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Amherst College Class of 1887
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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3037. Allen, Eugene Thomas.
3038. Alvord, Andrew Porter.
3039. Bigham, John.  S. of David and Nancy J. (King), b. Pittsburgh, Penn., Jan. 3, 1864.  M. A., A. C., 1890; B. D., Yale, 1892; Harvard, 1893; Ph. D., Harvard, 1894.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Pittsburgh (Penn.) H. S.  Taught Amherst H. S., 1886-87; Ottawa, Ill., 1887-88; prof. of Greek Ripon Coll., 1888-89; Yale D. S., 1889-92; studied philosophy, Harvard, 1892-94; ordained deacon, 1890; elder, 1895; instructor in philosophy U. of Mich., 1894-95; prof. of philosophy and systematic theology De Pauw U., 1895-98; literary work and private research in philosophy Ann Arbor, Mich., 1898-1900; with United States Glass Co., Pittsburgh, Penn., 1901-.  Wrote pamphlets on psychology, theology and sport.

Address, Emily St., by Halket, Pittsburgh, Penn.

3040. Bliss, William.  S. of Rev. Daniel (A. C. 1852) and Abby M. (Wood), b. London, England, N. 26, 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Boys' Acad., Albany, N. Y.  In newspaper work N. Y. City, 1887-; city ed. N. Y. Evening Mail, 18(?)-96; asst. managing ed., 1896-1901; dramatic ed., 1901-02; with N. Y. World, 1903-04; abroad, 1904-05; asst. manager Evening Mail, 1905-10; dramatic ed., 1910-11; in ill health, 1911-12; with N. Y. World, 1912-18; managing ed., Paris edition of Chicago Tribune, 1918-19; with N. Y. World, 1919-.  Bro. Frederick J. (A. C. 1880); Howard (A. C. 1882).

Address, The New York World, N. Y. City.

3041. Blodgett, Edward Dwight.
3042. Brough, Alexander.  S. of Alexander and Jane A. (Daudie), b. Glasgow, Scotland, Jan. 25, 1863.  LL. B., Columbia, 1889.

Prepared Providence (R. I.) H. S.; Brown, 1882-84; A. C., 1884-87.  Columbia L. S., 1887-89; admitted to N. Y. bar, Je., 1889; lawyer N. Y. City, 1889-.  City magistrate, judge of magistrates probation court and municipal term court, N. Y. City, 1916-; member N. Y. Assembly, 1907; State Senator, N. Y., 1909-10; Deputy Comptroller N. Y. City, 1914-16.

Married (1) N. 11, 1896, Emilie J., da. of John M. Schmid, Providence, R. I., who d. O. 30, 1902; (2) N. 17, 1917, Alice Southworth, Montclair, N. J.  Ch. John A.

Address, 41 Park Row, N. Y. City.

3043. Bryant, Seelye.
3044. Bulkley, Barry.
3045. Chase, Charles Amherst.
3046. *Chase, Edward Olcott.
3047. Conrad, William Orion.
3048. Davis, Albert Putnam.
3049. Dean, George Cooper.
3050. Dillingham, James Darius.
3051. *Dixon, Joseph La Mott.
3052. *Dutton, Charles Henry.
3053. Goddard, George Nelson.
3054. Hardy, Edwin Noah.
3055. *Harlow, Edward Jenkins.
3056. Harper, John Fletcher.
3057. Harriman, Frank Harley.
3058. Haskell, Nelson Cary.
3059. *Hayley, Herman Wadsworth.
3060. Haynes, George Henry.  S. of Henry Dunton and Eliza Marshall (Carter), b. Sturbridge, Mch. 20, 1866.  Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1893.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Hitchcock Free H. S., Brimfield.  Taught Worcester Poly. Inst., 1887-90; studied Johns Hopkins, 1890-93; prof. of history and economics Polytechnic Inst., Worcester, 1893-.  Trustee Hitchcock Free Acad., Brimfield; director and sec. Assoc. Charities of Worcester.  Assoc. legal advisor in draft registration, and speaker in Liberty Loan campaigns, World War.  Member Amer. Historical Assoc.; Amer. Political Science Assoc., and member of council, 1915-18; Amer. Antiquarian Soc.; Colonial Soc.  Wrote Representation and Suffrage in Massachusetts, 1620-1691; Representation in State Legislatures; The Election of Senators; and other works.

