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Amherst College Class of 1886
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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2964. Adams, Edward Gray.
2965. *Aiken, William Buckingham.
2966. Benedict, William Henry Harrison Witherell.
2967. Bickmore, John Franklin.
2968. Brock, Henry Herbert.
2969. Buck, George Helon.
2970. *Clark, Alfred Hastings.
2971. Clark, John Brittan.
2972. *Cleaver, Wesley Manley.
2973. *Coates, Hallam Freer.
2974. *Conrad, Laertes Theodore.
2975. Copeland, Lucien Blake.
2976. Cross, Allen Eastman.  S. of David and Anna Q. (Eastman), b. Manchester, N. H., D. 30, 1864.  B. D., Andover T. S., 1891; D. D., Dartmouth, 1906.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Manchester (N. H.) H. S. and Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1886-91; ordained, 1892; s. s. and p. Cliftondale, 1891-96; Park Ch., Springfield, 1896-1901; asst. and assoc. p. Old South Ch., Boston, 1901-11; p. Cong. Ch., Milford, 1914-.  Composed The American Army Hymn; chairman Milford-Hopedale branch Red Cross, World War.

Married Je. 10, 1896, Ethelyn Louise, da. of M. R. Marshall, Laconia, N. H.  Ch. Louise M. (d.); Anna E.  Bro Edward W. (A. C. 1897).

Address, 28 Claflin St., Milford.

2977. Cummings, Charles.
2978. Cutler, Henry Franklin.
2979. Delabarre, Edmund Burke.  S. of Edward and Maria L. (Hassell), b. Dover, Me., S. 25, 1863.  M. A., Harvard, 1889; Ph. D., Freiburg, Baden, 1891.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Mowry and Goff's English and Classical H. S., Providence, R. I.; Brown, 1882-83; A. C., 1883-86.  Berlin U., 1887-88; Harvard, 1889-90; Freiburg, Baden, 1890-91; U. of Paris, 1891-92; assoc. prof. of psychology Brown, 1891-96; prof. of psychology Brown, 1896-; director psychological lab., Harvard, 1896-97.  Sergt. R. I. Militia, Spanish-Amer. War; translator for P. O. Dept., World War.  Wrote Über Bewegungsempfundungen; various papers in psychological and historical periodicals.  Fellow Amer. Acad. of Arts and Sciences; Amer. Assoc. Advancement Science; member Amer. Psychological Assoc.; Amer. Soc. Naturalists; corresponding member Geog. Soc. Philadelphia; Colonial Soc. of Mass.; R. I. Hist. Soc.

Married Mch. 14, 1907, Dorothea Esther, da. of William Cotton, Providence, R. I.  Ch. Maria E.; Edmund B.; Barbara M.; Dorcas H.

Address, 9 Arlington Ave., Providence, R. I.

2980. Dickerman, Josiah Pope.
2981. Eastman, Osgood Tilton.  S. of Rev. Lucius Root (A. C. 1857) and Octavia Yale (Smith), b. So. Braintree, Jan. 18, 1865.  Theta Delta Chi.

Prepared Framingham H. S. and Boston Latin School.  In general office Union Pacific R. R., Omaha, Neb., 1886-90; sec. and treasurer Searle and Hereth Co., mfg. chemists, Chicago, Ill., 1890-1906; credit manager Morrisson, Plummer & Co., wholesale druggists, Chicago, Ill., 1906-08; asst. cashier 1st National Bank, Omaha, Neb., 1908-17; manager Omaha Branch, Federal Reserve Bank, 1917-20; vice-president Merchants' National Bank, Omaha, Neb., 1920-.  Executive manager and treasurer for Neb. and Wyo., in all Liberty Loan drives; chairman 3rd and 4th loan drives, Omaha and Douglas Co., World War.

Married S. 20, 1891, Nellie McKell, da. of Samuel Burns, Omaha, Neb.  Ch. Helen L. (Mrs. William S. Ruxton); Octavia Y. (d.); Margaret B.  Bro. George (A. C. 1884); Lucius (A. C. 1895); Alexander C. (A. C. 1896); Rufus (A. C. 1899); H. Keyes (A. C. 1901); John (A. C. 1902).

Address, Merchants National Bank, Omaha, Neb.

2982. *Eno, Frederick Lincoln.  S. of William F. and Mary (Wetherbee), b. Lowell, May 29, 1864.

Prepared Lowell H. S.  With Mount Vernon National Bank, 1888-1901; bookkeeper Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co., Boston, 1901-13.  D. Boston, Ap. 28, 1913.

Married Jan. 8, 1899, Charlotte, da. of Samuel Kidder, Lowell.

