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Amherst College Class of 1907
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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4691. Allaben, Max Fenimore.
4692. *Allaire, Leonard Curren.
4693. Allchin, Stanley Danforth.
4694. Andrews, Chester Huston.
4695. Atwood, Felix Ballard.  S. of George S. (A. C. ex 1874) and Lily (da. of Charles B. Adams, A. C. 1834), b. Brunswick, Me., Mch. 9, 1884.  Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Psi.

Prepared Amherst and Erasmus Hall High Schools, Brooklyn, N. Y.  With Osborn Manufacturing Co., 5 yrs.; mgr. and trasurer Springfield Facing Co.

Married D. 18, 1911, Maud L. Spencer, Springfield.  Ch. John S.; Dorothy A.  [Seems to be brother of Frederic H. 1899.]

Address, 27 Dorchester St., Springfield, Mass.

4696. Averill, Theodore Burton.  S. of Rev. James O. (A. C. 1870) and Julia A. (Phillips), b. Rockaway, N. Y., Jan. 27, 1884.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Flushing (N. Y.) H. S. and Vermont Acad.  Taught, 1907-11; insurance broker, 1911-.  Member Fort Totten Civilian Military Training School and N. Y. City Police Reserves, World War.  Member Insurance Soc. of N. Y. and Insurance Institute of Amer.

Married N. 8, 1913, Margaret Irwin Nevin, Sewickley, Penn.  Ch. Nancy N.

Address, 226 Franklin Pl., Flushing, N. Y.

4697. Barlow, Harry Edward.
4698. Barton, Bruce.
4699. *Beach, Harry Teachout.
4700. Beecher, Daniel.
4701. Bell, Roy Whiting.
4702. Billings, Roswell Graves.
4703. Blanchard, Sidney Cutting.
4704. Boynton, Edward Chadbourne.
4705. Cary, George Emerson.
4706. Chapin, Warren Storrs.
4707. Chestnut, James Le Count.
4708. Coburn, Aaron Cutler.
4709. Conley, William Edward.  S. of William John and Mary (Conn), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., N. 12, 1885.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Taught N. Y. public schools, 1 yr.; Bloomfield (N. J.) H. S. and coached athletic teams, 2 yrs.

Address, 554 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

4710. Connell, James Carl.
4711. Crook, Harold Richard.
4712. Crowe, John Simpson.  S. of John and Isabella (Siddle), b. Holyoke, Jan. 26, 1883.

Prepared Holyoke H. S.  Clerk Amer. Writing Paper Co., Holyoke.

Address, 890 Main St., Dalton, Mass.

4713. Cumming, Robert Black.
4714. Fletcher, John Lockwood.
4715. Foster, Clarence Spencer.  S. of Timothy Spencer and Agnes Blair (Mill), b. E. Hartford, Conn., Ap. 20, 1885.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Hartford (Conn.) Public H. S.  Clerk National Fire Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn., 1907-12; salesman United States Radiator Corp., Detroit, Mich., 1912-.

Married S. 12, 1911, Mary Cornelia Deane, Springfield.  Ch. Elizabeth D.

Address, 51 Deerfield Rd., Portland, Me.

4716. Godfrey, Francis Joseph.  S. of William and Katherine (Whalen), b. Northampton, O. 20, 1882.

Prepared Holy Cross Coll.  Harvard L. S.

Address, 6 Park St., Northampton, Mass.

4717. Graham, Chester Campbell.
4718. Greenaway, George.  S. of George and Margaret (Graham), b. Co. Armagh, Ireland, N. 14, 1885.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared Williston Sem.  In business Montreal, Canada.  Served with Canadian regiment, World War.

Address, unknown.

