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Amherst College Class of 1849
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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888. *Armstrong, Cheney.  S. of Hiel and Elizabeth (Dow), b. Franklin, Conn., Aug., 1826.

Prepared with Mr. Bissell, Twinsburg, O.; A. C., 1848-49.  Studied law Boston.  D. Franklin, Conn., F. 14, 1850.

889. *Belknap, Isaac Brown.  S. of Isaac and Miranda (Brown), b. Seekonk, Mch. 25, 1829.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared select school, Seekonk; A. C., 1846-49.  Made a voyage to Cal.  D. Proses Bar, Cal., Aug. 24, 1850.

890. *Briggs, William Merrick.  S. of Calvin and Rebecca (Monroe), b. Marblehead, O. 17, 1828.

Prepared Marblehead Acad.; Middlebury, 1844-45, 1846-47; A. C., 1847-49.  Taught in southern Va., 1849-50; art student Salem; studied and taught modern languages; taught Savannah, Ga., 1855; r. Boston, 1856-62; Sec. of Legation under Gen. Webb, U. S. Minister to Brazil, residing at Rio Janeiro, 1863-65; teacher and miss'y Malaga and Marbella, Spain, 1871-76; journalist No. Adams; teacher, writer and miss'y N. Y. City, 1877-89; taught Guadalajara, Mex., 1889-97.  D. Guadalajara, Mex., Aug. 24, 1897.  Bro. James C. (A. C. ex 1833).

891. *Buck, Augustus Howe.  S. of Elisha and Sibyl (Kinney), b. No. Killingly (Putnam), Conn., D. 9, 1825.  M. A., A. C., 1875.

Prepared Quaboag Sem., Warren; A. C., 1845-46; B. A., 1853.  Prin. Hopkins Acad., Hadley, 1852-53; Roxbury Latin School, 1853-67; taught Amherst H. S., 1869-70; master Boston Latin School, 1870-73; prof. of Greek, Boston U., 1874-1902; prof. emeritus, 1902-17; r. Wellesley, Natick and Newton, 1902-07; in Germany, 1907-17.  Conducted first class exercise held in Coll. of Liberal Arts, Boston U.; gave $25,000 to endowment and presented to Coll. of Liberal Arts library of 1100 volumes from his private collection, 1903; Augustus Howe Buck scholarship fund of $100,000 in Boston U. given by unknown donor.  D. Rostock, Germany, Ap. 15, 1917.

Married (1) Jan. 1, 1852, Chloe, da. of Edward D. Perry, Woodstock, Conn., who d. Ap. 17, 1863; (2) Jan. 3, 1865, Louisa, da. of August Mehlbach, Bart, Prussia.  3 ch.

892. *Clapp, Edwin.  S. of Ebenezer and Lucy (Lee), b. Chesterfield, N. 17, 1829.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.; B. A., 1852.  Prin. W. Nottingham Acad., Cecil Co., Md., 1849-52; taught in Ill., 3 mos.; studied med. with Dr. Sylvanus Clapp, Pawtucket, R. I.; prin. Milton Acad., 1853-65; studied law; admitted to bar, Pawtucket, R. I., Je. 1, 1869; practised, 1869-71; judge of Police Court, 1871-74.  D. Pawtucket, R. I., Aug. 15, 1878.

Married O. 22, 1855, Isabella, da. of Samuel Rowland, Rowlandville, Md.  2 ch.

893. *Emerson, John Milton.  S. of Joseph and Sarah E. (Cheney), b. Heath, Je. 29, 1826.  M. A., A. C., 1852.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Tutor A. C., 1851-53; studied law with I. F. Conkey, Amherst and A. B. Ely, Boston, 1853-54; admitted to bar, 1854; practised Amherst, 1854-56; N. Y. City, 1856-59.  D. Westchester, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1869.

894. *Ferguson, George Reid.  S. of Rev. John and Margaret (Eddy), b. Attleboro, Mch. 19, 1829.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1846-49.  Civil engineer, 1849-58; resident student Andover T. S., 1858-59; ordained Poughkeepsie, N. Y., S. 5, 1860; s. s. North East Centre, N. Y., 1859-74; Torringford, Conn., 1874-77; in charge mission training school, Wellington, Cape Colony, So. Africa, 1877-96.  D. Wellington, So. Africa, Je. 19, 1896.

