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Amherst College Class of 1846
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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813. *Barnard, Daniel Emerson.  S. of William and Alice (Emerson), b. Auburn, Aug. 26, 1826.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Teacher and farmer; studied law Chicago, Ill.; Waukegan, Ill.; practised Chicago, 1857-62, 1865-1919; Capt., 88th Ill. Inf., 1862-65.  Member Chicago Bar Assoc., more than 65 yrs.  D. Chicago, Ill., Mch. 7, 1919.  Bro. William (A. C. 1844).

814. *Bishop, Sereno Edwards.  S. of Rev. Artemas and Elizabeth (Edwards), b. Kealakeakua, H. I., F. 7, 1827.  D. D., A. C., 1896.

Prepared Rochester (N. Y.) Collegiate Institute; A. C., 1843-46.  Auburn T. S., 1848-51; ordained as evangelist, Je. 1852; s. s. Fulton, N. Y., 1851; Chestertown, N. Y., 1852; seamen's chaplain, Lahaina, H. I., 1853-62; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Hana, H. I., 1862-65; prin. and p. Lahainaluna Sem., Maui, H. I., 1865-77; r. Honolulu, H. I., 1877-1909.  Ed. The Friend; wrote essays.  D. Honolulu, H. I., Mch. 23, 1909.

Married May 31, 1852, Cornelia A., da. of Rev. John Sessions, Albany, N. Y.  5 ch.  Edward F. (A. C. ex 1876).

815. *Bliss, Francis Champion.  S. of Elisha and Almyra (Sykes), b. Springfield, Ap. 16, 1819.

Prepared with Otis Lombard, Springfield; Oberlin, 1843-45; A. C., 1845-46.  Studied law, N. Y. City, 2 yrs.; admitted to bar, 1852; practised N. Y. City, 1852-68; publisher Newark, N. J., Hartford, Conn.; agent for Amer. Book Co., Bloomfield, N. J.; r. Helena, Mont., 1890-1906.  Author the Campaign Hand Book; St. Paul; Queen Esther and Other Poems, and other works.  D. Helena, Mont., Aug. 15, 1906.

Married N. 4, 1846, Mary L., da. of John C. Ellis, Syracuse, N. Y., who d. Jy. 19, 1906.  2 ch.

816. *Blood, Lorenzo Prentice.  S. of Noah and Hannah P. (Chase), b. Pepperell, Jy. 25, 1824.

Prepared Pepperell Acad.  Andover T. S., 1846-47; taught Shrewsbury, N. J., 1848-49; Upper Marlboro, Md., 1850-51; Pepperell, 1852-53; Marblehead, 1854; So. Braintree, 1855; druggist Abington, 1856-57; taught Trinity School, Baltimore, Md., 1858-59; Hagerstown, Md., 1859-68; Pepperell, 1868-71; prin. Washington Co. Acad., Pembroke, N. H., 1871; Pepperell, 1872-75.  Held several town offices.  D. Pepperell, Je. 17, 1916.

Married N. 29, 1855, Margaret G., da. of Benjamin Thompson, Marblehead.  1 s., 2 da.

817. *Dowse, Joseph Perry.  S. of Benjamin and Thankful (Chamberlain), b. Sherborn, Aug. 15, 1820.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared with Rev. E. Dowse and at Sherborn H. S.  D. Sherborn, S. 26, 1846.  Bro. Edmund (A. C. 1836).

818. *Field, Levi Alpheus.  S. of Alpheus and Caroline (Adams), b. Leverett, S. 17, 1821.  M. A., A. C., 1849.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Shelburne Falls and Monson Acads.  Andover T. S., 1846-49; s. s. Mittineague (W. Springfield), 1850-53; ordained Marlboro, Aug. 31, 1853; p. there, 1853-59.  D. Marlboro, O. 22, 1859.

Married Mch. 4, 1851, Nancy M., da. of Cyrus W. Holmes, Monson.  1 da.

819. *Fisher, George Elisha.  S. of Rev. George and Mary Hall (Fisk), b. Harvard, Jan. 22, 1823.

Prepared Lawrence Acad., Groton.  Andover T. S., 1846-49; ordained, F. 27, 1850; p. Rutland, 1850-52; No. Amherst, 1852-58; Granville, N. H., 1859-62; Ashburnham, 1863-67; So. Hadley Falls, 1867-79; E. Amherst, 1880-85; a. p. Leverett, 1886-97.  Representative to State Legislature from Ashburnham and Winchendon, 1867; from 3rd Hampshire district, 1897, 1899.  D. No. Amherst, Ap. 4, 1905.

