judge Stephen Minot, Haverhill and Elijah Morse, Boston; admitted to bar, Boston, 1829; practised law Plaistow, N. H., 1829-32; prin. Atkinson (N. H.) Acad., 1832-38; Adams Female Acad., Derry, N. H., 1838-41; practised law Chester, N. H., 1841-45; Atkinson, N. H., 1845-72, also doing surveying.  D. Atkinson, N. H., Jan. 15, 1877.

Married F. 25, 1829, Mary, da. of Moses Chase, Plaistow, N. H., who d. Jy. 9, 1869.  2 s., 3 da.

44. *Leavenworth, Abner Johnson.  S. of Frederick and Fanny (Johnson), b. Waterbury, Conn., Jy. 12, 1803.

Prepared Amherst Acad. Andover T. S., 1825-28; p. Orange, Conn., 1 yr.; ordained Bristol, Conn., D. 16, 1829; p. there, 1829-32; prin. young ladies' sem., and p. Charlotte, N. C.; in 1939, founded school, Warrentown, Va., later, founded Church, Petersburg, Va., preached occasionally to destitute Churches, Va.; founded Leavenworth Academic and Collegiate Sem. for Young Ladies, Petersburg, Va., and prin. until 1869.  D. Petersburg, Va., F. 12, 1869.

Married Je. 14, 1831, Elizabeth, da. of John Peabody, Salem, who d. Je. 25, 1841.  2 ch.

45. *Leavitt, Jonathan.  S. of Dr. Roswell and Dorothy (Ashley), b. Cornish, N. H., O. 21, 1800.  D. D., A. C., 1853.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., Meriden, N. H.; Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1825-27; appointed by Amer. Home Miss'y Soc. for work in South; ordained Pomfret, Vt., S. 24, 1828; supplied Churches in S. C., Ga., Me., N. H., Mass., s. s. and p. Bedford, 1835-40; p. Richmond St. Ch., Providence, R. I., 1840-63; r. Providence, R. I., 1863-77.  Trustee of A. C., 1855-63.  D. Providence, R. I., O. 7, 1877.

Married (1) O. 10, 1837, Charlotte, da. of Rev. Samuel Stearns, Bedford, who d. F. 28, 1850; (2) S. 10, 1859, Mrs. Abbie G. B. Packard, da. of John Johnson, Providence, R. I.  1 s., 1 da.

46. *Strong, Elijah Dwight.  S. of Hezekiah W. and Martha (Dwight), b. Deerfield, Aug. 18, 1808.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Taught Braintree, 1 yr.; accepted position in Richmond, Va.  D. Richmond, Va., Jan. 3, 1827.  [Bro. Henry W. (A. C. 1825)]

47. *Strong, Henry Wright.  S. of Hezekiah and Martha (Dwight), b. Amherst, D. 11, 1810.  M. A., A. C., 1828.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied law with Isaac McConihe, Troy, N. Y.; admitted to bar, 1829; practised law Troy, N. Y. Recorder of City of Troy, N. Y., 6 yrs.; State Senator, 5 yrs., being chairman of Judiciary Committee; member State Convention to revise laws of the State.  D. Troy, N. Y., F. 28, 1848.

Married Sarah E., da. of Latham Cornell, Troy, N. Y. Ch. Latham C.; Henry W.  Bro. Elijah D. (A. C. 1825).

48. *Towne, William Moore.  S. of Salem and Sally (Spurr), b. Charlton, May 7, 1807.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Studied law with John Davis, Worcester; practised law Worcester, Pittsfield, Springfield.  D. W. Springfield, Ap. 20, 1841.

Married Ap. 22, 1829, Frances, da. of Jeremiah Robinson, Worcester.  3 ch.

49. *Train, Asa Milton.  S. of Jonathan and Rebecca (Lane), b. Enfield, Jy. 26, 1800.  M. A., A. C., 1831.

A. C., 1822-25.  Studied at Theological School, New Haven, Conn.; ordained 2nd Cong. Ch., Milford, Conn., Jy. 16, [18]28; p. there, 22 yrs.; s. s. Orange, Prospect and Burlington, Conn.  Representative to State Legislature, several terms; State Senator, 1 term.  D. Milford, Conn., Je. 14, 1863.

Married N. 2, 1826, Lucia, da. of Frederick Leavenworth, Waterbury, Conn.  4 ch.

50. *Waldo, Horatio.  S. of Rev. Horatio and Frances (Whitney, née Beach), b. Johnstown, N. Y., Mch. 27, 1802.

Prepared with father; A. C., 1822-25.  Prin. acad. N. Y. City, 5 yrs.; studied theology but prevented by ill-health from entering ministry; taught in private family in S. C., 5 yrs.; home miss'y and colporter in Ind.; r. New Britain, Conn., many yrs.  D. New Britain, Conn., N. 17, 1865.