Married Jan. 26, 1864, Susan A., da. of Rev. M. G. Pratt, Andover.  4 s., 2 da.  Bro. William E. (A. C. ex 1847).

895. *French, Theodore Francis.  S. of Theodore Francis and Mary (Field), b. Troy, N. Y., D. 14, 1828.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem. and Amherst Acad.  Became insane in senior yr.  D. Northampton, S. 21, 1865.

896. *Goodnow, Augustus Warren.  S. of Holland and Priscilla (Mann), b. New Salem, Mch. 25, 1824.

Prepared New Salem Acad.; A. C., 1844-48; attended and grad. from Colgate, 1848-49; B. A., 1851.  Studied theology privately; ordained Royalston, F. 25, 1852; p. there, 1851-53; Stamford, Vt., 1854-60; Wilmington, Vt., 1860-76; s. s. No. Sunderland, 1876; Bernardston, 1877-78; p. Shutesbury, 1878-87; Halifax, Vt., 1887-92; est. and supt. school for girls Wellesley, 1892-1909.  D. Wellesley, F. 18, 1909.

Married (1) Aug. 26, 1851, Susan A., da. of Stephen White, Colerain, who d. Mch. 19, 1873; (2) N. 3, 1874, Sarah G., da. of Jason W. Rice, Shelburne Falls.  2 s., 4 da.

897. *Hammond, William Gardiner.  S. of William G. and Sarah T. (Bull), b. Newport, R. I., May 3, 1829.  M. A., A. C., 1852; LL. D., Ia. Coll., 1870; A. C., 1877.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared with Rev. Thatcher Thayer, Newport, R. I.; A. C., 1846-49.  Studied law with Samuel E. Johnson, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1849-51; practised N. Y. City, 1851-56; studied Heidelberg, 1 yr.; practised Newport, R. I., 1859; civil [engineer] of railroads in Ia., 1860-61; prof. of languages Lenox Coll., Hopkinton, Ia., 1861-63; practised law Anamosa and Des Moines, Ia., 1863-68; Chancellor of Law Dept., Ia. State U., 1868-81; dean of Law School, Washington U., St. Louis, Mo., 1881-94.  Lectured on history of common law, Boston U. Law School, 1882-83, 1887-88; Mich. U. Law School, 1887-90, 1891-93; Ia. U. Law School, 1890-94.  Originator and ed. of The Western Jurist, 1867-70; member of commission to revise and codify statutes of state of Ia., 1870-72.  Author A Digest of Ia. Reports, and other legal books and articles.  D. St. Louis, Mo., Ap. 12, 1894.

Married (1) May 26, 1852, Lydia B., da. of Joseph W. Torrey, Detroit, Mich.; (2) May 3, 1865, Juliet M., da. of Rev. William L. Roberts, Hopkinton, Ia.  2 ch.  Bro. Henry B. (A. C. ex 1851).

898. *Hartwell, Charles.  S. of Samuel and Polly (Hagar), b. Lincoln, D. 19, 1825.  M. A., A. C., 1852.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Westford Acad.  Taught W. Killingly, Conn., 1849; Hartford T. S., 1850-52; ordained Lincoln, O. 13, 1852; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Foochow, China, 1853-1905; visited U. S., 1865-67, 1877-78, 1890-91.  Tr. one-fourth of New Testament into Foochow colloquial dialect; prepared various tracts and books for publication in that dialect and in the written classical Chinese language.  D. Foochow, Jan. 30, 1905.

Married (1) S. 6, 1852, Lucy E., da. of Warren Stearns, New Ipswich, N. H., who d. Jy. 10, 1883; (2) N. 5, 1885, Mrs. Hannah L. Peet, da. of Ziba Plimpton, Sturbridge.  2 s., 5 da.  Charles S. (A. C. 1877).  Bro. John (A. C. 1855).

899. *Hatch, Junius Loring.  S. of Roger Conant and Hannah (Fay), b. Hopkinton, N. H., May 1, 1825.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H.  Taught Somers, Conn., 1849; Union T. S., 1849-50; taught Northampton, 1850; Yale T. S., 1850-51; ordained Gloucester, Jan. 26, 1854; p. there, 1854-56; Brooklyn, N. Y., 1 yr.; Hingham, 1856-58; advertising agent N. Y. City, 1858-59 and taught there and Brooklyn, N. Y.; a. p. Concord, N. H., Dighton, Mansfield and Westboro, 1860-65; agent Hope Life Insurance Co., N. Y. City, 1869-70; agent The Radical, 1870-71; ed. Golden Rule, Boston, 1872; taught Santa Clara, Cal., 1874-76; prin. Colma (Cal.) H. S., 1876-80; clerk Custom House, San Francisco, Cal., 1880-90; commissioner of immigration, 1890-94; ed. religious press column of San Francisco Chronicle; r. San José and Oakland, Cal.  D. Fruitvale, Cal., Jan. 26, 1903.

