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Amherst College Class of 1831
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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220. *Alden, John.  S. of John and Nancy (Gray), b. Ashfield, Jan. 10, 1806.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Newton T. S., 1831-33; ordained Shelburne Falls, O. 10, 1833; p. Baptist Ch. and prin. Franklin Acad. there, 1833-40; p. No. Adams, 1840-46; Fayville (Southboro), 1846-48; Westfield, 1848-53; p. and chaplain State Prison, Windsor, Vt., 1853-55; agent for Foreign Missions, northern N. E., 1855-56; agent Amer. and Foreign Bible Soc., southern N. E., 1856-66; agent R. I. Baptist State Convention, Providence, R. I., 1867-69; life insurance agent Providence, R. I., some time.  Author local historical material, also Story of a Pilgrim Family (Alden).  D. Providence, R. I., Mch. 13, 1894.

Married N. 23, 1833, Ann M., da. of Ephraim Chamberlain, Cambridgeport.  3 s.  Augustus E.; Adoniram J.; (?).

221. *Alexander, John Locke.  S. of Asa and Abigail (Locke), b. Winchester, N. H., D. 21, 1806.  M. D., Berkshire Med. Coll., 1835.

Prepared Lawrence, Deerfield and Amherst Acads.  Med. Coll. of S. C., Charleston, S. C., 1831-32; practised in S. C., 1832-34; Berkshire Med. Coll., 1834-35; practised Hubbardston, 1835-45; Winchester, N. H., 1845-48; farmer Arlington, 1848-55; broker and insurance agent Boston, 1855-90; r. Belmont, 1850-90.  D. Belmont, N. 9, 1890.

Married O. 16, 1850, Mrs. Rebecca Whitney, da. of James Perry, Belmont.

222. *Barber, Abel Lester.  S. of Abel and Chloe (Case), b. Otis, D. 27, 1803.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied theology with Rev. Allen McLean, Simsbury, Conn., 1831-33; ordained S., 1833; employed by the Amer. Bd. in Wis., 1833-35; with A. H. M. S. in Wis., 1 yr.; farmer there, 6 yrs.; ed. there, 6 yrs.; r. Wallingford, Conn., until 1875.  D. Wallingford, Conn., O. 7, 1875.

Married S. 11, 1833, Elizabeth, da. of Amasa Woodford, Avon, Conn.  Ch. Mary M.; Elizabeth M.; Amasa M.; Emily R.; John S. S.; William J.; Stowell W.; Cornelius H.; Charles S.

223. *Barrows, Homer.  S. of Branch and Rebecca (Clark), b. Wareham, D. 19, 1806.

Prepared Day's Acad., Wrentham.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; s. s. W. Middleboro (Lakeville), 1834-36; ordained Lakeville, Je. 1, 1836; p. there, 1836-42; s. s. Norton, 1842-45; p. Dover, N. H., 1845-52; Wareham, 1852-59; s. s. No. Haverhill, and Plaistow, N. H., 1859-69; Lakeville, 1869-72; w. c. Andover, 1872-81.  D. Andover, Ap. 1, 1881.

Married May 25, 1836, Sarah M., da. of Simeon Welch, Plaistow, N. H.  Ch. Harriet A.; Helen A.; Annie M.; Sarah H.; Homer.

224. *Barton, Samuel Dickinson.  S. of Samuel Dickinson and Huldah (Willey), b. Granby, Jy. 4, 1803.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared with William Eastman, Granby.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; miss'y of Amer. S. S. Union in northern Ill., 1834-36.  D. Jacksonville, Ill., Ap. 11, 1836.

225. *Biscoe, Thomas Curtis.  S. of Thomas and Bathsheba (Howe), b. Cambridge, Jy. 18, 1810.

Prepared private school Cambridge.  Taught while studying theology Brattleboro, Vt., 1831-32; merchant Pittsfield, N. H., 1832-33; studied theology with Rev. W. A. Stearns, Cambridge, 1833-35; s. s. So. Weymouth, 1835-37; ordained Grafton, Jy. 18, 1838; p. there, 1838-68; Uxbridge, 1868-75; r. Holliston, 1875-94.  D. Holliston, May 21, 1894.

Married S. 2, 1833, Ellen E., da. of Benjamin Lord, Brattleboro, Vt.  Ch. Rev. George S. (A. C. 1857); Arthur G. (A. C. 1862); Thomas D. (A. C. 1863); John F. (A. C. 1874); Walter S. (A. C. 1874); 3 s. d. in infancy; Ellen L.

226. *Bliss, Richard.  S. of George and Abigail (Rowland), b. Springfield, May 12, 1811.

Prepared Monson Acad.; Yale, 1827-28; A. C. 1828-31.  Studied law Springfield, and at Harvard L. S.; admitted to bar, 1834; practised Monson and Springfield, 1834-40; clerk of Hampden Co. Court, 1841-53; horticulturist, Springfield, 1853-66; r. Exeter, N. H., 1866-74; manufacturer Allston, 1874-78; r. Cambridge, 1878-80; N. Y. and Springfield, 1880-83.  D. Springfield, Jy. 29, 1883.

Married May 18, 1837, Sarah P., da. of Samuel Eastman, Hardwick.  Ch. Richard; Abby.

227. *Brace, Jonathan.  S. of Thomas K. and Lucy M. (Lee), b. Hartford, Conn., Je. 12, 1810.  M. A., Yale, 1850; D. D., A. C., 1858.

Prepared Hopkins Grammar School, Hartford, Conn.; Yale, 1827-28; A. C., 1828-31.  Andover T. S., 1832-33; Yale T. S., 1833-34; Princeton T. S., 1834-35; ordained Litchfield, Conn., Je. 12, 1838; p. there, 1838-44; s. s. Central Presb. Ch., N. Y. City, 1844-45; p. Milford, Conn., 1845-63; ed. The Religious Herald, Hartford, Conn., 1857-77.  Author Scripture Portraits, and numerous articles, sermons and addresses.  Bequeathed his library of religious books and $1000 to A. C. Library.  D. Hartford, Conn., O. 1, 1877.

Married Ap. 3, 1839, Sarah E., da. of Eben Finch, Washington, N. Y., who d. Jy. 30, 1866.  Ch. Lucy L.; William H.; Sarah E.  (Portrait in possession of A. C.)

