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Amherst College Class of 1862
(from the Amherst College Biographical Record, Centennial Edition (1821-1921))

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1462. Adams, Francis Wayland.  S. of Daniel E. and Lucy (Hastings), b. Brookfield, F. 18, 1840.  M. A., A. C., 1865; M. D., Harvard, 1868.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Brookfield.  1st Lieut, 51st Mass. Vols., 1862-63; prin. Lawrence Acad., Falmouth, 1863-65; studied med. with Dr. J. S. Butler, Hartford, Conn. and at Harvard Med. School; asst. physician Insane Retreat, Hartford, Conn., 1868-69; practised Royalston, 1869-71; Fishkill-on-the-Hudson, N. Y., 1871-75; Royalston, 1875-.  Member Mass. Legislature, 1883.

Married Je. 26, 1872, Fannie R., da. of Chauncey Chase, Royalston.  Ch. Mabel W. (Burr); Robert W.

Address, Royalston.

1463. *Allen, Rowland Hussey.  S. of Cyrus Williams and Mary (Folger), b. Norton, Aug. 13, 1840.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Andover T. S., 1862-65; ordained Canton, N. 1, 1865; p. there, 1865-67; w. c. Chelsea, 1867-70; p. Neponset Ch., Boston, 1870-72.  Author Tragedies in Prose; est. and ed. The Boston Pulpit.  D. S. 12, 1872.

Married Ap. 18, 1866, Willianna, da. of W. P. Brooks, Chelsea.  1 ch.  Bro. Laban W. (A. C. 1866).

1464. *Allen, Washington Irving.  S. of Carlos and Arville (Browning), b. Richmond, Vt., S. 22, 1839.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Liberal Institute, So. Woodstock, Vt.; A. C., 1858-61; B. A., 1869.  1st Lieut. 31st Mass. Vols., 1861-62; Capt., 1862-64; Major, 1864-65; Lieut. Col. 1865; with Bond & Howell purchased cotton plantation, Hayneville, Ala., 1866; with a banking co., Chetopa, Kans.; foreman nurseries of Maxwell Bros., Geneva, N. Y., 1869-72; florist Vernon, N. J., 1872-80; manager Stormont Silver Mining Co., Silver Reef, Utah, 1880-93; planter Jensen, Fla., 1893-94; r. Newton, N. J., 1907-18.  D. Newton, N. J., Mch. 17, 1918.

1465. *Biggar, David Irvine.  S. of James and Janet (Murray), b. Huntindon, Que., Jan. 8, 1835.

Prepared Burr Sem., Manchester, Vt.  Auburn T. S., 1862-65; licentiate Norwich Corners, N. Y., 1865-67; ordained Vernon, N. Y., 1867; p. there, 1867-77; s. s. Presb. Ch., Camillus, N. Y., 1878-85; p. Owarco, N. Y., 1885-90; Vernon Centre, N. Y., 1890-1900; Middlefield Centre, N. Y., 1901-08.  D. Litchfield, N. Y., D. 23, 1910.

Married Jy. 18, 1867, Mary E., da. of Henry Wood, Norwich Corners, N. Y.  4 ch.

1466. *Binney, William Johnson.  S. of Horace and Eliza F. (Johnson), b. Philadelphia, Penn., F. 5, 1842.  LL. B., Columbia, 1867.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Acad. of the Episcopal Ch., Philadelphia, Penn.; A. C., 1859-62.  Columbia L. S., N. Y.; admitted to bar, N. Y. City, Je., 1867; practised there, 1867-70; Philadelphia, 1870-76; r. chiefly in Europe, studying foreign languages, 1877-1906; r. Media, Penn., 1907-08.  D. Media, Penn., D. 27, 1908.  Bro. Horace (A. C. 1860).

1467. *Biscoe, Arthur Gardner.  S. of Rev. Thomas Curtis (A. C. 1831) and Ellen (Lord), b. Grafton, May 26, 1842.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Grafton H. S.  Priv. 51st Mass. Vols., 1862-63; Studied law with William F. Slocum, Grafton, 1863-64; admitted to bar, Je. 13, 1864; practised Westboro, 1864-79.  Member Mass. Legislature, 1871.  D. Lynn, Aug. 28, 1879.

