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Amherst College Class of 1850
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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924. *Avery, William Fisher.  S. of Joseph and Sylvia (Clary), b. Conway, D. 4, 1826.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Andover T. S., 1851-54; ordained Sparta, Wis., Je. 20, 1855, p. there, 1855-58; s. s. Tomah, Wis., Leon, Wis., and Angelo, Wis., 1858-61; r. Huntington, preaching occasionally, 1861-71; chaplain State Almshouse, Monson; prin. Conway H. S., 1872-77; a. p. Lanesboro, 1877-84; p. 2nd Cong. Ch. Huntington, 1884-88; Cong. Ch. Middlebury, Conn., 1888-1900.  D. Athol, N. 6, 1903.

Married S. 19, 1854, Eunice S., da. of Rev. E. B. Wright, Huntington, who d. Ap. 24, 1890.  1 s.  [Seems to be brother of John (A. C. 1861).]

925. *Beebe, Albert Graham.  S. of Daniel and Abigail E. (Lee), b. W. Hartwick, N. Y., Jy. 3, 1826.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Gilbertsville and Oxford Acads., N. Y.; A. C., 1845-46, 1847-50.  Union T. S., 1851-52, 1853-54; Andover T. S., 1852-53; ordained as Presb. Je. 20, 1854; miss'y Aintab, Syria and Marash, Turkey, 1854-59; p. Pleasant Mount and Uniondale, Penn., 1860-62; s. s. Hancock, N. Y., 1862-63; p. Manitowoc, Wis., 1863-65; a. p. Geneva, Ill., 1865-67; w. c. Chicago, Ill., 1868-69; Lombard, Ill., 1869-70; s. s. Spring Lake, Mich., 1870-72; Milford, N. Y., 1872-74; E. Worcester, N. Y., 1874-75; Garfield, N. Y., 1876-78; Curtisville, 1880-83; Huntington, 1883-84; w. c. Springfield, 1884-93; a. p. Warwick, 1893-94; W. Hawley, 1894-96.  D. N. Y. City, D. 5, 1899.

Married (1) Je. 5, 1854, Sarah J., da. of William Wardwell, Andover, who d. O. 28, 1858; (2) Ap. 16, 1861, Wealthy M., da. of John Ritter, New Haven, Conn.  4 da., 3 s.

926. *Bishop, Henry Walker.  S. of Henry W. and Sarah Tainter (Bulkley), b. Lenox, Je. 2, 1829.

Prepared Lenox Acad.; Williams, 1846-49; A. C., 1849-50.  Studied law Lenox and Harvard Law School; admitted to bar Lenox, 1853; practised there, 1853-56; Chicago, Ill., 1856-1913.  Master in Chancery of U. S. Circuit Court for northern district of Ill., 1863-1913.  Gave Henry W. Bishop, 3rd, Memorial Training School for Nurses to city of Pittsfield, 1889, in memory of his son.  D. Seabright, N. J., S. 28, 1913.

Married (1) Aug. 8, 1861, Mrs. Anna H. Manger, da. of Joshua Richardson, Portland, Me., who d. 1884; (2) Ap. 29, 1887, Jessica A., da. of Robert Pomeroy, Pittsfield.  Ch. Henry W.; Jessica (Turner); 2 ch. (d).

927. *Cory, John Edwin.  S. of Leonard and Adah (Skinner), b. Mansfield, Jy. 29, 1825.  Delta Upsilon.

Studied theology with Rev. Mortimer Blake; s. s. Edgartown, 1851-53; ordained as evangelist, Mansfield, O. 12, 1853; home miss'y in O.; p. Freetown, 1855-58; Chesterfield, 1858-59; Yarmouth, 1859; No. Wrentham, 1860-65.  D. No. Wrentham, N. 30, 1865.

Married (1) May 8, 1851, Fanny M., da. of Daniel Williams, Mansfield, who d. N. 20, 1854; (2) May 30, 1856, Sarah B., da. of Ambrose W. Hathaway, Freetown.  3 ch.