4719. Hall, Edward Twichell.
4720. Hartshorne, Hugh.
4721. Haseltine, William.
4722. Hawkes, Walter Ernest.
4723. Hay, Harry Robert.
4724. Hood, George Cooper.
4725. Hubbard, John Houghton.
4726. *Hunter, John Montgomery.
4727. Jones, Roland Jewett.
4728. Kaine, John Daniel.
4729. King, Henry Hall.
4730. Lamb, Clarence Alvan.
4731. Lewis, Francis Edward.
4732. Locke, Owen Alvin.
4733. McClelland, John Joseph.
4734. Malcom, Malcolm Vartan.  S. of Vartan and Mary Sarkis (Gouan) Malconian, b. Sivas, Turkey, S. 12, 1883.

Prepared public schools, Chicopee and International Acad., Springfield.  Harvard L. S., 1907-09; practised Boston; N. Y. City; counsel of Exchange Mutual Indemnity Insurance Co., Federal Mutual Liability Co., and several Armenian firms; counsel for Armenian National Union of America, Washington, D. C., 1919.  Member several Armenian organizations in U. S.  Author The Armenians in America, and numerous articles in Armenian and English.

Married O. 26, 1912, Georgine Lucy Cuendet, Boston.  Ch. Edward V.

Address, 32 Liberty St., N. Y. City.

4735. Morton, John Jamieson.
4736. Oberly, John Shimer.
4737. Osborn, Henry Sanford.
4738. Palmer, Herbert Hall.
4739. Pond, Walter Franklin.
4740. Powell, Chilton Latham.
4741. Pratt, Elmer Atwin.
4742. Price, Walter Smith.
4743. Rand, Albert Edward.
4744. Rowe, Harry A.
4745. *Scott, Robert Harry.
4746. *Searle, Charles Putnam.
4747. Sheehan, Daniel F.
4748. Slocum, Charles Pulsifer.
4749. Stevens, Clayton Pingree.
4750. Sweet, Henry Lewis.
4751. Swett, Warren Lincoln.
4752. Walbridge, Merrell Packard.
4753. Waller, John Mather.
4754. Whitelaw, Robert Malcolm.
4755. Willard, John Dayton.
4756. Wilson, Claude Thomas.
4757. Wright, Edward N.  S. of David J. and Jane C. (Reed), b. Northampton, Ap. 3, 1884.

Prepared Northampton H. S.

Address, 67 West St., Northampton, Mass.


