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Amherst College Class of 1911
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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5042. Abbot, Frank Prentice.
5043. Abele, Richard Peter.
5044. Altschul, Justin August.
5045. Ashley, Jonathan Porter.
5046. Babbage, Laurence Washburn.
5047. Babcock, William James.
5048. *Ballard, Clifford Bateman.  S. of Thomas Phoebus (A. C. 1876) and Isabelle (Clark), b. Columbus, O., N. 5, 1887.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared William Penn Charter School, Philadelphia, Penn.  Assistant in geology A. C., 1911-12; visitor of Massachusetts State Board of Charity, Northampton, 1913-15; head Educational Dept., Juvenile Detention Home, Detroit, Mich., 1916-17.  2nd Lieut. and 1st Lieut., U. S. Inf.  D. North Russia (near Seletsloe), F. 7, 1919.

5049. Barnum, William Newton.
5050. Beckwith, Carleton Burwell.  S. of John Nelson and Florence Helena (Burwell), b. New Hartford, Conn., Jy. 30, 1880.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Erasmus Hall H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y.; B. S.  Sales dept. The New Departure Mfg. Co., Bristol, Conn., 1911-13; assistant advertising mgr., same company, 1913-; also prin. Bristol Evening Schools, 1914-.  Private Conn. State Guard; member Publicity Committee all local Liberty Loan and Red Cross Campaigns; member Draft Board.

Married Jy. 14, 1917, Frances Katherine Cosic, Bristol, Conn.

Address, 107 Stearns St., Bristol, Conn.

5051. Belden, Carroll Reed.  S. of Charles C. and Adelma V. (Reed), b. Omaha, Neb., Aug. 14, 1888.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Omaha (Neb.) H. S.; B. S.  Sec. Thompson Belden & Co., retail merchants, Omaha, Neb.

Address, 3714 Davenport St., Omaha, Neb.

5052. Birdsall, Lawrence Edgar.
5053. Bowen, Carl Kenneth.
5054. Boyer, William Edward.
5055. Brainerd, George Winthrop.
5056. Bravo, Hylton Logan.
5057. Bristol, Raymond Moreau.
5058. *Campbell, Charles Colfax.
5059. Cary, Frank.
5060. Chapin, Chester Fisher.
5061. *Chapman, Charles Henry.  S. of Frank H. and Florence E. (Clark), b. Rutland, Vt., Jan. 11, 1888.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Leal School, N. J. and Phillips Acad., Andover.  Oil business San Francsico, Cal., 1912-20; manufacturers agent, wholesale hardware and automobile accessories; real estate and oil business, 1920-25.  D. Los Angeles, Cal., May 7, 1925.

Married N. 11, 1916, Conchita, da. of Ygnacio Sepulveda, Los Angeles, Cal.  Ch. Conchita; Lolita.

5062. Clarke, Alfred Henry.
5063. Cooke, Thomas Skidmore.  S. of Frank E. and Clara A. (Junk), b. Topeka, Kans., Jy. 10, 1887.  Phi Delta Theta.

Prepared New York State Normal School, Fredonia, N. Y.  Chemist Standard Oil Co., Whiting, Ind., 1911-; gen. supt. same company.  Capt. Whiting Co., Ind. Liberty Guards; member Amer. Protective League.

Married Ap. 9, 1912, Clara J., da. of J. A. Thieme, Fort Wayne, Ind.  Ch. John T.; Jean.

Address, Standard Oil Co., Casper, Wyo.

