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Amherst College Class of 1873
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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2030. *Atkins, Doane Rich.  S. of Paul and Kezia (Paine), b. Truro, Ap. 25, 1845.  B. D., Yale D. S., 1876; M. A., A. C., 1896.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Yale T. S., 1873-076; ordained, 1877; p. Cong. Ch. Westbrook, Conn., 1877-78; Brimfield, 1879-81; home miss'y Custer City, N. D., 1881-84; p. Mitchell, S. D., 1884-85; Columbia, S. D., 1885-87; Calumet, Mich., 1888-92; literary and editorial work, and research work Chicago U. Chicago, Ill., 1893-1903; r. So. Haven, Mich., 1903-13.  Author Our Daily Devotions; Songs,--Sailing a Summer Sea.  D. So. Haven, Mich., O. 11, 1913.

Married D. 25, 1883, Elizabeth, da. of Ephraim W. Wesson, Worcester, who d. F. 24, 1914.

2031. Benner, Frank Talpey.  S. of Burnham Clark and Frances Maria (Talpey), b. Pittston, Me., Je. 13, 1851.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Lowell H. S.  Studied law with Tappan Wentworth and Daniel S. Richardson, Lowell, 1874-77; U. of Leipzig, Germany, 1875-76; practised law Boston, 1877-, with Benner & Brown.  Worked with legal advisor bd. Newton, 1917-18.

Married F. 17, 1886, Mary Jane, da. of William Harris, Putnam, Conn.  Ch. Frances Z. T.

Address, 1117 Old South Bldg., Boston.

2032. Bennett, John Alvin.  S. of Alvin Waitstill and Mary (Holman), b. Wilbraham, O. 23, 1848.  LL. B., Boston U., 1876; M. A., A. C., 1877.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Studied law Boston U., 1873-76; admitted to bar, Je. 1876; practised Boston, 1876-; judge Boston municipal court, 1899-.

Married D. 25, 1877, Julia Rebecca, da. of William Smith, So. Hadley, who d. Jan. 4, 1886.  Ch. Howard S.

Address, 6 Beacon St., Boston.

2033. Booth, Henry Judson.  S. of Henry Madison and Ann Amelia (Janes), b. Lancaster, O., Mch. 14, 1849.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Prep. Dept. Denison U., O.; Denison U., 1869-72; A. C., 1872-73.  Studied law Columbus, O., 1873-74; admitted to bar, Columbus, O., 1874; practised there 1874-.  Member Ohio House of Representatives, 1878, 1879; trustee Ohio State U., 1884-87.

Married Jy. 18, 1876, Madge Inez Caney.  Ch. Florence; George; Marjorie; Herbert; Harry (d.).

Address, Huntington Bank Bldg., Columbus, O.

2034. *Bradley, Leverett.  S. of Leverett and Catharine (Frye), b. Methuen, Jy. 11, 1846.  M. A., A. C., 1876.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Hartford T. S., 1873-75; private tutor, 1875-77; studied with Bishop Williams, Hartford, Conn.; ordained deacon P. E. Ch. Middletown, Conn., Mch. 17, 1878; asst. p. Trinity Ch. Boston, 1878-79; ordained priest Je. 13, 1879; p. Christ Ct. Gardiner, Me., 1879-84; Andover, 1884-87; St. Luke's Ch. Philadelphia, Penn., 1888-98; chaplain, U. of Penn., 1892-94; assoc. rector St. Luke's Epiphany Ch. Philadelphia, 1898-1902.  Served in 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery, 1861-65.  D. Philadelphia, Penn., D. 31, 1902.

Married D. 3, 1879, Susan G., da. of Samuel L. Hinchley, Boston.  Ch. Leverett; Walter H.; Margaret H.; Ralph.

2035. *Bridgman, Arthur Milnor.  S. of Richard Baxter and Mary (Nutting), b. Amherst, Jan. 2, 1851.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Amherst H. S.  Engaged in journalism, proprietor and ed. daily and weekly newspapers, 1873-; ed. work for Mass. legislature, 1874-; ed. Legislative Bulletin; Legislative Souvenir, and similar publications; ed. and pub. The Stoughton Record.  Officer various mining companies.  Assoc. member legal advisory bd., 1917-19.  D. Winchester, Jy. 8, 1925.

Married N. 12, 1879, Miriam, da. of Nathaniel Gay, Stoughton.  Bro. Herbert L. (A. C. 1866); Raymond L. (A. C. 1871).

2036. Brooks, John Vail.  S. of Nathaniel Prentice and Mary Elizabeth (Vail), b. E. Randolph, Vt., Je. 23, 1849.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Washington County Grammar School.  Merchant Montpelier, Vt.

Married May 24, 1877, Mary Branch, da. of Nathanel M. Swasey, No. Haverhill, N. H.  4 ch. John L.; Mary E.; Ruth S. (Huse); Alice B. (d.).

Address, 10 Baldwin St., Montpelier, Vt.

2037. Chase, Edward Wilder.  S. of Henry and Mary P. (Wilder), b. Templeton, Jan. 9, 1846.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Teacher and prin. Pomeroy (O.) H. S., 1873-82; Kingston, 1882-89; Highland Park, Ill., 1889-95; proprietor book and stationery store Huntington, W. Va., 1895-1912; grocery business Columbus, O., 1912-.

