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Amherst College Class of 1877
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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2268. *Adams, Charles Francis.
2269. *Adams, Frank Stone.
2270. *Armstrong, Collin.  S. of Ethan and Miriam (Collin), b. Fayetteville, N. Y., Je. 11, 1853.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Homer (N. Y.) Acad. and with private tutors.  Fayetteville, N. Y. and Manlius, N. Y.; Williams, 1872; A. C., 1874-76; B. A., 1890.  Reporter on N. Y. World, 1876-; with N. Y. Sun, 1878-1902; financial ed., 1879-1902; in advertising business, 1902-.  President Westchester Co. Chamber of Commerce, 1917-.  Chairman advertising advisory committee 2nd federal reserve district, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Liberty Loan campaigns.  D. Green Cove Springs, Fla., F. 9, 1926.

Married (1) D. 22, 1881, Emelene Antoinette, da. of Leonard Hess, New Orleans, La., who d. Jan. 13, 1900; (2) Ap. 2, 1901, Elizabeth, da. of William S. Hale, Neenah, Wis.

2271. *Barber, Clarence Howard.
2272. *Blake, Lucien Ira.
2273. *Chadwick, Albert Montgomery.
2274. *Clarke, John Mason.
2275. Coffran, Frank Herbert.
2276. Collester, Frank Melvin.  S. of Thorley and Abby Maria (Whitney), b. Gardner, S. 21, 1855.  M. A., A. C., 1880.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Amherst H. S.  Prin. Gardner H. S., 1877-86; Winchendon, 1886-87; Murdock School Winchendon, 1887-96; Salem H. S., 1896-1906; manager John A. Dunn Co., chair manufacturers, St. Paul, Minn., 1906-.

Married Aug. 5, 1885, Stella Augusta, da. of George Hodgman, Gardner.  Ch. Marion E. (d.); Thorley; Mary D. (Junell).  Bro. Eugene B. (A. C. 1873).

Address, 2245 Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn.

2277. Copeland, William Almon.
2278. Dresser, William Adams.
2279. Eddy, Thomas James.
2280. *Ely, William Henry.
2281. Fowler, George Little.
2282. *Gilbert, Frederick.
2283. *Graham, Robert Orlando.
2284. *Gray, Joseph Converse.
2285. Green, Nelson Goodwin.
2286. Hartwell, Charles Stearns.
2287. Hingeley, Joseph Beaumont.
2288. Hobbie, James Gilkie.  S. of William Henry and Esther Bartlett (Gilkie), b. Belfast, Me., Je. 4, 1854.  LL. B., Columbia, 1879.

Prepared Amherst H. S.; A. C., 1872-74, 1875-77.  Practised law Cleveland, O., 18(?)-95; est. and president Central Institute Cleveland, O., 1895-1919; retired.  Trustee Los Gatos Union H. S.

Married S. 5, 1881, Elmina Freese, Cleveland, O.  Ch. Andrew F. (d.); Roger W. (d.); Esther (d.); Elizabeth; Donald.

Address, 155 Massol Ave., Los Gatos, Cal.

2289. Keith, Warren Burton.  S. of Azra B. and Mary A. (Cary), b. Campello, O. 6, 1857.

Prepared Braintree H. S.  Taught and in business, 1877-83; surveyor and civil engineer, N. Y. and N. E., 1883-87; on railways in O. and Minn., 1887-88; city and railroad work Tacoma, Wash., 1888-1900; Rutland R. R., Vt., 1900; with Construction Co. of Boston; engineer in construction dept. N. Y. N. H. & H. R. R., 1910-.

Married Ap. 18, 1906, Addie Luella Chapman, Groton, Conn.

Address, 50 Monument St., Groton, Conn.

2290. *Kress, George.
2291. Kyle, Warren Orzo.
2292. *Lamson, Jonathan.
2293. Leete, William White.
2294. Lewis, Willard Irving.
2295. *Look, Frank Newhall.  S. of Dwight B. and Emily (Newhall), b. Leominster, Mch. 22, 1855.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Northampton H. S.  With Florence Manufacturing Co., 1877-; treasurer and gen. manager, 1881-1911.  Trustee A. C., 1899-1904.  Member Northampton Common Council; director Hampshire branch Mass. Assoc. for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.  D. Florence, S. 9, 1911.

Married O. 20, 1880, Fannie E., da. of George A. Burr, Florence.  1 da.

