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Amherst College Class of 1908
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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4758. Abbott, Donald Beardsley.  S. of Phillips and Jeannie L. (Beardsley), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 1, 1885.  LL. B., N. Y. L. S., 1910.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Adelphia Acad., Brooklyn, N. Y.  N. Y. L. S., 1908-10; lawyer, member of firm Ehlermann, Wright and Abbott, N. Y. City, 1910-.  Special officer (district inspector) under Selective Service Headquarters, N. Y. City, World War.

Married Aug. 24, 1911, Dorothy Cowgill, da. of B. Gilpin Smith, Darlington, Md.

Address, c/o The Sportocasin Co., Yarmouth, Me.

4759. Baily, Harold James.
4760. *Benedict, Gilbert Weed.
4761. Birdsall, Wilfred Thomas.
4762. Birge, Stanley Julius.
4763. Blanchard, Cecil King.
4764. Bonney, Holbrook.
4765. Brown, Harold Stewart.
4766. Burg, William Henderson.
4767. Burns, George.
4768. Burt, Frank Allen.
4769. Burt, Philip Hunt.
4770. Callahan, James Henry.
4771. Cobb, Perry Rush.
4772. Conkling, Roscoe Seely.  S. of W. F. and Priscilla (Mason), b. Paterson, N. J., F. 15, 1883.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared N. Y. Military Acad.  Columbia L. S., 1908-10; lawyer N. Y. City, 1910-19; deputy attorney general State of N. Y., 1917-19; banker Goldman, Sachs & Co., N. Y. City, 1919-.  1st Lieut. Inf., Major and Lieut.-Col., J. A. G. Dept.; organized draft in N. Y. City, 1917.

Married O. 21, 1911, Isabel M. Woodbury, Pottsville, Penn.  Ch. Roscoe W.; Isabel.

Address, Armour Villa Park, Bronxville, N. Y.

4773. Danahey, Michael Ignatius.
4774. Davis, Harry Willard.
4775. Delamater, John Oscar.
4776. Dewing, Edward Ogden.
4777. Dubreuil, Walter William.
4778. Dudley, Henry Augustus.
4779. Dunbar, Arthur Richards.  S. of George A. and Emma L. (Richards), b. Brockton, O. 4, 1885.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Brockton H. S.  Head of Dept. of Truck Tires, Hood Rubber Co., Watertown.

Address, 60 Katherine Rd., Watertown, Mass.

4780. Elsey, George Crawford.
4781. Fleming, James Patterson.
4782. Flynt, Robert Hussey.
4783. Forbes, Allen White.
4784. Gibson, Kenneth Morrison.
4785. Gildersleeve, John Andrew.
4786. Goddard, Harold Leroy.
4787. Gold, Walter Conkey.
4788. Graves, Merle Dixon.
4789. *Graves, Walter Lucien.  S. of Rev. Lucien Chase and Annie (Dixon), b. Bowdoinham, Me., N. 26, 1885.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared Gilmanton (N. H.) Acad. and Farmington (Me.) H. S.  Teacher Quincy H. S., 1908-09; Harvard L. S., 1909-11.  D. Cambridge, Mch. 30, 1911.  Bro. Merle D. (A. C. 1908).

4790. Haller, William.  S. of Fred and Annie (Zeip), b. N. Y. City, May 12, 1885.  M. A., Columbia, 1910; Ph. D., Columbia, 1916.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Masten Park H. S., Buffalo, N. Y.  Instructor in English and elocution A. C., 1908-09; grad. student, asst., instructor, and asst. prof. of English, Barnard Coll. and other faculties of Columbia, 1909-.  Member Mod. Lang. Assoc. of America; Amer. Assoc. of Univ. Professors.  Wrote The Early Life of Robert Southey.

Married S. 3, 1913, Malleville Wheelock, da. of Benjamin K. Emerson (A. C. 1865), Amherst.  Ch. William; Benjamin E.  Bro. Frederick R. (A. C. ex 1913).

Address, Barnard Coll., Columbia Univ., N. Y. City.

4791. Hamlin, Marston Lovell.
4792. Heisey, Thomas Clarence.  S. of A. H. and Susan (Duncan), b. Pittsburgh, Penn., N. 4, 1882.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Mt. Pleasant Military Acad.; B. S.  Glass mfg. business, Newark, O.