Amsbury, Joseph Henry.
Arnold, Samuel Earl.  S. of Daniel M. and Rose E. (Boynton), b. W. Stockbridge, S. 26, 1883.  Prepared Brattleboro (Vt.) H. S.  Mass. State Moth Commission in Conn. River dist., some time.  Address, 22 Sheldon St., Springfield, Mass.
Bardwell, Arthur Curtis.  S. of Frederick H. and Maria (Curtis), b. Hatfield, Aug. 10, 1885.  Phi Kappa Psi.  Prepared Smith Acad.  Grower of tobacco Hatfield.  Address, 65 Main St., Hatfield, Mass.
Bartlett, Alfred Lewis.  S. of Francis Whitehouse and Francelia W. (Lewis), b. Kansas City, Mo., O. 8, 1884.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Central H. S., Philadelphia, Penn. and Erasmus Hall H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y.; A. C., 1903-06.  Grad. U. of Southern Cal. L. S., 1910; law partner Randall, Bartlett & White, Los Angeles, Cal., 1909-; instructor in law of contracts, U. of Southern Cal. L. S., 1918-19.  Member Cal. Legislature, 1915, 1917.  Member Legal Advisory Board and Finance Committee of Red Cross and Liberty Loan, World War.  Address, 1247 No. Kings Rd., Los Angeles, Cal.
Blanchard, Henry Franklin.
Boudway, Frank William.  Address, 300 West 17th St., N. Y. City.
Brennan, Horace Francis.  S. of John Martin and Ellen E. (O'Keefe), b. Providence, R. I., Jy. 31, 1883.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Classical H. S., Providence, R. I.  Supt. of construction, Providence, R. I.  Address, 163 Power St., Providence, R. I.
Carleton, Francis D.  S. of Isaak Osgood and Lauretta (Pinto), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 17, 1883.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Yonkers (N. Y.) H. S.  Address, unknown.
*Carpenter, Robert Ira.  S. of Byron Ruel and Jennie M. (Tracy), b. Groton, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1880.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Cortland (N. Y.) Normal School; A. C., 1903.  D. Cortland, N. Y., 1903.
Carter, Joseph Coleman.  S. of Daniel Drake and Sarah (Fullerton), b. Versailles, Ky., Jy. 28, 1884.  Chi Psi.  Prepared Lewis Institute and Lakeview H. S., Chicago, Ill.  Address, Versailles, Ky.
Christensen, Frank Paul.  S. of Herman and Mary (Olsen), b. Worcester, Aug. 6, 1882.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Worcester H. S.  Boston U. L. S., 1902-03, 1905; prosecuting attorney San Juan Co., Wash., 1912-16; asst. attorney general State of Wash., 1917-21; law partner Vance and Christensen, 1921-.  1st Lieut. Sanitary Corps, U. S. A., serving in U. S., 1918-19; on special duty as civilian, 1918.  Address, Olympia, Wash.
Collins, Frederick Starr.  S. of Atwood and Mary Buell (Brace), b. Hartford, Conn., Je. 22, 1883.  Prepared Hartford (Conn.) H. S.  Address, unknown.
*Comins, Harold Harvey.
Cutting, Charles Carleton.  S. of Charles (A. C. 1863) and Jessica Anna (Campbell), b. Montville, Conn., Aug. 22, 1884.  Phi Gamma Delta.  Prepared New Haven (Conn.) H. S.  Yale M. S.; with Associated Companies of Amer. Bell Telephone Co., 1906-18; chief clerk Bunson & Townsend Co., wholesale hardware, New Haven, Conn., 1919-.  Address, 827 Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn.
Deal, Burtiss Edmond.  S. of Charles Harvey and Eugenia M. (Stanley), b. Amsterdam, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1882.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Amsterdam (N. Y.) H. S.  With International General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y.  Address, 412 Division St., Amsterdam, N. Y.
Dennis, Edward Parker.  S. of David U. and Mary C. (Loder), b. Philadelphia, Penn., S. 23, 1884.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared with Rev. J. F. Springer.  U. of Penn. M. S.; physician Erie, Penn.  Address, 221 West 9th St., Erie, Penn.
Deroin, Frank Amédée.
Dickinson, Oliver Andrews.
Dorflinger, Charles William.  S. of Louis James and Ada Carrie (Reed), b. Honesdale, Penn., D. 12, 1886.  Chi Phi.  Prepared St. Paul's School, Garden City, N. Y.  Factory supt. C. Dorflinger & Sons, glassware, White Mills, Penn.  Chemical Warfare Service in U. S., World War.  Address, 926 Court St., Honesdale, Penn.