928. *Crosby, Minott Sherman.  S. of Rev. Daniel and Ann E. (Sherman), b. Conway, Je. 23, 1829.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Taught public schools in Conn. and private schools in Va. and N. Y., 1850-60; prin. Hartford (Conn.) Female Sem., 1861-70; supt. of schools and prin. H. S. Waterbury, Conn., 1870-91; supt. of schools there, 1891-97.  D. Waterbury, Conn., Jan. 16, 1897.

Married D. 28, 1854, Margaret L., da. of Rev. John Maltby, Bangor, Me.  3 ch.

929. *Dickinson, William Austin.  S. of Edward (A. C. ex 1823) and Emily (Norcross), b. Amherst, Ap. 16, 1829.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  LL. B., Harvard, 1854.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Amherst Acad., Williston Sem., and with H. L. Edwards, Amherst.  Taught Endicott School, Boston, 1850-51; studied law with father and at Harvard Law School, 1852-53; admitted to bar Boston, Jy. 1854; practised Amherst, 1855-95; treasurer A. C., 1873-95.  [Commissioner of charitable fund A. C., 1877-95.]  Had charge of remodeling of old Chapel Bldg., 1864, and of South and North colleges, 1892 and 1893; building of Walker Hall, 1868-70.  Trustee Amherst Acad., 1873-95; treasurer of same, 1877-95.  D. Amherst, Aug. 16, 1895.

Married Jy. 1, 1856, Susan H., da. of Thomas Gilbert, Greenfield.  Ch. Edward (A. C. ex 1884), (asst. librarian A. C. 1886-98); Martha G.; Gilbert.

930. *Ellery, John Graeme.  S. of Henry and Ann (Graeme), b. Harwood Dale, Yorkshire, Eng., O. 27, 1824.

Prepared Homer (N. Y.) Acad.; Hamilton, 1846-48; A. C., 1848-50.  Studied mineralogy, Royal School of Mines, Freiburg, Saxony, 2 yrs.; travelled extensively in Europe; assaying and mining Gold Hill, N. C.  D. Gold Hill, N. C., Je. 2, 1855.

931. *Faunce, Daniel Worcester.  S. of Peleg and Olive (Finney), b. Plymouth, Jan. 3, 1829.  D. D., A. C., 1880.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared with Rev. A. Harvey, Plymouth; Columbian U., Washington, D. C., 1 yr.; A. C., 1847-50.  Newton T. S., 1851-53; ordained Somerville, Je. 14, 1853; p. Baptist Ch. there, 1853-54; Worcester, 1854-60; Malden, 1860-66; Concord, N. H., 1866-75; Lynn, 1875-81; Washington, D. C., 1881-89; W. Newton, 1889-94; Pawtucket, R. I., 1894-99.  Member bd. of managers, Amer. Baptist Miss'y Union.  Author The Christian in the World; A Young Man's Difficulties with His Bible; and other religious works.  D. Providence, R. I., Jan. 3, 1911.

Married (1) Aug. 15, 1853, Mary P., da. of Meltiah Perry, Bristol, R. I., who d. May 7, 1888; (2) O. 12, 1891, Mrs. Mary E. Tucker, da. of Wm. Burns, Halifax, Vt.  5 s.  (Rev. William H. P., President of Brown).

932. *Fenn, Thomas Legaré.  S. of Joel William and Mary B. (Legaré), b. Charleston, S. C., F. 11, 1830.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  With Savannah Steamship Co., N. Y. City, 1850-90; coal business, N. Y. City, 1890-95; retired, 1895.  D. Wilmington, Del., Mch. 20, 1912.

Married D. 3, 1853, Helen M., da. of William Keene, Jersey City, N. J., who d. D. 14, 1902.  7 ch.