Address, 372 Granville Rd., Newark, O.

4793. Hubbard, Hugh Wells.
4794. Jamieson, Philip Starr.
4795. Jones, Daniel Boynton.
4796. Keese, Anthony Hoffman.
4797. Keith, Harold Chessman.
4798. Kennedy, Robert Hayward.
4799. Keyes, Charles Hubbard.
4800. Kimball, Arthur Livingstone.
4801. Kimball, William Scribner.
4802. Knox, Francis Stratton.
4803. Larkin, Edward Pierce.  S. of Edward Patrick and Katharine Maria (Kennedy), b. Haydenville, N. 18, 1884.

Prepared Williamsburg H. S.  Prin. Williamsburg H. S.; teacher of mathematics Pittsfield H. S.  Member Registration Board, World War.  [Seems to be brother of Clarence J. (A. C. 1920).]

Address, Haydenville, Mass.

4804. Laubham, Samuel Morton.  S. of C. Howard and Sarah R. (Morton), b. Haverhill, Je. 8, 1884.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.

Address, The Colonial, 38th and Farnum Sts., Omaha, Neb.

4805. Loomis, Ralph Lane.
4806. Lovelee, Albert Jesse.  S. of Albert Jerome and Martha Jane (Griswold), b. Adams, N. Y., Je. 30, 1883.

Prepared Adams (N. Y.) H. S. and Erasmus Hall H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y.; St. Stephen's Coll.  Harvard, 1908-.

Married.  Ch. Donald M.

Address, St. John's Rectory, Essex, N. J.

4807. McChesney, John.
4808. Marsh, William Judson.
4809. Marshall, John Elbert.
4810. Monroe, Samuel Frederic.
4811. Moulton, Guy Edwin.
4812. Mulry, Edward John.
4813. Mumford, James Oliver.
4814. Nicolaus, Louis Joseph.  S. of Henry N. and Mary (Uhreg), b. St. Louis, Mo., Mch. 19, 1886.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Smith Acad., St. Louis, Mo.; B. S.  Bond and stock broker St. Louis.

Address, 314 Broadway, St. Louis, Mo.

4815. Niles, Charles Wilfred.  S. of Dr. Charles Wilfred and Ella (Easton), b. Calumet, May 14, 1885.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem.; B. S.  In wholesale rubber footwear business; mgr. N. Y. branch.

Married O. 3, 1914, Natalie Stewart, N. Y. City.

Address, c/o Niles-Goodell Co., 142 Duane St., N. Y. City.

4816. Paine, Arthur Preston.
4817. Palmer, George Francis.  S. of John W. and Mary (Donahue), b. Hadley, N. 1, 1884.

Prepared Amherst H. S.  Educator.

Address, 37 Rockland St., Springfield.

4818. Post, Martin Hayward.
4819. Power, Thomas Francis.
4820. Powley, Ned Ransom.
4821. Rawson, George Edward.
4822. Read, Fayette Francis.
4823. Robinson, Earl Benjamin.
4824. Rogers, Dwight Harold.
4825. Shattuck, Maxwell Carleton.
4826. Sleeper, James Taylor.
4827. Smith, Frederick Pitkin.
4828. Smith, Horatio Elwin.
4829. Smith, Robert Metcalf.
4830. Sprenger, James Albert.
4831. Stearns, Albert Maynard.  S. of Albert H. and Kate (Dexter), b. Dorchester, Aug. 20, 1886.  Chi Psi.

Prepared Volkmann's School, Boston.  Lumber business, 1908-09; Harvard L. S., 1909-10; lumber business, 1910-18; director The A. T. Stearns Lumber Co., Boston, 1919-.  1st Lieut. Chemical Warfare Service, May 1, 1918-Aug. 1, 1919.

Address, c/o Cypress Lumber Co., Apalachicola, Fla.

4832. Stockbridge, Enos Smith.
4833. Stockbridge, Henry 3rd.
4834. Tracy, William Bower Mitchell.
4835. *Warner, Frank Bradford.
4836. Warriner, William Joseph.
4837. Washburn, William Ives.
4838. Welles, Paul.
4839. White, Heath Edgar.
4840. Wolff, Stanley Lewis.
4841. *Woodbury, Robert Belville.