Married (1) May 1, 1850, Harriet B., da. of Jacob Holt, Amherst, who d. Aug. 18, 1858; (2) S. 7, 1859, Ellen E., da. of Lyman Kellogg, No. Amherst.  4 ch.

820. *Fletcher, Samuel Mark.  S. of Mark and Rhoda (Fletcher), b. Dunstable, May 1, 1822.  M. A., A. C., 1849; M. D., Penn. Homeopathic Med. Coll., 1856.

Prepared with Rev. N. S. Dickinson, Townsend.  Taught Conway, 1846-47; business Philadelphia, Penn., 1847-50; prefect Girard Coll., 1850-51; asst. teacher Episcopal School, Philadelphia, 1851; taught Presb. Institute there, 1851-55; Penn. Homeopathic Med. Coll., 1854-56; practised Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1856; Norwich, Conn., 1856-58; Westerly, R. I., 1858-68; Chicago, Ill., 1868-70; Denver, Col., 1870-72; Central City, Col., 1872-74; silver mining, 1874-75; r. Englewood, Ill., 1875.  Priv. 12th Regt. R. I. Vols., 1862-63; asst. Surgeon, same Regt., 1863.  D. Englewood, Ill., O. 3, 1875.

Married N. 29, 1849, Sallie A., da. of Cyrus Taylor, Dunstable.  1 s.

821. *Frost, James Henry Paine.  S. of Rev. Charles and Lydia (Fernald), b. Bethel, Me., May 24, 1825.  M. A., A. C., 1849; M. D., Penn. Homeopathic Med. Coll., 1850.

Prepared Gould's Acad., Bethel, Me.; Bowdoin, 1842-44; A. C., 1844-46.  Studied med. with Dr. H. N. Guernsey, Frankford, Penn.; Penn. Homeopathic Med. Coll., Philadelphia, 1850; practised Wilmington, N. C., and in South, 1850-53; Bangor T. S., 1853-55; licensed to preach, 1855; p. Richmond, Me., 1 summer; practised Bangor, Me., 1856-65; prof. of physiology, Penn. Homeopathic Med. Coll., 1865-67; prof. of pathology, 1867-68; practised Bethlehem, Penn., few mos.; Danville, Penn., 1870-75.  Founded and ed. Hahnemannian Monthly.  D. Bethlehem, Penn., Jan. 21, 1875.

Married (1) O. 1852, Margaret E., da. of Charles Johnson, Norfolk, Va.; (2) O. 6, 1868, Sarah Gertrude Pedrick, Philadelphia, Penn.  1 da.

822. *Haskell, William Learned.  S. of William and Sylvania (Williams), b. Southbridge, S. 9, 1816.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Studied law with George S. Catlin, Windham, Conn.; admitted to bar Brooklyn, Conn., Aug. 1848; practised Boston, 1848-52; mining La Porte, Scales' Diggings and Slate Creek Bridge, Cal., 1852-90.  D. Slate Creek Bridge, Cal., Mch. 31, 1890.

823. *Hibben, James.  S. of James and Rebecca Theus (Stiles), b. Charleston, S. C., S. 1, 1824.  M. A., A. C., 1851; M. D., N. Y. Med. Coll., 1852.

Prepared Northampton H. S.  Taught in S. C., 1846-50, studing med. at same time; N. Y. Med. Coll., 1850-52; practised Brooklyn, N. Y., 1852-56.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., Ap. 14, 1856.

Married Mch. 29, 1853, Henrietta E., da. of Henry Grimke, Charleston, S. C.  2 ch.

824. *Holt, Edmund Dyer.  S. of Arnold and Ruey Ann (Austin), b. Fairfax, Vt., S. 20, 1818.  M. A., A. C., 1849.

Prepared Springville, N. Y.  Union T. S., 1846-49; ordained as Presb., May 28, 1850; s. s. Rock Island, Ill., 1849-52; p. Montrose, Ia., 1852-56; land agent Chatfield, Minn., 1856-59; p. there, 1859-65.  D. Chatfield, Minn., Je. 11, 1865.

Married Je. 2, 1851, Caroline Rosannah, da. of John Warner, Hatfield.  6 ch.

825. *Howland, William.  S. of William Avery and Hannah (Morton), b. Conway, D. 12, 1822.  M. A., A. C., 1849.