228. *Bradbury, Elbridge.  S. of Edward and Abigail (Hill), b. Medford, Aug. 21, 1805.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Exeter, N. H.; A. C., 1828-31.  Taught Classical School, New Lebanon, N. Y., 1831-32; Classical and English School, Hudson, N. Y., 1832-33; tutor A. C., 1833-35; [Princeton] T. S., 1835-38; soliciting agent for Presb. Bd. of Foreign Missions in Middle and Southern States, 1838; ordained as Presb. Bedford, Penn., N. 18, 1839; p. there, 1839-41; Williamsport, Penn., 1841-47; New Providence, N. J., 1847-51; w. c. Elizabeth, N. J., 1851-53; proprietor and prin. Classical Institute, Hudson, N. Y., 1853-68; p. Cong. Ch., Sandisfield, 1868-73; s. s. New Boston, 1873-77; r. New Boston, 1877-79; home miss'y Lincoln, Kans., 1879-86; r. there, 1886-88.  D. Lincoln, Kans., Jy. 8, 1888.

Married Ap. 20, 1840, Mary J., da. of Richardson Underhill, Hudson, N. Y.  Ch. Augustus U.; Henry C. (A. C. 1866).

229. *Bryant, Hilliard.  S. of Seth and Lucy (Fuller), b. Middleboro, F. 3, 1808.  M. A., A. C., 1837.

Prepared Amherst Acad.; entered A. C., 1826, but lost yr. thru ill-health.  Andover T. S., 1831-32; private tutor in Md., 1832-34; General T. S., N. Y. City, 1834-35; ordained by Bishop Onderdonck, S. 22, 1835; miss'y Athens, Greece, 1835-36; p. two small parishes Litchfield, Conn., 1837-40; Westport, Conn., 1840-41; St. Paul's Ch., Wallingford, Conn., 1841-50; taught Cheshire, Conn., 1850-52; p. St. Peter's Ch. there, 1852-64; St. Peter's Ch., Hebron, Conn., 1864-80.  D. Hebron, Conn., S. 11, 1880.

Married Ap. 25, 1838, Melissa, da. of Asher Stone, N. Y. City.  11 ch.

230. *Burgess, Ebenezer.  S. of Ebenezer and Mercy (Hale), b. Grafton, Vt., Je. 26, 1805.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Chester, Vt., and Amherst Acads.  Taught Amherst Acad., 1831-32; Andover T. S., 1832-33, 1835-37; taught Hebrew and Greek, Union T. S., 1837-38; ordained Grafton, Vt., Mch. 19, 1839; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Ahmednuggur, India, 1839-51; Satara Mission, 1851-53; s. s. Centreville, 1857-59; Dracut, 1859-61; Lanesville, 1861-63; So. Franklin, 1864-67; lectured on Indian archaeology and the antiquity of man, Lowell Institute, Boston, 1865-67.  Author Grammar of the Mahratta Language; Idiomatic Sentences of the Mahratta Language; and an Astronomy and Grammar in Mahratta; tr. from Sanskrit a work on astronomy; revised the Mahratta translation of the Bible.  Member Amer. Oriental Soc.  D. Newton Centre, Jan. 1, 1870.

Married (1) Mch. 11, 1839, Mary, da. of Elijah Grant, Colebrook, Conn., who d. Je. 24, 1842; (2) S. 15, 1846, Abigail, da. of Ariel Moore, So. Hadley, who d. Ap. 26, 1853; (3) Je. 28, 1868, Mrs. Azubah T. Bridgman, da. of Amasa Stone, E. Brookfield.  Ch. Edwin; Mary P.; Abby L.; Sarah.

231. *Cowles, Chester William.  S. of Joseph and Beulah (Walkup), b. Amherst, Mch. 10, 1808.  M. D., Berkshire Med. Coll., 1835.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Dartmouth Med. School, 1831-32; Berkshire Med. Coll., 1833-35; practised Crawfordsville, Ind., 1836-38; Bentonsport, Ia., 1838-78; also merchant Bentonsport, Ia., 1843-58.  D. Bentonsport, Ia., Aug. 8, 1891.

Married Jy. 23, 1846, Martha W., da. of Sylvanus Howe, Enfield.  Ch. George H.; Arad W.; Hester W.; (?).

232. *Denny, Andrew.  S. of Nathaniel P. and Sally (Swan), b. Leicester, Ap. 30, 1812.  M. D., Harvard, 1834.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Studied med. with Dr. Edward Flint, Leicester, and at Harvard Med. School; practised Jackson, Ala., 1835-69.  President State Med. Soc. of Ala.  D. Jackson, Ala., Je. 9, 1869.

Married Jan. 20, 1841, Amanda F., da. of John M. Chapman, Suggsville, Ala.  8 ch.

233. *Dorman, Orloff Mather.  S. of Stephen and Charity (Mather), b. Wilbraham, Jan. 7, 1809.  M. A., A. C. 1847.

Prepared Wesleyan Acad., Wilbraham.  Studied law with Azon Taber, Albany, N. Y., 1831-33; taught Albany (N. Y.) Female Sem. part of this time; studied with Charles Downing, St. Augustine, Fla., 1834-35; admitted to bar, F., 1835; practised Jacksonville, Fla., 1835-40; with Peter S. Smith, St. Augustine, Fla., 1840-47; Chicago, Ill., 1847-53; botanist St. Augustine, Fla., 1853-61; Paymaster, with rank of Major, 1862-66; Judge Corporation Court of Norfolk, Va., 1867-68; Judge of Supreme Court of Appeals of State of Va., 1868-70; r. Norfolk, Va., 1870-79.  Served during the Seminole War 15 mos.  D. Norfolk, Va., Je. 16, 1879.

Married S. 24, 1845, Margarette E., da. of Rev. Vinson Gould, Southampton.

234. *Emerson, Luther.  S. of Rev. Joseph and Rebecca (Hazeltine), b. Beverly, N. 29, 1810.

Prepared Phillips, Andover, and Amherst Acads.  Taught Wethersfield, Conn., 1831-32, 1835-36; Andover T. S., 1832-35; home miss'y in Mass., and Conn. 1836-37; p. and teacher Amherst Co., Va., 1837-43; p. Presb. Churches Pisgah and Goshen, Va., 1843-52; Presb. Ch. Middlebrook, Va., 1852-67.  D. W. Middlebrook, Va., F. 9, 1867.

Married Je. 15, 1841, Catharine, da. of James Minor, Brookhill, Va.  Ch. Anne R. H.; Ellen; John K.; Catharine M.; Joseph B.

235. *Emery, Joshua.  S. of Joshua and Elizabeth (Welch), b. Newburyport, Aug. 5, 1807.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; ordained, May 13, 1835; p. Calvinistic Ch. Fitchburg, 1835-38; 1st. Ch., Weymouth, 1838-73; w. c. 1873-82.  D. Kansas City, Mo., Ap. 24, 1882.

Married May 19, 1835, Harriet, da. of Jacob Peabody, Boston.  Ch. Harriet P.; Joshua; Charles F.; Margaret.  [Seems to be brother of Samuel H. (A. C. 1834).]