*Batstone, Robert Arthur.
Belcher, Edward Ralph.
Black, Lyman Foster.  S. of Willis Lyman and Etta Drummond (Roe), b. Elgin, Ill., Mch. 16, 1887.  Delta Upsilon.  Prepared Elgin (Ill.) H. S.; Belmont School, Cal., and University H. S., Chicago, Ill.; A. C., 1904-06; grad. Harvard, 1909.  With John Burnham Co., brokers, Chicago, Ill., 1910-11; accounting, auditing and statistical work for special investigators, Rockefeller Foundation, N. Y. City, 1911-13; publisher Elgin Daily News, Ill., 1913-; also mgr. Rowen and Black Co.  Publicity chairman Kam County, War Savings Com., World War.  Address, Elgin Daily News, Elgin, Ill.
Bogardus, William Henry.
Brewster, Osceola Byron.
Chapin, Edward Eaton.
*Clough, Harrison Linwood.
Cobb, Sumner Warren.
Cohen, Edward Carey.
Connell, Edgar William.
Cooper, William B.
Crary, James Howell.
*Curby, Kenneth Spargo.
Ellis, Dwight Warren.
Feagans, Lonnie G.
Forbes, Howard Carpenter.
Glynn, Edward Hartley.
Goodell, Frank Rufus.
*Hardy, Clarence Everett.
Henry, Paul.
Huffman, Rollie Cleveland.
Hughes, Joseph Huey.  S. of J. Ashford and Mary Ella (Huey), b. Dallas, Tex., N. 15, 1884.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared St. Matthews Grammar School, and Blees Military Acad.  Treasurer hardware company, Dallas, Tex.  2nd Lieut. Texas Cavalry, World War.  Address, 4012 Miramar Ave., Dallas, Tex.
Iwaya, Kichizo.
Jones, Hildeburn.
Keller, Ralph Jacob.
Kidder, Edward Wintrode.
*Klahr, Robert Augustus.
Lewis, Lester McLean.
Luther, Eben, 2nd.
MacMillan, Arthur Douglas.
Marcus, Chapin.
McLaury, Guy Babcock.
Merrill, Charles Edward.  S. of Dr. Charles M. and Octavia (Wilson), b. Glen Cove Springs, Fla., O. 19, 1885.  Chi Psi.  Prepared John B. Stetson Univ., 1901-03; Worcester Acad., 1903-04.  U. of Michigan L. S., 1906-07; with Patchogue-Plymouth Mills, 1907-09; George H. Burr & Co., N. Y. City, 1909-13; established Charles E. Merrill Co., 1914, and name changed to Merrill, Lynch & Co., bankers, N. Y. City, Detroit, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, 1915-.  Director several corporations.  Address, Merrill, Lynch & Co., 120 Broadway, N. Y. City.

[A short article about Merrill is online at the Time 100: Builders and Titans site.]

*Midwood, Henry Hazard.
Powell, Paul Rulison.
Rowley, Arthur Merriam.
Ryan, Arthur.
Sayre, Howell Edwin.
Shute, Kenneth Bruce.
Smith, James Elwood.
Smith, William Perkins.
Stearns, Robert Peter.
Tilton, Owen Stanard.  S. of Edgar D. and Cora (Stanard), b. St. Louis, Mo., O. 12, 1885.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Smith Adad., St. Louis, Mo. and St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H.  Sec. Stanard-Tilton Milling Co., St. Louis, Mo.  Food Administration Work, World War.  Address, 845 Planters Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.
Turner, Richard Clinton.
Veasey, Arthur Hale.
Waite, Frederick Allen.
*Wood, Ralph Emerson.
Young, Henry Newton.
Zinsmaster, Harry William.  S. of William and Mary (Kirkman), b. Des Moines, Ia., May 15, 1885.  Chi Psi.  Prepared Des Moines (Ia.) H. S.; A. C., 1905-08.  With J. Walter Thompson Co., advertising agency, N. Y. City, 1908-12; mgr. Des Moines Bakery Co., 1912-13; president Zinsmaster Bread Co., Duluth, and Zinsmaster Baking Co., St. Paul, Minn., 1913-.  Capt. 4th Liberty Loan Drive; director general Thrift Stamp Drive, Duluth; Bakers' Division Food Administrator, Duluth and northern Minn.; treasurer War Service Board; 1st Lieut., Minn. Home Guard.  Address, Zinsmaster Bread Co., Duluth, Minn.

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