2296. Loomis, Samuel Lane.
2297. Lowe, Isaac L.
2298. McLauthlin, Herbert Weston.
2299. *Macleod, William Alexander.
2300. *Marple, Wilber Boileau.
2301. Marsh, Charles Dwight.
2302. *Mason, Alfred DeWitt.
2303. *Maxson, Henry Doty.
2304. Maxson, Henry Martin.
2305. *Morrell, DeWitt Clinton.
2306. Nash, Charles Sumner.
2307. Newman, Fred Charles.
2308. *Osgood, Herbert Levi.
2309. Pearson, Arthur Haydn.
2310. *Peet, Edward Homans.  S. of William and Martha I. (Homans), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jy. 23, 1854.  Chi Psi.

Prepared Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, N. Y.  Studied Episcopal D. S. Cambridge; not able to enter profession because of ill health.  D. Minneapolis, Minn., N. 25, 1886.

2311. Perkins, Sidney Kingman.
2312. *Pratt, William Orrin.
2313. *Randolph, Henry Fitz.
2314. *Record, Wellington.
2315. *Redfield, Henry Stephen.
2316. *Reed, Lubert Otis.
2317. Reynolds, George William.
2318. *Ross, George Whiting.  S. of Merrick and Mary B. (Cobb), b. Pittsfield, O. 7, 1856.  M. D., Columbia, 1879; M. A., A. C., 1880.

Prepared Boston Latin School.  Columbia Med. Coll., 1877-79; practised Muzzey and Child Hospital, N. Y. City, 1879-80; Bluff Dale, Ill., 1880-83; Carrollton, Ill., 1883-1916.  Mayor of Carrollton, Ill., 1901-07; member and president first bd. of trustees Western Ill. State Normal School, Macomb.  D. Carrollton, Ill., Aug. 31, 1916.

Married Ap. 12, 1885, Daisy J., da. of Bainbridge Gillingham, Walkerville, Ill.  Ch. George; Mary (Carter); Anna; Helen.

2319. *Ryder, Charles Sumner.
2320. Salter, Sumner.
2321. *Sanford, Abbott.
2322. Searle, Alonzo Thurston.
2323. *Shaw, William Herbert.
2324. *Shehan, Lyman Beecher.
2325. *Sibley, Frank Eaton.
2326. *Small, Freeman Evans.
2327. *Smith, Arthur.
2328. *Smith, Benjamin Eli.  S. of Rev. Eli and Hetty S. (Butler), b. Beirut, Syria, F. 7, 1857.  M. A., A. C., 1881; L. H. D., A. C., 1902.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Amherst H. S.  Post-grad. student A. C., 1877-78; instructor in mathematics A. C., 1878-80; studied Göttingen and Leipzig, Germany, 1880-81; instructor in psychology Johns Hopkins, 1881-82; head of dictionary dept. Century Co., 1882-1913.  Member of bd. engaged in simplified spelling movement; member education bd. New Rochelle, N. Y., 1901-13.  Ed. Schwegler's History of Philosophy; Century Dictionary; Century Cyclopedia of Names; Century Atlas; Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac; several classic texts.  D. New Rochelle, F. 24, 1913.

Married O. 13, 1883, Cora, da. of George W. Shelton, Derby, Conn.  1 da.

2329. Smith, Erastus Gilbert.
2330. *Stockbridge, Henry.  S. of Henry Smith (A. C. 1845) and Fannie E. (Montague), b. Baltimore, Md., S. 18, 1856.  LL. B., U. of Md., 1878; LL. D., A. C., 1911; St. Johns Coll., 1911.  Phi Beta Kappa; Chi Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Studied law U. of Md., 1877-78; practised Baltimore, Md., 1878-96; judge of supreme court of Baltimore, 1896-; judge of court of appeals for Md., 1911-.  Commissioner from Md. to Annual Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1912-; member executive committee of Commissioners on Uniform State laws; lecturer Law Dept. U. of Md., 1898-1912; on bd. of regents U. of Md.; president trustees of endowment fund of U. of Md.; vice-president Md. Historical Soc.; trustee Enoch Pratt Free Library; an incorporator Amer. Red Cross; chairman memorial commission of Baltimore, 1920, to erect memorial to Amer. soldiers and sailors of World War.  D. Baltimore, Md., Mch. 22, 1924.