5064. Corry, William Francis.
5065. Corwin, Merton Polydore.
5066. Cranshaw, Harold Brown.
5067. Crewes, Chester Clarence.
5068. Dall, William Brand.
5069. Davis, Arthur Lorenzo.
5070. Davis, Fred Cady.
5071. Delatour, Beeckman Jousseaum.
5072. Ehrgood, Allen Henry.
5073. Elder, Frank Rose.
5074. Fairbank, Alan Melvin.
5075. Fish, Gordon Thorn.
5076. George, Robert Hudson.
5077. Gormley, Arthur Spain.
5078. *Haven, Erastus Otis.
5079. Heermans, George Arthur.
5080. Henofer, Elmer Wilson.
5081. Jacobs, Paul Cloyd.  S. of Thomas Kenny and Helen (Fisher), b. Chicago, Ill., Ap. 30, 1889.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Lima (O.) H. S.  With T. K. Jacobs Co., real estate and insurance, Lima, O.  Electrician 2nd (Radio) U. S. N. R. F.; Naval Radio School, Harvard, Cambridge; Naval Radio Station, Sayville, N. Y.

Address, 311 Opera House Block, Lima, O.

5082. Jones, Clayton Berry.
5083. Kane, Thomas Leo.
5084. Kattell, Sherman Crary.
5085. Keith, Roger.
5086. Kernan, Thomas Francis.
5087. Keyes, John Humphrey.
5088. Lamb, John Jefferson.
5089. *Levy, Isidor David.
5090. Lilienthal, Philip Nettre.
5091. Lord, Herbert Gardiner.
5092. Lord, Upton Prentiss.
5093. McBride, George Henry.
5094. McCague, John Livingston.  S. of John Livingston and Mary G. (Van Kuren), b. Omaha, Neb., May 24, 1888.  Chi Psi.

Prepared Omaha (Neb.) H. S.  Sec. Wilson Steam Boiler Co., Omaha, Neb., 1911-18; president Jubilee Mfg. Co., mfrs. of metal specialties, there, 1918-.

Married O. 15, 1913, Marie Duncan, da. of Frank C. Hollinger, Chicago, Ill.  Ch. Georgia D.  Bro. Robert A. (A. C. 1915).

Address, 1931 So. 20th St., Omaha, Neb.

5095. McInerney, John Walter.  S. of Edward and Katherine M. (O'Brien), b. Adams, S. 22, 1889.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared Adams H. S.

Address, Messrs. Ladd & Wood, 7 Wall St., N. Y. City.

5096. Marsh, Edward Henry.
5097. Maxson, Edgar Potter.  S. of William Edgar and Margaret Ann (Niblock), b. Westerly, R. I., Jan. 3, 1889.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Westerly (R. I.) H. S.  Newspaper work, 1911-; city ed. Westerly Daily Sun, Westerly, R. I.  Editor of Trench and Camp, Y. M. C. A. newspaper, Camp Devens, S. 1918-Jan., 1919.

Married S. 11, 1916, Mary Starr, da. of George H. Utter (A. C. 1877), Westerly, R. I.  Ch. William E.

Address, 106 High St., Westerly, R. I.

5098. Maynard, Harry Hilts.
5099. Miller, Harold Stuart.
5100. Morton, Walter Harrison.  S. of John J. and Nellie A. (Taylor), b. Holyoke, O. 28, 1888.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared South H. S., Worcester.

Address, 33 Norwood Terrace, Holyoke, Mass.

5101. Myers, Robert Evershed.
5102. Parks, George Bruner.
5103. Patterson, Arthur Dunn.  S. of Charles W. and Jessie E. (Dunn), b. Findlay, O., N. 16, 1888.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Findlay (O.) H. S.  Clerk J. S. Patterson & Sons, Findlay, O., 1911-17; junior partner C. W. Patterson & Son, retail dry goods, there, 1919-.  1st Lieut. and Major U. S. inf., A. E. F.

Address, 418 So. Main St., Findlay, O.

5104. Pattison, Arthur Eugene.
5105. Patton, William Weston.
5106. Paul, Randolph Evernghim.
5107. Pawley, Thomas Désiré.
5108. Pennock, Eugene Ramey.
5109. Phelps, Alfred Edward.  S. of Charles H. and Lucy Judd (Kelley), M. D., Cornell, 1915.

Cornell M. S., 1911-15; Bellevue Hospital, N. Y. City.

