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Amherst College Class of 1905
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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4514. Anderson, John Garfield.
4515. Baily, Edward Ayres.  S. of George Washington and Alice Juliette (Ayres), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mch. 22, 1883.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Boys' High School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B. S.  With Fisk and Robinson, bankers N. Y. City, 1905; sec. to vice-president and gen. mgr. Brooklyn Edison Co., Inc., 1905-17; sec. Amsterdam Electric light, Heat and Power Co., 1917; Brooklyn Edison Co., Inc., 1917-20; treasurer same company, 1920-.  Asst. sec. Assoc. of Edison Illuminating Companies, 1909, 1914, 1915.  Represented Nat. Committee on Gas and Electric Service on Nat. War Savings Com., Washington, N., 1917-Jan., 1918; speaker War Drives.

Married Jan. 13, 1923, Marjorie Kneeland, da. of Fred C. Eddy, Syracuse, N. Y.  Bro. Harold J. (A. C. 1908); G. Irving (A. C. 1917).

Address, 380 Pearl St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

4516. Baldwin, Fritz Walter.
4517. Bandel, Bernard Bankard.
4518. Benedict, William Raiguel.  S. of Rev. Arthur Jared (A. C. 1872) and Ida (Raiguel), b. Berlin, Conn., N. 1, 1883.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Searles H. S.  Metallurgist.

Address, Alvarado M. & M. Co., Parral, Mex.

4519. Bennett, Charles Ernest.
4520. Blyth, Charles Reginald.
4521. Bond, Joseph Waldo.
4522. Bostwick, Curtis James.
4523. Bottomly, Robert James.
4524. Broder, Edward William.  S. of Thomas and Mary J. (Nolan), b. Rockville, Conn., Jy. 23, 1881.  LL. B., Harvard, 1908.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Rockville, Conn.  Lawyer Hartford, Conn.

Address, 36 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn.

4525. Brown, George Alfred.
4526. Clark, John Maurice.
4527. *Coggeshall, Harold Frederick.
4528. Cole, Nelson Franklin.  S. of Rev. Royal M. (A. C. 1866) and Lizzie (Cobleigh), b. Erzroom, Turkey, Je. 8, 1880.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Whitman Acad.; Whitman Coll., 1901-04; A. C., 1904-05.  Cong. p. Mobridge, S. Dak., 190(?)-13; Lake Preston, S. Dak., 1913-; De Smet, S. Dak.

Married.  Bro. Frederick W. (A. C. 1893).

Address, R. F. D. 1, Freewater, Ore.

4529. Crawford, William.  S. of David and Helen (Scott), b. Penicuick, Scotland, May 31, 1875.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Princeton T. S., 1905-08.

Address, 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N. Y.

4530. Crossett, Edward Clark.
4531. Crowell, Joseph Dexter.
4532. Derbyshire, Arthur James.  S. of James H. and Adeline (Ashton), b. Lawrence, D. 10, 1882.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Pastor North Cong. Ch., Haverhill; sec. Utica (N. Y.) Americanization League.

Address, 1929 Baker Ave., Utica, N. Y.

4533. Diehl, Leonard George.  S. of Louis and Julia (Brown), b. Boston, O. 16, 1881.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Natick H. S.  Real estate business.

Address, 1317 First Ave., No., Great Falls, Mont.

4534. Dyer, Brainerd.  S. of Clifford and Florence May (Perry), b. Cape Elizabeth, Me., Je. 20, 1883.  B. S., M. I. T., 1909.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Portland (Me.) H. S.  Teacher; advertising manager National Carbon Co., Cleveland, O.  Married.

Address, Hudson, Ohio.

4535. *Edgecomb, Ralph Waldo Emerson.  S. of Samuel M. and Georgia (Milliken), b. Worcester, S. 18, 1882.  Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Psi.

Prepared Worcester Classical H. S.  Union T. S., 1905-.  D. Phoenix, Ariz., Mch. 31, 1909.