Married O., 1856, Lucy W., da. of Addison Plummer, Gloucester, who d. O. 21, 1876.  4 ch.

900. *Herrick, Herbert Pierre.  S. of Jonas and Melinda (Whipple), b. McDonough, N. Y., D. 6, 1827.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Oxford (N. Y.) Acad.; A. C., 1847-49.  Auburn T. S., 1850-53; ordained N. Y. City, D., 1853; miss'y W. Africa, 1853-57.  D. Nengenenge, W. Africa, D. 20, 1857.

Married N. 1, 1853, Julia, da. of Leonard Bushnell, Granville, O.

901. *Hitchcock, Edward.  S. of Edward (President A. C., 1845-54) and Orra (White), b. Amherst, May 23, 1828.  M. A., A. C., 1852; M. D., Harvard, 1853; LL. D., A. C., 1899.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem. and Amherst Acad.  Harvard Med. School, 1850-53; taught chemistry and natural history, Williston Sem., 1850-52, 1853-60; studied as private pupil of Sir Richard Owen, London, Eng., 1860-61; prof. of hygiene and physical education A. C., 1861-1911; dean of the faculty, A. C., 1898-1910.  One of the founders of Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Physical Education, 1885; president for its first 3 yrs. and member of its National Council for 10 more; made honorary member of the society, 1905; trustee Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1869-1911; Clark Institute, Northampton and Williston Sem., 1891-1911; Northampton Insane Hospital, 1864-79; member State Bd. of Health, Lunacy and Charity, 1879-1906.  Author Anatomy and Physiology and numerous pamphlets.  D. Amherst, F. 15, 1911.

Married N. 30, 1853, Mary L., da. of David Judson, Stratford, Conn.  10 ch.  Edward (A. C. 1878); John S. (A. C. 1889).  Bro. Charles H. (A. C. 1856).  (Portrait in possession of A. C.)

902. *Howe, Elijah.  S. of Elijah and Prudence (Clarke), b. Dedham, S. 27, 1828.  M. A., A. C., 1852.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Dedham and Phillips Acad., Andover.  Taught So. Hadley H. S., 1 yr.; E. Douglas H. S., 2 yrs.; Wilbraham Acad., 1 yr.; Andover T. S., 1 yr.; bookkeeper Shoe and Leather Bank, Boston, 1854-64; N. E. agent Park Bros. & Co., Black Diamond Steel Works, Pittsburgh, Penn., 1864-75; sec. Dedham Mutual Fire Insurance Co., 1880-98; also sec. Norfolk Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Dedham, 1885-98.  D. Dedham, May 7, 1898.

Married Jan. 4, 1857, Julia A., da. of Oliver Hunt, E. Douglas.  Ch. Oliver; Francis; Walter C. (A. C. 1894).

903. *Hudson, Henry Sumner.  S. of Joseph and Rachel (Eddy), b. Oxford, May 13, 1825.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Studied law Worcester; admitted to bar, 1852; practised Worcester, 1852-55; Chicago, Ill., 1855-62; Oswego, Ill., 1862-65; admitted to practise in U. S. Courts, 1857; judge Kendall Co. (Ill.) Court, 1865-1902; practised Chicago and Kendall Co., Ill.  D. Yorkville, Ill., Jan. 12, 1912.

Married N. 25, 1857, Hannah E., da. of Rev. Moses Dayhuff, Fremont, O.  1 s., 1 da.

904. *Kendall, Sylvanus Cobb.  S. of Charleville and Jane (Safford), b. Searsmont, Me., N. 23, 1824.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared China (Me.) Acad.; Colby, 1845-46; A. C., 1847-49; B. A., 1869.  Andover T. S., 1849-52; ordained Webster, Mch. 29, 1854; p. there, 1854-57; Milford, N. H., 1857-60; Webster, 1860-68; Milford, 1868-72; a. p. Holbrook, 1872-73; w. c. Lancaster, 1874-76; a. p. Williamsburg, 1876-78; Leominster, 1878-79; p. Ellington, Conn., 1881-86; Dudley, 1887-89; w. c. Holliston, 1889-90; Bradford, 1890-92; Townsend, 1892-95.  D. Townsend, O. 12, 1895.