Married Ap. 16, 1867, Helen Maria, da. of Abraham M. Bigelow, Grafton.  2 ch.  Bro. George S. (A. C. 1857); Thomas D. (A. C. 1863); John F. (A. C. 1874); Walter S. (A. C. 1874).

1468. *Brown, Joseph Willard.  S. of Joseph and Mary (Porter), b. Abington, May 21, 1839.  M. A., A. C., 1871.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1858-59; B. A., 1889.  Taught Abington, 1859-61; Co. K, 7th Mass. Vols., 1861-64; 2nd Lieut. Signal Corps, U. S. A., 1864-65; chief signal officer on staff of Gen P. E. Connor, 1865; in grocery business, Abington, 1865-68; taught Derby Acad., Hingham, 1868-70; Milton H. S. and Hyde Park H. S., 1870-74; submaster Emerson School, E. Boston, 1874-90; master, 1890-1910.  Organizer and 1st president U. S. Veteran Signal Corps Assoc., 1867.  Author The Signal Corps in the War of the Rebellion.  D. Stoneham, D. 7, 1910.

Married Je. 11, 1861, Lucia E., da. of Matthew Reed, Abington, who d. Ap. 10, 1889.  6 ch.

1469. *Bryant, Albert.  S. of Lucien and Charlotte (Peirce), b. Troy, N. H., Jan. 30, 1838.

Prepared Royalston H. S., Kimball Union (N. H.) and Phillips (Andover) Acads.  Princeton T. S., 1862-64; Andover T. S., 1864-65; ordained, S. 20, 1865; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Sivas, Turkey, 1865-68; a. p. Cambridge, 1880-81; Lead City, So. Dak., 1881-82; agent for Spearfish Acad. (Dakota Coll.), 1882-83; president bd. of trustees, some time; a. p. Central Ch. Worcester, 1883; supt. City Miss'y Soc., 8 yrs.; p. Belmont Ch., Worcester, 2 yrs.; a. p. Bethany Ch., Quincy, 6 mos.; Scituate, 1900-04.  Author ode sung at inauguration of Dr. J. H. Seelye.  D. Scituate, S. 20, 1904.

Married (1) S. 20, 1865, Mary E., da. of Rev. Charles T. Torrey, Salem, who d. Ap. 6, 1897; (2) Jy. 4, 1898, Anna F., da. of John C. Burnham, Providence R. I.  7 ch.  Seelye (A. C. 1887); Emmons (A. C. 1895).

1470. *Clark, Frank Gray.  S. of James L. and Hannah (Baldwin), b. Lyndboro, N. H., F. 22, 1832.  M. A., A. C., 1865.

Prepared Appleton Acad., Mt. Vernon, N. H.  Prin. Francestown (N. H.) H. S., 1862-67; served with Christian commission, 1864; Andover T. S., 1867-69; ordained Francestown, N. H., S. 2, 1869; city miss'y Manchester, N. H., 1869-73; p. Cong. Ch. Rindge, N. H., 1873-79; Gloucester, 1879-88; Arlington, 1889; Plymouth, N. H., 1890-1904; r. Wellesley, 1904-09.  D. Wellesley, May 20, 1909.

Married Aug. 11, 1864, Charlotte, da. of Samuel Med. Coll., Coy, Peterboro, N. H..  1 adopted ch.

1471. *Clifford, Joseph Clark.  S. of Oliver and Elizabeth (Mason), b. E. Medway, S. 10, 1839.  M. A., A. C., 1872.

Prepared Thetford (Vt.) Acad.  Sergt. 42d Mass. Vols., 1862; 2nd Lieut., 1862-63; taught Boscawen and Salisbury, N. H., 1863-64; 1st Lieut. 5th N. H. Heavy Artillery, 1864; acting aid-de-camp to Gen. Haskin in Dept. of Washington, 1864-65; 2nd Lieut., Ordnance Dept., U. S. A., 1865-74; 1st Lieut., 1874; Capt. 1875-; stationed at St. Louis, Mo., Benicia, Cal., Rock Island, Ill., W. Troy, N. Y., Philadelphia, Penn., Springfield, 1865-75.  D. Cromwell, Conn., N. 12, 1890.