4536. Ellis, George William.  S. of Arthur B. and Clara Belknap (Holbrook), b. Palmer, Aug. 17, 1883.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Woolen mfr.

Address, Green St., Monson, Mass.

4537. Freeman, Ralph.  S. of Allen B. and Mary (McDiarmid), b. Blodgett Mills, N. Y., D. 14, 1879.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared State Normal School, Cortland, N. Y.  N. Y. U. L. S., 1907-08; lawyer with N. Y. Life Insurance Co., N. Y. City.

Married Jy. 28, 1909, Emma White Cornish, Gillette, N. J.  Ch. Dorothy C.

Address, 470 Walton Rd., Maplewood, N. J.

4538. Fuess, Claude Moore.  S. of Louis Philip and Helen Augusta (Moore), b. Waterville, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1885.  M. A., Columbia, 1906; Ph. D., Columbia, 1912.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Waterville (N. Y.) H. S.  Columbia, 1905-1907; 1910-1911; instructor in English, George School, Penn., 1907-08; Philips Acad., Andover, 1908-.  Chief of Personnel Division, Camp. Jos. E. Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla., Ap. 9 - S. 25, 1918; major, Q. M. C., S. 25 - D. 19, 1918.  N. E. Sec., Red Cross War Drives, Je. - N., 1917; member Andover Legal Advisory Board; chairman Red Cross Home Service Com., Andover.  Member Modern Language Assoc.; N. E. Assoc. of Prep. Schools and Colleges.  Edited several text books; author Life of Caleb Cushing, etc.

Married Je. 27, 1911, Elizabeth Cushing, da. of Francis A. Goodhue, Newburyport.  Ch. John C.

Address, 183 Main St., Andover, Mass.

4539. Gardner, Edward Hall.
4540. Gaylord, Emerson George.  S. of Arthur F. and Isabelle (Murphy), b. Chicopee, May 23, 1881.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Chicopee and Springfield High Schools.  Banker.

Address, Cabot Trust Co., Chicopee, Mass.

4541. Gilbert, James Le Roy.
4542. Green, George Henry Bartlett.
4543. Greenaway, David Emerson.
4544. Grover, Harry Greenwood.
4545. Hale, Fraray.
4546. Hartgrove, Robert Sinclair.  S. of William and Rebecca (Perry), b. Washington, D. C., D. 18, 1881.

Prepared Howard U.

Address, 576 Newark Ave., Jersey City, N. J.

4547. Hayden, Frank Strong.
4548. Hewitt, Ralph Halladay.  B. New London, Conn., F. 3, 1882.  M. D., Columbia, 1909.  Phi Kappa Psi.


Address, 475 Hudson St., N. Y. City.

4549. Holmes, Van Cleve.
4550. Hopkins, Charles Thomas.  S. of Charles and Mahala (Love), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., N. 4, 1882.  Phi Kappa Psi.

Prepared Latin School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Williams 1 yr.; A. C., 1901-05.  Lawyer, Brooklyn, N. Y.  Married.

Address, Title Guarantee and Trust Co., 175 Remsen St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

4551. *Hutchings, William Thomas.
4552. Joost, Sherman Brownell.  S. of Martin and Sarah F. (Hoff), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 28, 1883.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Latin School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; B. S.  Stockbroker N. Y. City.

Address, 630 Belvidere Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

4553. Judge, Francis Henry.
4554. Kelliher, Jeremiah Henry.  S. of John and Elizabeth (Enright), b. No. Brookfield, Jy. 4, 1881.  LL. B., Boston U. L. S., 1908; M. L., Boston U. L. S., 1908.

Prepared No. Brookfield H. S.  Boston U. L. S., 1905-08; lawyer Fitchburg, 1908-.  Four minute speaker; assoc. member Legal Advisory Board; local Explosive License Director.

Married Aug. 20, 1918, Elizabeth A., da. of John J. Sheehan, Fitchburg.

Address, 304 Main St., Fitchburg, Mass.