236. *Fales, Dexter.  S. of Jeremiah and Ellis (Rudd), b. Charlemont, Mch. 20, 1806.

Prepared with Rev. Urban Hitchcock and Rev. Walter Tileson, Charlemont.  Taught Newark, N. J., 1831-33.  D. Newark, N. J., F., 1833.

237. *Fisher, Nathaniel Augustus.  S. of William and Mary (Ellis), b. Attleboro, Aug. 3, 1811.  M. D., Harvard, 1834.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied med. with Dr. L. L. Miller, 1831-33; Harvard Med. School, 1833-34; practised med. and dentistry Providence, R. I., and in Fla., 1834-52; sec. R. I. S. P. C. A.; surgeon 13th Conn. Vols., 1863-64; 29th Conn. Vols., 1864; resigned commission, 1864; r. Providence, R. I., 1866-83.  D. Providence, R. I., May 19, 1883.

Married O. 22, 1834, Ophelia, da. of John Nichols, Thompson, Conn.  Ch. Ellen.

238. *Flint, Kendall.  S. of Elijah and Elizabeth (Putnam), b. Danvers, F. 4, 1807.  M. D., Harvard, 1839.

Prepared Hampton (N. H.) Acad.  Andover T. S., 1833-35; studied med. Danvers and Boston, 1836-39; practised Haverhill, 1840-72; U. S. Examining Surgeon, 1862-72; retired, 1872.  D. Haverhill, S. 28, 1892.

Married Je. 28, 1842, Mary F., da. of Phineas Carleton, Haverhill.  Ch. George C., Mary H.

239. *Fosdick, David.  S. of David and Joan (Skilton), b. Charlestown, N. 9, 1813.

Prepared Bradford Acad.  Andover T. S., 1831-33; r. Charlestown, Brookline and Andover, teaching part of the time, 1833-37; r. Groton, 1837-41; ordained Sterling, Mch. 3, 1841; p. Unitarian Ch. there, 1841-45; Hollis St. Ch., Boston, 1846-47; Unitarian Ch., So. Groton, 1854-60; minister at large Groton, some yrs.; r. Groton until 1892.  Tr. Hug's Introduction to the New Testament; pub. French and German grammars, and various sermons and articles in magazines.  D. Groton, Jan. 27, 1892.

Married (1) Mch. 10, 1841, Sarah L., da. of Rev. Samuel Woodbury, No. Yarmouth, Me., who d. N. 25, 1860; (2) Jan. 27, 1871, Mrs. Mary J. Applin, da. of Stephen Kendall, Groton.  9 ch.

240. *Foster, Galen.  S. of Asa and Sarah (Morrill), b. Canterbury, N. H., O. 10, 1807.

Prepared Gilmanton (N. H.) Acad.  Studied law with Henry Shippen, Meadville, Penn. and T. H. Sill, Erie, Penn., 1831-34; admitted to bar, Erie, Penn., Aug., 1834; practised there, 1834-63; r. Canterbury, N. H., 1869-95.  D. Canterbury, N. H., Mch. 8, 1895.

241. *Fox, John Lawrence.  S. of Ebenezer and Susannah (Patterson), b. Salem, Jan. 8, 1811.  M. D., Harvard, 1835.

Prepared Salem Latin School.  Studied med. Philadelphia, Penn. and with Dr. A. L. Pierson, Salem; taught, 1835-37; Asst. Surgeon U. S. N., 1837-47; Surgeon, 1847-64; Fleet Surgeon No. Atlantic blockading squadron, 1864; had charge Naval Hospital Chelsea and Brooklyn; asst. Med. Bureau, Washington, D. C.  D. Roxbury, D. 17, 1864.

Married Je. 15, 1847, Elizabeth A., da. of Commodore Charles Morris, U. S. N., Washington, D. C.  Ch. Helen L., Charles E., Elizabeth M.; William H.

242. *Frary, Jesse Loring.  S. of Jesse and Olive (Cutts), b. Southampton, D. 28, 1810.

Princeton T. S., 1831-32; taught in Va., 1832-34; Lane T. S., 1834-36; ordained by Presbytery, St. Louis, Mo., O. 9, 1838; miss'y Apple Creek, Md., 1838-41; s. s. Brazeau, Mo., 1841-42; Des Moines, Ia., 1842-43; w. c. in Va., 1843-44; s. s. Harrisburg and Strausburg, Va., 1844-46; Woodstock and Strausburg, Va., 1847; farmer and teacher Kearneysville, Va., 1847-55; prin. and proprietor female sem. Shepardstown, Va., 1855-67.  D. Shepardstown, Va., F. 29, 1868.

Married (1) O. 14, 1839, Eliza, da. of Benoni Clark, Westhampton, who d. S. 21, 1842; (2) F. 7, 1845, Mary A., da. of Morris Gibbons, Jefferson Co., W. Va.  2 ch.

243. *Garvin, James.  S. of James and Lydia (Clark), b. Bethel, Vt., 1809.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Chester, Vt. and Amherst Acads.  Studied with Prof. William C. Woodbridge, Hartford, Conn., 1831-32; taught Enfield, 1832-33; Cavendish, Vt., 1833-35; Chester, Vt., 1835-37; Pikeville, Tenn., 1837-38; tutor E. Tenn. U., Knoxville, Tenn., 1838-42; prof. of mathematics and chemistry there, 1842-46.  Pub. scientific and educational articles.  D. Knoxville, Tenn., Je. 29, 1846.

Married D. 5, 1833, Sarah A., da. of Luther Gunn, Pittsfield.  Ch. James; Lucius F. C. (A. C. 1862).

244. *Goodhue, John Northend.  S. of John and Lucy (Gage), b. Salem, Jan. 29, 1810.

Prepared Salem Grammar School.  Andover T. S., 1831-32; Yale T. S., 1832-34; ordained Marlboro, May 4, 1836; p. there, 1836-39.  D. Marlboro, S. 13, 1839.

Married May 5, 1836, Emily, da. of Thomas Leach, Manchester.  Ch. Emily J.; Elizabeth L.

245. *Grout, Aldin.  S. of Joel and Asenath (Wilder), b. Pelham, S. 2, 1803.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; ordained Holden, N. 19, 1834; miss'y among the Zulus, Natal, So. Africa, 1834-70; r. Springfield, 1870-94.  D. Springfield, F. 12, 1894.

Married (1) N. 17, 1834, Hannah, da. of Ethan Davis, Holden, who d. F. 24, 1836; (2) N. 23, 1838, Charlotte, da. of James Bailey, Holden.  Ch. Relief Oriana; Aldin Philip F.; Humphrey; Eliza Charlotte.