Married N. 4, 1903, Annie Bliss Chapman, Saybrook, Conn.

Address, Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass.

3061. Holton, Edward Payson.
3062. Howes, Alfred Francis.
3063. Hubbard, Louis Vaughan.
3064. *Hunt, John Savage.
3065. Johnson, Frederic Perley.  S. of Rev. A. H. and Anna L. (Arnold), b. Limington, Me., S. 3, 1865.  B. D., Andover T. S., 1891; M. A., A. C., 1898; B. A., U. of Cal., 1898.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Boston Latin School.  Taught Private School, Hartford, Conn., 1887-88; Andover T. S., 1888-91; U. of Berlin, Germany, on Seminary Fellowship, 1891-93; p. Ashburnham, 1893-96; student of Greek, Latin and pedagogy U. of Cal., 1897-98; vice-prin. Red Bluff Union H. S., Cal., 1898-99; prin. private school, Ferndale, Cal., 1899-1900; vice-prin. H. S., San Luis Obispo, Cal., 1900-03; co. supt. of schools, San Luis Obispo, Cal., 1903-07; prin. San Luis Obispo Grammar School, 1907; Union H. S., Boulder Creek, Cal., 1907-11; Hayward Union H. S., Cal., 1911-.

Married Jan. 12, 1895, Carolyn May Davidson, Temple, N. H.  Ch. Ruth S. (Mrs. Clement C. Troensegaard); Mary P.; Helen E.; Dorothy C.; Mabel M. (d.); Frederic A.; Alberta M.

Address, Hayward Union High School, Hayward, Cal.

3066. *Keating, John Thomas.  S. of Michael and Mary (Malone), b. Northampton, Jy. 20, 1864.

Prepared Northampton H. S.  Studied law with W. G. Bassett, Northampton, 1887-89; admitted to bar, 1889; practised Northampton, 1889-1909.  D. Northampton, Ap. 9, 1909.

Married S. 7, 1892, Annie L., da. of Michael Cooney, Northampton.

3067. Keene, Allen Alonzo.
3068. Kendrick, Arthur.  S. of Benjamin F. and Clarissa (Dodge), b. Nashua, N. H., Mch. 30, 1865.  M. A., Harvard, 1891.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Nashua (N. H.) H. S.  Instructor in sciences Leicester Acad., 1887-90; Harvard grad. school, 1890-93; asst. prof. of physics Worcester Polytechnic Inst., 1893-96; assoc. prof. of physics Rose Polytechnic Inst., Terre Haute, Ind., 1896-1902; student Göttingen U., Germany, 1899-1900; president International Equipment Co., manufacturing laboratory machinery, 1902-.  Alderman Newton, 1915-20.

Married Jan. 3, 1920, Mary Chaffin Childs, Newton.

Address, 45 Hunnewell Ave., Newton, Mass.

3069. *Knowlton, Junius Cecil.
3070. *Linehan, John Lacy.
3071. Magill, William Seagrove.
3072. Mallon, George Barry.  S. of Michael S. and Martha Elizabeth (Barry), b. Malone, N. Y., May 20, 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Franklin Acad., Malone, N. Y.  On Commercial Advertiser, 1887-88; on N. Y. Sun, 1888; asst. city ed., 1895-1902; city ed., 1902-12; assoc. publisher of Butterick Publishing Co., 1912-17; in banking N. Y. City, 1918-.  Director fusion campaign for mayor, N. Y., 1917.  State director publicity for War Savings Campaign for N. J., 1917-18; member Red Cross and Liberty Loan committees; mayor's Defense Committee.  Wrote many articles in magazines; ed. publications of Bankers Trust Co.

Married N. 19, 1895, Irene Stuyvesant, da. of William T. Black, N. Y. City.  Ch. Frances L.

Address, Bankers Trust Co., 16 Wall St., N. Y. City.

3073. *Mason, John James.
3074. *Merritt, Walter Eltinge.
3075. Mirick, George Alonzo.
3076. Murphey, Alonzo Miles.
3077. Nichols, Samuel French.  S. of George K. and Mary L. (Harrington), b. Grafton, D. 27, 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Grafton H. S.  Taught Franklin School, Germantown, Penn., 1887-88; Collins Classical School, Hartford, Conn., 1888-91; with General Electric Co., Chicago, Ill., 1891-94; electrical engineer and contractor Chicago, 1894-.  Member school board La Grange, Ill.; Western Soc. of Engineers.

