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Amherst College Class of 1833
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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318. *Abbott, Sereno Timothy.  S. of Asa and Judith (Jaquith), b. Andover, Aug. 17, 1805.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1833-36; ordained Seabrook, N. H., Jy. 15, 1837; p. there, 1837-55.  D. Seabrook, N. H., Mch. 28, 1855.

Married Aug. 15, 1839, Sarah, da. of Rev. Jonathan French, No. Hampton, N. H.  Ch. Asa George (A. C. 1865); Adelaide; Annie; Mary (m. Rev. J. H. Babbitt, A. C. 1865); Harriet; Albert; John.

319. *Adams, John Calvin.  S. of Eliashib and Anna (Leland), b. Bucksport, Me., Aug. 7, 1810.

Prepared Bangor (Me.) Acad. and Classical School; Bowdoin, 1829-31; A. C., 1831-33.  Taught Bucksport, Me., 1833-34; Bangor, Me., 1834-36; Yale T. S., 1836-38; taught Philadelphia, Penn., 1840-43; s. s. E. Machias, Me., 1848-51, ordained there, Aug. 19, 1851; p. there, 1851-57; Falmouth, Me., 1859-78; w. c. there, 1878-85.  D. Falmouth, Me., Jan. 17, 1885.

Married N. 30, 1852, Catherine Ann, da. of Israel Andrews, Eastport, Me.

320. *Allen, Stephen Thompson.  S. of Elijah and Rhoda (Thompson), b. Heath, S. 6, 1809.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Prin. New Ipswich (N. H.) Acad., 1833-34; Andover T. S., 1834-37; ordained Charlemont, Ap. 18, 1838; p. there, 1838-39; Merrimack, N. H., 1839-50; ed. Merry's Museum and Mother's magazine N. Y. City, 1850-56; ordained deacon Prot. Episcopal Ch. Chicago, Ill., Aug. 3, 1861; priest, S. 14, 1862; rector Aurora, Ill., 1861-65, 1868-71; Muscatine, Ia., 1865-68; Galesburg, Ill., 1871-77; St. John's Ch. Chicago, Ill., 1877-78.  D. Aurora, Ill., May 13, 1878.

Married (1) May 28, 1838, Abby Elizabeth, da. of William Colburn, Lincoln, who d. N. 19, 1853; (2) O. 16, 1856, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Hichcox, da. of Horace Martin, San Francisco, Cal.  Ch. Sarah; Abby E.; Arthur T.; Edward M.; Theodore S.; Mary E. J.; Henry R.

321. *Angier, Luther Horne.  S. of Calvin and Annie (Parker), b. Southboro, Jan. 26, 1810.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., Meriden, N. H.  Taught French boarding school N. Y. City, 1833-36; Union T. S., 1836-39; ordained as Presb. Buffalo, N. Y., Mch. 4, 1840; p. there, 1840-45; s. s. and prin. acad. Port Gibson, Miss., 1847-48; s. s. Medford, 1848-50; p. Concord, 1850-58; So. Malden, 1859-61; s. s. Sandwich, 1863-64; s. s. and p. Rockport, 1864-68; s. s. Edgartown, 1868-69; Litchfield, N. H., 1870-71; p. 4th Presb. Ch. So. Boston, 1871-73, 1876-77; Parkersburg, Va., 1875-76; s. s. Nantucket, 1877-78; a. p. Everett, 1879; So. Easton, 1880; Greenwich, Conn., 1881; Turners Falls, 1885-87.  D. Boston, Mch. 22, 1898.

Married S. 11, 1839, Annie L., da. of James Lannan, Norwich, Conn., who d. F. 9, 1893.

322. *Bates, Philander.  S. of Walter and Submit (Pomeroy), b. Southampton, S. 26, 1810.

Prepared with private teachers and at Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1834-37; s. s. Grand Blanc, Mich., 1837-40; ordained as Presb. there, F. 20, 1840; p. there under A. H. M. S., 1840-41; s. s. Utica, Mich., 1841-44; La Peer, Mich., 1844-46; Cong. Ch. Greenfield, N. Y., 1847-50; Oriskany, N. Y., 1850-52; Virgil, N. Y., 1852-55; E. Groton, N. Y., 1855-57; Truxton, N. Y., 1857-58; Moravia, N. Y., 1858-62; No. Truro, 1863-66; Cornish, N. H., 1866-71; a. p. Ludlow, Vt., 1871-73.  D. Ludlow, Vt., Ap. 9, 1873.

Married May 25, 1840, Elizabeth, da. of Rev. Amos Clarke, Sherborn.  2 ch.