Married O. 4, 1876, Anna Stewart, Gallipolis, O.  Ch. Ethel S. (d.); Edith W. (Reushlein); Robert S.; Paul B. (d.).

Address, 624 14th St., Huntington, W. Va.

2038. *Clark, Charles Nathaniel.  S. of Charles and Mary (Strong), b. Northampton, Ap. 4, 1853.  M. A., A. C., 1876.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Northampton H. S.  Taught Hitchcock Acad., Brimfield, 1873-74; studied law with Delano & Hammond, Northampton, 1875-77; admitted to bar, O., 1877; practised Northampton, 1877-1919; treasurer Smith Coll., 1888-1919; trustee.  Member Mass. House of Representatives, 1883-84, 1885; senator from Berkshire-Hampshire district, 1887-88; president Northampton Nat. Bank, and officer in other concerns.  D. Northampton, Jy. 18, 1919.

2039. *Collester, Eugene Belknap.  S. of Thorley and Abigail M. (Whitney), b. Gardner, D. 20, 1847.  M. A., A. C., 1876.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Wilbraham Acad.  Prin. Buckley H. S., New London, Conn., 1873-80; studied law with Gov. Waller, Conn.; admitted to bar Waseca, Minn., O., 1880; practised there, 1880-1915.  Mayor of Waseca, 1887; judge of probate, Waseca Co., 1889-95; state senator, 1895-99, 1902-06; president 1st Nat. Bank Waseca, 1911-15.  D. Waseca, Minn., S. 4, 1915.

Married Ap. 6, 1875, Sarah J., da. of William Holland, New London, Conn.  Ch. Alice (Meacham).  Bro. Frank M. (A. C. 1877).

2040. *Comstock, David Young.  S. of Daniel Frost and Emily (Young), b. Danbury, Conn., Je. 13, 1852.  M. A., A. C., 1876.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Princeton, 1869-70; A. C., 1870-73.  Teacher and prin. Lonsdale (R. I.) H. S., 1873-74; instructor in Latin Phillips Acad., Andover, 1874-92; assoc. head master Hotchkiss School, Lakeville, Conn., 1892-95; prin. St. Johnsbury (Vt.) Acad., 1896-1906; head of Latin dept. B. M. C. Durfee H. S. Fall River, 1906-20.  Author A First Book of Latin and other text books; ed. Virgil's Aeneid.  D. Arlington, Mch. 21, 1920.

Married Aug. 7, 1877, Augusta S., da. of John Tenney, Methuen, who d. N. 28, 1905.  Ch. Ethel Y. (Bridgman).

2041. *Cooper, Charles Wendell.  S. of James Sullivan and Abigal Ingersoll (Girdler), b. Calais, Me., May 16, 1851.  M. A., A. C., 1876; M. D., Harvard, 1877.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Calais (Me.) H. S. and Williston Sem.  Harvard Med. School, 1873-76; house officer Mass. General Hospital, 1876-77; practised Amherst, 1877-78; surgeon Oregon S. S. Co., 1878; Amherst, 1878-80; St. Louis, Mo., 1880; Northampton, 1881-96.  D. at sea on return from Italy, F. 7, 1897.

Married S. 8, 1881, Elizabeth S., da. of John C. Porter, St. Louis, Mo.  2 ch.  Bro. James I. (A. C. 1873).

2042. *Cooper, James Ingersoll.  S. of James Sullivan and Abigal Ingersoll (Girdler), b. Calais, Me., Ap. 7, 1849.  M. A., A. C., 1876.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Calais (Me.) Acad. and Williston Sem.  Taught Buckeley School New London, Conn., 1873-74; studied law U. of Göttingen, Germany, 1874 and U. of Bonn, Germany, 1875; with William A. Dickinson, Amherst, 1875-76; Columbia Law School, 1876-77; admitted to Hampshire Co. bar Northampton, F. 28, 1878; practised Amherst, 1878-; r. New London, Conn.  D. New London, Conn., Aug. 17, 1922.  Bro. Charles W. (A. C. 1873).

2043. *Cunningham, Solomon Woodward.  S. of Robert Wilson and Caroline Perry (Woodward), b. New Castle, Penn., D. 11, 1850.  LL. B., Columbia, 1875.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared New Castle, Penn.  Columbia Law School, 1873-75; admitted to bar, Lawrence Co., Penn., O., 1875; Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh, Penn., F. 23, 1876; practised Pittsbrugh, 1876-1918.  D. Pittsburgh, Penn., Jan. 24, 1918.

Married O. 23, 1884, Kate L., da. of George W. Crawford, New Castle, Penn.  Ch. Kenneth R. (A. C. 1909); Lois (Hetherington); Crawford B.; Katherine; 2 (d.).

2044. *Cutler, Dwight Gilbert.  S. of William and Harriet (Gilbert), b. Amherst, May 14, 1852.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Merchant Grand Haven, Mich., 1873-77; Duluth, Minn., 1877-1913.  President D. G. Cutler Co., Duluth and vice-president Kelley Island Lime and Transport Co., Cleveland, O.  D. Duluth, Minn., May 21, 1913.

Married Jan., 1879, Jane Georgianna Thorne, New Orleans, La.  Ch. Dwight G.