246. *Harrington, Moody.  S. of Aaron and Nancy (Mann), b. Cornish, N. H., Ap. 10, 1798.  M. A., A. C., 1835.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., Meriden, N. H.; Auburn T. S., 1831-33; ordained as Presb., O. 4, 1834; p. Camillus, N. Y., 1834-38; Morrisville, N. Y., 1838-47; Preble, N. Y., 1847-50; Lafayette, N. Y., 1850-53; Morrisville, N. Y., 1853-54; Middlefield, 1854-58; s. s. Feeding Hills, 1858-60; Agawam, 1860; Montgomery, 1861, 1863; w. c. W. Springfield, 1860-62, 1864-65.  Chaplain House of Correction, Hampden Co.  D. Albany, N. Y., Jy. 22, 1865.

Married D. 16, 1835, Julia, da. of David Mack, Amherst.  Ch. Julia M.; Moody; N. Amelia; David M.; Mary P.

247. *Howell, Thomas Morris.  S. of Nathaniel W. and Fanny (Coleman), b. Canandaigua, N. Y., D. 7, 1811.

Prepared Canandaigua (N. Y.) Acad.; A. C., 1828-31.  Studied law with father and with Willson & Lester, Canandaigua, N. Y., 1831-34; admitted to bar, 1834; practised Canandaigua, N. Y., 1834-92.  District Attorney Ontario Co., N. Y., 1837-48; U. S. commissioner for northern district of N. Y. and U. S.  Master in Equity, many yrs. from 1858.  D. Canandaigua, N. Y., O. 27, 1892.

Married May 16, 1838, Louisa, da. of Samuel Young, Ballston, N. Y.  Ch. Jane E.; Sarah G.

248. *Humphrey, James.  S. of President Heman and Sophia (Porter), b. Fairfield, Conn., O. 9, 1811.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Plainfield (Conn.) Acad.  Taught there, 1831-33; studied law with Seth P. Staples, N. Y.; practised Louisville, Ky., 1836-38; instructor in rhetoric and oratory A. C., 1838; practised law N. Y. City, 1838-66.  Held many public offices Brooklyn, N. Y.; State Senator; member of Congress, 1858-60, 1864-66.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., Je. 17, 1866.

Married O. 11, 1836, Urania, da. of Joseph Battelle, Norfolk, Conn.  4 ch.  James (A. C. ex 1859).  Bro. Edward P. (A. C. 1828); Henry M. (A. C. ex 1842); John (A. C. 1835); Zephaniah M. (A. C. 1843).

249. *Huntington, Enoch Smith.  S. of Andrew and Zeruiah (Smith), b. Ashford, Conn., S. 30, 1804.

Prepared with private teachers.  Taught while studying theology, 1831-36; s. s. Groveland, Ill., 1836-42; p. Clinton, Conn., 1843-50; s. s. various places; p. and teacher Danbury, Conn., until 1862.  D. Danbury, Conn., Ap. 7, 1862.

Married (1) S. 8, 1836, Lucy, da. of Dr. Chester Cowles, Amherst, who d. Je. 12, 1843; (2) O. 29, 1843, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Talcott, da. of Edward Wilcox, Clinton, Conn., who d. F. 1, 1852; (3) Ap. 13, 1853, Esther, da. of Burr Lyon, Fairfield, Conn.  Ch. Lucy; Frances; William; Elvira; Enoch.

250. *Ingram, Solomon Boltwood.  S. of Zaccheus C. and Sarah (Hastings), b. Amherst, Ap. 1, 1807.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Taught 1831-33; Andover T. S., 1833-35; tutor A. C., 1835-36; ordained Sunderland, D. 28, 1836; p. there, 1836-40.  D. Sunderland, Je. 2, 1840.

Married D. 15, 1836, Jane, da. of Rev. Daniel Beers, Greenport, L. I.

251. *Jermain, James Barclay.  S. of Silvanus P. and Catherine (Barclay), b. Albany, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1809.  M. A., A. C., 1834; Middlebury, 1870; LL. D., Williams, 1892.

Prepared Washington Acad., Cambridge, N. Y.; Middlebury, 1824-26; A. C., 1829-31.  Studied law with Judge Wilkinson, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; admitted to bar, 1836; practised Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1836-43; Albany, N. Y., 1843-69; financier Albany, N. Y., 1869-97.  Erected and endowed several institutions in and near Albany.  D. Albany, N. Y., Jy. 13, 1897.

Married N. 17, 1842, Catherine A., da. of Clark Rice, Cambridge, N. Y.  5 ch.

252. *Jewett, William Reed.  S. of Rev. David and Rebecca (Reed), b. Rockport, S. 12, 1811.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; Abbot Resident there 1834-35; s. s. Rockport and Braintree, 1835-36; ordained Griswold, Conn., Jan. 18, 1837; p. there, 1837-43; s. s. Lisbon, Conn., 1843-44; p. Plymouth, N. H., 1845-62; s. s. Fisherville, N. H., 1862-63; p. there, 1863-74; w. c. Concord, N. H., 1875-80; Andover, 1880-82.  D. Andover, Aug. 26, 1882.

Married S. 24, 1838, Hannah A. C., da. of Joseph Lester, Griswold, Conn.

253. *Johns, David Lewis.  S. of Rev. Evan and Fanny (Lyman), b. Hatfield, Jan. 11, 1812.

Prepared Canandaigua (N. Y.) Acad.  Studied law Canandaigua, N. Y.; practised law Penn Yan, N. Y., with Judge Wells for some time; Marshall, Mich., until about 1846; Canandaigua, N. Y.; merchant Corning, N. Y.; r. Chicago, Ill.  Enlisted at outbreak of war.  D. in camp Chicago, Ill., D. 25, 1861.

Married D. 21, 1842, Adeline, da. of Clement Trowbridge, Albion, Mich.  Ch. Fanny; Sophia; Trowbridge; Kate; William.

254. *Karavelles, Anastasius.  Registered from Zante, Greece.

Prepared Mt. Pleasant Institute, Amherst.  Taught in U. S.; studied law Athens, Greece, and was judge there; director of telegraphs, Island of Syra, Greece.  D.

255. *King, Samuel Putnam Cleaves.  S. of Amos and Abigail (Cleaves), b. So. Danvers (Peabody), Mch. 23, 1809.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Merchant Lowell, 1832-33; farmer Peabody, 1833-82.  D. Peabody, S. 30, 1882.

Married S. 2, 1847, Mary M., da. of Nathaniel Jewett, Hollis, N. H.  Ch. Mary Elizabeth; Abbie Cleaves; Amos; Warren.

256. *Kirkland, Edward.  S. of Samuel and Dorcas (Maxwell), b. Warwick, Je. 24, 1808.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Studied law with Judge Merrick, Worcester, 1831-34; admitted to bar, 1834; practised Templeton, 1834-38; business agent book publishing company Louisville, Ky., 1838-42; practised law Brattleboro, Vt., 1842-66.  Representative to Vt. Legislature, several yrs.; State Senator, 2 yrs.  D. Brattleboro, Vt., Jan. 6, 1866.