Married O. 19, 1854, Betsey P., da. of Benjamin Greenleaf, Bradford.  2 s., 1 da.

905. *Kimball, James Parker.  S. of James and Emily (Parker), b. Townshend, Vt., D. 29, 1828.  M. A., A. C., 1852.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Gilmanton (N. H.) Acad.  Taught and studied law Ware, 1849-51; Andover T. S., 1851-54; s. s. Keokuk, Ia., 1855-57; ordained there, May 13, 1857; p. there, 1857-59; 1st Ch. Falmouth, 1860-70; Haydenville, 1870-76; sec. Amer. Tract Soc. for N. E., Jamaica Plain, 1876-80; w. c. Amherst, 1881-82.  D. Amherst, May 2, 1882.

Married (1) Jy. 29, 1858, Mary Barton, da. of Eli Dickinson, Granby, who d. Jan. 10, 1873; (2) Ap. 15, 1874, Jennie, da. of John C. King, Suffield, Conn.  7 ch.  William S. (A. C. 1885); Daniel P. (A. C. ex 1889).  Bro. William B. (A. C. 1856).

906. *Lester, William Havens.  S. of Richard and Sarah F. (Havens), b. Bridgehampton, N. Y., D. 4, 1825.  M. A., A. C., 1852; D. D., Washington and Jefferson Coll., 1888.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Southampton (N. Y.) Acad.  Prin Southampton (N. Y.) Acad., 1849-51; Princeton T. S., 1851-54; ordained Washington, Penn., O. 9, 1854; p. W. Alexander, Penn., 1854-1900; p. emeritus, 1900-12.  D. W. Alexander, Penn., N. 22, 1912.

Married Aug. 31, 1854, Julia E., da. of Thomas B. Hand, Bridgehampton, N. Y., who d. Jan. 30, 1898.  Ch. William H. (A. C. 1878); Nathaniel T., Esther.

[See a biography of Lester in the Beers Biographical Record On-line.]

907. *Lobdell, Henry.  S. of Henry C. and Almina M., b. Danbury, Conn., Jan. 25, 1827.  M. D., Yale, 1850.  Psi Upsilon.

Taught and studied med. before entering college.  Yale Med. School, 1849-50; also studied theology with Prof. Gibbs and Dr. Taylor; Auburn T. S., 1850; prin. Danbury (Conn.) Institute, 1850-51; Andover T. S., 1851; ordained Brooklyn, N. Y., O. 12, 1851; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Mosul, 1852-55.  Tr. Felicè's History of Protestants of France.  See Memoir, by William S. Tyler.  D. Mosul, Mch. 25, 1855.

Married Ap. 9, 1850, Lucy Williams, Ridgefield, Conn.  2 ch.  Bro. Francis A. (A. C. 1858).

908. *Locke, Calvin Stoughton.  S. of Amos Jewett and Clementina (Stoughton), b. Acworth, N. H., O. 12, 1829.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H. and Williston Sem.  Cambridge D. S. 1851-54; ordained W. Dedham, D. 6, 1854; p. there, 1854-63; taught private school there, 1863-68; s. s. Dover, 1868-80.  D. Westwood, Mch. 12, 1915.

Married Je. 5, 1855, Anne, da. of Jairus Lincoln, Northboro.  Ch. Mary S.; William W.; Harriet P. R.; Henry L.

909. *Lothrop, Charles Dexter.  S. of Cyrus and Abigail W. (Seabury), b. Taunton, Ap. 16, 1828.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Bristol Acad., Taunton.  Andover T. S., 1850-53; s. s. Sterling, 1853-54; ordained E. Attleboro, D. 14, 1854; p. there, 1854-56; s. s. South Cong. Ch. Brockton, 1857; Globe Village, Southbridge, 1857; Raynham, 1857-58; 1st Ch. Berkeley, 1858-60; Somerset, 1860-61; w. c. Norton, 1861-65; Amherst, 1865-75; Salem; Dorchester, 1893-1904; Los Angeles, Cal., 1904-09.  D. Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 3, 1909.