2045. Cutler, Newell Lovering.  S. of Uriel and Susan E. (Lovering), b. Holliston, Aug. 11, 1850.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Wool merchant Boston, 1873-.

Married N. 30, 1892, Lucy Lane, da. of Rev. William M. Grimes, Steubenville, O.

Address, 419 Summer St., Boston.

2046. *Damon, Frank Williams.  S. of Rev. Samuel C. (A. C. 1836) and Julia Sherman (Mills), b. Honolulu, H. I., D. 10, 1852.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Oahu Coll., Honolulu, H. I.  Taught Latin and Greek Oahu Coll., 1874-76; studied Germany, 1876-77; sec. Hawaiian Legation Berlin, Germany, 1877-81; supt. of Chinese mission Honolulu, 1881-1900, 1912.  Trustee Punahou, 15 yrs.; president bd. of managers Mid-Pacific Institute.  Author Rambles in the Old World.  D. Moanalua Island, H. I., Je. 22, 1915.

Married May 1, 1884, Mary R., da. of Rev. A. P. Hopper, Canton, China.  Ch. Violet H. (Putnam); Vera M.; Cyril F.; Daphne M.; Bernard H.

2047. *Davis, William Vail Wilson.  S. of David Hunt and J. Eliza (Wilson), b. Wilson, N. Y., F. 17, 1851.  M. A., A. C., 1876; D. D., Western Reserve, 1890.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Instructor in Greek, Robert Coll. Constantinople, Turkey, 1873-74; Andover T. S., 1874-76; instructor in Latin and Greek A. C., 1876-77; ordained S. 12, 1877; p. Franklin St. Cong. Ch. Manchester, N. H., 1877-82; Euclid Ave. Presb. Ch. Cleveland, O., 1882-87; Union Cong. Ch. Worcester, 1887-93; 1st Cong. Ch. Pittsfield, 1893-1910.  Trustee Western Reserve.  D. Mount Washington, Aug. 25, 1910.

Married Jy. 20, 1876, Rebecca Frances, da. of President W. A. Stearns, Amherst, who d. N. 18, 1907.  Ch. Fannie S.; William S.; Harold S.

2048. *Gibbons, Henry.  S. of J. V. and Mary L. (Oliphant), b. Merrittstown, Penn., S. 3, 1849.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Brownsville, Penn.  Taught Pittsburgh (Penn.) H. S., 1873-80; prof. of Greek, Western U. Penn., 1880-89; studied Leipzig and Berlin, 1889-90; prof. of Greek A. C., 1890-92; studied Germany, 1892-93; prof. of Latin literature, U. of Penn., 1893-.  D. Philadelphia, Penn., Jan. 29, 1926.

Married D. 19, 1878, Mary E. Scovel, Pittsburgh, Penn.  5 ch.

2049. *Goodwin, Frank Jones.  S. of John M. and Harriet P. (Herrick), b. Biddeford, Me., Jan. 12, 1852.

Prepared Biddeford (Me.) H. S.  In insurance business Malden, 1873-1900; Saco, Me., 1900-; Biddeford, Me., 19(?)-11.  D. Boston, May 31, 1911.

Married Emily R., da. of Charles A. Milliken, Montford, Ont., who d. 1892.  Ch. Emily M.; Austin M.

2050. Hall, Lyman Beecher.  S. of Isaac Dennis and Hannah (Norris), b. New Bedford, Jan. 16, 1852.  Ph. D., Göttingen U., Germany, 1875.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Studied Göttingen U., Germany, 1873-75; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1877-79; asst. Johns Hopkins, 1879-80; prof. of chemistry Haverford Coll., 1880-1917; prof. emeritus, 1917-.

Married Jy. 8, 1890, Carolyn Coffin, da. of James D. Ladd, Vacaville, Cal.  Ch. Norris F.

Address, Haverford Coll., Haverford, Penn.

2051. *Hartwell, Edward Mussey.  S. of Shattuck and Catherine Stone (Mussey), b. Exeter, N. H., May 29, 1850.  M. A., A. C., 1876; LL. D., A. C., 1898; M. D., Miami Med. Coll., O., 1882; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1881.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Boston Latin School and Groton Acad.  Vice-prin. Orange (N. J.) H. S., 1873-74; instructor Boston Latin School, 1874-77; studied biology, 1878-79; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1879-81; studied Miami Med. Coll., O., 1881-82; instructor in physical culture and hygiene, and assoc. physical trainer and director of gymnasium, Johns Hopkins, 1882-90; director of physical education, public schools Boston, 1890-97; sec. bd. of statistics Boston, 1897-1922.  Studied Germany, Austria, Sweden.  Chairman Mass. Commission for the Blind, 1906-08.  President Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Physical Ed.; member Amer. Statistical Assoc., and other societies.  Author important Report to Commission of Education on Physical Training in American Colleges; trans. Klein's Handbook of Massage.  D. Jamaica Plain, F. 19, 1922.

Married Jy. 25, 1889, Mary Laetitia Brown, da. of George W. Brown, Baltimore, Md.  Ch. Clare (Hartwell); Kathleen E.; George W. B.  Bro. Shattuck O. (A. C. 1888); William (A. C. ex 1881).