4555. *Kern, John Frank.  S. of John C. and Louisa A. (Jones), b. Dunkirk, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1878.  Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared Dunkirk (N. Y.) H. S.  Cornell 2 yrs.; A. C., 1903-05.  Teacher of languages Military Acad., Freehold, N. J., 1905; Hebron Acad., Me., 1905-06.  D. Dunkirk, N. Y., F. 28, 1906.

4556. Kneeland, Robert Shepherd.
4557. Lynch, Maurice Alphonsus.
4558. McPhee, James.  S. of James and Martha (Brown), b. Newton, S. 2, 1883.  Phi Gamma Delta.

Prepared Newton H. S.  In business.

Address, unknown.

4559. McTernan, Charles Clair.
4560. Marsh, Stephen Victor.
4561. Moon, Ward Clinton.
4562. Nash, Alexander Symonds.  S. of Charles S. and Elizabeth M. (Dole), b. Springfield, S. 21, 1882.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Chicopee H. S.  Branch house sales manager Lewis Mfg. Co., N. Y. City.

Address, Scarsdale, N. Y.

4563. Neill, Mather Humphrey.
4564. *Nickerson, Francis Chester.
4565. Noble, Albert Frank.
4566. Norton, Paul Willard.
4567. O'Brien, John Bayley.
4568. Odell, Henry Lefavour.  S. of Charles Henry and Nancy Lovett (Lefavour), b. Beverly, May 21, 1882.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Beverly H. S.  Mfr.

Address, 6 Atlantic Ave., Beverly, Mass.

4569. Orrell, Ephraim English.  S. of Ephraim English and Frances E. (Knox), b. Cornwall, Ont., O. 31, 1881.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Ware H. S.  Salesman.  Married.

Address, 65 Clarendon St., Newtonville, Mass.

4570. *Ottley, William Vrooman.
4571. Palmer, Walter Walker.
4572. Parsons, Chauncey Lyman.
4573. Patch, Ralph Shattuck.
4574. Peabody, Charles Irving.
4575. Pease, Robert Webster.
4576. Pierce, Franklin Edwin.
4577. Raftery, John Joseph.
4578. Rathbun, William Tompkins.
4579. Roberts, Alfred Edward.
4580. *Rounseville, Wilfred Ellsworth.
4581. Ryan, Elmer Ellsworth.  S. of James and Jennie (McHenry), b. Apalachin, N. Y., Je. 23, 1881.  Phi Kappa Psi.

Prepared Owego (N. Y.) H. S.  Traveling salesman, 1905-08; real estate broker Boston, 1908-16; dept. manager Willys-Overland Inc., Cleveland Branch Cleveland O., 1916-17; traveling salesman Pyrene Mfg. Co., Inc. of N. Y.  Priv. and 2nd Lieut., 151st Aero Squadron, U. S. and France, 1917-19.

Married O. 9, 1909, Harriet C. Albee, Brookfield.  Ch. William E.

Address, c/o East Ridgelawn Cemetery, Dellawanna, N. J.

4582. Schwab, George.
4583. Smith, Philip Mack.
4584. Smith, Verne Waldo.
4585. Spaulding, Walter Virgil.
4586. Squire, Roger Nelson.
4587. Stone, Clarence Nelson.  S. of Rev. Baman Nelson (A. C. 1863) and Emily (Farrington), b. Fryeburg, Me., Jy. 24, 1883.  Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Fryeburg (Me.) Acad.  Teacher Milton Acad., Milton, 1905-06; student M. I. T., 1906-; with Babson Statistical Organization Wellesley Hills.

Address, 222 Prince St., West Newton, Mass.

4588. Sturgis, Ashley Barnes.
4589. *Taylor, John Adams.
4590. Thomas, Charles Frank.
4591. Townsend, Winfield Alonzo.  S. of Dr. William R. and Susan Amelia (Bickford), b. Victor, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1881.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Batavia (N. Y.) H. S.  Teacher of English and history Short Hills School, N. J., 1905-11; ed. American Book Co., N. Y. City, 1911-18; farmer Essex, N. Y., 1920-.  Director Foyer du Soldat with the 4th French Army, F. 1918-Jy. 1919; Foyer Civile, Armentières (Nord), Jy. 1919-Ap. 1920.

