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Amherst College Class of 1891
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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3353. Abbe, Frederick Randolph.  S. of Rev. Frederick Randolph and Mary T. (Thayer), b. Abington, D. 18, 1868.  M. A., A. C., 1894; M. D., Harvard, 1895.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Boston Latin School.  Harvard M. S., 1891-95; Carney Hospital Boston, 1895-96; asst. to Dr. R. A. Kingman, 1896-97; physician Boston, 1897-.  District and visiting physician Boston Dispensary, 1899-1901; asst. medical director Columbian National Life Insurance Co., Boston; examiner various insurance companies.  Capt. Med. Corps, Base Hospital, Camp Zachary Taylor, Kent., 1918-19.

Married O. 4, 1905, Elizabeth Vernard, Cleveland, O.  Ch. Dorothy.

Address, 15 Sayward St., Boston 25, Mass.

3354. Allen, Frank William.
3355. Avery, Nathan Prentice.
3356. Bagg, Rufus Mather.
3357. Bennett, George Stedman.
3358. Bigelow, Frank Barna.
3359. Blatchford, Edward Williams.  S. of E. W. and Mary E. (Williams), b. Chicago, Ill., Jy. 13, 1868.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Chicago (Ill.) H. S.  Chicago T. S., 1891-92; traveling, 1892-93; in business Colorado Springs, Col., 1893-97; Chicago, Ill., 1897-99; London, England, 1899-1901; with E. W. Blatchford & Co., Chicago, Ill., 1902-.  Bro. Paul (A. C. 1882); Eliphalet H. (A. C. 1898).

Address, Near East Relief, Jerusalem, Palestine.

3360. Boutwell, Arthur Trull.  S. of Samuel H. and Alice J. (Trull), b. Andover, May 4, 1868.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Chemist with Smith & Dove Mfg. Co., Andover, 1892-, supt. of bleaching and dyeing.  Student M. I. T., 1894.  Member Andover school board; Andover board of public works.

Married O. 12, 1898, Susan N., da. of John R. Molther, Oswego, N. Y.  Ch. Jenny T.; Rachel N.; Samuel A.

Address, 67 Shawsheen Rd., Andover, Mass.

3361. Boynton, Henry Wolcott.
3362. Breck, Theodore.
3363. Burrill, Arthur Sumner.
3364. Cable, George Wyatt.
3365. Chapin, Arthur Beebe.
3366. *Chase, Herbert Morgan.
3367. *Clark, Clinton.
3368. Clark, Ernest Ralph.
3369. Cooley, Arthur Stoddard.
3370. Cowles, Alton House.
3371. *Crane, Henry Lawrence.
3372. Crocker, Harry Clinton.
3373. Crockett, Ralph Wardlaw.
3374. Crosier, Frank Elihu.
3375. Cushing, Harry Alonzo.
3376. Cutler, Nathaniel Abalino.
3377. Dixon, Milton Arthur.
3378. Dodd, Edward Arthur.  S. of Charles M. and Lucy A. (Sproat), b. Portland, Ore., Ap. 26, 1869.  Ph. D., Halle-Wittenburg U., 1897.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Portland (Ore.) H. S.  In business and study in the West, 1891-94; studied political economy Berlin and Halle Univs., Germany, 1894-97; theology, Philadelphia, Penn., 1897-98; ordained deacon, Prot. Episc. Church, Wilmington, Del., 1899; priest, 1900; in charge of St. Mark's Chapel, N. Y. City, 1899-1904; asst. Emmanuel Ch., Boston, 1904-06; rector St. John's Ch., Rosebank, Staten Is., N. Y.  Chairman Civilian Relief, Richmond Co. Red Cross; with Y. M. C. A., France, 1917; Chaplain Base Hospital 116, France, 1918-19.

Married Jy. 25, 1906, Harriette deWitt Allen, San Francisco, Cal.  Ch. Edward A.

Address, Christ Church Parish House, Hyde Park, Mass.

