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Amherst College Class of 1870
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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1871. *Adams, Joseph Henry.  S. of Benjamin and Luthera (Wheeler), b. hadley, Aug. 11, 1845.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Traveled in Europe, 1871-72; taught Orange, N. J., 1872-74; Saratoga, N. Y., 1874-76; Williston Sem., 1876-78; Academic Prep. Dept. Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1881-88; statistician N. Y. City Elevated St. Ry., 18(?)-99; resided Bernardston and various places in Vt., 1899-1920.  D. Northampton, Mch. 15, 1920.

1872. *Ames, Charles Henry.  S. of Nathan Plummer and Elvira (Coffin), b. Boscawen, N. H., F. 5, 1847.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H.  With Stedman, Brown & Lyon, publishers, Boston and Philadelphia, 1870-72; Samuel Ward & Co., stationers, Boston, 1872-74; also agent for James R. Osgood & Co., Boston, 1873-74; gen. agent educ. dept., L. Prang & Co., Boston, 1875-82; sec. and member Prang Educational Co., 1882-88; sec. and director D. C. Health & Co., Boston, 1888-1911.  Member Amer. Hist. Assoc; Amer. Econ. Assoc.; Amer. Ornithological Union; Amer. Forestry Assoc; etc.  Wrote many pamphlets and articles for philosophical journals.  D. Boston, S. 9, 1911.

Married S. 21, 1887, Henrietta Burton, da. of Myron A. Hunt, Lakeview, Ill.  4 ch.  Charles B. (A. C. 1916); Laurence C. (A. C. ex 1919).

1873. *Averill, James Olney.  S. of Lewis and Hannah (Burton), b. Pompfret, Conn., F. 6, 1848.  M. A., A. C., 1873; Harvard, 1874.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Roxbury Latin School.  Taught Holbrook & Bartlett's Military School, Sing Sing, N. Y., 1870-71; Riverview Military Acad., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1871-73; studied Harvard, 1873-74; prin. Leicester Acad., 1874-75; Union T. S., 1875-78; ordained Flushing, L. I., Je. 17, 1879 and p. Cong. Ch. there, 1879-81; Rockaway, N. J., 1881-86.  D. Rockaway, N. J., D. 16, 1886.

Married N. 24, 1880, Julia A., da. of Willima Phillips, Flushing, L. I.

1874. *Blake, Azro Lewis.  S. of Lewis and Mary Jane (Bostin), b. Stockholm, N. Y., Ap. 22, 1846.

Prepared Lawrenceville (N. Y.) Acad.  Union T. S., 1870-72; in partnership with father in manufacture of shingles and clapboards, later of potato starch and in raising of hops, Nicholville, N. Y.; Albany L. S., 1900-; admitted to bar, 1902; practised Massena, N. Y., 2 yrs.; Lake Placid, N. Y.  D. Plattsburg, N. Y., N. 7, 1908.

Married (1) D. 5, 1870, Bessie D., da. of David S. Cowles, Hadley, who d., Ap. 4, 1888; (2) N. 3, 1891, Ella, da. of Mark White, Nicholville, N. Y.  6 Ch.

1875. *Bradley, Arthur Crossman.  S. of Jonathan Dorr and Susan Mina (Crossman), b. Brattleboro, Vt., S. 13, 1849.  LL. B., Columbia, 1872; M. A., A. C., 1873.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Burnside Military School, Brattleboro, Vt.  Columbia L. S., 1870-72; admitted to N. Y., Mass., N. H. and Vt. bars; in law office Edmund Burke, Newport, N. H., 1872-73; patent lawyer N. Y. City, 1873-78; with Bradley White Lead Co., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1878-89; retired and resided Brooklyn, N. Y. and Newport, N. H., 1889-1911.  Member N. H. Constitutional Convention, 1903; director 1st Nat. Bank, Newport, N. H.; chairman Newport Board of Health, many yrs.  Life member London Soc. of Psychical Research; Amer. Assoc. Advancement Science; Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences; fellow Amer. Geog. Soc.; member Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist.; Sons of Amer. Revolution; Entomological Soc. of Ontario.  D. Newport, N. H., N. 2, 1911.

Married Ap. 16, 1881, Lucy Elisabeth, da. of Daniel Nettleton, Newport, N. H.

1876. *Choate, Washington.  S. of David and Elizabeth (Wade), b. Essex, Jan. 17, 1846, D. D., A. C., 1892.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Taught Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1870-73; Union T. S. , 1873-75; ordained Manchester, N. H., S. 29, 1875 and p. Franklin St. Ch. there, 1875-76; w. c. 1876-79; s. s. Presb. Ch., Irvington, N. Y., 1879-80 and p. 1881-88; 2nd Cong. Ch., Greenwich, Conn., 1888-91; 3rd sec. Amer. Home Miss'y Soc., N. Y. City, 1891-1907; prof. Theological Dept. Talladega Coll., Ala., 1907-09; r. Essex, 1909-18.  D. Essex, Ap. 21, 1918.

Married S. 21, 1875, Grace Richards, da. of James H. Whiton, Boston, who d. Ap. 18, 1908.  Ch. Miriam F.; Margaret K.; Helen A.; and two other daughters.

1877. *Coburn, Francis Fordyce.  S. of Fordyce and Lorraine (Breed), b. Lowell, N. 4, 1849.  Chi Psi.

Prepared Lowell H. S.  Civil engineer Illinois Central R. R., 1871-77; prin. Franklin Grammar School, Lowell, 1878-80; asst. master Lowell H. S., 1880-83, prin., 1883-97; State Normal School, Lowell, 1897-1908.  D. Lowell, F. 11, 1908.

Married N. 28, 1871, Mary S., da. of Horace Ward, Amherst, who d. Je. 19, 1898.  2 s.

1878. *Dane, Myron Benjamin.  S. of George and Julia (Nutting), b. E. Whately, Je. 7, 1848.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Mobile, Ala.  Taught Mobile, Ala., 1870.  D. Mobile, Ala., O. 12, 1870.