933. *Garrette, Edmund Young.  S. of John and Rebecca (Case), b. New Hartford, Conn., Mch. 14, 1823.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1845-50.  Hartford T. S., 1850-51; Andover T. S., 1851-53; ordained Foxboro, Ap. 12, 1854; p. there, 1854-57; Millbury, 1857-69; Chaplain in Army of the Potomac, 1862-65; p. Pittsburgh, Penn., 1869-72; a. p. La Crosse, Wis., 1872-80; w. c. Atlanta, Ga., 1880-83; p. Paxton, Ill., 1883-85; Alameda, Cal., 1885-93; r. there, 1893-1902.  D. Alameda, Cal., S. 1, 1902.

Married May 17, 1854, Franzenia W., da. of Ziba Parkhurst, Milford.  3 da.

934. *Gay, Augustine Milton.  S. of Timothy and Mehitable (Peabody), b. Francestown, N. H., N. 15, 1827.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Submaster Charlestown H. S., 1850-51; master, 1851-60; taught young ladies' school, Boston, 1860-63; travelled in Europe, 1863-65; usher Public Latin School, Boston, 1865-67; submaster, 1867-68; master, 1868-76; headmaster, 1876.  D. Boston, N. 3, 1876.

Married Jy. 26, 1860, Clara Roberts, da. of Nathaniel Willey, Charlestown.  Ch. Clara Edith.

935. *Gilbert, Archibald Falconer.  S. of Benjamin and Mary (Falconer), b. Stamford, N. Y., May 31, 1825.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Prin. Female Sem., Mercersburg, Penn., 1850-54, and studied theology with Rev. Dr. Creigh; prin. Stamford (N. Y.) Collegiate Institute, 1854-60; ordained Prattsville, N. Y.; a. p. Reformed Dutch Ch. there, 1860-66.  D. Prattsville, N. Y., Je. 16, 1866.

Married Ap. 15, 1850, Lydia Eliza, da. of Abraham Howe, Marlboro.  2 da.

936. *Gould, George Henry.  S. of Rufus and Mary (Henry), b. Oakham, F. 20, 1827.  D. D., A. C., 1870.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Union T. S., 1850-51, 1852-53; Andover T. S., 1851-52; civil engineer, lecturer and preacher, Chicago, Ill., Milwaukee, Waukegan, Kenosha, Wis., 1853-55; travelled in Europe, 1855-58; asst. p. Old South Ch. Boston, and elsewhere in N. E., 1858-62; ordained Springfield, N. 12, 1862; p. Olivet Ch. there, 1862-64; Centre Ch. Hartford, Conn., 1864-70; a. p. Providence, R. I., 1870-72; Piedmont Ch. Worcester, 1872-77; Union Ch. Worcester, 1877-80; w. c. there, 1880-99.  D. Worcester, May 8, 1899.

Married O. 15, 1862, Nellie W., da. of Jonathan Grout, Worcester.

937. *Gregory, James John Howard.  S. of James and Ruth (Roundy), b. Marblehead, N. 7, 1827.  M. A., A. C., 1853.

Prepared Marblehead Acad.  Middlebury, 1846-48; A. C., 1848-50.  Taught Marblehead, 1850-51; prin. Derby Acad., Hingham and Lunenburg Acads., 1851-54; farmer and seed dealer Marblehead, 1854-1907.  State Senator, 1876-77; vice-president Essex Co. Agricultural Soc., several yrs.  Pub. many pamphlets concerning vegetable cultivation.  D. Marblehead, F. 20, 1910.

Married (1) D. 31, 1863, Eliza C., da. of John Bubier, Jamaica Plain, who d. Aug. 15, 1876; (2) Je. 17, 1878, Mrs. Harriet Knight, da. of Thomas Roundy, Marblehead, who d. N., 1904; (3) S. 30, 1905, Sarah L., da. of John C. Caswell, Marblehead.  4 adopted ch.

938. *Hodge, Leicester Porter.  S. of Henry and Eliza (Nash), b. Hadley, F. 2, 1828.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Taught Athens, O.  D. Athens, O., Mch. 28, 1851.