2052. *Hatch, Franklin Samuel.  S. of Samuel Wright and Laura Chandler (Dickinson), b. Chelsea, Vt., Aug. 12, 1846.  M. A., A. C., 1878.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Hartford T. S., 1873-76; ordained W. Hartford, Conn., Je. 7, 1876; p. there, 1876-83; financial sec. Hartford T. S., 1883-86; s. s. Ware, 1886; p. Monson, 1887-1900; president Mass. C. E. Soc., few mos.; general sec. Union C. E. Soc. for India, Burmah and Ceylon, 1901-03; a. p. Eliot Ch. Newton, 1904-07; Central Ch. Middleboro, 1907; Winslow Ch. Taunton, 1907.  D. Brookline, D. 24, 1907.

Married O. 29, 1879, Helen, da. of Rev. William L. Gage, Hartford, Conn.  2 ch.

2053. *Haven, Henry Cecil.  S. of Henry P. and Elizabeth L. (Douglas), b. New London, Conn., S. 15, 1852.  M. D., Harvard, 1879.  Chi Psi.

Prepared New London (Conn.) H. S.   Harvard Med. School, 1873-76; practised Boston, 1879-99; r. Stockbridge, 1901-15.  Est. West End Day Nursery Boston.  D. Stockbridge, F. 19, 1915.

Married O. 5, 1899, Mrs. Isabella C. Winthrop, da. of John Weyman, Stockbridge, who d. N. 25, 1905.

2054. Heap, Arnold Nelson.  S. of William and Hannah (Bradbury), b. Hyde, England, Jan. 30, 1852.  LL. B., Northwestern U., 1877.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Chicaco (Ill.) H. S.  Taught Amherst, 1873-76; studied law Northwestern U., Chicago, Ill., 1876-77; practised Chicago, Ill., 1877-1906; judge of municipal court Chicago, Ill., 1906-.

Married F. 19, 1885, Annie Florence, da. of Chester Baker, Portsmouth, N. H.  Ch. William C.

Address, 1628 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, Ill.

2055. *Hirschl, Andrew Jackson.  S. of Samuel and Therese Kohn, b. Davenport, Ia., Ap. 30, 1852.  LL. B., Iowa State U., 1875.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Prep. Dept. Griswold Coll., Ia.  Law Dept. Iowa State U., Ia., 1874-75; admitted to bar, Scott Co., Ia., F., 1875; practised Davenport, Ia., 1875-91; Chicago, Ill., 1891-1908; prof. of law and torts, Iowa State U., 1886-88; prof. of law of corporations Chicago Law School, 1900-07.  Corp. 1st Regt. Ill. Cav. Spanish-Amer. War, 1898.  Member Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Science.  D. Chicago, Ill., F. 7, 1908.

Married S. 27, 1876, Charlotte, da. of Louis Schreiner, Bentonsport, Ia.  5 ch.

2056. Hobbie, John Remington.  S. of William H. and Sarah Chase (Gilkey), b. Winslow, Me., S. 18, 1852.  M. D., Columbia, 1877.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Amherst H. S.  Columbia, 1873-77; practised No. Adams, 1889-.

Address, 205 Main St., North Adams.

2057. King, Henry Amasa.  S. of Dwight and Martha (Vinton), b. Monson, Jan. 14, 1852.  LL. B., Columbia, 1877.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Taught Monson Acad., 1873-75; studied Columbia Law School, 1875-77; admitted to bar, 1877; practised Troy, N. Y., 1877-93; Springfield, 1893-1907; justice of superior court of Mass., 1907-.  City solicitor Springfield, 1902, 1903, 1904.

Married N. 6, 1879, Maria Lyon Flynt, Monson.  Ch. Stanley (A. C. 1903), Carrie L.

Address, 163 Dartmouth Terrace, Springfield.

2058. *Lawrie, Andrew Davis.  S. of Andrew B. and Eliza Hill (Kittredge), b. W. Roxbury, Mch. 12, 1852.  Ph. D., U. of Göttingen, 1876.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Boston Latin School.  Studied U. of Göttingen, Germany, 1873-76; chemist Boston, 1876-81; in business Boston, 1883-90; Chicago, Ill., 1892-94; Boston, 1895-97; Chicago, Ill., 1898-99; r. Williamstown during summers and Europe during winters, 1899-1914.  D. Algeciras, Spain, Mch. 12, 1914.  Bro. Alvah K. (A. C. ex 1873).

2059. Layton, Caleb Rodney.  S. of Samuel H. and Elizabeth A. (Long), b. Frankfort, Del., S. 8, 1850.  M. D., U. of Penn., 1876.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Georgetown (Del.) Acad.  U. of Penn., 1873-76; practised med. Georgetown, Del., 1876-; sec. of state Del., 1901-; auditor for state and other depts., 1906; practised in construction camp Indian Head, Ind., 1918; Congressman from Del., 1920.

Married D. 28, 1876, Annie Elizabeth Sipple, Georgetown, Del.  Ch. Rachel S.; Daniel J.; Caleb S.

Address, Georgetown, Del.

2060. Lewis, Henry Augustus.  S. of John Nitchie and Sarah Holmes (Edwards), b. Cornwall, N. Y., Mch. 23, 1850.  M. A., A. C., 1880.