2983. Fairley, Edwin.
2984. Fallows, Edward Huntington.  [His father attended the University of Wisconsin.]
2985. *Fitch, William Clyde.
2986. Ford, Edward Torrey.
2987. Frederick, James Mack Henry.
2988. French, Charles Brown.
2989. Gates, Milo Hudson.  S. of Samuel Gerry and Eliza (Ray), b. So. Gardner, Je. 29, 1864.  D. D., U. of the South; S. T. D., St. Stephen's Coll.  Chi Phi.

Prepared Gardner H. S.  General T. S., N. Y. City, 1886-89; ordained deacon Je., 1889; priest, Je., 1890; asst. p. Church of the Ascension, N. Y. City, 1889-92; r. Church of the Ascension, Ipswich, 1892-99; St. Stephen's Ch., Cohasset, 1899-1904; Church of the Intercession, N. Y. City, 1904-07; vicar of the Chapel of the Intercession, Trinity Parish, N. Y. City, 1907.  Trustee Gen. T. S.; N. Y. Training School for Deaconesses; N. Y. Prot. Episc. Public School; Soc. for Promotion of Religion and Learning in State of N. Y.; Hispanic Soc. of Amer.; and several charities; member Commission on Revision of the Prayer Book; Commission on Church Architecture of Episc. Church in America.  Chaplain 8th Regt. Inf. Mass. Vol. Militia, 1897-1902; 22nd Regt. Engineers, 1917-; chaplain Officers' Training School, Camp Whitman, N. Y.; War Camp Community Service, World War.  Member N. Y. Classical Club; Numismatic Soc. of Amer.; International Soc. of the Apocrypha of England; Henry Bradshaw Soc. of England; fellow Amer. Geog. Soc.; Amer. Ecclesiological Soc.; sec. Lincoln Memorial Soc.; president Soc. for Upholding the Sanctity of Marriage.

Married O. 4, 1892, Pauline, da. of John E. Gavit, N. Y. City.

Address, 540 West 155th St., N. Y. City.

2990. Guild, Charles Alvan.
2991. Hall, John Cherbury.
2992. Hird, John Denby.
2993. Hollister, Clay Harvey.
2994. *Howard, Timothy.
2995. *Kellogg, Daniel Fiske.
2996. Kenngott, George Frederick.
2997. Lansing, Robert.  S. of John and Maria L. (Dodge), b. Watertown, N. Y., O. 17, 1864.  LL. D., A. C., 1915; Colgate, 1915; Princeton, 1916; Columbia, 1918; Union, 1918; U. of State of N. Y., 1919.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Watertown (N. Y.) H. S.  Studied law at home, Watertown, N. Y.; admitted to bar, 1889; lawyer Watertown, N. Y., 1889-; assoc. counsel for U. S. Fur Seal Arbitration, 1892-93; counsel for U. S. before Bering Sea Claims Com., 1896-97; for U. S. before Alaska Boundary Com., 1903; special counsel for Dept. of State, 1908; assoc. consel for U. S. before Hague Tribunal in North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Arbitration, 1909-10; special legal adviser to Dept. of State, 1911; agent for U. S. in American and British Claims Arbitration, 1912-14; counselor for Dept. of State, 1914-15; Sec. of State, Je. 23, 1915-Feb. 13, 1920; member Amer. Commission to Negotiate Peace, Paris, 1918-19; engaged in practice of international law and diplomacy, in firm Lansing and Woolsey, 1920-; counsel for Chinese govt.; vice-president Amer. Soc. of International Law, 1921-.  Trustee Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Amer. Bible Soc.; member Amer. Polit. Science Assoc.  Wrote Government, Its Origin, Growth and Form in the U. S. (with Gary M. Jones); The Peace Negotiations; The Big Four and Others of the Peace Conference; Notes on Sovereignty; numerous articles on international law; assoc. ed. Amer. J. of International Law.

Married Jan. 15, 1890, Eleanor, da. of John W. Foster, Washington, D. C.

Address, 8 Jackson Pl., Washington, D. C.

2998. MacGowan, Henry Albert.
2999. Marble, Charles Francis.
3000. Mather, William Tyler.
3001. *Mattison, William Reuben.
3002. Moffett, Charles Todd.
3003. Norton, Fred Lewis.
3004. *Page, Elmore Granville.
3005. Page, Maurice Eurelma.
3006. Parks, Samuel Shaw.
3007. *Peck, Frederick Burritt.
3008. Perine, Harry Brown.
3009. *Poole, Willard Henry.
3010. Pratt, Frank Josiah.
3011. Rugg, Walter Augustine.
3012. Schauffler, William Gray.
3013. Seelye, Ralph Holland.
3014. *Sill, George Eliot.
3015. Smith, Allen Macy.
3016. *Smith, Theodore.  S. of Robert and Anna, b. Appleton, Wis., Ap. 10, 1863.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Milwaukee (Wis.) H. S.  Lawyer Trinidad, Col., 1888-.  D. Milwaukee, Wis., S. 23, 1912.