3379. *Edwards, Winslow H.
3380. *Farnham, John Marshall Willoughby.  S. of David S. (A. C. 1864) and Mary C. (Shapleigh), b. Newton Centre, Jy. 25, 1868.  M. D., Harvard, 1895.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Newton H. S.  Harvard M. S., 1891-94; house officer Worcester City Hospital, 1894-95; physician Worcester, 1895-1924.  D. Worcester, N. 26, 1924.

Married D. 14, 1910, Daisie A., da. of George S. Barney, No. Swansea.

3381. Fleet, Sidney Robert.  S. of John and Louisa (Ludgate), b. Liverpool, England, N. 23, 1867.  Phi Delta Theta.

Prepared Mt. Hermon School.  Reporter, now city ed. and musical critic, Lowell Courier-Citizen, Lowell, 1895-.  Member Lowell Chamber of Commerce; musical director and organist of several city churches.

Married Aug. 18, 1897, Agnes Fulton, da. of Spafford J. Barker, Fredericton, N. B.

Address, 329 E. Merrimack St., Lowell, Mass.

3382. Gane, Henry Stewart.
3383. Gay, Harry Nelson.
3384. Hale, George Henry.  S. of John Otis and Laura A. (Holbrook), b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Jan. 2, 1862.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad.  In Y. M. C. A. work, Northampton, 1892-94; Holyoke, 1894-96; street railway business, 1896-99; with Provident Life and Trust Co., Springfield, 1899-; general accountant Danvers.  In financial drives, World War.

Married (1) Je. 14, 1892, Eleanor, da. of A. C. Woolworth, Chicopee; (2) Ap. 18, 1910, Susan W. Eaton, Danvers.  Ch. Eleanor H.

Address, 32 Holten St., Danvers, Mass.

3385. Hammond, Howard Dexter.
3386. Hastings, Joseph Gilbert.
3387. *High, Frank Grant.
3388. Hitchcock, Frederic Hills.
3389. Hyde, Clarence Reginald.
3390. *Jacobs, Samuel Allen.
3391. Jones, Harry Foster.
3392. King, Louis Moses.
3393. Knight, Daniel Rowland.
3394. Knowlton, Stephen Brown.
3395. Leonard, George Locke.  S. of Spencer H. and Hannah M. (Locke), b. Chester, Vt., S. 17, 1863.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad.  Sec. of International Committee, Y. M. C. A., N. Y. City, 1891-1910; purchasing agent Hahnemann Hospital, 1910; sec. Y. M. C. A., N. Y. City, 1910-12; financial sec. N. Y. Federation of Churches, 1912-16; cor. sec. Gospel Committee for Work among War Prisoners, 1916-18; asst. manager Ketcham and McDougall, 1918-19; sec. Interchurch World Movement, 1919-20.

Married Ap. 14, 1904, Anna Rebecca Stegeman, Brooklyn, N. Y.  Ch. Ruth M. (d.).

Address, 126 Hawthorne St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

3396. *Lewis, Herbert.
3397. Ludington, Robert Barclay.
3398. Lyall, Herbert James.
3399. MacFadden, Edward Barton.
3400. *Marshall, William Starkweather.
3401. Merrill, Oliver Boutwell.
3402. Miles, Charles Henry.
3403. *Morris, Edward Lyman.
3404. *Morse, George Albert.
3405. Mulnix, Andrew Henry.  S. of Andrew and Mary A. (Baily), b. Portland, Me., N. 29, 1866.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Portland (Me.) H. S.  Andover T. S., 1892-95; licensed to preach, Je., 1894; s. s. Tyndall, N. D., 1 yr.; U. of Berlin, Germany, 1897; ordained, 1898; p. Cong. Ch., Hyannis, 1898-99; E. Milton, 1899-1903; student Harvard, 1901-02; p. Faneuil Cong. Ch., Brighton, 1903-.

Address, 327 Faneuil St., Brighton, Mass.