Married (1) May 24, 1836, Catherine P., da. of Jonathan Robinson, Templeton, who d. Ap. 15, 1840; (2) O. 31, 1844, Frances S. M., da. of Jonathan Robinson, Templeton, who d. O. 12, 1858; (3) O. 18, 1859, Mary, da. of Joseph Slate, Bernardston.  3 ch.

257. *Lord, Chester.  S. of Rev. Henry and Fidelia (Graves), b. Williamsburg, Jy. 30, 1812.

Prepared with father and at Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Andover T. S., 1831-34.  D. Williamsburg, N. 8, 1834.  Bro. Charles (A. C. 1838).

258. *Manton, Daniel Eddy.  S. of John and Mary (Brown), b. Kinderhook, N. Y., N. 3, 1811.

Prepared Kinderhook (N. Y.) Acad.  Andover T. S., 1831-32; Princeton T. S., 1833-35; s. s. Chittenango, N. Y., 1836; Fayetteville, N. Y., 1836; Redding, Conn., 1836-37; ordained as Presb. evangelist Alton, Ill., Ap. 1, 1838; s. s. Hillsdale, N. Y., 1839; w. c. Kinderhook, N. Y., 1839-41.  D. Kinderhook, N. Y., Mch. 5, 1841.

Married O. 25, 1840, Elsie, da. of Rev. Dr. Sickles, Kinderhook, N. Y.

259. *Miller, Jeremiah.  S. of Elijah and Chloe (Allen), b. Avon, Conn., N. 12, 1805.

Prepared Westfield Acad.  Yale T. S., 1831-34; s. s. Clinton, Conn., 1834; ordained Westbrook, Conn., 1835; p. there, 1835-37; Redding, Conn., 1837-40; s. s. Presb. Ch., Bethany, Penn., 1840-44; Mt. Joy, Penn., 1845-47; sec. Penn. Sabbath Assoc., 1847-68; w. c., 1868-71.  D. Media, Penn., Jy. 27, 1871.

Married May 17, 1836, Ellen, da. of Elnathan Tyler, Northford, Conn.  5 ch.  Albert Barnes (A. C. 1870).

260. *Nelson, Benjamin Day.  S. of Thomas and Sally (Day), b. Bleak Hill, King William Co., Va., May 15, 1810.  M. D., U. of Penn., 1836.

Prepared with private tutors.  Studied med. with Dr. Gregg, Fredericksburg, Va. and at U. of Penn., 1833-35; practised occasionally and r. on his estate Wyoming, King William Co., Va., 1835-46.  D. Wyoming, King William Co., Va., Je. 21, 1846.

Married 1835, Henrietta, da. of Dr. Austin Brockenbrough, Tappahannock, Va.  Ch. Catherine; Lettuce; Thomas.

261. *Orgain, John.  S. of John and Mary (Jackson), b. Brunswick Co., Va., S. 7, 1809.

Prepared with Anderson Bagley, Brunswick Co., Va.  Prin. Flat Rock Female Sem., Lunenburg Co., Va., many yrs.  Represented Lunenburg Co. in State Legislature.  D. Flat Rock, Lunenburg Co., Va., Aug. 22, 1871.

Married D. 31, 1834, Annie, da. of George Craig, Lunenburg Co., Va.  11 ch.

262. *Park, Calvin Emmons.  S. of Calvin and Abigail (Ware), b. Providence, R. I., D. 30, 1811.  M. A., A. C., 1835.

Prepared private school Providence, R. I.; Brown, 1827-28; A. C., 1828-31.  Taught Weymouth, 1831-32; Andover T. S., 1832-35; tutor A. C., 1835-37; ordained Waterville, Me., O. 31, 1838; p. there, 1838-44; instructor in rhetoric and English, Waterville Coll. (now Colby), 1839-43; p. W. Boxford, 1846-59; taught private school W. Boxford, 1859-84; r. W. Boxford, 1884-95.  D. W. Boxford, Mch. 4, 1895.

Married N. 5, 1839, Harriet T., da. of Joseph Pope, Portland, Me.  Ch. Joseph P.; Anna P.; Charles W. (A. C. 1867); Caroline M.; William P.

263. *Paspatis, Alexander George.  S. of George P. and Mary (Schilizzi), b. Scio (Chios), Greece, May, 1814.  M. A., A. C., 1835; LL.D., A. C., 1886; M. D., Padua, 1834.

Prepared Mt. Pleasant Institute, Amherst.  Studied med. U. of Paris, and Med. School, Padua; practised Constantinople, 1840-79; r. Athens, 1879-91.  Author The Language of the Gypsies, in the transactions of the Amer. Oriental Soc.; Etudes sur les Tchinghianés; a work on the topography and history of Constantinople, in modern Greek, and other works in English, French and Greek.  D. Athens, D. 24, 1891.


264. *Pratt, Stillman.  S. of Benjamin and Mary (Smith), b. Reading, Ap. 24, 1804.

Prepared Atkinson, N. H. and Phillips, Andover, Acads.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; ordained Orleans, Ap. 22, 1835; p. there, 1835-39; s. s. Eastham, 1839; home miss'y So. Adams, 1839-48; Melrose, 1849-51; p. Carver, 1851-54; s. s. No. Falmouth, 1857; ed. Middleboro Gazette, 1854-62.  Author Life of Gen. Fremont, and several religious books.  D. Middleboro, S. 1, 1862.

Married (1) May 7, 1835, Eleanor M., da. of Ransom Dickinson, Amherst, who d. N. 18, 1839; (2) Mch. 22, 1841, Mary, da. of Reuben Richardson, Stoneham, who d. 1848; (3) Aug. 21, 1849, Hannah, da. of Charles Brigham, Grafton.  11 ch.  Ransom D. (A. C. ex 1863).

265. *Riggs, Joseph Lewis.  S. of Rev. Elias and Augusta (Hullson, née Conger), b. New Providence, N. J., Mch. 19, 1809.

Prepared with Ezra Fairchild (A. C. 1822), N. J.  Taught 1831-33; Andover T. S., 1833-34; Princeton T. S., 1834-36; taught, 1836-38; resident grad. Andover T. S., 1838-39; taught in N. J. and Ind., 1839-43; ordained as Presb. Wells, Penn., Aug. 27, 1845; s. s. there, 1843-54; Millerstown, Penn.; in business Elmira, N. Y.; s. s. Cumberland, Ill., 1858; city miss'y Elmira, N. Y., 1859-65.  D. Elmira, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1865.