Address, 244 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

5110. Pinkett, John Randolph.
5111. Pohl, Frederick Julius.
5112. Powell, William Baker.
5113. Prince, Stanley Hodgdon.
5114. Radcliffe, Vernon.
5115. Roberts, Harold Carrier.
5116. Roberts, Laurence Winston.
5117. Rugg, Charles Belcher.
5118. Sawyer, George Garfield.
5119. Scandrett, Richard Brown.
5120. Seelye, Laurens Hickok.  S. of William James (A. C. 1879) and Mary Alice (Clarke), b. Butler Co., Ia., Jy. 25, 1889.  M. A., Columbia, 1915.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Wooster (O.) H. S., Holbrook Military Acad., Ossining, N. Y. and Wooster (O.) Acad.  Graduate sec. A. C. Christian Assoc., 1911-12; Columbia and Union T. S., 1912-15; p. Stanley Cong. Ch., Chatham, N. J., 1915-18; prof. of philosophy and psychology, Syrian Protestant Coll., Beirut, Syria, 1919-.  Y. M. C. A. Sec. Camp Crane, Allentown, Penn., S.-D., 1917; chaplain, 1st Lieut U. S. A., Fort Greble, Coast Defences of Narragansett Bay, R. I., Jy. 1918-Mch. 1919.

Married O. 4, 1915, Kate, da. of Rev. Dr. Nesbitt Chambers, N. Y. City and Adana, Turkey.  Ch. Dorothea C.; Mary A.; Talcott W.

Address, American University, Beirut, Syria.

5121. Shumway, Waldo.
5122. Slayton, George Noyes.
5123. Smith, Donald Parsons.
5124. Smith, Walter Winthrop.
5125. Snow, Charles Freeman.
5126. Stearns, Albert Thomas.
5127. Stevens, John Hardison.
5128. Stone, William Morrell.
5129. Stott, Frederic William Heaton.
5130. Thompson, Leighton Sumner.
5131. Treadwell, George Ludington.
5132. Wakelee, Louis Elmer.
5133. Walbridge, Arthur Hess.  S. of Edward Newton and Helen V. (Hess), b. Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1889.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Bradstreet Prep. School, Rochester, N. Y.; B. S.  Mechanical engineer Bausch and Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, N. Y.

Address, unknown.

5134. Walker, Lewis Brigham.
5135. Washburn, William Francis.  S. of Samuel B. and Jennie C. (Ashby), b. Bridgewater, Aug. 15, 1887.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Shoe manufacturing; supt. D. Armstrong & Co., Inc., shoe mfrs., Rochester, N. Y.

Married Ap. 19, 1916, Margaret Shaw Bryan, New Rochelle, N. Y.  Bro. George W. (A. C. ex 1916).

Address, 155 Exchange St., Rochester, N. Y.

5136. Weathers, Brantley Alexander.
5137. West, Joseph Thomas.
5138. Wheelock, Dexter.  S. of William Erving and Anna Frances (Crandall), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Ap. 18, 1889.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Brooklyn (N. Y.) Latin School.  With Empire Trust Co., N. Y. City.

Married Aug. 27, 1913, Josephine Irwin Newman, East Orange, N. J.  Ch. Frances C.; Dexter C.

Address, 170 No. Parkway, East Orange, N. J.

5139. Whitney, Harold Adelbert.  S. of Erwin B. and Luella M. (Self), b. Triangle, N. Y., S. 30, 1888.  Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Psi.

Prepared Binghamton (N. Y.) H. S.  Teacher Oneida (N. Y.) H. S., 1911-13; Peekskill, N. Y., 1913-14; Rahway, N. J., 1914-16; DeWitt Clinton H. S., N. Y. City, 1916-.

Married 1916, Sarah Ella, da. of B. F. Jourowe, Bergen, N. J.

Address, 1023 Boulevard East, Weehawken, N. J.

5140. Whitten, Edmund Sumner.
5141. Williams, George Way.
5142. Wilson, Leonard Hodges.
5143. Wood, Lawrence.
5144. Woodside, William Stewart.
5145. Yerrall, George Randall.
5146. Young, Donnell Brooks.  S. of Edward Lorraine and Nellie Soule (Oakman), b. No. Hanover, Ap. 25, 1888.