Prepared John Clary's select school, Conway and Williston Sem.  Instructor in Greek and Latin, Williston Sem., 1846-49; tutor A. C., 1849-51; Yale Law School, 1850; studied with Edward Dickinson, Amherst and Henry Vose, Springfield; admitted to bar Springfield, S. 1851; practised Lynn, 1852-80.  City solicitor Lynn, 1860-62, 1864-65, 1876; member Mass. Legislature, 1868; Commissioner U. S. Circuit Court, 1869-80.  D. Lynn, D. 23, 1880.

Married Je. 21, 1860, Caroline Greenwood, da. of William Russell, Barre.  Ch. William R.; Bertha.  Bro. George (A. C. 1850); Walter (A. C. 1863).

826. *Humphrey, Leonard.  S. of Lemuel and Elizabeth (Jones), b. Weymouth, Jan. 19, 1824.  M. A., A. C., 1849.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Taught Amherst Acad., 1846-47; Andover T. S., 1847-48; tutor A. C., 1849-50.  D. Weymouth, N. 30, 1850.

827. *Jackson, Arthur Harper.  S. of Ebenezer and Eliza A. (Harper), b. Philadelphia, Penn., N. 7, 1826.  M. A., A. C., 1849; M. D., Columbia, 1850.

Prepared with Rev. Dr. Muhlenburg, Flushing, N. Y.  Studied med. with Dr. Wm. B. Casey, Middletown, Conn., Dr. Willard Parker, N. Y. City and at Bellevue Hospital, N. Y. City; manufacturer Middletown, Conn., 1850-69.  D. Middletown, Conn., Mch. 9, 1869.

Married 1854, Mary Nicoll, da. of James Thorne, Brooklyn, N. Y.  4 ch.

828. *Knight, Merrick.  S. of Erastus and Lucy (Smith), b. Northampton, Jan. 15, 1817.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Hartford T. S., 1846-49; ordained Chaplin, Conn., May 14, 1850; p. there, 1850-52; a. p. Stafford, Conn., 1852-54; p. Hebron, Conn., 1854-60; a. p. No. Coventry, Conn., 1861-62; Broad Brook, Conn., 1863-67; Rocky Hill, Conn., 1867-72; Torrington, Conn., 1872-75; New Hartford, Conn., 1875-80; E. Hartland, Conn., 1880-90; r. W. Hartford, Conn., 1890-96.  D. W. Hartford, Conn., Aug. 10, 1896.

Married Je. 10, 1851, Abbie, da. of Ichabod Ward, Ashford, Conn.,  3 s.  Edward H. (A. C. 1876); Frank H. (A. C. 1883).

829. *Noyes, Gurdon Wheeler.  S. of Joseph and Eunice (Cheesebrough), b. Stonington, Conn., Aug. 13, 1818.  M. A., A. C., 1856.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Union T. S., 1846-49; ordained Portsmouth, Va., D. 19, 1849; p. there, 1849-51; p. Cong. Ch. and post master, Cornwall, Vt., 1852-54; s. s. and a. p. New Haven, Conn., 1854-61; p. 2nd. Cong. Ch., Fair Haven, Conn., 1861-69; Woodbury, Conn., 1869-79; a. p. Stony Creek, Conn., 1881-87.  D. New Haven, Conn., Ap. 28, 1887.

Married Aug. 13, 1850, Agnes, da. of James McArthur, Damascus, Penn.  8 ch.

830. *Perkins, Henry.  S. of Henry Griswold and Louisa R. (Dutton), b. Cabot, Vt., O. 3, 1822.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Taught Charleston, S. C.; studied med. with Dr. M. L. Perry, Boston.  D. Grantville, Mch. 3, 1851.

831. *Plimpton, Salem Marsh.  S. of Ziba and Hannah (Marsh), b. Sturbridge, Ap. 21, 1820.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Andover T. S., 1846-49; ordained Wells River, Vt., May 8, 1851; p. there, 1851-61; Chaplain, 4th Regt. Vt. Vols., 1861-62; s. s. St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1862-63; E. Douglas, 1864-65; Chelsea, Vt., 1865-66.  D. Chelsea, Vt., S. 14, 1866.

Married May 5, 1851, Beulah M., da. of Penuel Belknap, Sturbridge.  3 ch.

832. *Skiff, Harvey James.  S. of Joshua and Lusina (Wright), b. Hume, N. Y., F. 5, 1821.