Married (1) Anna C., da. of Charles Gilman, Epping, N. H., who d. O. 30, 1864; (2) Aug. 1, 1865, Mrs. Mary G. Underhill, da. of Israel Ward, Salem, who d. May 6, 1906.  5 ch.

910. *Palmer, William Randall.  S. of William Pendleton and Fanny (Crary), b. Griswold, Conn., Jan. 15, 1822.  M. A., A. C., 1852.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Hartford T. S., 1849-52; ordained Chicopee, S. 16, 1852; agent Amer. Tract Soc. for Ind., 1852-53; a. p. and p. Centre Presb. Ch. Crawfordsville, Ind., 1853-57; s. s. Danville, Ill., 1857-61; 2nd Presb. Ch. Fort Wayne, Ind., 1861-63; Attica, Ind., 1863-65; w. c. Chicopee, 1865-80.  D. Chicopee, F. 19, 1880.

Married S. 16, 1852, Clara Elizabeth, da. of Levi C. Skeele, Chicopee.  Ch. William K.; Charles S. (A. C. 1879); Francis L. (A. C. 1885); Clara.  Bro. Charles Y. (A. C. ex 1851).

911. *Peck, Henry North.  S. of William Kellogg and Naomi (North), b. Harwinton, Conn., Mch. 23, 1822.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Hartford (Conn.) Grammar School.  Auburn T. S., 1849-52; ordained Paris Hill, N. Y., S. 28, 1852; p. Batavia, N. Y.; Kalamazoo, Mich., 1852-53; Fort St. Cong. Ch., Detroit, Mich., 1853-54.  D. Detroit, Mich., Mch. 8, 1854.

Married 1853, Ada Porter, New Hartford, N. Y.  Ch. Henry P. (A. C. 1878).

912. *Poland, Joseph Dexter.  S. of Joseph and Sarah (Smith), b. No. Brookfield, S. 14, 1828.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Warren Acad.  Andover T. S., 1849-52; licensed to preach, Ap. 13, 1852, but never ordained; supplied in Boston and vicinity, 7 mos.  D. No. Brookfield, Aug. 1, 1853.

Married Jan. 22, 1852, Lucy, da. of Jesse Allen, Oakham.

913. *Rolfe, William James.  S. of John and Lydia D. (Moulton), b. Newburyport, D. 10, 1827.  M. A., A. C., 1865; Harvard, 1859; Litt. D., A. C., 1887.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Lowell H. S.; A. C., 1845-48; B. A., 1871.  Taught Kirkwood (Md.) Acad., 1848; prin. Day's Acad., Wrentham, 1848-52; master Dorchester H. S., 1852-57; Lawrence H. S., 1857-61; prin. Salem H. S., 1861-62; master Cambridge H. S., 1862-68; ed. The Boston Journal of Chemistry and author, 1868-1910.  President Martha's Vineyard Summer Institute, 1882-88; instructor summer session, State U. of Ill. and other summer schools; president Emerson School of Oratory, 1903-08; lecturer there, 1908-10; one of editors of Popular Science News, 1869-1903.  Author Life of Shakespeare; Shakespeare, the Boy; Shakespeare Proverbs; and other works in English, history and physics, also ed. nearly all of Shakespeare's plays, and many of the English poets; contributed to many periodicals.  D. Oak Bluffs, Jy. 7, 1910.

Married Jy. 30, 1856, Eliza, da. of Joseph Carew, Mattapan, who d. Mch. 19, 1900.  Ch. John C.; George W.; Charles J.  (Portrait in possession of A. C.)

914. *Root, Martin Nelson.  S. of Martin and Jerusha (Barbour), b. So. Byfield, D. 14, 1829.  M. D., Harvard, 1852.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Dummer Acad., Byfield; A. C., 1847-49.  Castleton (Vt.) and Harvard Med. Schools, 1849-52; practised Francestown, N. H., 1852-53; taught McGaw Normal Institute, Reed's Ferry, N. H.; Francestown (N. H.) Acad.; Brattleboro, Vt.; New Ipswich, N. H., 1854-64; Andover T. S., 1862-63; licensed to preach; a. p. Greenville, N. H., 1 yr.; Francestown, N. H., 1875-82; druggist Somerville and Milton, Vt., 1865-75; Charlestown, N. H., 1882-95.  D. Charlestown, N. H., Jy. 28, 1895.