323. *Belden, Pomeroy.  S. of Aaron and Sarah (Hibbard), b. Whately, Mch. 15, 1811.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared with Rev. Lemuel Bates and at Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1833-36; ordained D., 1836; s. s. Deerfield, 1837-42; p. E. Amherst, 1842-49.  D. E. Amherst, Mch. 2, 1849.

Married (1) N., 1836, Louisa, da. of Capt. Tenney, Gill, who d. Ap. 9, 1840; (2) Je. 2, 1841, Miranda, da. of Jacob Smith, Hadley, who d. S. 28, 1848.  1 s., 1 da.

324. *Brown, Isaac.  S. of Lemuel and Lucy (Brown), b. Hamilton, 1810.

Prepared Andover.  Andover T. S., 1834-37; ordained Gloucester, N. 11, 1840; p. there, 1840-41.  D. Hamilton, S. 14, 1841.

325. *Bullard, Amos.  S. of Amos and Abigail (Adams), b. Medway, Jy. 13, 1807.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Leicester and Hopkins, Hadley Acads.  Andover T. S., 1833-35, 1838-39; tutor A. C., 1835-37; associate prin. Leicester Acad., 1840-42; s. s. Ware, Brimfield and Fall River, 1842-43; ordained Barre, O. 26, 1843; p. there, 1843-50.  D. Barre, Aug. 21, 1850.

Married D. 30, 1839, Mary A., da. of William Durant, Andover.  4 ch.

326. *Burnham, John Appleton.  S. of John and Sarah H. (Appleton), b. Hillsboro, N. H., Je. 16, 1813.

Prepared Pembroke (N. H.) Acad.  Harvard L. S., 1833-35; civil engineer in Mass., R. I. and Conn., 1835-39; manufacturing agent Manchester, N. H., 1839-48; merchant Boston, 1848-84.  President Nashua Iron and Steel Co., director in many manufacturing and railroad companies.  D. Stonington, Conn., Aug. 23, 1884.

Married S. 9, 1839, Jane Isabella, da. of Samuel F. Denison, Stonington, Conn.  6 ch.

327. *Clapp, Rufus Chapman.  S. of Roger and Zeruiah (Chapman), b. Southampton, Aug. 15, 1808.

Prepared with Theodore L. Wright, Easthampton and at Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1834-36; Hartford T. S., 1836-37; ordained Tinmouth, Vt., S. 19, 1839, p. there, 1839-47; Presb. Ch. Chestertown, N. Y., 1847-49; taught Chester (N. Y.) Acad., 1847-60; w. c. Chestertown, N. Y., 1860-88.  Supt. of schools Chester, N. Y., 1855-56; supervisor there, 1860-61; loan commissioner U. S. Deposit Fund, 1866-70; supt. of poor, Warren Co., N. Y., 1868-70; asst. marshal U. S. census, 1870.  D. Chestertown, N. Y., May 25, 1888.

Married O. 27, 1839, Lois, da. of Nathaniel Parmelee, Suffield, Conn.  1 ch.

328. *Clark, Stanford Russell.  S. of Samuel and Susan (Johnson), b. Guilford, Vt., Jan. 4, 1812.

Prepared Brattleboro, Vt., and Amherst Acads.  Merchant and farmer Brattleboro, Vt., 1833-58.  D. Brattleboro, Vt., Ap. 2, 1858.

Married (1) Ap. 1, 1842, Eliza L., da. of Timothy Atkins, Brattleboro, Vt., who d. N. 25, 1849; (2) Ap. 25, 1854, Frances H., da. of Watress Crosby, Brattleboro, Vt.  Ch. Samuel; Susan Eliza; Charles Stanford; Mary Ellen; James Collins; Clara Frances; Clayton.

329. *Collins, William Oliver.  S. of Oliver and Mary (Chapin), b. Somers, Conn., Aug. 23, 1809.

Prepared Wilbraham Acad.  Studied law with Judge John C. Wright, Judge Timothy Walker, Edward King, and at Cincinnati L. S., 1833-35; admitted to bar, S. 29, 1835; practised Hillsboro, O., 1835-61; Col. 1st Independent Battalion and 11th Regt. O. Vol. Cavalry, 1861-65.  Prosecuting attorney Highland Co., O., 1837-40; president Cincinnati & Hillsboro R. R., 1848-51; member O. Senate, 1860-62; collector Int. Rev., 6th district, O., 1865-68.  D. Hillsboro, O., O. 26, 1880.

Married (1) D. 8, 1835, Henrietta Matilda, da. of Theodore Pease, Hartford, Conn., who d. F. 16, 1843; (2) N. 8, 1843, Catharine Willis, da. of Casper W. Wever, Weverton, Md.  3 ch.