Prepared Wyoming (N. Y.) Acad.  Studied law with Fillmore and Haven, Buffalo, N. Y.; admitted to bar there, 1849; practised Oskaloosa, Ia., 1849-51; Newton, Ia., 1851-61; Priv., 13th Ia. Inf., Quartermaster and Capt., 1861-64; banker and merchant Newton, Ia., 1864-1904.  Member Constitutional Convention of Ia., 1857.  D. Newton, Ia., N. 12, 1904.

Married (1) Aug. 20, 1849, Sarah Burleigh, Castile, N. Y., who d. Jy. 26, 1861; (2) Ap. 2, 1873, Mrs. Lavinia Parmenter, da. of John Wheelock, Buffalo, N. Y.  1 s.

833. *Spear, Charles Vinal.  S. of Nathaniel and Esther (Dyer), b. Holbrook, Mch. 13, 1825.  M. A., A. C., 1849.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Randolph Acad.  Studied theology with Rev. John Todd, Pittsfield, 1847-51; ordained Sudbury, O. 27, 1852; p. Cong. Ch. there, 1852-55; asst. teacher Maplewood Institute, Pittsfield, 1855-57 and prin., 1857-83; travelled several yrs.; r. Oberlin, O., 1887-.  D. Constantinople, May 10, 1891.

Married (1) May 29, 1851, Relief L., da. of E. N. Holbrook, Holbrook, who d. Ap. 26, 1883; (2) Mch. 30, 1888, Mrs. Mary A. Ring, da. of William J. Blair, Granville.

834. *Storrs, Henry Martyn.  S. of Charles Backus and Vashti Maria (Pierson), b. Ravenna, O., Jan. 20, 1827.  M. A., A. C., 1849; D. D., Western Reserve, 1864; LL. D., Adelbert, 1888.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Braintree.  Taught Gordonsville, Va., 1846-47; Andover T. S., 1848-51; ordained Lawrence, Jan. 13, 1852; p. there, 1852-55; 1st Cong. Ch. Cincinnati, O., 1855-67; South Cong. Ch. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1867-72; corresponding sec. of A. H. M. S., 1872-82; p. 1st Presb. Ch. Orange, N. J., 1882-94.  Trustee Marietta, more than 30 yrs.; Lyman Beecher lecturer on Preaching, Yale T. S., 1885.  D. Orange, N. J., D. 1, 1894.

Married Mch. 9, 1852, Catharine, da. of President Edward Hitchcock, A. C., who d. Ap. 10, 1895.  Ch. Charles B.; Richard S.; Katherine; Mary.

835. *Tuttle, William Gardner.  S. of Thomas S. and Sarah S. (Butterfield), b. Littleton, S. 25, 1819.  M. A., A. C., 1849.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1846-49; p. in Me. and Littleton, 1850; ordained Harrisville, N. H., Ap. 16, 1851; p. there, 1851-60; Ware, 1861-87; w. c. Worcester, 1887-97.  D. Worcester, Aug. 5, 1897.

Married Jy. 31, 1850, Harriet E., da. of Royal Wallace, Milford, N. H.  2 s., 1 da.  Edward G. (A. C. 1885).

836. *Wheeler, Andrew Jackson.  S. of Josiah and Elizabeth (Hastings), b. Petersham, Mch. 28, 1820.

Prepared New Salem and Monson Acads.  D. Petersham, Jan. 28, 1847.

837. *White, Orlando Henry.  S. of Henry and Sophronia (Waterman), b. Livermore Falls, Me., Jan. 9, 1820.  M. A., A. C., 1850; D. D., Adrian Coll., 1870.

Prepared No. Yarmouth, Me. Acad.; Bowdoin, 1842-44; A. C., 1844-46.  Bangor T. S., 1846-49; asst. sec. A. B. C. F. M., Boston, 1849-50; ordained Westminster, Aug. 21, 1851; p. there, 1851-54; Washington Heights, N. Y., 1854-58; Meriden, Conn., 1858-63; a. p. Orleans, 1863-66; p. Howard Ave. Ch. New Haven, Conn., 1866-75; sec. Freedmen's Missions Aid Soc., Longdon, Eng., 1875-81; lecturer Amer. Miss'y Assoc., r. New Haven, Conn. and Boston, 1881-87; a. p. Middlebury, Vt., 1887-89; s. Winooski, Vt., 1889-90; r. Boston, 1890-92.  D. Stratford, Conn., Jan. 8, 1892.