1879. *Daniels, Charles Herbert.  S. of William P. and Hepsey Ann (Stark), b. Lyme, N. J., Jy. 6, 1847.  D. D., A. C., 1892.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Worcester H. S.  Union T. S., 1870-73; ordained Montague, N. 20, 1873 and p. there, 1873-77; Vine St. Cong. Ch., Cincinnati, O., 1877-83; 2nd Parish Ch., Portland, Me., 1883-88; dist. sec. A. B. C. F. M., Boston, 1893-1903; p. Grace Cong. Ch., So. Framingham, 1903-10; retired and resided Wellesley, 1910-14.  Trustee Central Turkey Coll.; Jaffna Coll., India.  D. Wellesley, Aug. 3, 1914.

Married (1) D. 23, 1873, Charlena C., da. of Loammi Harrington, Worcester, who d. Jan. 1, 1880; (2) May 28, 1884, Mary L., da. of Charles Underwood, Tolland, Conn.  Ch. Anna L.; Margarette; Agnes C.; 2 d. in infancy.

1880. Davenport, Henry Adolphus.  S. of William D. and Clarissa Ann (Rockwell), b. Stamford, Conn., Mch. 26, 1845.  M. A., A. C., 1875.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1865-66, 1867-69; B. A., 1873.  Union T. S., 1869-70, 1871-73; ordained Je. 18, 1873; church miss'y Alexander Chapel, N. Y. City, 1873-78; p. People's Presb. Ch., Bridgeport, Conn., 1878-.

Married S. 29, 1874, Elizabeth M., da. of John Enright, N. Y. City.  Ch. Harry; William E.; May O.; Babe.

Address, 36 Laurel Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.

1881. *Dudley, William Aldrich.  S. of Charles and Clara D. (Wilmarth), b. Providence, R. I., D. 7, 1847.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Providence (R. I.) H. S.; Brown, 1865-67; A. C. 1867-68, 1869-70.  Member Dudley, Steere and Parkhurst, dry goods and woolens, Providence, R. I., 1870-86; retail dry goods business Marlboro, 1886-98; bookkeeper Allen Fire Dept. Supply Co., Providence, R. I., 1898-1902; city auditor Marlboro, 1902-09.  D. Marlboro, F. 25, 1909.

Married N. 19, 1872, Jennie Louise, da. of John C. Church, Providence, R. I.  9 Ch.  Frank C. (A. C. 1900); William C. (A. C. ex 1901); Henry A. (A. C. 1908).

1882. *Eaton, George Howard.  S. of Henry F. and Anna L. (Boardman), b. St. Stephen, N. B., Mch. 14, 1848.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Lumber business Calais,Me., 1870-1913, part of time as member H. F. Eaton & Sons.  Trustee Bangor T. S.; vice-president Amer. S. S. Union; trustee Calais (Me.) Acad.; Calais Public Library; president Internatioonal Trust and Banking Co.; member Maine Senate several terms, and House of Representatives, 1901-02.  D. Boston, Jy. 9, 1913.

Married Aug. 22, 1871, Elizabeth W., da. of James W. Boyden, Austin, Nev. Ch. George D. (A. C. ex 1897); Elizabeth B. (m. Gates Barnard); John B. (A. C. ex 1900); Harris D.; Anna L.; Miriam B.; Alice N.; Louis W.

1883. *Fowle, James Luther.  S. of Luke and Eliza (Richardson), b. Woburn, D. 29, 1847.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Woburn H. S.  Asst. prin. N. Y. Juvenile Asylum, N. Y. City, 1870; with firm Fowle, Hibbard & Co., Boston, 1870-71; submaster Waltham H. S., 1871-75; Andover T. S., 1875-78; ordained Jy. 3, 1878; miss'y A. B. C. F. M., Caesarea, Turkey, 1878-1911; in ill health Auburndale, 1911-17.  D. Newton Lower Falls, May 16, 1917.

Married Aug. 29, 1878, Carole P., da. of Wilson A. Farnsworth, Caeserea, Turkey, who d. D. 26, 1917.  Ch. Mary C. (d.); Charles W.; Theodore W.; Luther R.; Hubert W.; Eleanor F.; Wilson F.

1884. Goodrich, George Eastman.  S. of Milo and Eunice A. (Eastman), b. Dryden, N. Y., D. 12, 1847.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Dryden Acad., and Cortland Acad., Homer, N. Y.  Studied law with father, Dryden, N. Y., 1870-73; admitted to bar, 1877; lawyer Dryden, N. Y., 1877-.

Married D. 21, 1874, Grace L., da. of Luther Griswold, Dryden, N. Y.  Ch. Luther G.; Milo; Grace E. (m. Joseph Oliver); Georgia (m. William N. Dean, Jr.); Florence.

Address, Dryden, N. Y.

1885. *Graves, Samuel Lawrence.  S. of John Jackson and Lucy (Pollard), b. Groton, Jy. 18, 1847.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Lawrence Acad., Groton.  Studied law with Wood & Torrey, Fitchburg, 1870-73; admitted to bar, Jan., 1873; lawyer Fitchburg, 1873-; mayor Fitchburg, 1890-. Member school board, 1874-79.  D. Fitchburg, D. 30, 1925.

Married D. 5, 1878, Mary Elizabeth, da. of James B. Lane, Fitchburg.

1886. Harrington, Charles Loammi.  S. of Loammi and Caroline (Goodale), b. Paxton, Mch. 9, 1847.  M. A., A. C., 1895.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Worcester H. S.  Taught Greenfield, 1870-74; prin. Winchester H. S., 1874-81; prof. of physics and civil engineering M. A. C., 1881-82; headmaster Shattuck School, Faribault,Minn., 1882-; Sach's Collegiate Institute, N. Y. City, 18(?)-1904; supervisor of lectures Brooklyn Inst. of Arts and Sciences, 1904-09; public lecturer on science subjects, 1909-; also church organist, N. Y. City.  Member 42nd Regt. M. V. M., Alexandria, Va., 1864.  Wrote Grammar School Physics, and High School Arithmetic.