Married S. 10, 1862, Mary E., da. of Rev. U. W. Condit, Easton, Penn.  2 ch.

1472. *Coggeshall, Oliver Worth.  S. of Tristram and Millicent (Newby), b. Carthage, Ind., O. 9, 1834.

Prepared Carthage (Ind.) H. S.; Earlham Coll., Ind., 1858-61; A. C., 1862; B. S.  Taught, 1862-66; agent Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., Richmond, Ind., 1866-1915.  D. Ware, S. 30, 1915.

Married (1) Aug. 13, 1863, Anna M., da. of Wharton Lyman, Centreville, Ind., who d. S. 29, 1895; (2) May 30, 1899, Mrs. Ellen F. Bond, da. of J. Austin Cummings, Ware.  Ch. Guy R.; Nove A. (Henlein); Clarence D.; Eva M. (Barton); Ralph O.; Stacia A. (McCoy).

1473. *Dean, Benjamin Angier.  S. of Lyman W. and Maryette (Ingraham), b. Attleboro, D. 29, 1837.

Prepared Attleboro and Middleboro H. S.; B. A., 1863.  Insane since graduation; skilful carpenter, Attleboro.  D. Attleboro, D. 22, 1904.

1474. *Dean, Frank.  S. of Lyman W. and Maryette (Ingraham), b. Attleboro, D. 29, 1837.

Prepared Attleboro and Middleboro H. S.; B. A., 1863.  Insane since graduation; skillful carpenter, Attleboro.  D. Attleboro, D. 22, 1904.

1475. *DeRiemer, William Edward.  S. of Jacob R. and Sarah M. (Dederer), b. Springfield, Ill., May 5, 1839.  M. A., A. C., 1873.

Lawrence U., 1857-60; A. C., 1860-62.  Taught in West, 1862-64; Chicago T. S., 1864-67; ordained, Ap. 18, 1867; s. s. St. Charles, Ill., 1867; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Ceylon, 1869-78; miss'y of A. H. M. S., Flushing, N. Y., 1878-79; Ashland, Wis., 1879-80; Union Grove, Wis., 1881-92; p. Denmark and New Hampton Mills, Ia. and Chenoa and Somonauk, Ill., 1892-99; with Smithsonian Institution in connection with expositions at Omaha, Buffalo, Charleston, St. Louis and Portland, 1899-1907; regular employee, F. 5, 1907-18.  Reduced native Ceylon music to notation, copies of which work are in London and Paris museums.  D. Washington, D. C., N. 18, 1918.

Married S. 1, 1868, Emily F., da. of Rev. C. K. True, Newton Upper Falls.  Ch. Wallace T. (d.); Alice (d.); Louise H.; Albert E.; Grace H.; Arthur D.

1476. *Dickinson, Marquis Fayette.  S. of Marquis Fayette and Hannah S. (Williams), b. Amherst, Jan. 16, 1840.  M. A., A. C., 1875.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Amherst Acad. and Williston Sem.  Taught Williston Sem., 1862-65; Harvard L. S., 1865-66; admitted to bar, Boston, 1866; practised there, 1866-1911; partner law firm, Hillard, Hyde & Dickinson, later Hyde, Dickinson & Howe, 1869-; r. Amherst, 1911-15.  1st Asst. U. S. District Attorney, Boston, in office of George S. Hillard, 1869-71; director West End Street Railway Co., Boston; Metropolitan Steaamship Co.; member Boston School Bd., 1869, 1872; trustee Boston Public Library, 1871;  Williston Sem., 1872; overseer Charity Fund A. C., 1877-; trustee Mass. Homoeopathic Hospital, Boston; M. A. C.; member Boston Common Council, 1871-72; vice-president Amer. Bar Assoc.  Author Legislation on the Hours of Labor.  D. No. Amherst, S. 18, 1915.