Married Jan. 5, 1882, Helen M., da. of Chester Smith, Hadley.  Ch. Henry (A. C. 1908); Enos S. (A. C. 1908).

2331. *Stout, Francis Evarts.
2332. *Taylor, George Edward.
2333. Thrall, William Herbert.  S. of Rev. Samuel Rowley and Miriam Hunt (Bowman), b. Kewanee, Ill., F. 25, 1854.  B. D., Yale, 1881; M. A., A. C., 1882; D. D., Redfield, 1902.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Knox Acad., Galesburg, Ill.; Knox Coll., 1873-75; A. C., 1875-77.  Yale D. S., 1877-78; 1879-81; asst. prin. Hopkins Acad. Oakland, Cal., 1878-79; ordained May 20, 1881; pioneer miss'y work Chamberlain and Webster, S. D., 1881-82; prin. Gregory Normal Institute Wilmington, N. C., 1882-84; Normal Dept. Tongaloo U., 1884-85; miss'y Armour, S. D., 1886-87; Tomah, Wis., 1887-89; prin. Pleasant Hill Acad. and Normal Institute, Tenn., 1889-90; miss'y Redfield, S. D., 1891-93; state supt. Cong. Home Miss'y Soc., 1892-1921.  Trustee Yankton Coll.; Redfield Coll.; director Chicago Sem.  Member state commission food administration S. D., World War.

Married (1) Jy. 5, 1883, Ella Frances, da. of Rev. J. E. B. Jewett, Pepperell, who d. Ap. 10, 1896; (2) D. 29, 1903, Clara Elizabeth Tucker, Winona, Minn.  Ch. William B.; Herbert E.

Address, 777 Wisconsin St., Huron, S. D.

2334. *Tidd, James Sullivan Stone.  S. of William E. and Sally S. (Stone), b. Northboro, D. 25, 1852.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Worcester H. S.  Studied law Westboro, 1877-78; taught Sterling, 1878-79; Gardner, 1879-80; surveyor and civil engineer Denver, Col., 1880-81; mercantile business Grafton, 1882-84; in ill health Gardner, 1884-88.  D. Gardner, N. 23, 1888.

Married D. 25, 1882, Emma F., da. of Charles Whitman, Gardner.

2335. *Tobey, Rufus Babcock.
2336. Towne, Walter Alanson.
2337. *Utter, George Herbert.
2338. *Waples, Erastus Burton.
2339. Weeden, William Orne.
2340. *Wheeler, Henry Huntington.
2341. *Williams, Nathan Stone.
2342. *Wright, John Winthrop.


Beardsley, Edmund.  S. of Charles S. and Alida R. (Ten Eycke), b. Auburn, N. Y., F. 14, 1854.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Auburn (N. Y.) H. S.; Hamilton, 1872-73, 1873-74; A. C., 1874-75.  In business Auburn, N. Y., 1875-80; in public works dept. N. Y. City, 1880-.  Address, Noroton Heights, Conn.
Bond, Charles Parkhurst.
*Briggs, James.  S. of Edwin and Sarah Maria (Starr), b. Peekskill, N. Y., D. 14, 1855.  Prepared Peekskill (N. Y.) Military Acad.; A. C., 1873-75; Rochester U., 1875-77.  Studied law with Martin W. Cook; admitted to bar Rochester, N. Y., 1878; practised there, 1878-99.  D. Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 11, 1899.
*Brown, Arthur Henry.
*Brownlee, James Carson.
*Davenport, Charles Haynes.
*Deady, William Henry.
*Ferry, George Henry.
Gere, Collins Henry.
*Gifford, Clarence.
Gilbert, Foster Ward.
Gilman, George Washington.
McLain, William James Edgar.
McLean, Thomas Allston.
*Mitchell, William Fain.
Pollock, William Gilmore.
Roak, Jacob Herrick.
Ryder, William Smith Mikels.
Sabin, Herbert.
*Smith, Charles Hudson.
*Smith, Madison.
Tharp, William Burton.
Trimble, Allen Buckingham.
*Van Benschoten, John Richard.  S. of Elias H. and Phoebe (Underhill), b. Darien, Wis., O. 7, 1856.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Middletown (Conn.) H. S.; Wesleyan, 1873-74; A. C., 1874-75; grad. Princeton.  Teacher, rancher, chief occupation study and travel.  D. supposedly, Charleston, S. C., N., 1890.
Wilson, Charles Sumner.

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