Married Ap. 13, 1871, Harriet Frances, da. of Horace Ward, Amherst.

Address, 520 W. 114th St., N. Y. City.

1887. *Howland, Samuel Whittlesey.  S. of Rev. William Ware (A. C. 1841) and Susan (Reed), b. Jaffna, Ceylon, Mch. 4, 1848.  M. A., A. C., 1876; D. D., A. C., 1890.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Union T. S., 1870-73; ordained Conway, May 7, 1873; miss'y A. B. C. F. M., Oodoopitty, Ceylon, 1873-88; president Jaffna Coll., Ceylon, 1888-96; in charge of 54th St. Mission of Dutch Reformed Ch., N. Y. City, 1897-1900; prof. of metaphysics Talladega Coll., Ala., 1900-03; prof. of Greek and Hebrew Atlanta T. S., 1903-10; prof. emeritus, 1910-12.  Member Oriental Soc., N. Y. City.  D. Atlanta, Ga., Ap. 6, 1912.

Married (1) Ap. 29, 1873, Mary E. K., da. of William Richardson, Brooklyn, N. Y., who d. N. 17, 1903; (2) S. 25, 1906, Ella L., da. of Seth Deane, Middleboro.  Bro. William S. (A. C. 1870); Edward (A. C. ex 1874); John (A. C. 1876); Henry M. (A. C. 1882); David B. (A. C. 1883).

1888. *Howland, William Southworth.  S. of Rev. William Ware (A. C. 1841) and Susan (Reed), b. Jaffna, Ceylon, Jy. 8, 1846.  M. A., A. C., 1876.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Andover T. S., 1870-73; ordained Conway, May 7, 1873; miss'y A. B. C. F. M., Mandapasalai, Madura District, India, 1873-86.  D. Auburndale, Mch. 7, 1887.

Married Je. 19, 1873, Mary Louisa, da. of Charles Carpenter, Monson, who d. Mch. 5, 1887.  1 s., 2 da.  [Possibly the father of William C. (A. C. 1897).]  Bro. Samuel W. (A. C. 1870); Edward (A. C. ex 1874); John (A. C. 1876); Henry M. (A. C. 1882); David B. (A. C. 1883).

1889. *Hunt, Myron Winslow.  S. of Phineas Rice and Abigail Eliza (Nims), b. Madras, India, D. 5, 1846.  M. A., A. C., 1876; M. D., Mo. Med. Coll., 1880.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Union T. S., 1870-73; ordained Brooklyn, N. Y., Je. 27, 1873; miss'y A. B. C. F. M., Pau-ting-fu, China, 1873-76; w. c. Norwalk, O. and Cuthbert, Ga., 1876-78; a. p. Cong. Ch., Centralia, Kans., 1878-79; Missouri Med. Coll., St. Louis, Mo., 1879-80; physicial Falls City, Neb., 1880-81.  D. Falls City, Neb., Aug. 10, 1881.

Married May 28, 1873, Laura Amelia, da. of Orsamus A. White, Norwalk, O.  3 Ch.

1890. *Ives, Joel Stone.  S. of Rev. Alfred Eaton and Harriet Platt (Stone), b. Colebrook, Conn., D. 5, 1847.  B. D., Yale, 1874; M. A., A. C., 1873.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Castine (Me.) H. S.  Taught W. Meriden, Conn., 1870-71; Yale T. S., 1871-74; ordained E. Hampton, Conn., S. 29, 1874 and p. there, 1874-82; Stratford, Conn., 1884-99; sec. and treasurer Miss. Soc. of Conn., 1899-1914; registrar and treasurer Nat. Council of Cong. Churches, 1901-14; w. c., 1914-.  D. Meriden, Conn., Jan. 21, 1924.

Married Jy. 15, 1874, Emma Sarah, da. of Joel Ives Butler, Meriden, Conn.  Ch. Anne E.; Joel B.; Dwight S.  Bro. Alfred Eaton (A. C. 1868).

1891. *Lyon, Appleton Park.  S. of Oliver and Cassandra (Park), b. Springfield, Penn., Je. 12, 1840.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Normal School, Lebanon, O.; Brown, 1866-68; A. C., 1868-70.  Union T. S., 1870-73; private tutor N. Y. City, 1873-1900; r. Mount Vernon, N. Y., 1900-01.  Wrote Pictorial Cyclopaedia of Plants.  D. Mount Vernon, N. Y., N. 27, 1901.

Married Ap. 18, 1882, Adele, da. of Edward De Leon, N. Y. City.  2 s.

1892. Marsh, Francis Jewett.  S. of Eliezer Jewett and Martha (Baker), b. Groton, F. 19, 1849.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Leominster H. S.  Prof. of classics and English Peekskill (N. Y.) Acad., 1870-71; prin. Derby Acad., Hingham, 1871-72; Yale T. S., 1872-73; Andover T. S., 1873-75; a. p. 1st Cong. Ch. Upton, 1875=3D76; ordained Upton, Jan. 26, 1876 and p. there,, 1876-81; Walpole, 1881-93; supt. of schools for N. E. Cong. S. S. & Publishing Soc., Boston, 1893-1906; retired.

Married D. 12, 1912, Mary Prentis Manning Douglas.

Address, 40 No. Main St., Upton, Mass.

1893. *Miller, Albert Barnes.  S. of Rev. Jeremiah (A. C. 1831) and Ellen (Tyler), b. Mt. Joy, Penn., Je. 2, 1845.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Westchester Acad., Penn. Jefferson Med. Coll., Philadelphia, Penn., 1871.  D. Je. 7, 1871.