Married May 1, 1844, Elizabeth A., da. of Rev. Egbert Roosa, Wells, Penn.  Ch. Edward H.; William C.; Mary E.; Charles B.; Emma C.; Elias F.  Bro. of Elias (A. C. 1829).

266. *Sabin, Lewis.  S. of Thomas and Abigail (Durfee), b. Wilbraham, Ap. 9, 1807.  M. A., A. C., 1834; D. D., A. C., 1857.

Prepared with Myron Lawrence, Belchertown and at Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Prin. Hopkins Acad., 1831-32, 1833-35; studied theology Andover T. S., 1832-33, and with Rev. John Brown, Hadley, 1833-35; ordained Je. 6, 1836; miss'y Stanstead, Que., 1836-37; p. Templeton, 1837-72; w. c. Templeton, 1872-73.  Trustee A. C., 1862-73.  D. Templeton, Je. 8, 1873.

Married N. 28, 1833, Maria P., da. of William Dickinson, Hadley.

267. *Spaulding, Alvah.  S. of Abel and Lucy (Pierce), b. Townsend, S. 9, 1807.

Prepared Kimball Union Acad., Meriden, N. H.  Taught Appleton Acad., New Ipswich, N. H., 1831; Andover T. S., 1831-34; s. s. Troy, N. H., 1834; Chesterfield, N. H., 1834-35; ordained Cornish, N. H., O. 1, 1835; p. there, 1835-65; Weathersfield Centre, Vt., 1865-68.  D. Weathersfield Centre, Vt., May 11, 1868.

Married N. 17, 1835, Ambra, da. of Levi Tower, Fitzwilliam, N. H.  Ch. Lysander T. (A. C. 1861); Ellen M.; Ambra L.; Phidelia; Abbey L.

268. *Talcott, Daniel Smith.  S. of Daniel and Abigail (Jewett) Smith (name changed in 1864), b. Newburyport, Mch. 7, 1813.  M. A., A. C., 1834; D. D., Colby, 1853; Bowdoin, 1858.

Prepared with Amos Pettingell, and Alfred W. Pike, Newburyport.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; taught Hebrew there, 1834-36; ordained Sherborn, D. 7, 1836; p. there, 1836-38; prof. of sacred literature Bangor T. S., 1839-81; r. Bangor, Me., 1881-96.  D. Bangor, Me., Jan. 19, 1896.

Married Ap. 22, 1840, Sophia H., da. of George W. Brown, Bangor, Me.  Ch. Rowland M.; Frances S.; [Elizabeth] T.

269. *Tennant, Charles Edward.  S. of Charles and Ann (Smith), b. Charleston, S. C., Mch. 14, 1812.  M. A., A. C., 1846; M. D., S. C. Med. Coll., 1836.

Prepared with Christopher Cotes, Charleston, S. C.  S. C. Med. Coll., Charleston, 1833-36; practised St. John's Parish, Colleton District, S. C., 1836-49; farmer, Colleton District, S. C. and Asheville, N. C., 1849-81.  D. Asheville, N. C., Aug. 1, 1881.

Married Jy. 25, 1844, Mary J., da. of John A. Fripp, St. Johns, S. C.  10 ch.

270. *Thayer, Erastus William.  S. of Joseph and Susan (Cannon), b. Barre, Je. 7, 1812.

Prepared Boston Latin School and Mt. Pleasant Institute, Amherst.  Taught 1831-34; Andover T. S., 1834-36; s. s. Palestine, Ill., 1836-44; ordained there, May 9, 1840; s. s. Paris, Ill., 1844-51; w. c. there, 1851-53; Springfield, Ill., 1853-55; s. s. Decatur, Ill., 1855-56; w. c. there, 1857-60; s. s. Chatham, Ill., 1860-71; w. c. there, 1871-78; r. Springfield, Ill., 1878-1902.  D. Springfield, Ill., May 3, 1902.

Married Je. 28, 1844, Angeline, da. of John C. Alexander, Danville, Ill., who d. F. 18, 1902.  5 ch.

271. *Thayer, Thatcher.  S. of Capt. Nathaniel and Charlotte (Baker), b. Boston, D. 9, 1812.  M. A., A. C., 1834; D. D., N. J. Coll., 1857.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Taught Mt. Pleasant Institute, Amherst, 1831-32; Hartford, Conn., 1832-33; tutor A. C., 1833-35; Andover T. S., 1835-37; ordained So. Dennis F. 13, 1837; p. there, 1837-41; Newport, R. I., 1841-73; p. emeritus, 1873-94; travelled and studied in Europe, 1841-43.  Trustee Brown, 1860-94.  D. Newport, R. I., Mch. 17, 1894.

Married May 8, 1850, Eliza D., da. of William Vernon, Newport, R. I.

272. *Tyler, Wellington Hart.  S. of Joab and Nabby (Seymour), b. Harford, Penn., O. 14, 1812.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Harford, Penn.; A. C., 1829-31.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; taught, Mercer Co., Ky., 1832-34; tutor A. C., 1834-36; prin. acad. Manlius, N. Y., 1836-38; Young Ladies' Institute, Columbia, S. C., 1840-41; founded Pittsfield Young Ladies' Institute, 1841, and prin., 1841-53; in business N. Y. City; prin. Female Sem. Cincinnati, O., 1862.  D. Labrador, while travelling, Aug. 19, 1863.

Married 1838, Caroline E., da. of John Carpenter, Hoosick, N. Y.  Ch. William C.; Arthur W. (A. C. 1867); Caroline C.; Anna H.  Bro. William S. (A. C. 1830); Edward G. (A. C. 1841).

273. *Waldo, Seth Hardin.  S. of John and Beulah (Foster), b. Hampton, Conn., O. 4, 1802.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; prin. Oberlin (O.) Coll. Institute, 1834-35; s. s. Mansfield, O., 1835-36; Ravenna, O., 1836; Kinsman, O., 1836; lecturer Farmington (O.) Acad., 1836-37; s. s. Farmington, O., 1837-42; ordained as evangelist, Aug. 6, 1839; s. s. Ashtabula, O., 1842-45; Dover, O.; taught Bellevue, O., about 1853; p. Geneseo, Ill., 1855-57; s. s. Vienna, Ill., 1859-60; Garner, Ill., 1860-61; prin. school Geneseo, Ill., 1861-90.  Author A New Grammatical Method for the Use of Schools.  D. Geneseo, Ill., O. 30, 1890.

Married (1) Ap. 11, 1834, Abiah, da. of Moody Spofford, No. Andover, who d. N. 15, 1881; (2) Mch. 28, 1882, Mrs. Amelia S. Green, da. of Orra Clark, Albion, N. Y.