Prepared N. Y. City; Williams, 1869; A. C., 1870-73.  In business and taught N. Y. City, 1873-78; Union T. S., 1877-80; ordained, D. 1, 1880; p. Presb. Ch. Carlisle, N. Y., 1880-83; Ballston Centre, N. Y., 1883-88; Smithtown, N. Y., 1889-92; s. s. Saranac Lake, N. Y., 1893-94; Los Angeles, Cal., 1896-.

Married Ap. 19, 1881, Laura, da. of J. B. Herrick, N. Y.  2 ch.  Bro. Zechariah E. (A. C. 1862).

Address, R. F. D. 1, Ashland, Hanover Co., Va.

2061. Loud, Frank Herbert.  S. of Francis Eliot and Mary Tolman (Capen), b. Weymouth, Jan. 26, 1852.  M. A., A. C., 1878; Harvard, 1899; Ph. D., Haverford, 1900.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Weymouth H. S.  Walker instructor in mathematics A. C., 1873-76; prof. of mathematics and astronomy Colorado Coll., 1877-1907; studied Clark U., 1890-91; taught one term Smith Coll., 1879; Haverford, 1900; retired.  Author An Elementary Geometry on the Analytic Plan, and numerous articles.

Married Jy. 13, 1882, Mabel, da. of Dr. Martin Wiley, Colorado Springs, Col.  Ch. Francis M. (Thorne); Mary; Paul D. (d.); Harriet; Norman W.; William B.

Address, 1203 North Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Col.

2062. *Merriam, Lucius Parker.  S. of Charles and Caroline (Parker), b. Grafton, N. 22, 1846.  M. A., A. C., 1877.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Taught Norwich, Conn., 1873-74; Springfield, 1874-75; Providence, R. I., 1875-82; reporter and correspondent Knoxville (Tenn.) Daily Chronicle, 1882-83.  D. Knoxville, Tenn., S. 20, 1883.

Married S. 1, 1875, Emily Atwell, da. of Henry H. Clemons, Danielsonville, Conn.  4 ch.

2063. *Morse, Harmon Northrop.  S. of Harmon and Elizabeth (Buck), b. Cambridge, Vt., O. 15, 1848.  Ph. D., Göttingen U., Germany, 1875; LL. D., A. C., 1916.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Kimball Acad., N. H.  Göttingen U., Germany, 1873-75; instructor in chemistry A. C., 1875-76; prof. of analytical chemistry Johns Hopkins, 1876-81; director of chemical laboratory Johns Hopkins, 1891-1916; prof. emeritus, 1916-20.  Awarded Avagadro medal by Acad. of Turin, Italy, 1916.  Member Nat. Acad. of Sciences; Amer. Philosophical Soc.; fellow Amer. Acad. of Arts and Sciences; foreign member Utrecht Soc. of Arts and Sciences.  Author Exercises in Quantitative Chemistry; Monographs on Osmotic Pressure.  D. Casco Bay, Me., S. 8, 1920.

Married (1) D. 13, 1876, Caroline Augusta, da. of N. P. Brooks, Montpelier, Vt., who d. N. 26, 1888; (2) D. 24, 1890, Elizabeth D., da. of William Clarke, Portland, Me.  Ch. Elizabeth; Robert B.; Harmon V. (d.); Edmund H.  Bro. Anson D. (A. C. 1871).

2064. Mulford, Charles John.  S. of Robert L., b. Ap. 18, 1852.

Prepared Burnside School, Brattleboro, Vt.  In cutlery and fountain pen business N. Y. City, 1873-.

Address, unknown.

2065. *Negley, Charles.  S. of Peter and Laura (Richenbauch), b. Hagerstown, Md., Aug. 17, 1852.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Hagerstown, Md.  Studied law, N. Y. U.; admitted to bar, Hagerstown, Md., 1876; practised Washington Co., Md., several yrs.; manufacturer of agricultural implements Hagerstown, Md.; U. S. Consul, Rio Grande, Brazil, S. A., 1890-1902; in lumber business Harriman, Tenn., 1892-95; assayer western Md.; with Internal Revenue Service, 1903-11.  D. Baltimore, Md., Ap. 6, 1911.

Married (1) Je. 18, 1890, Hester, da. of Joseph Hopkins, Hagerstown, Md., who d. Aug., 1894; (2) Mrs. Myrtle D. Ayres, da. of William J. Freeman, Augusta, Ga.  Ch. Charles L.; Marion D.  Bro. Walter (A. C. 1872).

2066. Nelson, Frank George.  S. of George Washington and Harriet S. (Jones), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., F. 1, 1852.  Phi Beta Kappa; Chi Psi.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Taught, 6 yrs.; in business connected with railroads, telegraphs and telephones, 18 yrs.; accountant, 1897-; transfer clerk and asst. treasurer Amer. T. and T.; treasurer and director of many of its subsidiaries.

Married O. 29, 1896, Grace, da. of William B. Cochrane, Roscoe, N. Y.

Address, Monson, Mass.

2067. *Nims, Granville Webster.  S. of Gilman and Charlotte (Stone), b. Roxbury, N. H., Jy. 17, 1848.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Keene (N. H.) H. S. and Kimball Union Acad., N. H.  Union T. S., 1873-76; ordained, O. 4, 1877; a. p. and p. Cong. Ch., Greenwich, Conn., 1876-78; studied U. of Berlin, Germany, 1878-80; p. Walton, N. Y., 1881-1912; Troy, N. H., 1912-17; W. Glover, Vt., 1917-19; Whitestone, L. I., 1[9]19-20; inspector of rubber products and supplying pulpits, 1920-.  D. Huntington, L. I., N. Y., May 31, 1925.