Married O. 17, 1895, Mary James, da. of Arthur P. Forbes, St. Louis, Mo.  Ch. George L. (A. C. 1919); Arthur F.; Florence T.; Samuel H.

Address, 2139 Fulton St., Chicago, Ill.

3078. *Nourse, Willard Joslin.
3079. Palmer, Robert Manning.
3080. Pratt, Frederic Bayley.
3081. Record, Louis DeWitt.
3082. Rogers, Daniel Weston.
3083. Rogers, Edward Bruce.
3084. Rounds, Arthur Charles.
3085. Rounds, Ralph Stowell.
3086. Sanborn, Alvan Francis.
3087. Sedgwick, Arthur Henry.
3088. Sharp, Frank Chapman.
3089. Sibley, Charles Arthur.
3090. Smith, Bryant.
3091. *Stevens, Charles Benjamin.
3092. Struthers, Alfred Luther.
3093. *Thompson, Frederick Miner.  S. of Charles F. and Elizabeth (Cune), b. Brattleboro, Vt., O. 31, 1866.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Brattleboro (Vt.) H. S.  Taught Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1887.  D. Brooklyn, N. 25, 1887.

3094. *Thorp, Willard Brown.
3095. *Truslow, John Kidder.
3096. *Turtelot, Stephen J.
3097. Uchimura, Kanzo.  S. of Yoshiyuki and Yaso, b. Yedo [sic], Japan, Mch. 18, 1861.

Prepared Imperial Coll. of Agriculture, Sapporo, Japan, B. S. 1881; A. C., 1885-87; B. S.  Hartford T. S., 1887-88; taught Tokyo, Japan, 1888-91; Tai-Sei Gakkoran, Osaka, Japan, 1892-94; Kyoto, Japan, 1895-99; prin. Industrial School for Girls and ed. of a magazine, Tokyo, Japan, 1900-; independent Christian teacher.  Wrote The Diary of a Japanese Convert, and other books in English and in Japanese.

Married Jy. 31, 1889, Kazu Yokohama.  1 s.

Address, 919 Kashiwagi, Tokyo, Japan.

3098. White, George Abner.
3099. White, Walter Porter.
3100. Whitehill, Edwin Hunt.
3101. Whitmarsh, Willard Francis.
3102. Whitney, William Belcher.
3103. Willard, Thomas Clifton.
3104. Wood, Howard Ogden.


Benjamin, Frank Everett.
Call, Arthur Bradley.
Chapin, Wallace Torry.
Foye, Lewis Alden.
*Hale, Cyrus King.  S. of Cyrus King and Alice Little (Hale), b. Boston, Jan. 24, 1867.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Newburyport H. S.; A. C., 1883-87.  D. Newburyport, N. 22, 1908.
Hardy, William Prescott.  S. of George G. and Mary (Stevens), b. Nelson, N. H., Jan. 10, 1862.  Chi Phi.  Prepared Deerfield Acad. and Cushing Acad., Ashburnham; A. C., 1883-84; grad. Dartmouth, 1887.  B. D., Pacific T. S., 1893; ordained, May, 1893; p. San Rafael, Cal., 1893-97; Vernondale Ch., Los Angeles, Cal., 1897-.  Address, 1763 Campus Dr., Eagle Rock City, Los Angeles, Cal.
Jones, Henry Valentine.
Kidder, William Magee.
Mills, Frank Smith.
Nay, Frank Nelson.
Putnam, Willard Abram.
Riker, Lafon.  S. of W. H. and Martha (Smedley), b. Harrodsburg, Ky., Jy. 2, 1864.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Harrodsburg (Ky.) Acad.; A. C., 1883-85.  In banking business Harrodsburg, Ky., 1886-88; manufacturer, 1888-96; in fire insurance business, 1896-.  Address, Lexington, Ky.
Ross, Albion Herbert.
*Sullivan, Cornelius Edward.
*Sutton, Charles Shannon.
Wheeler, Leonard Winthrop.

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