3406. *Nason, Waldo Edwards.
3407. Northrup, Edwin Fitch.  S. of Ansel J. and Eliza S. (Fitch), b. Syracuse, N. Y., F. 23, 1866.  Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1895.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared State Normal School, Cortland, N. Y.  Cornell, 6 mos., and Johns Hopkins, 189(?)-95; assoc. prof. of physics, U. of Texas, 1896-97; asst. to Prof. H. A. Rowland, Baltimore, Md., in development of his multiplex printing telegraph system, 1898-; chief constructing engineer Rowland Printing Telegraph Co., 189(?)-1902; sec. Leeds & Northrup Co., Philadelphia, Penn., 1903-10; prof. of physics Princeton, 1910-; vice-president and technical adviser of Ajax Electro Thermic Corp., Trenton, N. J.  Inventor of Northrup-Ajax high frequency induction furnace.  Fellow Amer. Inst. Elec. Engineers; Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Science; Amer. Phys. Soc.; Amer. Electro-Chem. Soc.; Inventors' Guild; Franklin Inst.; Washington Acad. Sciences, etc.  Wrote Methods of Measuring Electrical Resistance, 1912; Laws of Physical Science, 1917; many scientific articles.

Married O. 9, 1900, Margaret J., da. of R. W. Stewart, Pittsburgh, Penn.

Address, Princeton, N. J.

3408. Pickard, Isaiah Lovell.
3409. Plumb, Albert Hale.
3410. Potter, Henry Noel.  S. of Charles Barton and Jane (Weaver), b. Rochester, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1869.  Sc. D., A. C., 1905.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Free Acad., Rochester, N. Y.; B. S.  Student Westinghouse Electric Co., Pittsburgh, Penn., 1891-92; Berlin and Göttingen Univs., Germany, 1894-98; with George Westinghouse as special engineer, 1898-1907; in charge of private research lab., 1903-07; engineering expert Sawyer-Mann Electric Co., 1904-07; gold mining Rawhide, Nev., 1908; private research on gold extraction, California, 1909-16.  Brought Nernst Lamp to America; invented non-arching switches used at Niagara Falls, 1894; discovered silicon monoxide, 1907; taken out over 100 patents for processes and devices in U. S. and Europe.  Member Amer. Chem. Soc.; Chemists' Club of N. Y.; Amer. Institute of Elect. Engineers; charter member Amer. Electro chemical Soc.

Married S. 15, 1894, Lilian Holstein, da. of Dr. P. W. Heron, Allegheny, Penn.  Ch. Genevieve (Mrs. F. W. Kafitz); Marion H. (Mrs. J. W. Bowman); Charles H.

Address, 351 Riverdale Dr., Glendale, Cal.

3411. Prentice, Sartell.
3412. Reeves, Jesse Sidall.  S. of James E. and Hannah M. (Peters), b. Richmond, Ind., Jan. 27, 1872.  Ph. D., Johns Hopkins U., 1894.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Earlham Coll.; Kenyon Coll., O., 1887-89; A. C., 1889-91; B. S.  Johns Hopkins, 1891-92; instructor in Amer. history Woman's Coll., Baltimore, Md., 1893-94; admitted to Ind. bar, Jan. 19, 1897 (after private study); lawyer Richmond, Ind., 1897-1907; Albert Shaw Lecturer upon Diplomatic History, Johns Hopkins, 1905-06; asst. prof. of political science Dartmouth, 1907-10; professor of political science U. of Mich., 1910-.  Commissioner U. S. Dist. Court, Ind., 1898-1905; trustee and treasurer, Morrisson-Reeves Library, Richmond, Ind.; president board of police commissioners, there, 1905-07.  Capt. Aviation Sect. Signal R. C., 1917-18; Major, Judge Advocate General's Dept., 1918.  Wrote International Beginnings of the Congo Free State; The Napoleonic Exiles in America; American Diplomacy under Tyler and Polk; many articles; assoc. ed. Amer. J. of International Law.  Member Amer. Soc. International Law; Amer. Hist. Assoc.; Amer. Political Science Assoc.