330. *Dickinson, Thomas Harris.  S. of Robert and Mary (Duping), b. Inverness, Nottoway Co., Va., Je. 14, 1812.  M. A. (hon.), Hampden Sidney, 1847.

Prepared with Rev. Amos Converse; Hampden Sidney, Va., 1827-29; A. C., 1829-33.  Studied law William and Mary, 1833-34; in charge cotton plantation Dallas Co., Ala., some yrs.; practised law Richmond, Va., about 4 yrs.; r. in Cal.  D. Jackson, Cal., D. 12, 1851.

331. *Eastman, Lucius Root.  S. of Joseph and Lois (Root), b. Hadley, S. 15, 1809.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1833-36; ordained Sharon, N. 15, 1837; p. there, 1837-40; s. s. Berkley, 1840; Chelsea, 1841; Cornwall, Conn., 1841-42; Provincetown, 1843-45; Pelham, 1845; Pilgrim Soc., Boston, 1845-46; Berkley, 1846-48; p. there, 1848-56; est. Church Needham, 1856; s. s. Troy, N. H., 1859; Neponset, 1860; Hyde Park, 1860-62; Mariner's Ch. Boston, 1862; r. Boston as evangelist, 1862-92.  Author Genealogy of Eastman Family; Guide to God; Guide to the Saviour.  D. Framingham, Mch. 29, 1892.

Married D. 20, 1837, Sarah Ann, da. of Aaron Belden, Amherst.  Ch. Lucius R. (A. C. 1857); 2 da.

332. *Fessenden, Charles Backus Hyde.  S. of William and Martha (Freeman), b. Sandwich, Jy. 17, 1813.

Prepared Sandwich and Amherst Acads.  Studied law, 1833-36; admitted to bar, 1837; practised in Mich., 4 yrs.; in Mass., 10 yrs.; U. S. Collector of Customs New Bedford, 1853-61; Sheriff of Bristol Co., 1863-69; U. S. Assessor of Int. Rev. New Bedford, 1869-73; U. S. Collector of Int. Rev. there, 1873-76; U. S. Deputy Collector of Int. Rev., 1876-84; ed. New Bedford Mercury, 1861-76; r. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890-95.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., Ap. 16, 1895.

Married Je. 21, 1842, Sarah A. H., da. of Joseph S. Fitch, Lima, N. Y.  Ch. Richard; Sarah.

333. *Field, Caleb Clesson.  S. of George and Phila (Holton), b. Northfield, May 27, 1810.  M. A., A. C., 1836; M. D., Dartmouth, 1837.

Prepared New Salem, Chesterfield, N. H., and Amherst Acads.  Taught Concord, 1833-35; studied Med. Coll., Boston, 1835-36, with Dr. James Deane, Greenfield, 1836-37, with Dr. Amos Twitchell, Keene, N. H. and Dartmouth Med. School, 1837; practised Leominster, 1837-81.  Member Mass. Legislature, 1873-75.  D. Leominster, May 6, 1881.

Married (1) May 27, 1839, Hannah Crosby, da. of Timothy Danforth, Amherst, N. H., who d. May 14, 1857; (2) Jan. 7, 1858, Mrs. Annie Sophia Carter, da. of Ephraim Warner, Lunenburg, who d. Jan. 16, 1860; (3) Mch. 28, 1861, Martha, da. of Luke Joslyn, Leominster.  6 ch.

334. *Forbes, Franklin.  S. of Eli and Clarissa (Nichols), b. W. Cambridge (Arlington), Mch. 8, 1811.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Boston Latin School, Amherst Acad. and with Rev. Nathan Perkins, E. Amherst.  Taught Wells Grammar School, Boston, 1833-35; prin. Lowell H. S., 1835-36; E. St. Grammar School, Boston, and later a private school, 1836-42; Lowell H. S., 1842-46; civil engineer Lowell, 1846-50; agent Lancaster Mills, Clinton, 1850-77.  Member Mass. Legislature, 1864-65; president Clinton Savings Bank; held other local offices.  D. Clinton, D. 24, 1877.

Married S. 5, 1837, Martha Ann Stearns, da. of Edmund Cushing, Lunenburg.  10 ch.

335. *Goodhue, James Madison.  S. of Stephen and Clara (Page), b. Hebron, N. H., Mch. 31, 1811.