3017. *Starkweather, Charles Merrick.
3018. Stevens, Charles Lafayette.  S. of Salmon L. and Sophia A. (Richardson), b. Clinton, D. 8, 1863.

Prepared Clinton H. S.  Assoc. ed. Clinton Courant, 1892-; with Clinton Wire Cloth Co., 1895-99; postmaster Clinton, 1899-1916; in wool business Boston, 1917-.

Married Jy. 11, 1902, Lily B. Cram, Dorchester, who d. Jan. 31, 1904.  Ch. Charles F.

Address, 106 Cedar St., Clinton, Mass.

3019. Street, Charles Stuart.  S. of Rev. Thomas and Sarah J. (Berger), b. N. Y. City, Je. 18, 1864.  Chi Psi.

Prepared Cornwall Heights School, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y.; A. C., 1881-84; 1885-86.  Boston U. L. S.; lawyer Boston, 1892-.

Address, 240 East 51st St., N. Y. City.

3020. Stuart, Arthur Washington.
3021. Swift, Edgar James.
3022. Thayer, Charles Snow.
3023. Treadway, Allen Towner.
3024. *Trow, William Austin.
3025. *Walker, William Franklin.
3026. White, Clarence Hayward.  S. of Joseph W. and Rowena (Hayward), b. Raynham, O. 8, 1863.  M. A., A. C., 1902.  Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Bristol Acad., Taunton.  Taught Hartford, Conn., 1886-87; prof. of Latin Carleton Coll., Minn., 1887-91; Worcester Acad., 1891-1902; prof. of Greek language and literature Colby, 1902-.  Ed. Cicero's Plea for Ligarius.  Vice-president Classical Assoc. of N. E., 1911-12.

Married Jy. 23, 1891, Alice Mary, da. of Charles T. Heald, Canton, Ill.  Ch. Donald H.; Marion H. (Mrs. Ralph N. Smith).

Address, 40 Burleigh St., Waterville, Me.

3027. Whiting, William Fairfield.  S. of William and Annie (Fairfield), b. Holyoke, Jy. 20, 1864.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Williston Sem.  With Whiting Paper Co., Holyoke, 1886-, president.

Married Anne Chapin, Holyoke.  Ch. William (A. C. 1915); Edward C. (A. C. ex 1918); Fairfield; Ruth.

Address, Whiting Paper Co., Holyoke.

3028. Whitney, Addis Merrille.
3029. Whitney, Hamlin Avery.
3030. Wilbar, Albert Edwards.  S. of Joseph Edwards and Emma (Barrows), b. Taunton, Mch. 17, 1864.  Beta Theta Pi.

Prepared Bristol Acad., Taunton.  In business Taunton, 1886-; with R. G. Dun & Co., Boston, 18 yrs.; credit reporting, 2 yrs.; clerk Quartermaster Corps, U. S. Army, Boston, 1918-.

Married 1893, Hattie Moore Baker, Taunton.  Ch. Wadsworth (A. C. ex 1917); Charles B. (A. C. 1920).  Bro. Charles B. (A. C. 1888).

Address, 1200 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass.

3031. Wild, Frank Griswold.
3032. Wilder, Harris Hawthorne.
3033. *Wood, Ira Couch.
3034. Wood, Walter Childs.
3035. *Woods, Robert Archey.
3036. *Young, James Scott.


Ayer, Edward Perkins.
Barrett, Arthur Warren.
Bassett, George Massa.
*Clark, Charles Worcester.
Clarke, James Cummings.
Conant, George Henry.
*Damon, Edwin Stetson.
*Deering, Frederic John.
*Fischer, George William.
Flint, Herbert Eugene.
*Forbes, Warren Daniel.
*Goodwin, George Clinton.
Griffith, Allen Ayrault.
Holcomb, Albert.
*Holt, Francis Boutwell.
Hyde, Arthur May.
Kambour, Gabriel Basil.  S. of Basileios A. and Basiliki (Emanuel), b. Manissa, Asia Minor, F. 5, 1855.  Prepared Magnesia H. S., Asia Minor.  Special student, A. C., no record in the Register.  Andover T. S., 1889-90; Athens U., Greece, 1890-91; p. Charlemont, 189(?)-1919.  6 ch.  Theodore (A. C. 1917); Edward B. (A. C. ex 1919).  Address, Box 39 A, Barrington, R. I.
*Lee, William Paterson.
Lindsay, George Walter.
*Little, Guy Templeton.
Manwarren, Charles Henry.
*Newell, John Wellington.
Niver, Edwin Barnes.
Philbrick, John Alden.
*Smith, Richard Fiske.

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