1894. *Miller, Joseph Edward.  S. of Edward C. and Elizabeth W. (Smith), b. Springfield, D. 24, 1846.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Teacher of Latin and mathematics Monson Acad., 1870-71; prin. So. Hadley H. S., 1871-73; studied and traveled in Europe, 1873-74; taught Montpelier (Vt.) H. S., 1874-77; state agent D. Appleton & Co., Portland, Me., 1877-86.  D. So. Hadley, S. 13, 1886.

Married N. 25, 1875, Adelia S., da. of Martin W. Burnette, So. Hadley.  3 ch.  Harry B. (A. C. 1901).

1895. *Mosman, William Dexter.  S. of Dexter Fay and Louisa Augusta (Evans), b. Chicopee, Aug. 31, 1842.  M. A., A. C., 1876; B. D., Yale, 1876. Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Chicopee H. S. and with Josiah Clarke, Northampton.  City miss'y Scranton, Penn., 1870-71; gen. sec. Y. M. C. A., Scranton, 1871-72; Yale D. S., 1872-74, 1875-76; prof. of Latin and natural sciences Biddle U., Charlotte, N. C., 1876-77; ordained Charlotte, N. C., 1877; gen. supt. and miss'y p. City Missionary Assoc., New Haven, Conn., 1877-1915; p. emeritus, 1915-19.  Priv. Co. D 46th Regt. Mass. Vols., 18th Army Corps, 1862; with U. S. Sanitary Commission, Washington, D. C., 1864-65; clerk chief U. S. Commission, City Point, Va., 1865.  Founder Associated Charities, New Haven; and otehr charities.  D Madison, Conn., O. 13, 1919.

Married Aug. 3, 1875, Josephine Florence, da. of Dr. Warren P. Watrous, Mount Sterling, Ky.  Ch. Marion W. (d.); Grace L.; Eva E. (m. L. D. Stanton).

1896. *Neesima, Joseph Hardy.  S. of Tamige and Kotski Neesima, b. Yeddo, Japan, F. 15, 1843.  LL. D., A. C., 1889.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1868-70; B. S., 1870.  Andover T. S., 1870-74; ordained Boston, S. 24, 1874; miss'y, A. B. C. F. M., founder of and in charge of Doshisha Coll., Kyoto, Japan, 1874-90.  D. near Tokyo, Japan, Jan. 23, 1890.

Married Jan. 3, 1876, Yage Yamamoto.  Life and Letters of Joseph H. Neesima, written by A. S. Hardy.

1897. *Noble, William Nelson.  S. of Nelson and Mary Jane (Pratt), b. Trumansburg, N. Y., Mch. 25, 1850.  LL. B., Columbia, 1872.

Prepared Trumansburg (N. Y.) Acad.; Williams, 1866-68; A. C., 1868-70.  Columbia L. S., 1870-72; admitted to bar,, N. 12, 1872; practised Ithaca, N. Y., 1872-1919.  D. Sayre, Penn., May 30, 1919.


1898. *Perry, William D.  S. of Oliver Hazard and Christina (Hall), b. Perryville, M. D., N. 1, 1845.

Prepared Cooperstown (N. Y.) Sem.; A. C., 1867-70.  Union T. S., 1870-72, 1873-74; studied Paris, France and Hanover, Germany, 1872-73; miss'y Madison Ave. Memorial Ch., N. Y. City, 1874-75; ordained by North Classis, L. I., Jan. 13, 1875 and p. St. John's Reformed Ch., Long Island City, N. Y., 1875; prin. Hudson (N. Y.) Acad., 1875-82; p. Reformed Dutch Ch. Greenport, N. Y., 1882-85; No. Reformed Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1885-88; Bedford Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888-89; Anderson Memorial Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1889-90; Christ Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890-1902; Grace Ch., N. Y. City, 1902-04; w. c. N. Y. City, 1904-10.  Co. F, 15th Regt., N. Y. Engrs., Petersburg and Richmond, Va., 1864-65.  D. Je. 20, 1910.

Married N. 24, 1875, Katharine Wilson, da. of John White, N. Y. City.  Ch. Katharine M. (d.); Helen C.; Mabel P.

1899. *Porter, Harvey.  S. of John H. and Elizabeth (Lamb) Morse, adolpted s. of Nelson Porter, Huntington, b. Shelburne Falls, Jy. 27, 1844.  Ph. D., A. C., 1892; D. D., Syrian Prot. Coll., 1920.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Prin. Amherst H. S., 1869-70; ordained Westfield, 1880; tutor Syrian Prot. Coll., Beirut, Syuria, 1870-72; prof. of mental science and history, 1872-1914; prof. emeritus, 1914-.  Priv. 46th Mass. Vols.  Fellow Royal Numismatic Soc., London.  Wrote Ancient History in Arabic; Arabic - Eng. and Eng. - Arabic Dictionary; articles on archaelogy and on numismatics.  D. Beirut, Syria, Jan. 12, 1923.

Married Aug. 8, 1872, Julia J., da. of Rev. J. H. Bisbee, Westfield.  Ch. Gertrude E. (m. William H. Hall).

1900. *Rice, Hugh Brown.  S. of Charles A. and Amanda M. (Gaines), b. Eden's Ridge, Tenn., O. 6, 1845.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared East Tenn. U.; A. C., 1867-70.  Auburn T. S., 1870-71; studied privately, 1871-73; ordained Washburn, Ill., F. 5, 1873 and a. p. there, 1872-73; p. Church of Christ, Rock Island, Ill., 1873-75; San Francisco, Cal., 1875-76; Oakland, Cal., 1876-80; agent Oceanic Steamship Co., and Thomas Cook & Son, Pasadena, Cal., 1880-1905.  Wrote for religious publications and published monthly paper The Last Trump, also Information and Hints to Travellers.  D. Los Angeles, Cal., O. 31, 1905.

Married Mch. 24, 1872, Sadie G., da. of John W. Edwards, Whitley's Creek, Ill.   6 Ch.