Prepared private school Hebron, N. H.  Studied law with Mr. Burr, N. Y. City; admitted to bar about 1840; practised Galesburg, Ill., Lancaster and Plattesville, Wis.; ed. Wis. Herald for a time; r. St. Paul, Minn.; est., 1849, Minn. Pioneer.  Col. Regt. of Wis. militia.  D. St. Paul, Minn., Ap. 28, 1852.

Married N. 4, 1844, Henrietta, da. of Asa Kneeland, Plattesville, Wis.  3 ch.

336. *Hadley, James Bryant.  S. of Thomas and Phebe (Bryant), b. Goffstown, N. H., Jan. 8, 1805.

Prepared Andover Acad.  Andover T. S., 1833-37; ordained Union Evangelical Ch. Amesbury and Salisbury, S. 20, 1837; p. there, 1837-48; Standish, Me., 1851-58; Campton, N. H., 1858-63; r. there, 1863-90.  D. Campton, N. H., Aug. 10, 1890.

Married (1) Jan. 10, 1838, Louisa, da. of Eleazer Cowles, No. Amherst, who d. Je. 20, 1868; (2) Mch. 29, 1870, Eliza M., da. of David Page, Warren, Me.

337. *Hall, Chauncey Austin.  S. of Eli and Elizabeth (Treat), b. Blandford, Mch. 14, 1811.  M. D., U. of Penn., 1837.

Prepared with Rev. Timothy Cooley, Granville.  Studied med. with Dr. Flint, Northampton, and at U. of Penn.; practised Northampton, 1837-50; med. supt. Round Hill Water Cure; practised Hartford, Conn., 1850-56; r. Madison, Wis.  D. Madison, Wis., May 8, 1856.

Married D. 12, 1838, Lucy, da. of Joseph Goodhue, Brattleboro, Vt., who d. Je. 3, 1859.  Ch. Joseph Goodhue.  [Seems to be brother of Julius A. (A. C. ex 1848).]

338. *Harrington, Eli Whitney.  S. of Nathaniel and Nancy (Townsend), b. New Braintree, N. 28, 1804.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1833-36; s. s. Lunenburg, 1836-37; ordained there, Ap. 16, 1837; p. there, 1837-47; s. s. Mason, N. H., 1847-50; p. Rochester, N. Y., 1850-59; No. Beverly, 1859-66; w. c. there until 1884; r. Pepperell, 1884-95.  D. Pepperell, F. 23, 1895.

Married (1) May 17, 1837, Maria, da. of Roswell Dickinson, Amherst, who d. Aug. 29, 1838; (2) O. 17, 1839, Nancy, da. of Isaac Stiles, Millbury, who d. Mch. 19, 1882.

339. *Humphrey, Hosea Daton.  S. of Loin and Rhoda (Case), b. Canton, Conn., Aug. 3, 1811.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Taught Greenfield, 1833-35; studied law with Henry Starr, Cincinnati, O., 1835-36; admitted to bar, 1836; practised Crawfordsville, Ind., 1836-38; prof. of Latin, Wabash Coll., Ind., 1838-45.  D. Crawfordsville, Ind., S. 18, 1845.

Married S. 23, 1837, Caroline, da. of George Starr, Warren, Conn.  6 ch.

340. *Mansfield, Daniel.  S. of Andrew and Eunice (Perkins), b. Lynnfield, Aug. 3, 1807.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1833-36; ordained Wenham, Jy. 26, 1837; p. there, 1837-47.  D. Wenham, Ap. 8, 1847.

Married Jy. 23, 1838, Hannah Frye, da. of Ezra Abbott, Andover.  1 s.

341. *Marbury, Francis Ferdinand.  S. of William H. and Eliza (Blacklock), b. Prince George's Co., Md., O. 1, 1815.

Prepared with Benjamin Hallowell, Alexandria, Va.  Studied law Hudson, N. Y., and N. Y. City; admitted to bar, 1840; practised N. Y. City, 1840-95.  Counsel in N. Y. City for British Government, 1875-95; was one of the founders of Bar Assoc. of N. Y. City.  D. N. Y. City, Mch. 8, 1895.

Married May 15, 1843, Elizabeth, da. of William T. McConn, N. Y. City.  5 ch.

342. *Montague, Philetus.  S. of Timothy and Mindwell (Chapin), b. Chicopee, Aug. 29, 1804.

Prepared St. Lawrence (N. Y.) Acad.  Yale T. S., 1833-36; ordained Hull, Lower Canada, Aug. 10, 1836; p. there, 1836-37; s. s. Hopkinton, N. Y., 1837-38; Massena and Raymondville, N. Y., 1839-42; W. Stockholm and Canton, N. Y., 1842-44; p. Pierrepont, N. Y., 1844-61; agent and colporteur Amer. Bible Soc. Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties, N. Y., 1861-69; Bedford, Mich., 1869-72; Comstock, Mich., 1872-77.  D. Comstock, Mich., Mch. 4, 1877.