Married N. 23, 1864, Cecilia R., da. of Henry Risk, England, and adoped da. of. Samuel Williston, Easthampton, who d. Aug. 16, 1904.  Ch. Florence W. (d.); Williston (d.); Charles.

1477. *Ebersole, Ezra Christian.  S. of Jacob and Catharine (Keister), b. Mt. Pleasant, Penn., O. 18, 1840.  M. A., A. C., 1874; LL. D. , Western Coll., Ia., 1894.

Prepared Mt. Pleasant Coll.; Otterbein U., O.; A. C., 1861-62.  Taught Tarrytown, N. Y.; priv. Penn. Cavalry home miss'y  Guards, 1863; sergt., 44th Regt. Ia. Inf., Davenport, Ia., 1864; prof. of mathematics and natural sciences, Western Coll., Ia., 1863-65; prin. acad. Fort Madison, Ia., 1865-66; acting president Western Coll., Ia., 1867-68; asst. prof. of Latin and Greek, Ia. State U. and prin. Prep. Dept., 1868-70; studied law Iowa City, Ia., 1870-71; Adele, Ia., 1871-72; admitted to bar, Iowa City, Ia., 1870; practised Toledo, Ia., 1873-83; prin. Cedar Rapids (Ia.) H. S., 1872-73; reporter of Supreme Court, 1883-91; prepared Encyclopedia of Iowa Law, 1886-1900.  Pub. 22 vols. of decisions of Supreme court.  D. Toledo, Ia., Jy. 14, 1819.

Married (1) S. 21, 1865, Frances E., da. of Daniel Spencer, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; (2) Jy. 10, 1895, Emma, da. of Peter D. Smith, Toledo, Ia.  1 adopted ch. Maud V.

1478. Fairbanks, Francis Joel.  S. of Emory and Eunice (Hayward), b. Ashburnham, S. 8, 1835.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Mt. Hollis Sem., Holliston; A. C., 1859-62.  Princeton T. S., 1862-63; Union T. S., 1863-64; ordained Westminster, Vt., Aug. 31, 1864; p. there, 1864-71; a. p. Ayer, 1872-74; Paxton, 1874-77; W. boylston, 1877-; p. 1st Ch., Royalston, 1895-1911; 2nd Ch. there, 1911-.

Married May 1, 1865, Abbie Smith, da. of Philemon Russell, Ashburnham.  Ch. Ernest H.; Francis J. (d.); Alice R. (Frye); George S. (A. C. 1895); (d.) Herbert S.

Address, So. Royalston.

1479. *Fernald, Ebenzer Nichols.  S. of Joseph and Polly (Nichols), b. W. Lebanon, Me., Mch. 10, 1833.

Prepared New Hampton (N. H.) Literary and Biblical Institution.  Taught Latin and Greek, State Sem., Lewiston, Me., 1862; English, Williston Sem., 1862-63; prin. W. Rockford (Ill.) H. S., 1863-65; with North Western Freedmen's Aid Commission, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1865-66; Andover T. S., 1866-69; ordained Winthrop, N. 12, 1869; p. 1st Free-Will Baptist Ch., there, 1869-70; Auburn, Me., 1870-74; financial sec. and treasurer, Free-Will Bapt. home miss'y  and Foreign Miss. Societies, Lewiston, Me., 1874-85; treasurer and pub. Free Baptist Printing Est., Boston, 1885-90; p. Free Baptist Ch., Milton Mills, N. H., 1890-97.  Trustee Stover Coll., W. Va., 1878-.  D. Milton Mills, N. H., Jan. 15, 1898.

Married D. 27, 1863, Anna B., da. of David Tuxbury, Saco, Me.  5 ch.

1480. *Finch, James Byron.  S. of James B. and Ursula (Slack), b. Southampton, D. 29, 1832.  M. A., U. of City of N. Y., 1872; D. D., Franklin Coll., 1899.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1858-60; B. A., 1871.  Union T. S., 1860-63; ordained, 1863; a. p. Orient, L. I., 1863-65; Nebraska City, Neb., 1865-67; p. Hempstead, L. I., 1867-75; completed college course at U. of City of N. Y., with degree of B. A., 1869; a. p. Greenport, L. I., 1875-76; Middle Island, N. Y., 1877-78; p. Amagansett, L. I., 1879-1903; p. emeritus, 1903-09.  Author Translation of Caesar.  d. Amagansett, L. I., Ap. 6, 1909.

