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Amherst College Class of 1915
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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5422. Agard, Walter Raymond.
5423. Allen, Frederick Crosby.  S. of Edward Percival (A. C. 1880) and Celia J. (Gates), b. Sanford, Me., O. 12, 1892.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Tau Delta.

Prepared Newton H. S.  Studied theology; p. Cong. Ch., Middlebury, Conn.

Married D. 28, 1920, Ruth, da. of Rev. L. H. Dorchester, Bristol, Conn.  Bro. Harold G. (A. C. 1913).

Address, Cong. Church, Middlebury, Conn.

5424. Atwater, John Jacob.
5425. Bacon, Richard Hamlin.
5426. Bancroft, Richard.
5427. Banfield, Richard Sterling.
5428. Banta, Kenneth Whittemore.  S. of Joseph Edward (A. C. 1880) and Clara A. (Hyde), b. Cortland, N. Y., Je. 30, 1893.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Central H. S., Binghamton, N. Y.  With Ginn & Co., N. Y. City, 1915-17; in foreign dept. National City Bank of N. Y., 1919-.  2nd Lieut. F. A. R. C.; 1st Lieut. F. A. N. A.; Capt. U. S. A.

Married Aug. 16, 1917, Grace Mildred Ash, Binghamton, N. Y.  Ch. Marjorie A.  Bro. Henry (A. C. 1917).

Address, 23 Mountain Ave., Maplewood, N. J.

5429. Barnes, William Gerald.
5430. Blair, Francis Wesley.
5431. Bratt, George Cleveland.
5432. Breckenridge, Warren Allen.
5433. Bulger, Maurice Scott.
5434. Cady, Fenimore.  S. of Chauncey M. and Virginia A. (Clarkson), b. Kyoto, Japan, S. 30, 1889.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Exeter, N. H.; B. S.  Taught The Hill School, Pottstown, Penn.  Bro. Arnold (A. C. ex 1915); Lowell (A. C. ex 1916).

Address, 924 Front St., Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

5435. *Campbell, John Warnock.
5436. Chapman, Frederick Leslie.
5437. Clapperton, George Douglas.
5438. Cole, Harry Wing.  S. of Aaron B. and Katherine M. (Simmons), b. Ballston, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1890.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Worcester Acad.; B. S.  Clerk, Van Voast & Leonard, insurance Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 1915; mgr. Plant No. 5, General Carbonic Co., Buffalo, N. Y., 1915-.  Member Committee four Liberty Loan Drives, Buffalo dist.

Married D. 27, 1915, Edna Goldie Tallman, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.  Ch. Carolyn E.; Katherine E.

Address, 17 West 46th St., N. Y. City.

5439. Cole, Joseph Gerald.  S. of Joseph P. and Emilie L. (Testut), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1894.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Stuyvesant H. S., N. Y. City.  Student and executive National City Bank of New York, N. Y. City, 1915-16; Paris branch, 1922-.  2nd Lieut., 1st Lieut., Capt. C. A. C., A. E. F.; with A. R. A., Esthonia, Latvia and Northwest Russia, 1919; assigned Asst. Military Attaché, American Embassy, Paris, O., 1919; with Graves Restoration Service.

Married Je. 22, 1921, Madeleine, da. of François Woller, Paris, France.

Address, 27 Rue de Berne, Paris 8, France.

5440. Cooper, Raymond Buxton.
5441. Craig, James Wallace.
5442. Cross, John Theodore.
5443. *Cutler, David Sanford.
5444. Cutton, George Leon.
5445. Eastman, Gardner Pettee.  S. of George Pomeroy (A. C. 1884) and Alice Gardner (Pettee), b. Millbury, N. 8, 1893.  Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Orange (N. J.) H. S.  N. Y. U. School of Commerce, 1915-17; managing clerk reorganization and corporate trust departments, Mercantile Trust Co., N. Y. City.  Gunner's Mate 3rd class, U. S. N. R. F., 1917-18; Ensign Naval Aviation.

Married Je. 19, 1920, Marjorie Parks, da. of Alexander Bell, N. Y. City. Bro. Philip Y. (A. C. [1919]).

Address, 448 Highland Ave., Orange, N. J.