Married May 9, 1836, Mary Flavia, da. of Solomon Linsley, No. Branford, Conn.  2 ch.

343. *Partridge, George Cotton.  S. of Cotton and Hannah Huntington (Lyman), b. Hatfield, Aug. 27, 1813.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Andover T. S., 1835-36; tutor A. C., 1836-38; ordained Nantucket, N. 21, 1839; p. there, 1839-41; Brimfield, 1842-48; 2nd Cong. Ch. Greenfield, 1848-54; Batavia, Ill., 1854-60; w. c. there, 1860-66; U. S. Collector of Int. Rev., 1866-67; insurance business, 1867-84.  D. Batavia, Ill., N. 8, 1893.

Married Je. 9, 1840, Sophia H., da. of Rev. Evan Johns, Canandaigua, N. Y.  3 ch.

344. *Payson, Albert Lemuel.  S. of Lemuel and Joanna (Newhall), b. Salem, O. 22, 1805.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Agent Amer. S. S. Union in Mich. and Ind., 1836-41; ordained as Presb., 1837; with Amer. S. S. Union Utica, N. Y., some yrs.; home miss'y of A. H. M. S. in the West until 1872; in business in the East; summer of 1878, with Me. Miss'y Soc.; a. p. Albany, Me., 1879; r. Salem and No. Beverly.  D. No. Beverly, F. 15, 1893.

Married Jy. 1839, Clarissa O., da. of Ashur Saxton, Lockport, N. Y., who d. Ap. 19, 1872.  Ch. Mary; Edward; Clara; William.

345. *Pray, Isaac Clark.  S. of Isaac and Martha (Haggens), b. Boston, May 15, 1813.  M. A., A. C., 1836.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared with Mr. Dwight, New Haven, Conn. and at Boston Latin School; Harvard, 1829-31; A. C., 1831-33.  Ed. The Hartford Bouquet, 1833; moved it to Boston and changed name to The Boston Pearl; merged it with Boston Galaxy under name of Boston Pearl and Galaxy, 1836; ed. also Boston Herald and Boston Signal; associate ed. Sun, N. Y. City, 1839-40; travelled in Europe, 1840-47, and was connected with London journals; with N. Y. Herald and later ed. Philadelphia Inquirer.  Author several biographies, dramas and poems.  D. N. Y. City, N. 28, 1869.

Married S. 16, 1834, Sarah H., da. of Andrew Henry, So. Hadley.  2 da.

346. *Reid, William Shields.  S. of Rev. Dr. William S., b. Lynchburg, Va., 1814.  M. A., Hampden Sidney, 1839.

Hampden Sidney Coll., 1829-31; A. C., 1831-33.  Prin. H. S. Lynchburg, Va., 1833-61; Priv. Beauregard Battery, C. S. A., 1861-62.  Mortally wounded at battle of Malvern Hill.  D. hospital at Richmond, Va., 1862.

347. *Smith, Martin.  S. of Arad and Salome (Elmore), b. Addison, Vt., Ap. 6, 1806.

Prepared Potsdam (N. Y.) Acad.  Taught Port William, Ky., and studied theology with Rev. Mr. Monteith there.  D. Port William, Ky., O. 15, 1836.

348. *Stearns, Timothy.  S. of Timothy and Sarah (Lane), b. Billerica, Jan. 23, 1810.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Taught Female Sem. Chillicothe, O., 1833-34; Andover T. S., 1834-37; s. s. Athens, O., 1837-38; ordained Worthington, O., Jy. 2, 1839; p. there, 1838-41; s. s. Kingston, O., 1842-43; p. there, 1843-55; s. s. Mt. Pleasant, Ia., 1855-58; w. c., 1858-61.  Prin. Presb. Acad. Kingston, O., 3 yrs.  D. Fort Madison, Ia., Jy. 19, 1861.

Married D. 13, 1837, Catharine G., da. of Isaac Taylor, Athens, O.  2 ch.

349. *Stockwell, Amos Wright.  S. of Amos and Lucy (Blanchard), b. Sutton, Je. 10, 1809.

Prepared with Joseph Hall, Sutton.  Studied law with Judge Barton, Worcester and at Harvard L. S.; admitted to bar, 1836; practised Worcester, 1836-40; Chicopee, 1840-53.  Postmaster Chicopee, 1842-48; Commissioner of Insolvency of Hampden Co., 1849-53; Trial Justice Chicopee, several yrs.  D. Chicopee, Mch. 10, 1853.