Married May 11, 1832, Nancy, da. of Abijah Smith, New Britain, Conn.  5 ch.

51. *White, Franklin Walter.  S. of Walter and Sabina (Keep), b. Longmeadow, Mch. 31, 1795.  M. A., A. C., 1828.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; Yale, less than 1 yr.  Taught in West, several yrs.; studied theology Princeton, N. J., 1 yr. and a half and with Rev. Alvan Bond, Sturbridge; ordained Hudson N. H., Ap. 12, 1843; preached before and after this in several places in N. E.; evangelistic work in Ill., 1851-67; in Ia., 1867-81.  D. Independence, Ia., Ap[.] 4, 1881.

52. *White, George.  S. of Jarib and Ruth (Sherman), b. Amherst, Jy. 5, 1806.  M. D., Yale, 1828.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Grad. Yale Med. School, 1828; asst. lecturer there, 1 season; practised med. Monson; Hillsboro, Ill., 1832-34; Carlinville, Ill., 1834.  D. Carlinville, Ill., S. 1, 1834.

53. *Wyman, Joel W.  S. of David and Huldah (Brown), b. Westminster, D. 6, 1800.  M. A., A. C., 1828; M. D., Charleston (S. C.) Med. Coll., 1831.

Prepared New Ipswich (N. H.) and Amherst Acads.  Preceptor, Boiling Springs Acad., Barnwell Co., S. C., 1828-29; studied Charleston (S. C.) Med. Coll., 1829-31; practised med. Prince William's Parish, Beaufort Co., S. C., 1831-65; r. there and at Brunson, S. C., 1865-83.  D. Brunson, S. C., Je. 20, 1883.

Married Mch. 20, 1832, Clementina C., da. of Lewis S. Hay, Boiling Springs, S. C.  13 ch.


*Bartley, John McClinch.  B. Londonderry, N. H., May 15, 1799.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1834.  A. C., 1821-24.  Grad. Auburn T. S., 1830; a. p. Martha's Vineyard and Orleans; ordained Hampstead, N. H., O. 12, 1836; p. there, 1836-58; s. s. York and Kittery, Me., 1859.  D. Kittery, Me., Je. 2, 1860.
*Burr, George.  Registered from Worthington.  A. C., 1821-23; grad. Union, 1826.  D. Sandy Hill, N. Y., 1839.
*Field, Constant.  B. Charlemont, O. 31, 1804.  A. C., 1821-23; grad. Williams, 1825.  Practised med.  D. Charlemont, 1833.
*Hamilton, Moses B.  Registered from Palmer.  A. C., 1821-25.
*Henry, Caleb Sprague.  S. of Silas and Phebe (Pierce), b. Rutland, Aug. 2, 1804.  A. C., 1821-23, Grad. Dartmouth, 1825; Andover T. S., 1825-27; p. Greenfield; W. Hartford, Conn.; ordained, N., 1836; prof. of moral and intellectual phil. Bristol Coll., Penn., 1835-38; prof. of phil. and history, N. Y. City U., 1835-52; p. St. Clements Ch., 1847-50; Poughkeepsie and Newburgh, N. Y., 1850-68; Hartford, Conn., 1868-70; Litchfield, Conn., 1870-.
*Hopkins, Francis G.  Registered from Hopkinsville, Ky.  A. C., 1823-25.
*Merriam, Norman.  Registered from New Salem.  A. C., 1822; grad. Union, 1826.
*Parsons, William.  S. of Rev. David and Harriet (Williams), b. O. 30, 1802.  A. C., 1821-23.  Practised med. Sheffield.  D. Canaan, Conn., Ap. 18, 1830.  [Seems to be brother of James (A. C. 1830).]
*Russell, Charles P.  A. C., 1821-23.  Resident licentiate Andover, 1831.
*Starkweather, David Austin.  B. Preston, Conn., Jan. 21, 1802.  A. C., 1821-24.  Practised law Cleveland, O.  Representative O. Legislature, 3 terms; State Senator, 2 terms; member of Congress from O., 1839-41, 1845-47; Minister to Chile, 1854.  D. Cleveland, O., Aug. 12, 1876.
*Waldo, Peter.  B. Cherry Valley, N. Y., 1805.  A. C. 1821.  D. St. Augustine, Fla., 1823.
*Wilder, Milton.  S. of Nahum and Hannah (Woods), b. Princeton, N. 15, 1801.  A. C., 1821-22.  Taught Thomasville and Forsythe, Ga.  D. Forsythe, Ga., Jy. 6, 1866.

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