Married (1) Ap. 14, 1852, Mary B., da. of Rev. S. L. Pomroy, Boston, who d. Aug. 19, 1855; (2) D. 19, 1859, Mrs. Charlotte B. Loomis, da. of Alfred Bliss, Hartford, Conn., who d. S. 10, 1889.  2 da.

838. *Woodman, George Sullivan.  S. of Charles and Abigail Stacy (Call), b. Boston, N. 22, 1823.  M. A., A. C., 1849; M. D., Harvard, 1849.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared with Rev. Thatcher Thayer, So. Dennis and Newport, R. I.  Columbia Med. School, 1846-48; Harvard Med. School, 1848-49; practised W. Cambridge, 1849-51; Amherst, 1851-58; educational agency N. Y. City, 1858-61; practised Brooklyn, N. Y., 1861-71; Lynn, 1871-78; Newtonville, 1878-1900.  Surgeon bd. of enrollment for 2nd district, N. Y. City, 1858-61; examining surgeon, U. S. Gov't., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1861-65.  Ed. The Educational Herald.  D. Cambridge, Mch. 23, 1906.

Married S. 17, 1849, Jane L., da. of Dr. Timothy J. Gridley, Amherst.  2 s., 3 da.


*Ayres, Alexander Hamilton.  S. of Dr. D., b. St. Johnsville, N. Y., Mch. 24, 1823.  A. C., 1842-43; grad. Union, 1846.  Practised law Northville, Canajoharie and Fort Plain, N. Y., 1846-55; Chetopah and Parsons, Kans.; became judge.
*Ball, Nahum.  S. of Dr. Stephen, b. Northboro, Mch. 21, 1822.  A. C., 1842-43; Harvard, 1843.  D. Boston, N. 2, 1843.  [Seems to be brother of Benjamin L. (A. C. ex 1844).]
*Bardwell, Alonzo Smith.  S. of Alonzo, b. So. Hadley Falls, D. 16, 1822.  A. C., 1842-44.  Merchant So. Hadley Falls.  D. So. Hadley Falls, N. 24, 1855.
*Gunn, Francis Mardin.  B. about 1821.  Registered from Cape Town, So. Africa.  A. C., 1842-44.
*Howe, James Seth Nason.  B. Pepperell, S. 25, 1824.  A. C., 1842-45.  Physician in charge of retreat for insane and nervous invalids, 1848-.  D. N. 9, 1888.
*Leonard, Hartford Pratt.  S. of Hartford, b. Foxboro, May 3, 1822.  A. C., 1842-43.  Clerk Boston, 1846-54; r. in Kans., 1854-61; studied theology with Rev. M. Blake, Taunton; a. p. Edgartown, 1862-65; Bridgewater, 1865-67; p. Westport, 1868-75; a. p. E. Taunton, 1876-79; No. Carver, 1879-.  S. William H. (A. C. ex 1883).
*Nash, Samuel Adams.  S. of Simeon and Amy (White), b. So. Hadley, Jy. 17, 1822.  A. C., 1842-44.  Practised law, Gallipolis, O.  Bro. Simeon (A. C. 1829).
*Pierce, George Alexander Otis.  S. of Otis, b. about 1826.  Registered from Watertown.  A. C., 1842-43.
*Plimpton, Daniel Bacon.  S. of Chauncey and Calista (Bacon), b. Southbridge, Mch. 4, 1821.  A. C., 1842.  Studied medicine with Dr. Samuel Hartwell, Southbridge; physician Putnam, Conn.  Editor Putnam department of "Windham County Transcript."  D. Putnam, Conn., Ap. 1, 1875.
*Thompson, John Andrew.  S. of John, b. Northampton, O. 22, 1824.  A. C., 1842-44.  Taught in Va., 1 yr.; in Mo., 2 yrs.; studied law with Edward Dickinson, Amherst; admitted to bar Niles, Mich.; prosecuting attorney Berrien Co., Mich.; practised Chicago, Ill., 1852-59; city attorney there, 1855-59; in lead mining Granby, Mo., 1859; assisted in organizing the first regiments, Chicago, 1861; Capt. on Gen. Fremont's staff, 1861; Capt. in Regular Army, 1862-63.  Compiled municipal laws of Chicago.  D. Nashville, Tenn., Je. 30, 1863.
*Wentworth, John Theodore.  B. Greenfield, N. Y., Mch. 30, 1820.  A. C., 1842-43; grad. Union, 1846.  Practised law Chicago, Ill., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. and in Wisconsin; Judge of Circuit Court; Wis. and Mo.

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