939. *Howland, George.  S. of William A. and Hannah (Morton), b. Conway, Jy. 30, 1824.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Taught Quaboag Sem., Warren; Hatfield; So. Hadley, 1850-52; tutor A. C., 1852-55; instructor in Latin and French, A. C., 1855-57; asst. City H. S. Chicago, Ill., 1858-60; prin. 1860-80; supt. of schools Chicago, 1880-91.  Trustee A. C., 1879-88; member Ill. bd. of education, 1881-87; president, 1884-87.  Trans. Aeneid of Virgil in 2 vols.; wrote English Grammar; Hints to Teachers, and other works.  D. Chicago, Ill., O. 22, 1892.  Bro. William (A. C. 1846); Walter M. (A. C. 1863).

940. *Manning, Jacob Merrill.  S. of Jacob and Anna (Fuller), b. Greenwood, N. Y., D. 31, 1824.  D. D., A. C., 1867.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Franklin Acad., Prattsburg, N. Y.  Andover T. S., 1850-53; ordained Medford, Jan. 4, 1854; p. there, 1854-57; assoc. p. and p. Old South Ch. Boston, 1857-82; p. emeritus, 1882.  Chaplain, 43rd Regt. Mass. Vols., 1862-63.  Chaplain Mass. Senate, 1858-59; member Boston School Bd., 1862, 1865, 1866; organized first Freedman's Aid Soc., F. 1862; overseer Harvard, 1860-66; lecturer Andover T. S., 1866-72; trustee State Library, 1865-82.  Wrote Half-Truths and the Truth; Helps to a Life of Prayer.  D. Portland, Me., N. 29, 1882.

Married Aug. 15, 1854, Anna Berwick, da. of Joel William Fenn, Charleston, S. C.  6 ch.  Berwick (A. C. 1882).

941. *Newton, Jeremiah Lemuel.  S. of Lemuel and Susannah (Manning), b. Phillipston, O. 2, 1824.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Prin. Brown H. S. Newburyport, 1850-54; Bath (Me.) H. S. and Acad., 1854-58; studied law there, 1858-59; admitted to bar there, 1859, Boston, 1860; practised Boston, 1860-83.  Member Boston City Council, 1866-68; representative Mass. Legislature, 1869, 1872.  D. Boston, Je. 15, 1883.

Married D. 16, 1857, Susan S., da. of Edward Wood, Bath, Me.  4 ch.

942. *Nickerson, Joseph.  S. of Theophilus and Mary (Sanford), b. So. Dennis, S. 17, 1828.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Studied law with I. A. Eastman, Concord, N. H. and C. T. and T. H. Rupell, Boston; admitted to bar, D. 1853; practised Boston, 1853-82.  D. Boston, Je. 22, 1882.

943. *Packard, David Temple.  S. of David and Elizabeth (Drake), b. Brockton, Aug. 24, 1824.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Adelphian Acad., Brockton and Phillips Acad., Andover.  Prin. Weymouth H. S., 1850-51; Bangor T. S., 1851-54; ordained Campello, S. 21, 1854; p. there, 1854-56; s. s. Presb. Ch. Rock Island, Ill., 1856-57; a. p. Davenport, Ia., 1857-58; p. 1st Cong. Ch. Somerville, 1860-66; Brighton, 1866-73; Santa Barbara, Cal., 1873; a. p. Los Angeles, Cal., 1874-78; s. s. Presb. Ch. Wilmington, Cal., 1878-79; a. p. Stockton, Cal., 1879-80.  Author Dawn of the Morning, and several church manuals.  D. Stockton, Cal., N. 28, 1880.

Married Jy. 24, 1855, Abbie Craig, da. of Hebron Mahew, Chesterville, Me.  2 s., 1 da.

944. *Sawyer, Sylvester John.  S. of Jonah and Adaline (Griswold), b. Northfield, S. 10, 1823.  M. A., A. C., 1853.