274. *Ward, Eliab.  S. of Ephraim and Priscilla (Hammond), b. Carver, Jy. 1, 1805.  M. A., A. C., 1836.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied law with Jacob H. Loud, Plymouth; admitted to bar, 1836; practised Middleboro, 1836-91.  Brigadier-General Mass. Vol. Militia, 1852-56.  Representative Mass. Legislature, 1838-40, 1842, 1852; State Senator, 1843; trustee Pierce Acad., Middleboro, 1853-92.  D. Middleboro, May 12, 1892.

Married O. 17, 1852, Prudence K., da. of John Holmes, Middleboro.

275. *Waters, George.  S. of Rev. Isaiah and Nancy (Ballantine), b. Chesterfield, May 30, 1810.  D. D., Columbia, 1865.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Taught N. Y. City, 1831-33; Andover T. S., 1833-36; ordained deacon Prot. Episcopal Ch., Jy. 31, 1836; priest, Plymouth, Conn., Jan. 11, 1838; rector Lynn, 1837-39; Lenox, 1840-42; Delhi, N. Y., 1842-49; Kingston, N. Y., 1849-69; r. Cambridge, 1869-72; Kingston, N. Y., 1873; Orange, N. J., 1873-86.  D. Orange, N. J., Je. 23, 1886.

Married May 3, 1838, Phebe A., da. of Francis Foxcroft, Boston.  Ch. Elizabeth F.; George A.; Emeline; Francis A.; Edward E. (A. C. ex 1871).

276. *Whipple, Charles King.  S. of Charles and Mary (King), b. Newburyport, N. 17, 1808.  M. A., A. C., 1834.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Studied med. with Dr. Abel L. Pierson, Salem; apothecary Mass. General Hospital, Boston, 1835-45; Boston dispensary, 1846-56; agent Mass. Anti-Slavery Soc., from 1856 until slavery was abolished; r. Brookline, N. Y. City and Framingham, 1864-88; Newburyport, 1888-1900.  Author numerous abolition tracts and pamphlets; asst. of The Non-Resistant and of The Liberator.  D. Newburyport, May 10, 1900.

Married S. 22, 1853, Mrs. Emma C. Goodwin, da. of Rev. Calvin Philleo, Duxbury, who d. May 6, 1885.

277. *Whitney, John.  S. of Salmon and Hepzibah (Raymond), b. Harvard, S. 1, 1804.

Prepared with Rev. George Fisher, Harvard and at Westford and New Ipswich, N. H., Acads.  Andover T. S., 1831-34; ordained E. Boxford, O. 15, 1834; p. there, 1834-37; Waltham, 1837-57; s. s. Dunstable, 1858-59; Westford, 1859; W. Boylston, 1860; Robbinston, Me., 1861-62; p. Cong. and Presb. Churches Canaan, N. Y., 1862-67; horticulturist Newton Centre, 1867-79.  D. Newton Centre, May 31, 1879.

Married O. 15, 1835, Mary A., da. of Rev. David Jewett, Rockport.  Ch. David J.; John R.; Mary R.; Elizabeth J.; Martha R.; Martha R. [sic]; Hannah A. J.; Maria D.

278. *Wood, Artemas Augustus.  S. of Artemas and Catherine (Drake), b. Leominster, Je. 22, 1811.  M. A., A. C., 1834; D. D., Hamilton, 1857.

Prepared Amherst and Randolph, Vt., Acads.  Andover T. S., 1831-32, 1836-38; taught Pottsville, Penn., 1832-34; prin. Danville (Penn.) Acad., 1834-36; ordained W. Springfield, D. 19, 1838, p. there, 1838-49; Presb. Ch., Pearl St., N. Y. City, 1849-53; Central Presb. Ch., N. Y. City, 1853-60; Geneva, N. Y., 1860-73; Lyons, N. Y., 1873-82; r. Rochester, N. Y., 1882-90; Flushing, N. Y., 1890-92.  D. Flushing, N. Y., F. 4, 1892.

Married May 13, 1840, Martha P., da. of Samuel Lathrop, W. Springfield.  Ch. Edward A.; Joseph L.; Clara L.; William L.; Halsey L.

279. *Woods, Henry Ruiter.  S. of Jedediah and Rebecca (Ruiter), b. Polton, Lower Canada, May 12, 1808.

Prepared Amherst Acad.  Studied med. with Dr. William Gilman, Polton, Lower Canada, a few mos.; merchant there; farmer Belvidere, Ill.; r. Nashville, Tenn.; 1849-50.  D. Barren, Tenn., N. 23, 1850.

Married 1836, Susan R., da. of Dr. William Gilman, Polton, Lower Canada.