Married Jy. 14, 1881, Julia Locke, da. of Henry E. Weed, Troy, N. Y.  Ch. Virginia E. (MacGibbon); Clara W. (Horton).

2068. *Norris, Kingsley Flavel.  S. of Rufus F. and Louise (Kingsley), b. Sodus, N. Y., N. 28, 1847.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1873-76; ordained Anoka, Minn., N. 17, 1877; p. Middleton, 1 yr.; Manchester, N. H., 1880-82; home miss'y Minn., Dak., Mo., Cal., 10 yrs.; assoc p. 4th Ch. Hartford, Conn., 1894-99; South Ave. Cong. Ch. Syracuse, N. Y., 1900-07; Olympia, Wash., 1907-08; Presb. Ch. Marion, N. Y., 1908-14; Cong Ch. Middleton, 1914-18; Cong. Ch. Little Valley, N. Y., 1918-21.  D. Jan. 11, 1922.

Married (1) Jan. 8, 1883, Ella M., da. of John Chamberlain, Billerica, who d. D. 29, 1896; (2) S. 12, 1904, Mrs. Delia (Huntley) French, Syracuse, N. Y.  Ch. Kingsley C.; Louise A. (Caulkins).

2069. *Parkhurst, Howard Elmore.  S. of Charles F. W. and Mary (Goodale), b. Ashland, S. 13, 1848.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared with Josiah H. Hunt, Clinton.  Studied music Stuttgart, Munich and Berlin, Germany and Liverpool, Eng., 1873-75; teacher of music and organist 1st Ch. and later Mt. Vernon Ch. Boston, 1875-82; studied with Rheimberger and Kellarmann, Germany, 1882-84; organist and director of music Madison Square Presb. Ch. and teacher of piano and organ N. Y. City, 1884-1916.  Wrote The Birds' Calendar; Song Birds and Waterfowl; Trees, Shrubs, and Vines; How to Name the Birds; cantata, The Fall of Jerusalem; oratoria, Nobiscum Deus; symphonies, anthems and an overture.  D. Lavallette, N. J., Aug. 18, 1916.

Married (1) Aug. 2, 1873, Louise S. (Wood), da. of Edward Kendall, Worcester, who d. Jan. 15, 1877; (2) N. 17, 1885, Mary S., da. of George J. Huss, N. Y. City.  Ch. Helen; Gertrude; Winthrop; Malcolm; Dorothy.  Bro. Charles H. (A. C. 1866).

2070. *Patton, Normand Smith.  S. of Rev. William W. and Mary B. (Smith), b. Hartford, Conn., Jy. 10, 1852.  M. A., A. C., 1876.

Prepared Chicago (Ill.) H. S.; Beloit Coll., 1869-70; A. C., 1870-73.  Studied architecture M. I. T., 1873-74; architect Chicago, Ill., 1874-77; Washington, D. C., in employ of government, 1877-83; Chicago, Ill., 1883-1915.  D. Oak Park, Ill., Mch. 15, 1915.

Married (1) Jan. 1, 1885, Frances M., da. of Rev. Theodore J. Keep, Oberlin, O., who d. Je. 13, 1895; (2) Ap. 9, 1907, Emma L., da. of William Ilett.  Ch. Normand K.; Marion K. (Waldron); Frances C.; Elizabeth K. (d.).  Bro. Robert W. (A. C. 1876); Horace B. (A. C. 1881); Cornelius [H.] (A. C. 1883).

2071. *Sherman, Floyd Emerson.  S. of Jesse B. and Mary J. (Kelton), b. Burrillville, R. I., N. 15, 1850.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Studied theology privately; Yale D. S., 1876-78; ordained, Ap., 1879; p. Cong. Ch. Stockton, Kans., 1878-89; financial agent Stockton Acad., 1889-1901; prin. there, 1889-96; field manager Mutual Book Concern Des Moines, Ia., 1896-99; district supt. Kansas Children's Home Soc., 1899-1919.  D. Junction City, Kans., Mch. 6, 1921.

Married (1) D. 21, 1881, Hattie B., da. of Rev. R. F. Markham, Wakefield, Kans., who d. Jan. 12, 1889; (2) Je. 5, 1890; Mrs. Mary L. (Markham) Halbert, sister of (1), who d. F. 12, 1919.  Ch. Edith M. (d.); Vina W. (Dadds); Jesse B. (d.).

2072. *Sperry, Lewis.  S. of Daniel Gilbert and Harriet Frances (Pelton), b. Windsor, Conn., Jan. 23, 1848.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Studied law Hartford, Conn., 1873-75; admitted to bar, Mch. 30, 1875; practised Hartford, Conn., 1875-1922.  Member Conn. House of Representatives, 1876; congressman, 1891-95.  D. E. Windsor Hill, Conn., Je. 22, 1922.

Married (1) N. 7, 1878, Elizabeth Ellsworth, da. of Dr. William Wood, E. Windsor Hill, Conn., who d. Aug. 3, 1900; (2) Ap. 6, 1905, Carrie Tryon Armbruster, Merion, Penn.  Ch. Ellsworth; Mary.