Married N. 22, 1852, Mrs. Abby McEwen, da. of Benjamin Kimball, Topsfield.  Ch. Clarence B.

915. *Seelye, Julius Hawley.  S. of Seth and Abigail (Taylor), b. Bethel, Conn., S. 14, 1824.  D. D., Union, 1862; LL. D., Columbia, 1876.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared himself for college while clerk in father's store; A. C., 1846-49.  Auburn T. S., 1849-52; studied philosophy and theology, Halle, Germany, 1852-53; ordained Schenectady, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1853; p. 1st Dutch Reformed Ch. there, 1853-58; prof. of mental and moral philosophy, A. C., 1858-90.  Toured around the world, 1872-73; lectured on Foreign Missions, Andover T. S., 1873-74; member Commission on Taxation, Mass., 1874-75; member 44th Congress, 1875-77; [president of A. C. corporation, 1876-1890; trustee A. C., 1876-1890;] President A. C., 1877-90; p. College Ch., 1877-92; incorporator Clarke Institution for Deaf Mutes, Northamption, 1867-87; trustee Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1872-95; member Bd. of Visitors, Andover T. S., 1874-92; corporate member A. B. C. F. M., 1876-95; president Cong. Home Miss'y Soc. 1885-92.  Author The Way, The Truth, and The Life: lectures to educated Hindoos; Christian Missions; The Relations of Learning and Religion; Duty: a Book for Schools; Citizenship: a Book for Classes in Government and Law; tr. Schwegler's History of Philosophy; revised and ed. Hickok's Moral Science and his Empirical Psychology.  D. Amherst, May 12, 1895.

Married O. 26, 1854, Elizabeth Tillman, da. of Rev. William James, Albany, N. Y., who d. Mch. 5, 1881.  Ch. Anna (Emerson); Mabel (Bixler); Elizabeth (Bixler); William (A. C. 1879).  (Portrait in possession of A. C.)

916. *Seymour, John Alonzo.  S. of John and Sarah A. (Thatcher), b. Ridgefield, O., Je. 21, 1827.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Huron Institute, Milan, O.  Union T. S., 1849-52; ordained Kent, O., Jan. 2, 1854; p. there, 1852-56; So. Glastonbury, Conn., 1856-62; Enfield, 1862-67; s. s. Cleveland, O., 1867; district sec. Amer. Tract Soc., Cleveland, O., 1867-71; dist. supt. colportage for Presb. Bd. of Publication, Cleveland, O., 1871-86; s. s. Independence, O., 1886-88; r. E. Cleveland, O., 1888-1900; Winthrop, 1900-1912.  D. Randolph, Mch. 7, 1912.

Married Ap. 2, 1855, Sarah K., da. of Sylvester Spooner, Brandon, Vt., who d. Mch. 9, 1908.  Ch. George B.

917. *Smith, John Porter.  S. of Dudley and Pamela (Porter), b. Hadley, O. 11, 1829.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley; A. C., 1846-49.  Taught Hadley and Peru, 1850-51; studied law Northampton, 1851-52; in conveyancing office, Chicago, Ill., 1852-54; merchant there, 1854-62; clerk Subsistence Dept., U. S. A., in West and Southwest, 1861-66; in P. O., Chicago, Ill., 1867-71; accountant Duluth, Minn., 1871-76; Chicago, Ill., 1876-82; r. Duluth, Minn., 1882-93.  D. Duluth, Minn., Je. 5, 1893.

918. *Stearns, George Ingersoll.  S. of Warren and Mary (Read), b. W. Killingly (Danielson), Conn., S. 7, 1825.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Woodstock (Conn.) Acad.; Brown, 1845-46; A. C., 1846-49.  Taught W. Killingly, Conn., 1849-50; Hartford T. S., 1850-52; ordained Windham, Conn., S. 22, 1852; p. there, 1852-62.  D. Windham, Conn., Mch. 14, 1862.

Married S. 6, 1852, Amelia Danforth, da. of Dr. Bela B. Jones, Springfield.  Ch. George W. (A. C. 1878); Ellen L.