*Abbot, Charles.  S. of Zebedee and Elizabeth (Hale), b. Wilton, N. H., O. 31, 1808.  A. C., 1827-29; grad. Dartmouth, 1833.  Taught music Newark, N. J.  D. 1879.
*Allen, Benjamin C.  B. Ashby, Aug. 11, 1805.  A. C., 1827-31.  D. Amherst, Mch. 20, 1831.
*Case, John Randolph.  S. of Elam and Phoebe, b. Canton, Conn., Aug. 21, 1809.  A. C., 1827-30; grad. Trinity, 1831.  Teacher; practised law Prince Frederick, Md.  D. St. Leonards, Md., Ap. 21, 1859.
*Clark, James H.  Registered from Winchester, Va.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1859.  A. C., 1828; grad. Columbia Coll., D. C., 1831.  Became a minister.  D.
*Clark, Thomas March.  S. of Thomas M., b. Newburyport, Jy. 4, 1812.  M. A., Trinity, 1831; D. D., Union, 1851; Brown, 1860; LL. D., Cambridge, Eng., 1868.  A. C., 1827-28; grad. Yale, 1831.  Ordained, 1836; rector Grace Ch., Boston, 1836-42; St. Andrews, Philadelphia, Penn., 1843-47; asst. Trinity Ch., Boston, 1847-50; rector Christ Ch., Hartford, Conn., 1850-54; Bishop, R. I., 1854-97, and rector Grace Ch., Providence, R. I., 1854-66; presiding Bishop of House of Bishops, 1899-1901; presiding Bishop of Prot. Episcopal Ch., 1901-03.  Author book of memoirs.  D. Middletown, R. I., S. 7, 1903.
*Crawford, Luther.  Registered from Alexandria, N. H.  A. C., 1827-28; grad. Brown, 1831.  D. 1859.
*Dickinson, Perez.  B. Amherst, F. 25, 1813.  M. A. (hon.), A. C., 1888.  A. C., 1828-30; grad. U. of Tenn., 1831.  Teacher, merchant Knoxville, Tenn., 1834-.  D. Knoxville, Tenn., Jy. 17, 1901.
*Edgar, Cornelius Henry.  B. Rahway, N. J., Ap. 11, 1811.  S. T. D., U. of City of N. Y., 1863.  A. C., 1827; grad. Princeton, 1831.  Taught U. of City of N. Y., 7 yrs.; p. Presb. Ch., Bridge Hampton, L. I., 8 yrs.; Amer. Reformed Ch., Easton, Penn., 27 yrs.
*Ely, Zabadiel Rogers.  B. Lyme, Conn., Jan. 16, 1809.  A. C., 1827-28; grad. Yale, 1833.  P. Deep River, Conn.  D. N. 15, 1839.
*Fitts, Moses Hall.  S. of Moses and Sarah (Ordway), b. Candia, N. H., Jan. 1, 1808.  A. C., 1827-29; grad. Dartmouth, 1831.  Taught Elk Branch Sem., Harpers Ferry, Va.; private school Niagara Falls, N. Y.; Lewiston (N. Y.) Acad.; Union School, Lockport, N. Y.; school commissioner, N. Y.; postmaster Lewiston Falls, N. Y., 1852-.
*Flint, Austin.  B. Petersham, O. 20, 1812.  A. C., 1827-30; grad. Harvard Med. Coll., 1833.  Was one of the founders of Buffalo Med. Coll.; prof. there, 1847-53; est. Buffalo Med. Journal; Rush Med. Coll., Chicago, Ill., 1844; prof. Med. Dept. U. of Louisville, 4 yrs.; prof. New Orleans School of Med., 3 yrs.; prof. Bellevue Hospital Med. Coll., N. Y. City, 1859-.  Author numerous medical books and papers.
*French, Aaron.  Registered from Randolph.  A. C., 1827-29.  D. 1829.
*Gold, Miner.  S. of Joseph and Patty (Edson), b. Stafford, Conn., O. 13, 1805.  Prepared Amherst Acad.; A. C., 1827-28; grad. R. P. I., Troy, N. Y., 1829.  Taught in S. C. and Mass.  D. Belchertown, Je. 5, 1882.
*Goodell, George.  Registered from Mansfield, Conn.  A. C., 1827-29.  Practised med. in Va.
*Gould, James Brewster.  B. Sharon, Conn., N. 8, 1810.  A. C., 1827-29.  Surgeon U. S. N., 16 yrs.; practised N. Y., 7 yrs.; physician to U. S. Legation, Rome, 6 yrs.
*Gourgas, Francis R.  Registered from Weston.  M. A., Williams, 1843.  A. C., 1828-29.  Ed. and lawyer Concord.  D. 1853, aged 40.
*Hagar, Marshall S.  S. of Uriah, b. Waltham, Je. 21, 1810.  A. C., 1829-30.  Practised law Richmond, Me.
*Hannum, Arnold.  S. of Pliny and Polly (Arnold), b. Pelham, O. 11, 1810.  Prepared Amherst Acad.; A. C., 1828-29.  Taught Pelham; Hadley Acad.; Northampton; N. Y.; in Ky.; St. Elmo, Miss., 1846.
*Huntington, Joshua.  S. of Rev. Joshua and Susan (Mansfield), b. Boston, F. 11, 1812.  M. D., Yale, 1838.  Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1827-29; grad. Yale, 1832.  Princeton T. S., 1832-33; taught New London, Conn., 1833-34; Dartmouth Med. School, 1836-37; Yale Med. Coll., 1837-38; asst. surgeon U. S. N., 1838-45; Andover T. S., 1847-49; licensed Andover, Ap. 7, 1849; taught Brooklyn, N. Y., 1853-64; clerk U. S. Treasury Dept., Washington, D. C., 1865-76; r. Washington, 1876-1900.  D. Washington, D. C., Mch. 23, 1900.
*Magill, William Seagrove.  S. of Charles and Eliza Ann (Seebly), b. St. Mary's, Ga., S. 27, 1810.  D. D., Middlebury, 1875.  A. C., 1827-29; grad. Yale, 1831.  Yale T. S., 1831-33; Princeton T. S., 1834; a. p. St. Augustine, Fla., 1834-35; ordained Terryville, Plymouth, Conn., Aug. 8, 1838; a. p. Bryan Co., Ga., 1835-40; p. Tallmadge, O., 1841-43; Cornwall, Vt., 1844-47; prin. female sems. Greensboro and Athens, Ga., 1847-51; p. Waterbury, Conn., 1852-64; agent Amer. Miss'y Assoc. Ga., 1864-66; agent Yale T. S. 1866-67; p. Cornwall, Vt., 1867-78; r. Amherst, 1878-84.  D. Amherst, Jan. 20, 1884.
*Parker, Peter.  S. of Nathan and Catherine (Murdock), b. Framingham, Je. 18, 1804.  M. D., Yale, 1833.  Prepared Day's Acad., Wrentham, and Framingham Acad.; A. C., 1827-30; grad. Yale, 1831.  Studied med. and theology New Haven, Conn., 1831-33; ordained Philadelphia, Penn., May, 1834; med. miss'y of A. B. C. F. M. China, 1834 to about 1844; Chinese interpreter of U. S. Legation, 1844; Chinese interpreter and Sec. of Legation, 1845; Charge d'Affaires ad interim and acting Commissioner to China, about 6 yrs.; commissioner to China, 1855-56; r. Washington, D. C., 1857-88.  Author Parker's Journal of an Expedition from Singapore to Japan.  Member Royal Asiatic Soc., 1841; founded Soc. of Northern Antiquaries, Copenhagen, 1846; Regent Smithsonian Institution, 1868-79; member Philosophical Soc. of Washington, D. C., 1870; delegate of Evangelical Alliance to Russia, 1870.  D. Washington, D. C., Jan. 10, 1888.
*Poindexter, George L.  Registered from Natchez, Miss.  A. C., 1827-28.
*Stewart, George.  Registered from St. Mary's, Ga.  A. C., 1827-29.
*Thorpe, Edward Richard.  B. Southampton, Jy. 22, 1810.  A. C., 1827-29; grad. Hamilton, 1834.  Practised law Mobile, Ala.  D. Mobile, Ala., May 7, 1863.
*Tillman, James William.  B. Utica, N. Y., N. 18, 1810.  Prepared Phillips Acad.; A. C., 1827.  Practised law.  D. Mch. 7, 1867.
*Weed, Dan.  B. Marblehead, Mch. 29, 1811.  A. C., 1827-29; grad. Union, 1831.  Practised law Lawrence and Salem.
*Welch, Augustus Trask.  S. of Bela and Emily (Trask), b. Brimfield, N. 21, 1812.  Prepared with Rev. Benjamin Chase, Wilkins Co., Miss.; A. C., 1827-29.  Cotton planter Concordia Parish, La.  Member State Senate, 1865-66.  D. Concordia Parish, La., S. 19, 1868.

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