Prepared with Pliny Fisk, Bernardston.  Taught in country schools and farmer, 1850-53; prin. Milford H. S., 1853-56; Pittsfield H. S., 1856-62; studied theology privately; ordained deacon Prot. Episcopal Ch. Pittsfield, N. 2, 1862; r. N. Y. City, 1863; prof. of languages and prefect of discipline, Seton Hall Coll., So. Orange, N. J., 1863-67; supt. private school, N. Y. City, 1868-72; taught School of the Christian Brothers, Baltimore, Md., 1872-73; procurator House of the Paulist Fathers, N. Y. City, 1873-76; r. N. Y. City and Brooklyn, N. Y., 1876-84.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1884.

945. *Shipley, Henry.  S. of Nathan and Sarah (Hasley), b. Pepperell, Aug. 20, 1825.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Pepperell and Phillips, Andover Acads.; A. C., 1847-50.  Harvard Law School; ed. in Cal. and Ore.; ed. and proprietor State Journal, Sacramento, Cal.  D. Sacramento, Cal., N. 17, 1859.

Married 1853, Jennie Easterbrooke, Cal., who d. 1854.

946. *Stimpson, Thomas Morrill.  S. of Thomas and Harriet (Morrill), b. Peabody, F. 21, 1827.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Studied law with Nathaniel J. Lord, Salem, 1850-53; admitted to bar there, D. 6, 1853; practised there, 1853-98.  D. Peabody, S. 30, 1898.

Married May 31, 1883, Sarah E., da. of James Perkins, Manchester.  1 ch.

947. *Thompson, John Howland.  S. of Luther and Grace Avery (Howland), b. Heath, S. 8, 1827.  M. A., A. C., 1853.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Studied law Springfield, 1851-53; admitted to Mass. bar, 1853; editorial work Springfield Republican, 1853-54; practised law Chicago, Ill., 1854-91, in partnership with Henry W. Bishop (A. C. 1850), 1858-80, in partnership with Stephen G. Swisher, 1888-91.  Director and counsel of 3rd National Bank, Chicago, Ill.  D. Chicago, Ill., May 16, 1891.

Married D. 15, 1869, Victoria, da. of Benjamin Carver, Chicago, Ill.  3 ch.

948. *Williston, Lyman Richards.  S. of Rev. William and Clarissa (Lyman) Richards and adopted s. of Samuel Williston, Easthampton, b. Lahaina, Maui, H. I., N. 7, 1830.  M. A., A. C., 1853.

Prepared Williston Sem.  Taught Latin and Greek, Williston Sem., 1850-53; Andover T. S., 1853-55; studied Latin, Greek and German, U. of Berlin, Germany, 1855-57; master Cambridge H. S., 1857-62; prin. school for young ladies, Cambridge, 1862-70; headmaster Cambridge H. S., 1870-80; supervisor of schools, Boston, 1880-84; master Latin school for girls, Boston, 1884-91; with firm of bankers and brokers, Boston, 1891-97.  D. Cambridge, Mch. 7, 1897.

Married Aug. 5, 1857, Annie E. S., da. of Rev. Wakefield Gale, Rockport.  3 s., 5 da.