1901. *Richardson, John Peabody.  S. of Henry and Eliza (Peabody), b. Dracut, F. 18, 1845.  M. A., A. C., 1873; B. D., Andover T. S., 1879.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Lowell H. S.  Taught Berlin, Conn., 1870-71; Flatbush, L. I., 1871; Talladega Coll., Ala., 1872-75; Andover T. S., 1875-78; a. p. Lawrenceville, N. Y., 1879-81; p. Sodus, N. Y., 1881-; Cong. Ch., Rindge, N. H., 1891-98; Dracus, 1898-1901; Alstead and Langdon, N. H., 1901-05; Presby. Ch., New Boston, N. H., 1905-09; Dighton, 1909-16; Canterbury, Conn., 1917-18; Griswold, Conn., 1918-. D. Dorchester, Mch. 16, 1926.

Married Jy. 12, 1876, Sarah Ellen, da. of James Brooks, Dunkirk, N. Y.  Ch. James H.; Harriet M. (d.); Ernest B. (d.); Royal P. (A. C. ex 1905); Viva F.; Vera R. (d.).

1902. *Seaver, George Washington.  S. of Joseph and Abigail E. (Parker), b. Pomfret, Vt., Je. 1, 1846.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H.; A. C., 1865-66, 1867-70.  Taught Cavendish, Vt., and Chester, 1866-67; agent for publishing house, N. Y. City, 1870.  D. at sea, O. 20, 1870.

1903. *Sprague, William Parmelee.  S. of Theodore and Emily (Canfield), b. E. Bloomfield, N. Y., Je. 20, 1843.

Prepared Genesee Wesleyan Sem., Lima, N. Y.; Hamilton, 1866-67; A. C., 1867-70.  Yale D. S., 1870-72; Andover T. S., 1872-73; ordained New Haven, Conn., May 8, 1873; miss'y A. B. C. F. M., Kalgan, No. China, 1874-1910; r. Shortsville, N. Y., 1910-19.  D. Shortsville, N. Y., F. 9, 1919.

Married (1) Jy. 18, 1873, Margaret S., da. of George Henderson, Philadelphia, Penn., who d. Jan. 2, 1891; (2) S. 30, 1893, Viette I., da. of Hiram Brown, Shortsville, N. Y.  Ch. Arthur.

1904. Stanton, John Gilman.  S. of John and Sophia (Cook), b. New Orleans, La., D. 25, 1848.  M. D., Wurzburg, Bavaria, 1873.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Studied medicine Gottiagen, Berlin and Wurzburg, Germany, 1870-73; visiting physician Boston Dispensary, 1874-76; surgeon to outpatients Boston City HJospital, 1876-77; physician and surgeon New London, Conn., 1877-; acting asst. surgeon U. S. Public Health Service, 1896-1920.  Member New London board of school visitors, 25 yrs.; Conn. State board of education; chairman trustees New London Public Library; president Memorial and Lawrence Associated Hospitals; New London Civic Assoc.; Conn. State Med. Soc.; trustee New London Vocational School.  Member Conn. State Council of Defense and chairman New London Co. Division.

Married O. 13, 1875, Elizabeth S., da. of James Cooper, Amherst.  Ch. Alice C. (m. Harrison T. Sheldon).

Address, Thames Club, New London, Conn.

1905. *Sterling, George.  S. of Samuel B. and Minerva (Beard), b. New Milford, Conn., Jy. 27, 1842.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Union School, Schenectady, N. Y.; Union, 1866-68; A. C. 1868-70.  Union T. S., 1870-72; Andover T. S., 1872-73; a. p. Grattan and Smyrna, Mich., 1873-74; ordained Wayland, Mich., D. 8, 1874 and a. p. there, 1874-75; Staceyville, Ia., 1875-76; Lenora, Minn., 1876-78; Higganum, Conn., 1878-80; Templeton, 1880-81; p. Milton, N. H., 1881-; W. Glover, Vt., 18(?)-87; No. Hyde Park, Vt., 1887-88; Berkeley, 1890-92; Manomet, 1893-96; Windsor, 1896-1901.  D. Windsor, N. 26, 1901.

Married O. 20, 1874, Lovina, da. of Uriah Reed, Alford.  1 ch.

1906. *Sutherland, George Eaton.  S. of Samuel W. and Amy (Smith), b. Burlington, N. Y., S. 14, 1843.  M. A., A. C., 1879.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared W. Winfield (N. Y.) Acad. and Prep. Dept. Ripon Coll., Wis.; Ripon Coll., 1866-68; A. C., 1868-70.  Studied law with Judge Willard and Roscoe Conkling, Utica, N. Y. and Columbia L. S., admitted to bar, Oshkosh, Wis., S. 1, 1871; to Superior Court, Jy. 31, 1872; lawyer Ripon, Wis., 1871-74; Fond du Lac, Wis., 1874-75; Minneapolis, Minn., 1885-86; Milwaukee, Wis., 1886-99.  City attorney Ripon, Wis., 1872; member Wisconsin Senate, 1880-82; judge of supreme court Milwaukee Co., Wis., 1897-99.  Enlisted Battery A, 1st Regt. N. Y. Artillery, 1862; Capt. Co. B, 13th Regt. Heavy Artillery U. S. C. I., 1864; on staff of Gens. Palmer and Burbin, and on Court Martial and Military Commission, 1864-65.  D. Chicago, Ill., S. 13, 1899.

Married May 4, 1871, Elizabeth A., da. of Hiram H. Merrell, Kirkland, N. Y., who d. May 8, 1898.  Ch. Amy M.; Agnes M.