2073. *Strong, Charles Bentley.  S. of David Almerin and Sarah E. (Humphrey), b. So. Deerfield, May 31, 1850.  B. D., Hartford T. S., 1877.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Hartford T. S., 1873-76; s. s. Georgetown, Conn., 1876-77; ordained, 1882; p. W. Concord, N. H., 1882-84; Tilton, N. H., 1884-85; W. Suffield, Conn., 1888-96; Harwinton, Conn., 1899-; Prospect, Conn.; Georgetown, Conn.; r. Norwich, Conn., 1917.  Wrote Manual of a Syllabic Alphabet.  D. New Haven, Conn., F. 3, 1924.

Married Aug. 23, 1882, Ella Mary, da. of Zopher Beach, Goshen, Conn.  Ch. Carl H.; Doris M.

2074. *Stuart, Charles Benedict.  S. of Judge William Zephaniah (A. C. 1833) and Sarah S. (Benedict), b. Logansport, Ind., Ap. 21, 1851.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Columbia Law School, 1873-75; admitted to bar, Logansport, Ind., 1875; attorney for Wabash railroad, 1876-99, residing Lafayette, Ind., 1877-99.  Trustee Purdue U., 15 yrs. and president of bd., 10 yrs.; director in several concerns.  D. Lafayette, Ind., F. 20, 1899.

Married D. 20, 1876, Alice J., da. of Adams Earl, Lafayette, Ind.  1 ch. (d.).  Bro. Thomas A. (A. C. 1874); Will V. (A. C. 1880); William Z. (A. C. 1883).

2075. *Swift, John Baker.  S. of William and Martha E. (Phelps), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., S. 30, 1853.  M. A., A. C., 1876; M. D., Harvard, 1878.  Chi Psi.

Prepared private school under Z. M. Phelps, Riverdale, N. Y.  Harvard Med. School, 1874-77; practised Boston, 1878-1913.  D. Boston, Jy. 29, 1913.

Married O. 11, 1882, Hettie, da. of Andrew H. Potter, New Bedford.   2 ch.  Bro. William J. (A. C. 1873); George M. (A. C. 1876).

2076. *Swift, William Jonathan.  S. of William and Martha E. (Phelps), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Mch. 10, 1852.  M. A., A. C., 1876; M. D., Columbia, 1877.  Chi Psi.

Prepared private school under Zinas M. Phelps, Riverdale, N. Y.   Harvard Med. School, 1874-75; Columbia Med. Coll. N. Y. City, 1875-78; interne Bellevue Hospital, 1878-80; practised N. Y. City, 1880-1920.  Surgeon Metropolitan Throat Hospital N. Y. City.  D. Katonah, N. Y., D. 20, 1920.

Married Je. 13, 1882, Marie A., da. of Samuel J. Jacobs, N. Y. City.  Ch. Lawrence.  Bro. John B. (A. C. 1873); George M. (A. C. 1876).

2077. Thrall, Joseph Brainerd.  S. of Rev. Samuel Rowley and Miriam Hunt (Bowman), b. Hubbardton, Vt., O. 23, 1849.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared La Harpe (Ill.) H. S.; Knox Coll., 1868-70; A. C., 1870-73.  Taught Cornwall Heights Fitting School for Boys, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y., 1873-75; studied Leipzig U., Germany, 1875-76; Yale D. S., 1876-78; licensed to preach, May, 1878; ordained D. 8, 1878; p. Cong. Ch. Benicia, Cal., 1878-79; Derby, Conn., 1879-84; Salt Lake City, Utah, 1884-93; Sioux Falls, S. D., 1893-94; Albany, N. Y., 1895-97; Pepperell, 1897-1903; Leicester, 1894-1904; 1st Cong. Ch. Asheville, N. C., 1904-; also est. and head boys' school there; studied Clark U. dept. of psychology and philosophy, 1908-11.  Member executive committee of Red Cross, Asheville, N. C., 1916-.

Married Mch. 10, 1880, Anna Dutton, da. of Henry B. Graves, Litchfield, Conn.  Ch. Henry D.; Miriam H. (m. E. O. Dewing, A. C. 1908); Mary E.; J. Brainerd; George H.; Anne D. (Durst); Elizabeth E. (Russell).

Address, 329 Merrimon Ave., Asheville N. C.

2078. Tyler, John Mason.  S. of Prof. William Seymour (A. C. 1830) and Amelia O. (Whiting), b. Amherst, May 18, 1851.  M. A., A. C., 1876; Ph. D., Colgate, 1888; LL. D., A. C., 1921.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Taught Phillips Acad., Andover, 1873-74; Union T. S., 1874-76; Göttingen U., Germany, 1876-78; U. of Leipzig, Germany, 1878-79; instructor in biology A. C., 1879-81; instructor in zoology and botany, 1881-82; prof. of biology, 1882-1917; prof. emeritus, 1917.  Author The Whence and the Whither of Man; Growth and Education; Place of the Church in Evolution; The New Stone Age.

Married Jy. 12, 1883, Elizabeth, da. of William Smith, La Harpe, Ill.  Ch. Mason W. (A. C. 1906) (d.); Elizabeth S. (d.).  Bro. Mason (A. C. 1862); William (A. C. 1864); Henry (A. C. 1865).