Married Ap. 5, 1899, Ellen Howell, da. of Benjamin H. Griswold, Baltimore, Md.  Ch. Arthur G.; Ellen H.

Address, 1945 Cambridge Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich.

3413. *Sherley, Frederick.  S. of Edward G. and Sophia J. (Owens), b. Albany, N. Y., Mch. 30, 1870.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Albany (N. Y.) H. S.  Clerk and later chief clerk Univ. Extension Dept., in office of Regents of Univ. of State of N. Y., Albany, N. Y., 1891-92.  D. Albany, N. Y., F. 27, 1893.

3414. Sibley, Charles Herbert.
3415. *Smith, David Edmund.  S. of Charles H. and Clarissa M. (Moody), b. Winona, Minn., D. 20, 1867.  M. A., A. C., 1895; M. D., Rush Med. Coll., 1894.  Chi Psi.

Prepared C. N. Fessenden's Univ. School, Chicago, Ill.  Rush Med. Coll., 1891-94; interne Asbury Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital, Minneapolis, Minn.; physician there, 1894-.  With American Red Cross France, 1918-19.  D. Minneapolis, Minn., D. 15, 1923.

Married S. 23, 1896, Alice C., da. of Charles E. Dyer, Minneapolis, Minn., who d. O. 18, 1919.  Ch. Esther A.

3416. Smith, Ellis Robinson.  S. of Edwin and Laura E. (Smith), b. So. Hadley, O. 27, 1871.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared So. Hadley H. S.  Farmer So. Hadley, 1891-.

Address, So. Hadley, Mass.

3417. Smith, Homer.
3418. *Stewart, George Sawin.
3419. *Stiles, Herbert Kendall.
3420. Stone, John Timothy.
3421. Tarr, Frederick Hamilton.
3422. Thorp, Charles Nicholas.
3423. *Tiffany, Frank Monroe.
3424. Upton, Charles Louis.
3425. Walker, Albert Hiram.
3426. *Walker, Frederick Bryant.  S. of James B. and Fanny (Tyng), b. Cincinnati, O., Jan. 7, 1868.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Exeter, N. H.  Teacher, 1891-93; with Commercial Gazette, Cincinnati, O., 1893-94; teacher Brooklyn, N. Y., 1901-; Brattleboro, Vt., 1912-21.  D. Brattleboro, Vt., Jy. 30, 1921.

3427. Weston, Robert Spurr.
3428. *Williams, Herbert DeWitt.
3429. Williams, Waterman Lester.  S. of Rev. Lester (A. C. 1844) and Ann Eliza (Warren), b. Holden, Aug. 10, 1867.  LL. B., Harvard, 1895.  Phi Delta Theta.

Prepared W. Springfield H. S.  Harvard L. S., 1892-95; admitted to bar, 1895; lawyer Boston, 1896-; Holden.  Representative to Gen. Court of Mass., 1908, 1916, 1917.  Member Legal Advisory Board, Div. 13, World War.  Wrote Statutory Torts in Massachusetts; Municipal Liability for Tort.

Married Je. 25, 1907, Florence Mary O'Connor, Holden.  Ch. Cynthia B.

Address, Holden, Mass.