Married O. 4, 1836, Susan Le Baron, da. of Jacob March, Sutton.  3 ch.  [Seems to be brother of Thomas B. (A. C. 1828).]

350. *Stuart, William Zephaniah.  S. of Dr. James and Nancy (Allison), b. Dedham, D. 25, 1811.  LL. D., A. C., 1868.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Prin. Mayville (N. Y.) Acad. and studied law with Judge Birdsell there, 1833-35; with Dixon and Smith and Judge Osborne; Westfield, N. Y., 1835-36; admitted to bar there, 1836; practised Logansport, Ind., 1836-76.  Prosecuting attorney Cass Co., Ind., 1843-45; member Ind. Legislature, 1851-53; Judge of Supreme Court of Ind., 1852-57; attorney and counsellor Toledo, Wabash & Western R. R., 1855-76.  D. Clifton Springs, N. Y., May 7, 1876.

Married (1) S. 20, 1838, Minerva H., da. of Judge Potter, Westfield, N. Y., who d. Jy. 29, 1846; (2) Je. 13, 1849, Sarah, da. of Lewis Benedict, Verona, N. Y.  7 ch.  Charles B. (A. C. 1873); Thomas A. (A. C. 1874); William V. (A. C. 1880); William Z. (A. C. 1883).

351. *Symonds, Stephen.  S. of Stephen and Lucy (Kimball), b. Boxford, Je. 21, 1808.  M. A., A. C., 1837.

Prepared Boxford Acad.; A. C., 1830-33.  Studied law Hudson, N. Y., 1833-36; admitted to bar Albany, N. Y., 1836; practised N. Y. City, 1836-38.  D. Boxford, N. 14, 1838.

352. *Tappan, Samuel Salisbury.  S. of John and Sarah (Salisbury), b. Boston, S. 2, 1809.  M. A., A. C., 1838.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1834-35; ordained Frankfort (Westport), Me., N. 11, 1835; p. there, 1835-42; Bridgewater, 1842-45; Vineyard Haven, 1845-48; Conway, N. H., 1848-52; w. c. Providence, R. I., 1852-72; Boston, Worcester, Halifax, N. S., Philadelphia, Penn.  D. Philadelphia, Penn., N. 26, 1890.

Married (1) N. 4, 1835, Eveline L., da. of Jesse Stearns, New Ipswich, N. H., who d. Mch., 1851; (2) Jan. 14, 1852, Hannah, da of Rev. Sylvester Dana, Concord, N. H., who d. Mch., 1855; (3) Ap. 3, 1857, Eleanor, da. of John Butler, Canada East, who d. Ap., 1872.  5 ch.  [Seems to be brother of Lewis W. (A. C. 1834).]

353. *Thomas, Enoch.  S. of David and Melicent (Saven), b. St. George's, Del., D. 31, 1805.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Asst. teacher Female Sem. Newark, Del., 1833-34; Princeton T. S., 1834-35; home miss'y Rockingham Co., Va., 1835-37; ordained as Presb. evangelist, Je. 17, 1837; s. s. Union, Port Republic and Shiloh, Va., 1837-38; p. and prin. acad. Shemariah, Augusta Co., Va., 1838-43; miss'y Randolph and adjacent counties, 1843-61; p. and teacher Craigsville, Va., 1861-79.  D. Craigsville, Va., Jan. 25, 1879.

Married Je. 24, 1841, Janetta Ann, da. of Samuel L. Ramsey, Augusta Co., Va.  9 ch.

354. *Tuttle, Anson Yale.  S. of Isaiah and Sarah (Yale), b. Barkhamstead, Conn., Je. 24, 1802.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1833-35; s. s. Otis, 1833; Hartford T. S., 1835-36; ordained Rootstown, O., D. 2. 1840; p. there, 1840-45; s. s. Charlestown, O., 1845-47; Palmyra, O., 1847-51; Edinburg, O., 1852-53; Troy, O., 1853; farmer Edinburg, O., 1853-86.  D. Edinburg, O., May 26, 1886.

Married (1) F. 18, 1842, Annette, da. of Joel Dorman, Charlestown, O., who d. F. 28, 1866; (2) May 21, 1868, Mrs. Emily Woods, da. of Moses Thompson, Hudson, O.  9 ch.

355. *White, John Flavel.  S. of Ambrose and Peggy (Perkins), b. Snow Hill, Worcester Co., Md., D. 3, 1813.  M. D., U. of Penn., 1837.