5446. Eaton, Louis Franklin.
5447. Elliot, Arthur Henry.
5448. Fuller, Everett Webb.
5449. Fuller, Randolph Mercein.
5450. Garfield, Edward Chandler.
5451. Gaus, John Merriman.  S. of Frederick E. and Mary (Merriman), b. Stittville, N. Y., S. 3, 1894.  M. A., Harvard, 1917.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Utica (N. Y.) Free Acad.  Holder of South End House Fellowship, Boston, and student Harvard, 1915-17; asst. exec. sec. War Labor Policies Board, staff member N. Y. State Reconstruction Commission, grad. student and tutor Harvard, 1917-20; instructor in government, A. C., 1920-23.  Member American Political Science Association; National Municipal League; American Historical Association.

Married D. 15, 1917, Janette Bolster, da. of Alvin B. Ricker, Poland Springs, Me.

Address, Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn.

5452. Goodwin, Arthur Prentice.
5453. Greene, Phillips Foster.
5454. Hall, Gordon Rexford.
5455. Hayner, John Clifford.
5456. Heinritz, Stuart Franklin.
5457. Herrschaft, Coleman Philip.
5458. Houston, Charles Hamilton.  S. of William L. and Mary E. (Hamilton), b. Washington, D. C., S. 3, 1895.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared M St. H. S., Washington, D. C.  Taught English Howard U., 1915-17; Harvard L. S., 191(?)-22.  Member editorial staff Harvard Law Review, 1922.  1st Lieut. U. S. Inf., Camp Meade, Md., N., 1917-May, 1918; 2nd Lieut. F. A., A. E. F.

Address, 615 F St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

[A biography of Charles Hamilton Houston is online at the Charles Houston Bar Association website.]

5459. Hubner, George Hartmann.
5460. Humphries, George Rolfe.
5461. Hunneman, William Cooper.
5462. Johnson, Leslie Obear.
5463. Jones, Marshall Walker.
5464. Keith, Gerald.
5465. Kimball, Newton Manross.
5466. Kingman, Henry Selden.
5467. Konold, Edwin Harold.
5468. Langspecht, Henry Thomas.  S. of Carl and Katharine (Katz), b. Hoboken, N. J., Jy. 10, 1892.  Phi Kappa Psi.

Prepared Erasmus Hall H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y.; B. S.  Yale Forest School, 1915-16; land dept. Roxana Pet. Corp., Tulsa, Okla.  Private and Corp., U. S. Inf., A. E. F.

Address, Box 1162, 927 Mayo Bldg., Tulsa, Okla.

5469. Lincoln, Joseph Newhall.
5470. Lind, John Eugene.
5471. Lott, James Cropsey.
5472. Lyon, Harold Alpheus.
5473. McCague, Robert Andrew.
5474. Macdonald, Wilson.
5475. McGowan, Robert Reed.  S. of Robert and Laura Earle (Batchelor), b. Steubenville, O., D. 21, 1892.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Detroit (Mich.) University School and Bordentown (N. J.) Military Institute; B. S.  With The McGowan Bros. Co., wholesale grocers Steubenville, O., 1915-.  2nd Lieut., and 1st Lieut. U. S. Inf., A. E. F.

Married F. 9, 1918, Helen Chadwick, da. of Edwin R. Butler, Brooklyn, N. Y.  Ch. Jean.

Address, 337 Reserve Ave., Steubenville, O.

5476. McNair, Maurice Lloyd.
5477. McTernan, Everett Francis.  S. of Hugh A. and Grace (Gilbert), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mch. 22, 1892.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared Boys' H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y.; B. S.

Address, 3710 Ave. J, Brooklyn, N. Y.

5478. Mandrey, William Henry.
5479. Many, Harold Chase.  S. of Dr. Bradley F. and Minnie (Chase), b. Port Jefferson, N. Y., Ap. 19, 1893.

Prepared Port Jefferson (N. Y.) H. S.  Teacher The Continuation School, Camden, N. J.  O. T. C.

Address, 49 Penn St., Woodbury, N. J.

5480. Martin, Charles Daniel.  S. of Daniel A. and Mary Ellen (Hession), b. Brattleboro, Vt., N. 29, 1893.

Prepared St. Michael's H. S., Northampton.  Northampton Business Coll.

Address, 274 Bridge St., Northampton, Mass.