Everett, Lewis Winslow.  S. of Otis Winslow and Mabel (Hay), b. Worcester, O. 15, 1884.  Theta Delta Chi.  Prepared Worcester H. S. and Acad.; grad. Clark Coll., 1908.  With The Samuel Winslow Skate Manufacturing Co., Worcester; manager Worcester office Bonbright & Co., Inc., investment securities, Boston, 1919-.  Priv., Sergeant and 2nd Lieut. 6th Regt. U. S. Marines, A. E. F., 1917-18; in Germany with Army of Occupation, 1918-19.  Address, Holman St., Shrewsbury, Mass.
Hardy, George Elliott.  S. of William A. and Emma Augusta (Sargent), b. Fitchburg, S. 24, 1883.  Phi Gamma Delta.  Prepared Fitchburg H. S.; A. C., 1904-07.  Foreman William A. Hardy & Sons Co., brass foundry Fitchburg, 1912-13; general supt. of same, 1913-; auditor of same, 1918-.  In charge inspection of all brass castings made by firm for military use; served on Y. M. C. A. drives, World War.  Address, 104 South Street, Fitchburg, Mass.
Irvan, John Lafayette.
Johnson, George Willard.
Johnson, Harding.
Jones, Wilkins.
Kreider, Leslie Eugene.
Leighton, Frederick.
Little, William Henry.
Madeux, Eugene Victor.
*McGlynn, Stephen Arthur.
McNamara, Henry James.  S. of John Patrick and Catherine Agnes (Reney), b. Boston, Jan. 26, 1885.  Prepared Roxbury H. S.  Address, Hornblower & Weeks, 60 Congress St., Boston, Mass.
Meyer, Otto Cleveland.  S. of P. A. and Louisa (Lexaner), b. Erie, Penn., Ap. 20, 1884.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Erie (Penn.) H. S.  Partner and manager P. A. Meyer & Sons, clothing merchants.  Address, 817-819 State St., Erie, Penn.
Milligan, John Raymond.
Morrissey, Thomas Paul.
Mullen, Edward Bartholomew.
Mulvihill, Walter Austin.
Nash, Carl Blossom.
Newell, Duncan Hill.
Noble, Fred Robert.
*Seaman, Franklin Townsend.  S. of Richard Franklin and Sadie (Townsend), b. Locust Valley, N. Y., Jy. 6, 1883.  Delta Upsilon.  Prepared Polytechnic Prep. School, Brooklyn, N. Y.  D.
Simpson, Hazen Fancher.
Smith, Jesse Datus.
Stiles, Harry Herbert.
Sweeney, William Ellis.  S. of Edward Amory and Hannah Rutherford (Ellis), b. Attleboro, Mch. 25, 1883.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Attleboro H. S.; A. C., 2 yrs.  Asst. mgr. D. E. Makepeace Co., platers, Attleboro.  Address, 6 1/2 Prospect St., Attleboro, Mass.
Taylor, Elvin Clement.
*Tilton, Homer Francis.  S. of Homer H. and Arabella F. (Billings), b. Ashland, F. 10, 1885.  Theta Delta Chi.  Prepared Newton H. S.; A. C., 1903.  Advertising mgr. National Sportsman, Boston; r. Berlin, N. H., 1908-09; Hebron, Me., 1909-11; E. Las Vegas, N. M., 1911; in state engineer's office there, 1911-12; reporter for Las Vegas Optic, 1912-14.  D. Las Vegas, N. M., F. 14, 1914.
Titsworth, Judson.  S. of Judson (A. C. 1870) and Julia (Van Duzer), b. Milwaukee, Wis., S. 11, 1884.  Chi Psi.  Prepared Black Hill (Conn.) School.  Bro. Henry H. (A. C. 1897); Godfrey V. D. (A. C. 1902).  Address, 2431 Prairie St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Walker, Carl Mortimer.  S. of John Mathias and Hattie J. (Litchfield), b. Fitchburg, May 14, 1883.  Phi Kappa Psi.  Prepared Fitchburg H. S.  Analytical chemist for Springfield Gas Light Co., 1908-.  Address, 15 Berendo St., Springfield, Mass.
Webb, Paul.  S. of James Henry and Helen M. (Ives), b. New Haven, Conn., May 27, 1885.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Hopkins School, New Haven, Conn.; A. C., 1903-05.  With Aetna Indemnity Co., N. Y. City, 1905-09; with Mass. Bonding & Insurance Co., Boston, 1909-10; bonding and insurance business New Haven, Conn., 1910-12; Yale L. S., 1912-15; lawyer New Haven, Conn., 1915-, partner Alling, Webb & Morehouse; also bonding and insurance agency and real estate development.  Member Legal Advisory Board for Dist. 12, Conn., World War.  Address, 42 Church St., New Haven, Conn.
Webster, Eugene Miles.  S. of Edward Everett and Annie Elwell (Miles), b. Gloucester, F. 26, 1885.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Gloucester H. S.  Address, unknown.
Whitney, Harold Edward.
Williams, Eugene Flewellyn.
Wyman, Edmund Allan.

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