1907. Swift, William Henry.  S. of Isaac and Rebecca (Dimmick), b. Geneva, N. Y., F. 2, 1848.  D. D., Lafayette, 1902.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Unionville (N. Y.) Acad.  Union T. S., 1870-73; ordained Wilkes-Barre, Penn., May 7, 1874 and p. Presb. Ch. there, 1874-84; Honesdale, Penn., 1884-1920; p. emeritus, 1921-.  Moderator Presbytery of Lackawanna; chairman Synodical home miss'y Miss'y Com., 25 yrs. Chaplain 13th Regt. Nat. Guard, 5 yrs.

Married (1) N. 20, 1873, Eliza J., da. of James Watson, N. Y. City, who d. Aug. 25, 1902; (2) Je. 7, 1904, Emma C. Ward, Honesdale, Penn.  Ch. Bessie E.; Edith K.; William H. (A. C. 1902); Henry H. S. (d.); Walter R.; Grace (d.); Katrina D.

Address, Honesdale, Penn.

1908. *Thurston, John Baldwin.  S. of James Tottingham and Fannie (Witherell), b. Montpelier, Vt., F. 10, 1849.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Washington Co. Grammar School, Montpelier, Vt.  Clerk National Life Insurance Co., Montpelier, 1870-78; actuary same co., 1878-85, also supt. of schools, Montpelier, 1875-77.  D. Sandwich, N. 18, 1886.

Married (1) N. 28, 1872, Lucy, da. of Benjamin G. Fiske, Bethel, Vt., who d. S. 29, 1844; (2) Aug. 18, 1881, Mrs. Ruth B. Roafe, da. of Jacob S. Smith, Boston, 2 s.

1909. *Tilton, George Henry.  S. of William Wells and Sara Ann (Morrill), b. Nashua, N. H., Jan. 31, 1845.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Delta Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Andover T. S., 1870-73; ordained Hopkinton, N. H., Je. 4, 1873; organized Cent. Cong. Ch., Attleboro Falls, 1874 and p., 1874-75; a. p. Wolfboro, N. H., 1876-77; Rehoboth, 1878-82 and p., 1882-; Lancaster, N. H., 1893-; Woburn, 1897-.  Wrote A Memorial of Marshall Henshaw (A. C. 1845); The Fern Lover's Companion; etc.  D. Melrose, Jan. 8, 1926.

Married Je. 6, 1876, Ella Minerva, da. of Thomas S. Mann, Providence, R. I.  Ch. Leila (m. C. W. Harrington); Clara E. (m. Harry W. Clark); George H. (d.).

1910. *Titsworth, Adoniram Judson.  S. of Isaac D. and Hannah Ann  (Sheppard), b. Shiloh, N. J., O. 23, 1845.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Alfred (N. Y.) Acad.  Union T. S., 1870-73; ordained Westfield, Je. 4, 1873 and p. terhe, 1873-78; 1st Cong. Ch., Chelsea, 1878-83; Milwaukee, Wis., 1883-1910; p. emeritus, 1910-19.  Chaplain National Soldier's home miss'y, Milwaukee, 7 yrs.  Ship's writer U. S. S. Grand Gulf, 1864-65.  D. Daytona, Fla., Ap. 9, 1919.

Married S. 23, 1873, Julia Ellen, da. of William H. Van Duzer, Horseheads, N. Y.  Ch. Susan S.; Henry H. (A. C. 1897); Godfrey V. D. (A. C. 1902); Julia; Judson (A. C. 1907).  Bro. Wardner C. (A. C. 1870).

1911. *Titsworth, Wardner Carpenter.  S. of Isaac D. and Hannah Ann  (Sheppard), b. Shiloh, N. J., O. 3, 1848.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Alfred (N. Y.) Acad.  Taught Albion, Wis. and Shiloh, N. J., 1870-72; Union T. S., 1872-73, 1875-77; asst. prin. Westerly (R. I.) H. S., 1873-75; ordained New Market, N. J., May 29, 1877; p. Seventh Day Bapt. Ch., Farina, Ill, 1877-81; Ashaway, R. I., 1881-83; Alfred Center, N. Y., 1883-88, also prof. of Latin, Alfred U., 1887; contributing ed. Sabbath Recorder, Sisco, Fla., 1888-92.  D. Dunellen, N. J., Ap. 24, 1892.

Married Mch. 26, 1879, Belle H., da. of H. W. Gisapey, Farina, Ill.  4 ch.  Bro. A. Judson (A. C. 1870).

1912. *Trow, Cornelius Gilman.  S. of Dr. Nathaniel G. and Catherine (Brooks), b. Buckland, Mch. 1, 1847.  M. A., A. C., 18 =3D63; M. D., Columbia, 1872.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Columbia M. S., 1870-72; practised Sunderland, So. Deerfield and Whately, 1872-1910.  Member Sunderland school board, 25 yrs.; trustee and treasurer Graves Library, Sunderland.  D. Sunderland, O. 7, 1910.

Married (1) Je. 5, 1872, Genevra A., da. of Samuel Shaw, Springfield, who d. F. 20, 1904; (2) Almira B., da. of Jehial H. Baker, Oakland, Cal.

1913. *Walker, Merritt Harvey.  S. of Harvey and Julia A. (White), b. Mashapaug, Conn., Mch. 28, 1850.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Eastman's Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1870-71; in wholesale and retail shoe business Montgomery, Ala., 1872-75; shoe manufacturer in firm of Newcomb and Walker, Elmira, N. Y., 1875-83; in real estate business Chicago, Ill., 1883-88.  D. Chicago, Ill., Je. 25, 1888.

Married Jy. 5, 1880, Sarah, da. of Asa Mills, Elmira, N. Y.  2 s.

1914. *Ward, Joseph Tyler.  S. of L. M. and Nancy S. (Hastings), b. Heath, May 6, 1844.

Prepared Dover (Ill.) Acad.  Studied law Princeton, Ill., 1 yr.; Ottawa, Ill., 1 yr.; admitted to bar, 1872; practised Clarkeville, Tex., 1872-73; Kaufman, Tex., 1873-82; Topeka, Kans., 1882-1906.  Co. G, 139th Ill. Inf., May 14, - O. 28, 1864.  D. Kansas City, Kans., D. 31, 1906.