Prepared with Mr. Hindman, Philadelphia, Penn.; U. of Penn., 1829-30; A. C., 1830-33.  Studied med U. of Penn. and with Prof. Hugh L. Hodger, 1833-37; practised med. Philadelphia, Penn., 1837-43; Columbus, Ga., 1843-45; Cincinnati, O., 1845-81.  Surgeon in charge Military Hospital, Covington, Ky., and Cincinnati, O., during Civil War, also Surgeon 2nd Ky. Inf.  Prof. Miami Med. Coll. Cincinnati, O., 1854-60.  D. Cincinnati, O., May 3, 1881.

Married (1) N. 5, 1833, Caroline, da. of Joseph Peace, Philadelphia, Penn., who d. Jan. 13, 1843; (2) Mch. 18, 1845, Harriet, da. of David Wade, Cincinnati, O.  4 ch.  [Seems to be brother of James W. (A. C. 1834).]


*Abbott, Josiah.  S. of Josiah, b. Framingham, May 22, 1811.  A. C., 1829-31; grad. Yale, 1835.  Practised med. Marlboro; Rindge, N. H.
*Baldwin, Moses Harrison.  B. Palmer, Jan. 7, 1811.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1850.  A. C., 1829-30.  Merchant N. Y.  D. Pawtucket, R. I., Jan. 23, 1862.
*Belden, Rufus.  S. of Aaron, b. Whately, Jan. 26, 1809.  M. D., A. C., 1829-30.  Grad. Pittsfield Med. Institute; practised med. N. Y. City, Brooklyn, N. Y., Amherst.  D. Amherst, Ap. 29, 1870.
*Briggs, James C.  S. of Dr. Calvin, b. Marblehead, Jan. 8, 1814.  A. C., 1829-31.  Practised med. Marblehead.  D. Marblehead, D. 18, 1856.  Bro. William M. (A. C. 1849).
*Bulkley, John.  S. of Chester, b. about 1814.  A. C., 1830-32.  D. while a student A. C.
*Campbell, Amasa Brainard.  S. of James, b. Litchfield, N. Y., S. 29, 1808.  A. C., 1829; grad. Yale, 1833.  Taught in Ill. and Mo.
*Carpenter, James Sumner.  S. of William, b. Swanzey, N. H., Aug. 17, 1805.  A. C., 1829-30.  Practised law Akron and Medina, O.
*Chandler, Samuel.  S. of H., b. about 1812.  A. C., 1829-30; grad. Hamilton, 1833.  Agent U. S. Express Co.  D. Hillsdale, Mich., Ap. 6, 1871.
*Devens, David Stearns.  S. of David and Abigail (Adams), b. Charlestown, F. 20, 1810.  A. C., 1829-32; Harvard, 1832-33.  P. in Conn.; practised med. Lake Village, N. H.  D. Lake Village, N. H., Aug. 30, 1858.
*Dodge, James Madison.  S. of William B., b. Salem, Aug. 5, 1812.  A. C., 1829-31; grad. Dartmouth, 1833.  Taught Portland, Me., 1835-44; farmer Milburn, Lake Co., Ill.
*Dyer, Ebenezer Porter.  S. of Christopher, b. Abington, Aug. 15, 1813.  A. C., 1829-30; grad. Brown, 1833.  Andover T. S., 1839; ordained S. 25, 1839; p. Stow, 1839-46; s. s. Boston, 1846-47; Hingham, 1847-63; Somerville, 1864-67; Shrewsbury and Hanover, 1867-.  Pub. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in verse, also several books and memoirs.  D. So. Abington, Aug. 22, 1882.  Ch. Ebenezer P. (A. C. 1861).
*Eastman, John Calvin.  S. of Rev. Jacob W., b. Sandwich, N. H., Mch, 17, 1813.  A. C., 1829-30.  P. Washington, C. H., O., 1834-39; Crawfordsville, Ind., 1840-50; Hanover, Ind., 1850-55.  D. Hanover, Ind., Jy. 22, 1855.
*Fessenden, Thomas Kendall.  S. of Joseph, b. Brattleboro, Vt., S. 10, 1813.  A. C., 1829; grad. Williams, 1833.  Yale T. S., 1837; p. Norwich, Conn.; Homer, N. Y.; Ellington, Conn.
*Grosvenor, Lemuel.  S. of Lemuel P., b. Boston, Ap. 27, 1814.  A. C., 1829-30; grad. Middlebury, 1835.  Practised law in Tex.; grad. Andover T. S., 1843; ordained, 1845; p. Presb. Ch. Rock Hill, Mo., 1845-46; Cong. miss'y to seamen, Havana; s. s. Jerseyville, Ill., 1851-55; So. Woodstock, Conn., 1855-60.  D. London, Eng., Aug. 8, 1870.