Prepared Rockland H. S. and Thayer Acad., So. Braintree; B. S.  Laboratory assistant in zoology A. C., 1911-13; studied zoology Columbia, 1913-16; lab. asst. there, 1914-16; prof. of biology Y. M. C. A. Coll., Springfield, 1916-18; Dalhousie U., 1919-20; assoc. prof. of biology Carleton Coll., 1920-; instructor in invertebrate zoology, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, summers, 1920-.  Private, Laboratory Division, Medical Corps, Base Hosp., Camp Jackson and General Hosp. No. 16, West Haven.

Married (1) Je. 21, 1916, Helen Hartwell, da. of Rev. John L. Sewall, Worcester, who d. Mch. 5, 1919; (2) Je. 4, 1920, Helen, da. of William Daniels, N. Y. City.  Bro. Malcolm O. (A. C. 1916).

Address, Dept. of Biology, Carleton Coll., Northfield, Minn.


Albree, George Norman.  S. of George and Georgie (Williams), b. Boston, F. 3, 1888.  Chi Psi.  Prepared Stone School, Boston.  Aeronautic engineer.  Address, Swampscott, Mass.
Alexander, Thomas Ulysses.  S. of Charles H. and Rosa (Taliaferro), b. Washington, D. C., Je. 29, 1888.  Prepared M St. H. S., Washington, D. C.  Address, unknown.
Andrews, Tom Truitt.
Bailey, William Baucher.
Baldwin, Norman Lee.
Bates, Lloyd.
Bergman, Augustus Henry.
Bobb, Victor Charles Augustus.
Brick, Howard Lorenzo.
Bridgman, Robert Longley.
Brown, Selden King.
Bryan, William Craig.
Buck, Malcolm Rodney.
*Bush, Barnard Bradford.
Callan, Raymond Beckwith.
Cauldwell, Albert Edouard Maxwell.
Chesley, Franklin Russell.
Connor, Wayne Everett.
Creesy, Morton Ray.
Crittenden, Edmund Kearsley.  S. of William Bacon (A. C. ex 1878) and Bessie (Swigart), b. Bucyrus, O., May 5, 1889.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Brooklyn (N. Y.) Latin School.  Outlook Magazine, N. Y. City, 1912-13; N. Y. mgr. Torrance, Marshall & Co., bonds, 1913-14; sales mgr. Lineatime Mfg. Co., Rochester, N. Y., 1915-17; with William Wilson Co., real estate, Pasadena, Cal., 1920-.  Special Atty. Examiner Secret Service and Intelligence work, U. S. Shipping Board, Philadelphia, Penn., and Washington, D. C., World War.  Address, 1156 No. Michigan Ave., Pasadena, Cal.
*Cross, Carroll Sheffield.
Curley, Frank Moxham.
Davenport, Everett Banfield.
Denton, Horace Ray.
Deroin, Alonzo Dearborn.
Detterick, Judd Alvin.
Devine, Dave Gibbs.  S. of Thomas H. and Katherine (Gibbs), b. Winchester, Ill., Jy. 26, 1888.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Harstrom School, Norwalk, Conn.  Address Hailey, Idaho.
Doolittle, William Pitt Shearman.
Dozier, Lewis David.
Ernest, Finis Plumley.
Evans, Brice Shepard.
Frank, William Henry.
Grimes, Henry Holbrook.
*Haldeman, Harold Watson.
Hatch, Frank Cornelius.
Haviland, Howard Ross.
Hewitt, Dexter Wright.
Higgs, Charles Dean.  S. of Charles H. and Jennie L. (Pierce), b. Mankato, Mich., Jan. 9, 1889.  Prepared Oak Park (Ill.) H. S.  Address, Fontana, Wis.
Hine, Robert Edward.
Hughes, David Ashford.
Hurlbutt, Ralph Benson.
Lee, Lyndon Edmund.