*Baker, George Pierce.  S. of Samuel and Patience (Pierce), b. Rehoboth, Jan. 27, 1826.  M. D., Harvard, 1851.  Prepared Seekonk Classical Sem.; A. C., 1846-47.  Harvard Med. School, 1847-51; practised med. Providence, R. I., 1851-; physician R. I. State Prison, 14 yrs.; Vol. Surgeon, hospitals at Hampton, Va., for short time during Civil War.  D. 1890.
*Barrett, Joseph Chandler.  S. of Oliver and Lucy King (Chandler), b. Wilton, N. H., D. 12, 1823.  M. A., Dartmouth, 1850.  A. C., 1846; grad. Dartmouth, 1850.  Taught Swanzey, N. H.; Saxonville and Chicopee Falls; submaster Cambridge H. S., 1854-55; prin. Mt. Pleasant H. S. Nashua, N. H., 1856-58; Hampton (N. H.) Acad., 1858-64.  D. Worcester, O. 8, 1896.
*Bowen, Eleazer.  S. of Pellamon, b. about 1826.  Registered from Rehoboth.  A. C., 1846-47.  Grad. Berkshire Med. Institute, 1853.
*Bowen, Simeon.  S. of Pellamon, b. about 1823.  Registered from Rehoboth.  A. C., 1846-48; grad. Union, 1853.  Taught Bristol Acad., Taunton; practised law No. Attleboro, 30 yrs.  D. No. Attleboro, N., 1885.
*Boyden, John Augustus.  S. of Nathaniel, b. N. 15, 1828.  Registered from Salisbury, N. C.  A. C., 1846-47.  President Yadhin Navigation Co.; judge of probate, and clerk of superior court, Rowan Co., N. C.; asst. assessor in internal revenue service, 2 terms.
*Farrar, Charles Samuel.  S. of Samuel and Rebecca (Parker), b. Pepperell, Aug. 7, 1825.  A. C., 1846; grad. Dartmouth, 1850.  Practised law Gilmanton, N. H.; teacher; prof. of natural science Elmira (N. Y.) Coll., 1858-64; prof. of chemistry and physics Vassar, 1864-75; president Milwaukee (Wis.) Coll., 1875-.  D. Evanston, Ill., Mch. 12, 1903.
*Fisher, Luther Paine.  B. Scotland, Conn., D. 27, 1823.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  A. C., 1846-48.  Newspaper advertising agent San Francisco, Cal., 1852-.
*Griffin, John Quincy Adams.  S. of James S. and Hannah (Ritchie), b. Londonderry, N. H., Jy. 8, 1826.  Prepared Lawrence Acad., Groton.  A. C., 1846.  Studied law with George F. Farley, Groton; admitted to bar, O. 1849; practised Charlestown, 1850-66.  Member Mass. Legislature; clerk of court; city solicitor Charlestown.  D. Malden, May 22, 1866.
*Hardy, Jacob.  S. of Isaac and Lydia (Herrick), b. Danvers, D. 5, 1826.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  A. C., 1846.  Studied law with Judge Judd, serving as clerk, Lihue, Kawai, H. I., 1850-54; appointed by King Kamahamaha 1st judge, 4th judicial circuit, H. I., 1854-63; sec. copper mine Copperopolis, Cal., 1863-65; business San Francisco, Cal., 1865-77; circuit judge, Island of Kawai, H. I., 1877-1912.  D. Lihue, H. I., Aug. 8, [1915].
*Hill, Edward Lyman.  B. Oxford, Jan. 23, 1827.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1846-48.  Taught, 1848-51; grad. Columbia Med. School, 1852.  Surgeon 20th O. Vol. Militia, W. Va., 3 mos.; Surgeon 20th O. Vol. Inf., 3 yrs.; in charge U. S. General Hospital No. 2, Vicksburg, Miss., 9 mos., and later of other hospitals.
*Shattuck, Elijah Carter.  S. of Steven and Hannah (Carter), b. Marlboro, Aug. 27, 1820.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1846-47.  Shoe manufacturer Berlin.  Member Mass. Legislature, 1876.  D. Berlin, 1899.
*Stevens, Algernon.  S. of Robert and Margaret E. G. (Smith), b. Newport, R. I., N. 23, 1827.  Prepared Newport, R. I.; A. C., 1846-48; Dartmouth.
*Walker, Leonard.  S. of Samuel, b. about 1825.  Registered from Seekonk.  A. C., 1846.
*White, Albert.  S. of Nathan, b. about 1826.  Registered from Southampton, L. I.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.  A. C., 1846-48.
*Wood, John Thornton.  S. of Rev. Henry, b. Goffstown, N. H., O. 20, 1828.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1867.  Prepared Kimball Union Acad., N. H.; A. C., 1846-47.  Studied law Concord, N. H., 1848-51; journalist New Orleans, La., 1852-57; N. Y. City, 1859-60; ed. The North American, Philadelphia, Penn., 1864-.  D. Merrimack, N. H., Aug. 8, 1898.

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