Married D. 19, 1876, Mrs. Helen M. Field, da. of William Landon, Chicago, Ill., who d. S. 5, 1899.  Ch. Ralph L.

1915. *Watson, Charles Alonzo.  S. of Almanazar and Jennette M. (Hall), b. Oxford, N. Y., O. 5, 1848.  M. A., A. C., 1873.

Prepared Oxford (N. Y.) Acad.  Clerk in hardware store of Flagler & Pomroy, Lockport, N. Y., 1870-79.  D. near Cedar Keys, Fla., Mch. 19, 1879.

1916. *Watson, George Henry.  S. of Samuel and Diana B. (Harding), b. Sedgwick, Me., Aug. 1, 1847.  M. D., Albany Med. Coll., 1872.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Hebron (Me.) Acad. and No. Bridgton (Me.) Acad.  Jefferson Med. Coll., Philadelphia, Penn., 6 mos.; Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., 6 mos.; Albany Med. Coll., 1871-72; practised Canaseraga, N. Y., 1872-75; Halifax, 1875-83; Bridgewater, 1883-99; retired and resided Brooklyn, N. Y., 1900-07.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y. May 26, 1907.

Married D. 13, 1900, Alice W., da. of John M. Soule, Halifax.

1917. *White, George Holbrook.  S. of George N. and Mary A. (Chandler), b. Lawrence, May 2, 1848.  M. A., A. C., 1873.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Francestown (N. H.) Acad.  Prin. Hopkins Acad., Hadley, 1870-73; instructor in Latin and Greek A. C., 1873-76; prin. Prep. Dept. and prof. of ancient languages Oberlin Coll., 1876-93; in Europe, 1889-90.  D. Cleveland, O., Jy. 7, 1893.

Married N. 30, 1871, Laura J., da. of S. D. Billings, So. Deerfield.  3 ch.

1918. Wickes, William Kerr.  S. of William H. and Jane (Kerr), b. Sand Lake, N. Y., Mch. 31, 1848.  M. A., A. C., 1873; Ped. D., Syracuse, 1906.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Albany (N. Y.) Boys' Acad.  Taught Albany (N. Y.) H. S., 1870-71; Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, N. Y., 1873-74; prin. Watertown (N. Y.) H. S., 1874-; supt. of public schools Watertown, N. Y., 1877-; prin. Syracuse (N. Y.) H. S., 1892-1907; head of dept. of Expression Central H. S., Syracuse, N. Y., 1907-22; retired.  Historian-General Sons Amer. Revolution.  Four minute speaker, World War.  Wrote Manual of a Boys' Congress; ed. Manual of Patriotism; N. Y. State Constitution; Cooper's Last of the Mohicans and Carlyle's Burns.

Married S. 4, 1873, Mary E., da. of Samuel Rankin, Albany, N. Y.

Address, 325 Liberty St., Syracuse, N. Y.

1919. Winslow, Edward Clarke.  S. of William Bainbridge and Mary Lavina (Clarke), b. Sunderland, Aug. 24, 1845.  M. A., A. C., 1873; B. D., Yale, 1880.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Prin. Amherst H. S., 1870-72; Morgan School, Clinton, Conn., 1872-78; Yale D. S., 1878-80; s. s. Northford, Conn., 1879-80; Taylor Ch., New Haven, Conn., 1880-81; ordained N. 2, 1881; a. p. Galesburg, Mich., 1881-; taught Mt. Doma School, Amherst, 1895-99; agent N. E. home miss'y for Little Wanderers, Boston, 1899-.

Married Aug. 23, 1871, Sarah Arabelle, da. of William C. Sabin, Augusta, Mich.  Ch. Ruby B.

Address, 38 Westland Ave., Boston.

1920. *Wyman, Walter.  S. of Edward (A. C. 1835) and Elizabeth Francis (Hadley), b. St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 17, 1848.  M. D., St. Louis Med. Coll., 1873; M. A., A. C., 1889; LL. D. , Western U. of Penn., 1897; U. of Md., 1907; A. C., 1911.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared City U., St. Louis, Mo.  Taught St. Louis, Mo., 1870-71; St. Louis M. D., 1871-073; asst. physician St. Louis hospitals, 1873-075; surgeon Marine Hospital service, 1876-91, in charge of Marine Hospitals in St. Louis, Cincinnati, Baltimore and N. Y. City, and of Quarantine and Purveying Divisions, Marine Hospital Bureau, Washington, D. C.; supervising surgeon-general Marine Hospital Service, 1891-1902; surgeon-general of same and of Public Health, 1902-11.  President Amer. Public Health Assoc., 1902-03; Assoc. of Military Surgeons, 1904-05; 1st vice-president Amer. Med. Assoc., 1905-06; vice-president and acting president Amer. Nat. Red Cross, 1904; hon. member Imperial Soc. of Medicine of Constantinople; hon. fellow Amer. Assoc. of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Member Amer. Assoc. Advancement Science; Soc. for Physical Research; Amer. Soc. of Tropical Med.; and other medical and scientific socs.  Wrote many articles on public health and sanitation.  D. Washington, D. C., N. 21, 1911.