Lloyd, Edward Bassett.  S. of James D. and Lucy E. (Bassett), b. Providence, R. I., Ap. 25, 1889.  Beta Theta Pi.  Prepared Providence (R. I.) H. S.  Division foreman and inspector with Massachusetts Highway Commission, 1911-17; asst. commisioner of public works Beverly, 1917-19; supt. of streets, Montclair, N. J., 1919-.  Address, 67 Claremont Ave., Montclair, N. J.
Loomis, Hubert Hillhouse.  S. of Elihu Goodman (A. C. 1874) and Marion Hillhouse (Fitch), b. Bedford, Mch. 16, 1889.  Prepared Concord H. S.  Bro. Ralph (A. C. 1908); Samuel (A. C. ex 1915); William (A. C. 1917).  Address, 266 Devonshire St., Boston.
Marshall, George Milroy.  S. of Samuel and Agnes (McCrea), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jy. 31, 1887.  Prepared Boys' H. S., Brooklyn, N. Y.  Address, 495 Broadway, N. Y. City.
Marvin, Campbell.  S. of William and Fanny (Campbell), b. Chicago, Ill., Ap. 9, 1888.  B. S., U. of Chicago, 1912.  Delta Upsilon.  Prepared University High and Chicago Manual Training Schools and Culver Summer Naval School; A. C., 1908-10; Univ. of Chicago, 1910-12.  Traveled in Africa, 1912; lectured on Africa, 1912-13; with Campbell Marvin and Co., real estate, 1913-16; with Burroughs Adding Machine Co., 1916-17; sec. and business mgr. Over-Here (magazine), Chicago, Ill., 1919-20; owner of Campbell Marvin and Co., investment securities, Chicago, Ill., 1920-.  Gold Medal Speaker for Liberty Loan Committee; salesman American Red Cross; supt. of agencies and Cook County Chairman, War Savings Stamps, 1918-19; with 1st Illinois Field Artillery, Mexican Border, 1916; Priv. U. S. Air Service Balloon School, Fort Omaha, Neb., 1917-18.  Address, R. D. No. 2, Chesterton, Ind.
McKenna, William Francis.
Nichols, Clifford Edwards.
Nishimiya, Masutaro.
Pitkin, George Devine.
Post, James Wallace.
*Pratt, Morris.  S. of Charles Millard (A. C. 1879) and Mary Seymour (Morris), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., N. 29, 1885.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Brooklyn (N. Y.) Latin School.  D. Jy. 15, 1910.  Morris Pratt Memorial Dormitory given in his memory by his parents.  Bro. Theodore (A. C. 1909); Richardson (A. C. 1915).
Pushee, Roy Edward.
Rayner, Harold Marvin.
Riker, Joseph Marsh.
Roberts, Ernest Marion.
Roby, Horace Edgar.
Scantlebury, Paul Fenwick.
Schadel, Samuel.
Schoenthaler, Warren Simpson.
Scrymgeour, Clarence Harold.
Small, Harold Patten.
Smith, George Gifford.
Smith, Ralph Potter.
Spry, William Taylor.
Steinbach, Jerome Benedict.
Stenglein, John George.
Stith, Edwin Emerson.
Stith, Wilmer Curtis.
Stone, Arthur Crawford.
Van Woert, Lee Dutton.
Whitford, Nehemiah George Ordway.
Whitney, Arthur Colvin.
Wyckoff, Ralph Smith.  S. of Van Zandt and Mary E. (Smith), b. Stamford, N. Y., O. 19, 1888.  Phi Gamma Delta.  Prepared Stamford (N. Y.) H. S.; A. C., 1907-09.  Newspaper reporter and editorial writer, 1909-17; florist, owner greenhouse range and retail establishment, 1919-.  Corporal, Sergt., 2nd Lieut., 1st Lieut. U. S. Inf., Camp Lee and Camp McClellan.  Address, 37 Grove St., Oneonta, N. Y.
Yamasaki, Toshiharn.  S. of Gentara and Hisa ------, b. Toltori, Japan, Jy. 18, 1878.  Prepared Tokyo School of Foreign Languages.  Address, unknown.
Zweygartt, Henry Jacob.

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