Married Ap. 21, 1917, Mary Goldsborough, da. of Anthony J. B. Ross, Essex, N. Y.  Ch. Anthony B.

Address, Essex, N. Y.

4592. Van Etten, Edwin Jan.
4593. Warren, Henry Edward.  S. of Edgar W. and Delia H. (Prentice), b. Worcester, Aug. 3, 1882.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Newton H. S.  Shoe mfr., member of firm E. W. Warren & Co., Boston.

Married Jy. 1, 1908, Rachel Bigelow Moore, Somersworth, N. H.  Ch. Edgar W.; Margaret M.; Richard B.; Ann G.

Address, 920 Centre St., Newton Centre, Mass.

4594. Weed, Hugh Hourston Craigie.
4595. Whitney, Stanley Nathan.  S. of Cecil Calvin and Eldora J. (Gates), b. Westminster, Ap. 28, 1881.  Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Fitchburg H. S.  Architectural draftsman Westminster.

Address, Westminster, Mass.

4596. Wing, Richard Deland.
4597. Woods, Josiah Bridges.


*Adams, Henry.
Alpers, Ernest.
Beers, Herbert Stewart.
Bixby, Sidney Tuttle.
Boynton, George Holmes.
Brigham, Arthur Abel.
Burnett, Frederick Weld.
Cartier, Prescott.
*Chandler, Willis Derwin.
Cruikshank, Dwight Phelps.
*Daskam, Benjamin James.
Eaton, William David.
Edmunds, Louis Lake.
Fort, Leslie Runyon.
French, Lawrence Elwell.
Fribbs, John.
*Hayes, George.
Hays, Leland.
Hemenway, Ralph Wilbur.
Hussey, Elisha Frank.
*Kelly, James Matthew.
Knapp, Walter Chandler.
Knight, Octavus.
Leach, Alfred Buckingham.
McIntosh, Kenneth Chafee.
McMillan, Roy Alexander.
*O'Connor, George Washington.
Richardson, George Warren.
Richardson, Royal Paul.
Rollins, Ralph Eugene.
*Simms, Nelson Cornelius.  S. of George and Charlotte E. (Snell), b. Little Falls, N. Y., Ap. 6, 1883.  Delta Upsilon.  Prepared Herkimer (N. Y.) H. S.; A. C., 1901-02.  With publishing house N. Y. City; in office of Remington Standard Typewriter Works, Ilion, N. Y., 1906; in ill health New Mexico, 1907-11.  D. Albuquerque, N. M., Ap. 4, 1911.
Smith, Philip Alden.  S. of Charles Alden (A. C. 1874) and Mary A. (Mack), b. Peoria, Ill., Jy. 25, 1883.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Lake Forest Acad., Ill. and Central H. S., Duluth, Minn.; A. C., 1901-03.  Sec. King Lumber Co., Grand Rapids, Minn.  Address, unknown.
Utter, George Benjamin.  S. of George Herbert (A. C. 1877) and Elizabeth (Brown), b. Westerly, R. I., Ap. 11, 1881.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Westerly (R. I.) H. S. and Riverview Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; A. C., 1901-05.  City ed. Westerly Daily Sun, 1905-10, managing ed., 1910-; sec. and treasurer Utter Co., publishers.  County Food Administration; appeal agent of Selective Service; Publicity Chairman in all Drives, World War.  Bro. Henry E. (A. C. 1906); Wilfred B. (A. C. ex 1919).  Address, 40 Grove Ave., Westerly, R. I.
Wales, William Wallace.  S. of George E. and Georgiana (Decker), b. Newton Centre, F. 8, 1884.  Beta Theta Pi.  Prepasred Newton H. S.; A. C., 1901-03.  Address, unknown.

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