3430. Woodruff, James Parsons.
3431. Woodside, Calvin Elbridge.
3432. Woodworth, Robert Sessions.  S. of William W. and Lydia Ames (Sessions), b. Belchertown, O. 17, 1869.  B. A., Harvard, 1896; M. A., Harvard, 1897; Ph. D., Columbia, 1899.  Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Newton H. S.  Asst. prin. Watertown (N. Y.) H. S., 1891-93; instructor in mathematics Washburn Coll., Kans., 1893-95; studied Harvard, 1895-98; Columbia, 1989-99; instructor in physiology, Univ. and Bellvue Hospital Med. Coll., 1899-1902.  Studied Edinburgh U., Scotland, 1900; fellow and later demonstrator in physiology, U. of Liverpool, Eng., 1902-03; instructor of psychology Columbia, 1903-05; adjunct. prof., 1905-09, prof. and head of dept., 1909.  Supt. of sections anthropometry and psychometry, St. Louis Exposition, 1904.  Chairman Committee of Amer. Psych. Assoc., later a committee of Nat. Research Council, on Emotional Fitness for Warfare, World War.  Fellow Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Science, vice-president, 1909; N. Y. Acad. Sciences, vice-president, 1911-12; member Amer. Psych. Assoc., president, 1914; Amer. Physiological Soc.  Wrote Le Mouvement; Elements of Physiological Psychology (with G. T. Ladd); Care of the Body; Dynamic Psychology; many scientific papers; ed. Archives of Psychology.

Married Ap. 23, 1903, Gabrielle Marie Schjöth, Liverpool, Eng.  Ch. Svenssen; Greta S.; William; Mary V.  Bro. Arthur V. (A. C. 1893); James W. (A. C. 1896).

Address, Columbia U., N. Y. City.


Barkley, Charles Brackett.
Brainard, Wilson Fisk.
*Clark, Allen Lincoln.
*Dana, Lucius Clarke.
Edwards, Eugene Osborne.
Gibbs, Lambert Heber Francis.
*Hamilton, Erskine Erasmus.  S. of Dr. Theodore E. and Susan L. (Chapin), b. Somers, Conn., D. 25, 1866.  M. D., Columbia, 1892.  Beta Theta Pi.  Prepared with Francis Gorman; A. C., 1887-89.  Columbia M. S., 1889-92; physician Springfield, 1892-1901.  D. Springfield, Jan., 1901.
*Henderson, William Augustine.  S. of Angus and Anna E. (Parsons), b. Worcester, Jan. 1, 1869.  Theta Delta Chi.  Prepared Worcester H. S.; A. C., 1887-89.  D. Saco, Me., Jan. 8, 1890.
*High, John Lincoln.
*Hogan, Arthur Frederick.
*Jackson, Thomas Wright.
Kitchen, John Cornelius Duryea.  S. of Dr. Joseph N. W. and Helen E. (Duryea), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mch. 9, 1869.  Chi Phi.  Prepared with private tutor; A. C., 1887-91.  In ill health, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1891-; with N. Y. Sun, and World; correspondent for N. Y. World, Paris, France, 1901; with Boston Post; in business.  Address, unknown.
Nims, Henry Miles.
Noyes, Charles George.
*Plant, William David.
Pyle, William Baker.
Ryckman, Frank.
*Schweyer, Charles Edward.  S. of Edward and Charlotte (Good), b. N. Y. City, F. 11, 1870.  Beta Theta Pi.  Prepared Columbia Grammar School, N. Y. City; A. C., 1887.  D. 1896.
Smith, Howard Samuel.  S. of Sparrow and Carrie (Hicks), b. Sacramento, Cal., Jy. 4, 1860.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Sacramento (Cal.) H. S.; A. C., 1887-88.  With Capital Soap Co., Sacramento, Cal., 1896-.  Address, unknown.
Thompson, Charles Francis.  S. of Charles Howlet and Lucy (Walker), b. Dudley, Ap. 7, 1867.  Prepared Nichols Acad., Dudley, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute; A. C., 1887-89.  Address, unknown.
Thorpe, Samuel Strickland.
*Turner, Everett Prentiss.
Warren, Edward Morris.
*Wells, Charles Otis.  S. of Otis Clark and Electa L. (Loomis), b. Hatfield, Mch. 23, 1866.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Smith Acad., Hatfield; A. C., 1887-91.  With Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland, O., 1891-92.  D. Cleveland, O., Ap. 10, 1892.
Wentworth, Reginald DeMerritt.

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