*Holbrook, Ichabod.  Registered from Dorchester.  A. C., 1829.
*Jackson, Christopher Columbus.  Registered from N. Y. City.  S. of Luther, b. about 1815.  A. C., 1830-31.
*Janes, Frederick.  S. of Xenophon and Sally (Patrick), b. Northfield, May 6, 1808.  Prepared Hadley and Amherst Acads.; Yale, 1829-31; A. C., 1831-33.  Taught 1833-36; ordained as evangelist N. Y. City, N. 8, 1837; p. No. Walton, N. Y., 1837-38; Colchester, 1838-40; Bernardston, 1840-43; Pelham, 1844-45; agent Amer. Prot. Soc., 1845-48; prin. Female Sem. Albion, N. Y., 1848-49; w. c. N. Y. City; ed. Christian Parlor Magazine; studied med. and practised, 1850-66; p. Washington, 1867; Dana, 1868-70; Carver, 1870-72; Willington, Conn., 1872-75; Salisbury, Vt., 1876-78; w. c. Philadelphia, Penn., 1879-87; N. Y. and Willington, Conn.  D. Aug. 27, 1890.
*Lewis, Daniel Smith.  S. of Nathaniel, b. Falmouth, Ap. 21, 1811.  A. C., 1829-30; grad. N. Y. U.  Rector Prot. Episcopal Ch.
*Mead, Jeremiah.  S. of Rev. Samuel, b. W. Amesbury, S. 9, 1812.  A. C., 1830-31; Yale, 1831-32.  D. Woburn, F. 15, 1832.
*Porter, Joshua.  S. of Joshua, b. about 1809.  Registered from Hamilton.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1872.  A. C., 1830-31.  Grad. Bowdoin Med. Coll., 1834.  D. 1874.
*Royall, William R.  B. about 1812.  Registered from Lynchburg, Va.  A. C., 1829.
*Smith, Alvin.  B. Palmer, May 23, 1808.  A. C., 1829-30.  Grad. Harvard Med. Coll., 1837; practised Monson, 41 yrs.
*Sophocles, Evangelinus Apostolides.  B. Thessaly, Greece, 1807.  M. A., Yale, 1837; Harvard, 1847; LL. D., Western R., 1862; Harvard, 1868.  Prepared Monson Acad.; A. C., 1829-30.  Taught Amherst, Hartford and New Haven, Conn.; tutor in Greek, Harvard, 1842-45, 1847-59; asst. prof. in Greek, 1859-60; prof. Ancient Byzantine and Modern Greek, 1860-79.  Author Greek Grammar, 11 editions; Greek Exercises; Romaic or Modern Greek Grammar, and several other Greek textbooks.  D. Cambridge, D. 17, 1883.
*Stearns, Edward Josiah.  S. of Elijah, b. about 1810.  Registered from Bedford.  A. C., 1830; grad. Harvard, 1833.  Andover T. S., 1839; ordained deacon and priest Prot. Episcopal Ch.; prof. modern languages St. John's Coll., Md.
*Stone, Alvan.  S. of Ambrose, b. Goshen, Aug. 15, 1807.  Prepared Sanderson Acad., Ashfield; A. C., 1829-31.  Taught in Ill.  D. Alton, Ill., F. 13, 1833.
*Trotter, John H.  S. of John, b. about 1813.  Registered from Albany, N. Y.  A. C., 1830; grad. Union, 1833.  Practised med. Albany, N. Y.  D. 1861.
*Wiggin, Benjamin.  B. about 1812.  Registered from Bangor, Me.  A. C., 1829; grad. Union, 1832.  Studied law with Judge Story, Cambridge; admitted to bar Bangor, Me., 1834; U. S. Collector District of Belfast, Me.; U. S. Commissioner reciprocity treaty with Great Britain; Executive Councillor in Me.; special agent U. S. Treasury.
*Williamson, William Foster.  S. of William D., b. Bangor, Me., 1813.  A. C., 1829-30; Bowdoin, 1830-33.  D. 1833.
*Woods, Daniel Bates.  S. of Dr. Leonard, b. Andover, S. 20, 1809.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1829-32; grad. Union, 1833.  Union T. S., 1834-37; ordained Andover, S. 19, 1839; p. Springwater, N. Y., 1839-41; taught young ladies' schools in Va., 1841-44; Philadelphia, Penn., 1844-49; Cincinnati, O., 1852-55; St. Louis, Mo., few yrs.  D. St. Louis, Mo., May 30, 1892.

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