Abbe, James Terry.  S. of James, b. Windsor, Conn., Mch. 16, 1849.  Chi Psi.  A. C., 1866-67.  Merchant Springfield.
*Boake, Charles Adams.  S. of Robert B. and Lucy (Rigdon), b. Lebanon, O., O. 22, 1848.  Chi Psi.  Prepared Normal School, Lebanon, O.; A. C., 1866-68.  In real estate business Toledo, O.; civil engineer Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1880-.  Sergt. Civil War, 1864.  D. Sandusky, O., Mch. 16, 1915.
*Booth, Andrew George.  S. of Silas S., b. Goshen, N. H.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  A. C., 1866-68.  Lawyer San Francisco, Cal.  D. 1903.
Carey, Austin Phelps.  S. of Rev. Austin (A. C. 1837) and Catharine (Phelps), b. Sunderland, Je. 4, 1846.  A. C., 1866-68, 1869-70.  Freight agent Easter R. R.
Cooledge, Charles Edwin.  S. of Daniel C., b. Lowell, Aug. 16, 1847.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1866-67.  Andover T. S., 1867-70; p. Westminster; So. Manchester, Conn.  Address, 222 Emmons St., Franklin.
*Cutler, William Bullard.  S. of Simeon M. and Annie A. , b. vos, D. 13,1847.  M. D., Harvard, 1872.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1867-69.  Harvard M. S., 1869-72; asst. surgeon U. S. Navy, 1872; physician Boston, 1873-1909.  D. Boston, Mch. 5, 1909.
*Davis, Abraham Barker.  S. of Christy and Eleanor (Barker), b. Lynn, N. 25, 1849.  Chi Psi.  Prepared with private tutor Providence, R. I.; A. C., 1866-68.  Wool buyer San Francisco, Cal., 1868-.  Vice-president Alaska Douglas Gold Mining Co.; and many other mining concerns; directory Mercantile National Bank; Mercantile Trust Co.; North American Commercial Co.  D. ?
*Devereux, Hubert Kimball.  S. of Erskine, b. N. 18, 1846.  Registered from Castine, Me.  A. C., 1866-69.  D. Ap. 3, 1872.
Dixon, Brandt Van Blarcom.  S. of D. A., b. Patterson, N. J., F. 27, 1850.  M. A., Cornell, 1873; LL. D. , Southwestern U., 1891.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared City U., St. Louis, Mo.; A. C., 1866-68; grad. Cornell, 1870.  Prin. Grammar School, 1870-73; asst. prin. Central H. S., St. Louis, Mo., 1873-85; prin., 1885-87; president H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial Coll., 1887-1919; president emeritus, 1919-.  Address, 7513 Hampson St., New Orleans, La.
Douglas, Edwin.  S. of Daniel, b. Ap. 27, 1848.  Registered from St. Louis, Mo.  A. C., 1866-68; grad. Cornell, 1870.  Dairy farmer Pevely, Mo.
Dryden, Nathaniel Craig.  S. of John D. S., b. Palmyra, Mo., D. 17, 1850.  A. C., 1866-68; grad. St. Louis L. S. (Washington U.), 1870; practised St. Louis and Troy, Mo.  Sec. Revision Com., Mo. Legislature, 1879.
Keep, Charles Dwight.  S. of Dwight and Flavia Augusta (Woodworth), b. Lockport, N. Y., N. 22, 1840.  Prepared Union School, Lockport, N. Y.; A. C., 1866-68; Rochester U., 1868-70.  Reporter, ed. and jounalist Rochester and N. Y. City.
*Kendrick, Charles Franklin.  S. of B. F., b. S. 25, 1848.  Registered from Amherst.  A. C., 1866-67.  D. Jy. 8, 1867.
*Lynde, Wilfred Clarence.  S. of Alonzo V. and Julia S., b. Jan. 1, 1850.  Registered from Melrose.  A. C., 1866-69.  D. Melrose, O. 10, 1869.
*March, Charles Augustus.  S. of Rev. Daniel (A. C. ex 1838), b. Cheshire, Conn., N. 26, 1848.  A. C., 1866-68; U. of Penn., 1868-70.  Journalist Woburn.  Bro. Daniel (A. C., 1865); Frederick (A. C., 1867).  D. Washington, D. C., Ap. 24, 1922.
*Parker, Edward Llewellyn.  S. of Perry G. and Mary (Hamilton), b. Buffalo, N. Y., F. 24, 1851.  A. C., 1866-68; Cornell, 1868-71.  Lawyer Buffalo, N. Y., 1871-1902; teacher of law U. of Buffalo; treasurer Auto-Lock Clasp Co., 1902-11; retired.  D. Buffalo, N. Y., May 6, 1918.
Partridge, Alwyn Hammond.  B. Newton Lower Falls, Je. 3, 1848.  A. C., 1866-69.  In insurance business St. Louis, Mo.
*Seabury, George Henry.  S. of Elvira A., b. S. 20, 1846.  Registered from Chateaugay, N. Y.  A. C., 1866-67.  D., 1867.
*Shiere, Peter Benton.  S. of Peter Benton, b. Lorceine, France, Jan. 7, 1841.  Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H.; A. C., 1866-67; grad. Brown, 1870.  Andover T. S., 1870-71; Hartford T. I., 1871-73; a. p. Cong. Ch., Alden, Ia., 1873-74; ordained Maynard, N. 24, 1874 and p. there, 1874-75; Chatham, 1877-79; s. s. W. Somerville, 1870; grocer W. Somerville, 1879-1914.  D. W. Somerville, May 1, 1914.
Skeele, Edwin Albert.  S. of Edwin Albert, b. Ap. 14, 1848.  Registered from St. Louis, Mo.  A. C., 1866-68.  Journalist St. Louis, Mo.
Tupper, Gurdon De Wolfe.  S. of Samuel and Mary Ann (Bill), b. Hubbardston, Aug. 19, 1847.  Prepared Roxbury Latin School; A. C., 1866-67.
*Van Duzer, Jonas Sayre.  S. of William H. and Susan R. (Sayre), b. Horseheads, N. Y., D. 2, 1846.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Alfred U.; A. C., 1866-67.  Farmer Horseheads, N. Y.; ed. The Husbandman, 1875-79; supt. of schools Chemung Co., N. Y., 1873-76.  D. Horseheads, N. Y., Je. 14, 1918.
*Winchester, Walter Henry.  B. Malone N. Y., Mch. 21, 1844.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  A. C., 1866-67.  Grad. Albany L. S.; practised Fort Covington, N. Y.  D. Mch. 4, 1913.

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