Address, Amherst.

2079. *Warner, Luther Joseph.  S. of Joseph and Jane A. (Barnard), b. Northampton, F. 17, 1851.

Prepared Northampton H. S. and Williston Sem.  In silk manufacturing Northampton, 1873-94; retired, 1894.  Director 1st Nat. Bank, Northampton; president Hampshire Franklin and Hampton Agricultural Soc.  D. Northampton, S. 15, 1907.

Married O. 5, 1879, Mary W., da. of Seth Hunt, Northampton.  3 ch., Joseph (A. C. 1901); Hunt (A. C. 1913).

2080. Williams, Elijah Hawley.  S. of Enos Dickinson and Caroline R. (Hawley), b. Amherst, S. 3, 1850.  Ph. D., Harvard, 1910.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Amherst H. S.  In lumber business and mining, 1873-1900; Aurora, Mo., 1897-1900; in real estate, loans and insurance business, 1900-.

Married O. 7, 1880, Emily Dickinson, da. of L. H. Pomeroy, Amherst.  Ch. Raymond D.

Address, 402 East College St., Aurora, Mo.

2081. Williams, Talcott.  S. of Rev. William Frederic and Sarah Amelia (Pond), b. Abeih, Syria, Turkey, Jy. 20, 1849.  M. A., A. C., 1883; hon. M. A., U. of Penn., 1891; L. H. D., A. C., 1896; Western Reserve, 1897; Brown, 1915; LL. D., U. of Penn., 1895; Hobart, 1899; Western Reserve, 1909; Penn. Coll., 1915; Franklin and Marshall, 1915; Litt. D., U. of Rochester, 1912.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  With N. Y. World, 1873-77; Washington correspondent N. Y. Sun and San Francisco Chronicle, 1877-79; with Springfield Republican, 1879-81; Philadelphia Press, 1881-1912; director School of Journalism Columbia U., 1912-19; prof. emeritus of journalism, 1919-.  Trustee A. C., 1909-19; Constantinople Coll. for Girls; member Amer. Philos. Soc., Amer. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, and other societies.  Author Turkey, a Problem of Today; The Newspaper Man, and many articles.

Married May 28, 1879, Sophia Wells, da. of Julius H. Royce, Albion, N. Y.

Address, 423 W. 117th St., N. Y. City.

2082. Winn, Thomas Clay.  S. of Rev. John (A. C. 1834) and Mary Colton (Brown), b. Flemington, Ga., Je. 29, 1851.  D. D., A. C., 1910.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Henry (Ill.) Acad.; Knox Coll., 1869-72; A. C., 1872-73.  McCormick T. S. Chicago, Ill., 1873-74; Union T. S., 1874-76; ordained, S. 19, 1877; p. Yokohama, Japan, 1877-79; Kanazawa, Kaga, Japan, 1879-98; Osaka, Japan, 1898-.

Married (1) S. 20, 1877, Eliza C., da. of Silas Willard; (2) Mch. 31, 1917, Florence Julia Bigelow, Batavia, N. Y.  Ch. Mary C. (Barr); Willard B. (d.); George H.; Julia K. (Erdman); Merle C.

Address, 43 W. Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia, Penn.

2083. *Woods, David Hatheway.  S. of James L., [b.] Elmira, N. Y., Mch. 7, 1850.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared with Prof. W. E. Roe, Elmira, N. Y. and Alfred Acad.  Studied law with father, 1873-74; went to Col., 1874; Jacksonville, Fla., 1875.  D. Elmira, N. Y., Je. 6, 1875.


*Barbour, John Humphrey.
Beardsley, Henry Welles.
*Biggam, Henry.
*Bliss, Edward Penniman.
Cristy, Austin Phelps.
*Deady, Charles Lincoln.
*Dodge, Roger Everett.
*Edmond, George Wishart.
*Farnsworth, Willis Andrew.  S. of Andrew A. and Sarah Thayer (Field), b. Aug. 2, 1849.  Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H.; A. C., 1869-70.  Taught, 1870-71; in clothing business, 1872-82; broker, 1883-92; farmer, 1893-99; broker Boston, 1900-21.  D. O. 22, 1921.
*Field, Edwin Fayette.
Gray, Thomas John.
*Hale, George William.
Hall, William Hutchins.
Hart, Arthur Burdett.
Hayward, James.
*Hersey, Ellis Tristram.
*Hoyt, James Humphrey.
Jefferson, Austin Willis.  S. of Benjamin P., b. S. 20, 1843.  Registered from Parishville, N. Y.  A. C., 1870-73.  Address, unknown.
*Jenckes, Charles Valentine.  S. of Leavens and Esther (Kelly), b. Killingly, Conn., Jan. 24, 1850.  A. C., 1869.  D. O. 11, 1870.
Johnson, Herbert Maurice.
Lawrie, Alvah Kittredge.
*McKechnie, John Darien.
Parsons, John.
*Pease, George Loren.
*Slattery, William.
*Smith, Matthias Norremaker.
*Thompson, Jacob George.
*Torrey, James Humphrey.
*Torrey, William James.  Registered from Collamer, O.  A. C., 1872.  D. a few weeks after admission.
*Woodbridge, John.
*Woodman, Clarence Eugene Sargent.
*Woodman, Russell.

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