919. *Stoddard, Elijah Woodward.  S. of John and Merab (Parker), b. Coventryville, N. Y., Ap. 23, 1820.  M. A., A. C., 1852; D. D., Maryville Coll., 1880.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Norwich and Oxford (N. Y.) Acads.  Union T. S., 1849-52; ordained by 3rd Presbytery of N. Y., Jy. 11, 1852; home miss'y Momence, Ill., 1852; s. s. Hawley, Penn., 1852-55; p. Amenia, N. Y., 1855-60; Angelica, N. Y., 1860-64; Succasunna, N. J., 1864-1913.  Chaplain in Civil War, 1863.  Author several genealogical works.  D. Succasunna, N. J., O. 13, 1913.

Married (1) Aug. 14, 1852, Eliza W., da. of Jonas W. Concklin, N. Y. City, who d. O. 23, 1874; (2) N. 29, 1877, Mrs. Eliza P. Stoddard, da. of George W. Platt, N. Y. City.  Ch. George H.  [Seems to be brother of Samuel A. (A. C. 1862).]

920. *Topping, Robert Emmett.  S. of Nathaniel and Betsey M. (Hedges), b. Southampton, L. I., N. 25, 1827.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Southampton (L. I.) Acad.  Taught Port Jefferson, L. I., 1850-51; Bridgehampton, L. I., 1851-52; studied law with Henry A. Hedges, Sag Harbor, N. Y., 1852-53, and with Chauncey Shaffee, N. Y. City, 1853-54; admitted to bar, 1854; practised Brooklyn, N. Y., 1854-56; N. Y. City, 1856-91.  [D.] Brooklyn, N. Y., Ap. 11, 1891.

Married (1) Aug. 13, 1862, Mrs. Harriette P. Goldsmith, da. of Erastus Woodward, N. Y. City, who d. S. 13, 1867; (2) O. 15, 1869, Mary H., da. of Selden Foster, Southampton, L. I.

921. *Walker, George Frederic.  S. of Timothy and Louisa (Turner), b. Medway, May 31, 1825.  M. A., A. C., 1852.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Prin. Holliston Sem., 1849-53; studied theology with Rev. J. T. Tucker; prin. Riverside Institute, Auburndale, 1854-57; in business, Boston, 1857-63; ordained Wellfleet, Jy. 3, 1863; p. there, 1863-67; Little Compton, R. I., 1867-72; Ashby, 1873-75; a. p. Blackstone, 1876-80; s. s. Freetown, 1880-90; Hampden, 1890-91; Warwick, 1891-93.  D. Warwick, F. 21, 1893.

Married (1) Jan. 1, 1852, Esther Amelia, da. of Samuel Bullard, Holliston, who d. N. 5, 1863; (2) May 2, 1864, Mary Ann Kemp, da. of Simeon Atwood, Wellfleet.  Ch. George; Louise.

922. *Washburn, John Henry.  S. of Rev. Royal and Harriet Williams (Parsons), b. Amherst, O. 27, 1828.

Prepared Amherst Acad. and Williston Sem.; B. A., 1865.  Studied law Rutland, Vt. and Granville, N. Y.; in Washington County Mutual Insurance office, Meriden, Conn., 1850-53; sec. Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Bridgeport, Conn., 1854-59; Home Insurance Co., N. Y. City, 1867-86; vice-president, 1886-1901; president, 1901-04; chairman bd. of directors, 1904-09.  Member and officer in numerous organizations.  D. N. Y. City, D. 23, 1909.

Married O. 17, 1853, Jane A., da. of William Ives, New Haven, Conn., who d. O. 21, 1898.  Ch. William I. (A. C. 1876).

923. *Woodbridge, John.  S. of John and Mary Ann (Seymour), b. Hadley, Mch. 3, 1829.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley; A. C., 1846-47; B. A., 1853.  Studied law New Hartford, Conn.; admitted to bar, Ap., 1850; practised Chicago, Ill., 1850-99.  One of founders of Northwestern U., Evanston, Ill.; of Dearborn (Ill.) Sem.; of Chicago Relief and Aid Soc.; president National Children's Home Soc., 9 yrs.  D. Chicago, D. 2, 1900.

Married Jy. 10, 1851, Elizabeth, da. of Walter Butler, Chicago, Ill.  4 s., 4 da.  John (A. C. ex 1873).