5481. Moulton, Robert Selden.
5482. Newton, Francis Chandler.  S. of Darius Augustine (A. C. 1879) and Marion Chandler (Stone), b. Winchester, Je. 30, 1893.  M. D., Harvard, 1919.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Winchester H. S. and Andover Acad.  Harvard M. S., 1915-19; house officer, surgical service, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, 1919-20; asst. resident surgeon, there, 1920-; instructor in surgery Harvard M. S., 1921-.  Private, Med. Enlisted Reserve Corps, D. 1917; detailed to service with Harvard S. A. T. C., O. - D., 1918.  Bro. Howard A. (A. C. 1906).

Address, Peter Bent Brigham, Boston, Mass.

5483. Packard, Sidney Raymond.
5484. Person, Raymond Scott.
5485. Phillips, John Milton.
5486. Plimpton, Hollis Winslow.
5487. Pratt, Richardson.  S. of Charles Millard (A. C. 1879) and Mary Seymour (Morris), b. Glen Cove, N. Y., Je. 16, 1894.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared The Choate School.  The Thrift Banking Institution, 1915-17; clerk Carter Oil Co., N. Y. City.  2nd Lieut., 1st. Lieut., Capt. Inf., French Army; also with 93rd Div., U. S. Army, Croix de Guerre.

Married N. 9, 1917, Laura Cecelia, da. of William H. Parsons, Huntington, N. Y.  Ch. Mary M.  Bro. Theodore (A. C. 1909); Morris (A. C. ex 1911).

Address, 26 Broadway, N. Y. City.

5488. Price, Stuart Eugene.
5489. Ralston, Arthur Edward.
5490. Reed, Howard Finley.
5491. Ripley, George Keyes.
5492. Shumway, Conrad.
5493. Smith, Homer Morgan.
5494. Smith, James Kellum.
5495. Smith, James Nichols.
5496. Smith, Lowell Ridgeway.
5497. Snider, Joseph Lyons.
5498. Swasey, Henry Cleveland.
5499. Thayer, William Greenough.
5500. Tomlinson, Jay Brinkerhoff.
5501. Van Valkenburgh, Edward Alfred.  S. of Joseph D. and Nellie Goodsell (Mears), b. Greene, N. Y., N. 1, 1893.  M. A., Columbia, 1917.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Greene (N. Y.) H. S.  Columbia; chemical engineer, B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, O.  Sergt. 1st Class, Sanitary Corps; 1st Lieut. Chemical Warfare Service, A. E. F.

Address, Ajax Rubber Co., Technical Dept., Trenton, N. J.

5502. Wales, Horatio.
5503. Warren, Webster Hamlin.
5504. Washburn, Arthur Hoyt.
5505. Weathers, Paul Dyess.
5506. Webster, Leslie Tillotson.
5507. Whiting, William, 2nd.
5508. Whitmore, George Deming.
5509. Whitten, Philip Francis.
5510. Williams, John Richard.  Entered from Marietta, 1914.

Address, unknown.