*Ames, Horace Bates.  B. May 31, 1820.  Registered from Hartford, Conn.  A. C., 1845.  In business, Detroit, Mich.  D. Ap. 5, 1877.
*Ayer, Charles.  S. of William, b. Charlestown, Mch. 16, 1826.  M. A., Bowdoin, 1856.  A. C., 1845-46; grad. Madison U., Hamilton, N. Y., 1849.  Newton T. S.; preached and taught in Me., Mass., Vt. and N. Y.; p. Baptist Ch. Clinton, N. Y., 1872-75; president Jackson Coll., Natchez, Mich., 1877-98; s. s. Clinton, N. Y., 1898-1901.  D. Clinton, N. Y., Mch. 28, 1901.
*Brewer, Edward Ebenezer.  S. of Thomas A., b. about 1828.  Registered from Macon, Ga.  A. C., 1845-46.  Taught Dublin, Ga., 2 yrs.; in business; served in Confederate Army, 1862-.  D. Macon, Ga., Mch., 1864.
*Burt, Jairus Ward.  S. of Rev. Jairus (A. C. 1824) and Betsey C. (Ward), b. Canton, Conn., about 1829.  A. C., 1845-46; in college in N. Y. but did not graduate.  Clerk in store in Conn.  First student who was the son of a graduate of A. C.  D. Suffield, Conn., O. 8, 1853.
*Cleveland, Ephraim Marsh.  S. of Elijah, b. Hardwick, Je. 2, 1823.  A. C., 1846-47.  Taught Staten Island, N. Y.; prin. Tuscarora Acad., Academia, Penn.
*Cooley, John Alexander.  S. of Hollis, b. in Ala. about 1828.  Registered from Auburn, Ala.  A. C., 1845-46.  D. Boston.
*Crosby, Franklin.  S. of Josiah, b. Ware, May 9, 1829.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1854.  Prepared Lowell H. S.; A. C., 1845-46.  Taught and studied law; admitted to Mass. bar, 1850; practised Lowell; Norristown and Philadelphia, Penn.; Baltimore, Md.; admitted to Ill. bar, 1870; practised Woodstock, Ill.; Elgin, Ill., 1875-92; Chicago, Ill., 1892-98.  Author Everybody's Lawyer; Life of Lincoln.  D. Chicago, May, 1898.
*Greene, William Cohoone.  S. of Samuel D. and Susan (Gibbs), b. Batavia, N. Y., O. 8, 1828.  Prepared Monson Acad.; A. C., 1845-46; Brown, 1846-47.  Studied law; admitted to bar, Springfield, 1850; practised Ware, Fall River, Boston, 1852-; sec. Mass. Total Abstinence Soc., 1871-77.  D. Braintree, Je. 12, 1917.
*Jenks, Greenville Tudor.  B. Boston, Jy. 24, 1830.  A. C., 1847; studied Columbia and Williams but never graduated.  Practised law Brooklyn and N. Y.  D. Saratoga, N. Y., 1870.
*Mann, Thomas Marshall.  S. of Thomas, b. Petersham, Jan. 30, 1821.  A. C., 1846.  Taught Vista Ridge, La.  D. Vista Ridge, La., 1875.
*Perkins, Daniel Chute.  S. of Ebenezer and Amelia (Parish), b. Royalston, N. 11, 1824.  A. C., 1846.  Grad. Harvard Med. School, 1850; practised Enfield, Springfield and Peabody.  D. Peabody, N., 1863.  [Seems to be brother of Ariel E. P. (A. C. 1840) and Benjamin C. (A. C. ex 1848).]
*Ripley, Joseph.  S. of Henry, b. about 1827.  Registered from So. Hadley.  A. C., 1845-47.  D. Northampton, 1864.
*Ward, Hiram Boardman.  S. of Nehemiah, b. about 1827.  Registered from Athol.  A. C., 1845.  R. Muscatine, Ia.; New Orleans, La. and in Mex.; grad. U. of Edinburgh (Scotland) Med. School.  D. in La.
*Young, Overton.  S. of Isaac N., b. Lawrenceville, Ga., S. 26, 1826.  A. C., 1847-49.  Studied law with Nathan Hutchins, Lawrenceville, Ga.; admitted to bar there, 1850; practised Richmond, Tex., 1851-52; planter Brazoria Co., Tex., 1852-61; col., 8th Tex. Vol. Inf., 1861-64; severely wounded, Saline, La., 1864; president Court Martial, Houston, Tex., 1864-65; Brig. Gen., 1865; planter Brazoria, Tex., 1865-77.  D. Galveston, Tex., S. 18, 1877.

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