Babcock, Ralph Burger.  S. of A. Emerson and Blanche (Sias), b. Brighton, Rochester, N. Y., S. 2, 1893.  Chi Psi.  Prepared East H. S., Rochester, N. Y.  Address, Brighton Sta., Rochester, N. Y.
Ballagh, Hamilton Craig.
Barnes, Leon Moffatt.
Benedict, Clyde Humphrey.  S. of Augustus R. and Frances (Humphrey), b. Oneonta, N. Y., Jy. 13, 1894.  Prepared Oneonta (N. Y.) H. S.  Shoeman.  Address, 208 Main Street, Oneonta, N. Y.
Bengs, Max Andrew.
Bennett, Oliver Porter.
Bissinger, Frederick Maxwell.
Bonner, Hampton.
Boucher, Clarence Kinne.
Burke, Francis Joseph.
Cady, Arnold.
Caldwell, Kenneth Furber.
Colton, Kingsley Buel.  S. of Buel Preston (A. C. 1874) and Charlotte (Zearing), b. Aug. 30, 1893.  Phi Delta Theta.  Prepared Wendell Phillips H. S., Chicago, Ill.  Bro. James Z. (A. C. 1912).  Address, Springbrook, Wis.
Cox, Stanley Mirick.
Coxhead, Harry Burrows.
Day, Chester Sessions.
Fonda, Harold Chomel.
Gatch, Hayward Hutchinson.
Goeller, Lawrence Ebert.
Hamilton, George Shufeldt.
Harding, George Churchill.
Hays, Harlan Bartlett.
Henin, Louis Charles.
Hird, John Donald.
Jarmin, Thornton Reeves.
Kamm, Walker Willis.
Kennedy, Edward Helling.
Loomis, Samuel.
Manville, Arthur Jeremiah.  S. of Edward Lewis and Nellie Dutton (Smith), b. New Haven, Conn., Ap. 28, 1892.  Phi Gamma Delta.  Prepared New Haven (Conn.) H. S.  Stenographer to Hon. Wm. H. Taft, New Haven, Conn., 1916-17; salesman Bronson and Townsend, wholesale hardware and sporting goods, there, 1919-; with Aetna Life Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn. and Buffalo, N. Y.  Seaman 1st class, U. S. N. R. F.  Address, 67 Howard Ave., New Haven, Conn.
Markle, Charles Oliver.
Mellema, William.
Midgley, Malcolm Clegg.
Miller, John Howard.
Münch, Charles Lawrence.
Nicholson, John Rutherford.
O'Connor, Gordon Francis.
Ostrander, John Edwin.
Parks, Clarence Runyan.
Rankin, William.
Rawleigh, James Nester.
Reed, Kenneth Samuel.
*Rivard, Louis Theophile.
Robinson, Edward Winthrop.
Robinson, Richard Alexander, 3rd.
Rockwell, Robert Neal.
Roelofs, Howard Dykema.
Rollins, Dana Funk.
Samworth, Robert Pawley.
Seaman, William Leslie.
Seely, Charles Warner.  S. of Charles DeLoss (A. C. 1876) and Susan L. (Warner), b. Brockport, N. Y., N. 25, 1893.  Beta Theta Pi.  Prepared Horace Mann School, N. Y. City.  Asst. sec. The Warner & Swasey Co., machine tool mfrs., Cleveland, O.  Council of National Defense, Washington, D. C., Ap.-O., 1917; 1st Lieut., Ordnance, A. E. F.  Address, 5701 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, O.
Stewart, Hoard Raitt.  S. of James Craig and Armina Lillian (Paul), b. Worcester, D. 15, 1892.  B. S., M. I. T., 1917.  Theta Delta Chi.  Prepared Worcester Classical H. S.; A. C., 1911-12; grad. M. I. T., 1917.  Mechanical engineer Stewart Boiler Works, 1917-; production engineer in shops of Atlantic Corp., Portsmouth, N. H., 1918.  Address, Stewart Boiler Works, Worcester, Mass.
Tead, Phillips.  S. of Rev. Edward Sampson (A. C. 1875) and Louise Moore (Ordway), b. Somerville, S. 29, 1893.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Somerville H. S.; A. C., 1911-12.  Theatrical business.  U. S. N. R. F.  Bro. Donald (A. C. ex 1903); Stanley H. (A. C. 1903); Ordway (A. C. 1912).  Address, 136 West 44th St., N. Y. City.
Warner, Reuben Daniels.  S. of Dr. C. T. and Josephine (Spaulding), b. Marlboro, Jan. 18, 1890.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Worcester and Mercersburg Acads.  Banking; asst. treasurer Windsor (Conn.) Trust and Safe Deposit Co.  Clerk Medical Advisory Board.  President City Council Marlboro, 1 yr.; member of board, 3 yrs.  Address, 56 Sycamore St., Windsor, Conn.
Witherell, Brayton.  S. of A. J. and Anna (Richmond), b. No. Adams, Je. 28, 1891.  Chi Psi.  Prepared Drury H. S.  Vice-president and sec. Knox Hat Co., N. Y. City.  Petty officer 1st class, and Ensign, U. S. N.  Address, c/o Knox Hat Co., Inc., 452 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City.
Wroath, Leon Henry.  S. of Ashley Richard and Angie Louise (Pettit), b. Ft. Edward, N. Y., N. 28, 1890.  Theta Delta Chi.  Prepared Auburn (N. Y.) Academic H. S.  Address, 60 Roosevelt Ave., E. Orange, N. J.

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