Married Jan. 11, 1864, Adelaide V., da. of Henry H. Terry, Orient, L. I., who d. O. 24, 1899.  6 ch.

1481. *Fox, Daniel Worden.  S. of Albert M. and Maria (Worden), b. Brooklyn, N. Y., N. 5, 1838.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Bartlett H. S., New London, Conn.  Union T. S., 1862-65; ordained Newtown, Conn., Aug. 15, 1865; p. there, 1865-67; So. Royalton, Vt., 1868-70; Lyndonville, Vt.; Flanders, N. J.; Lyndhurst, N. J.; with Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, Va., 1887-94; p. in N. C., 1894-1905; r. Walpole, N. H., 1905-07.  D. Walpole, N. H., Aug. 6, 1907.

Married (1) N. 1, 1865, Abby F., da. of John S. Adams, Amherst, who d. D. 11, 1886; (2) May 12, 1906, Mrs. Diantha E. Fletcher.  Ch. Albert MK.

1482. *Furney, Lucius Abial.  S. of Russell S. and Julia (La Brette), b. Chicopee Falls, S. 6, 1841.

Prepared Chicopee Falls, H. S.  In business Springfield, 1862-64; Capt. Co. F, 45th U. S. C. I., 1864; in 25th C. I., 1864-65; Military Supt. Yonkers (N. Y.) Military Institute, 1866; taught German American Institute, N. Y. City, 1866-69; English and mathematics, German American School, N. Y. City, 1869-81; Norwalk, Conn., 1881-82; Alex. Institute, White Plains, N. Y., 1882-; German American School, Jersey City Heights, 1892-97; studed Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons, St. Louis, Mo., 1897-98; tutor Latin and English, 1898-99; storekeeper, 1900-05; bookkeeper silk factory, Patterson, N. J., 1905-08; retired, 1908; r. W. New York, N. J., 1920.  Ed. Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion.  D. W. New York, N. J., D. 11, 1921.

Married (1) Aug. 22, 1866, Hattie, da. of Robert Hathaway, Sandusky, O.; (2) Aug. 2, 1898, Pauline Clara Saft, Union Hill, N. J.  ch. Anna M. (d.); Elma L. (d.)

1483. *Garvin, Lucius Fayette Clark.  S. of James (A. C. 1831) and Sarah Ann (Gunn), b. Knoxville, Tenn., N. 13, 1841.  M. D., Harvard, 1867.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared New Garden School (now Guilford Coll.) N. C.  Priv. Co. E, 51st Mass. Vols., 1862-63; Harvard Med. School, 1864-67; surgeon interne, Boston City Hospital, 1866-67; practised Lonsdale, R. I., 1867-1922.  Representative R. I. State Legislature, 13 terms; senator 3 terms; governor of R. I., 2 terms.  Author numerous articles for magazines.  d. Lonsdale, R. I., O. 2, 1922.

Married (1) D. 23, 1869, Lucy Waterman, da. of Giles Southmayd, Middletown, Conn., who d. Jan. 20, 1898; (2) Ap. 2, 1907, Sarah Emma Tomlinson, Lonsdale, R. I.  Ch. Ethel; Norma (d.); Florence; Lucius; Sumner.

1484. *Goodell, Henry Hill.  S. of William and Abigail Perkins (Davis), b. Constantinople, Turkey, May 20, 1839.  M. A., A. C., 1865; LL. D., A. C., 1891.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  2d Lieut., 25th Conn. Vols., 1862-63; 1st Lieut., 1863; aid-de-camp on staff of Col. Bissell, 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, 19th Army Corps, 1863; taught gymnastics and modern languages, Williston Sem., 1864-67; prof. of Modern Languages and English Literature, M. A. C., 1867-95; prof. of Modern Languages, 1895-1905; instructor in gumnastics and military tactics, 1867-69; lecturer on entomology, 1869; instructor in zoology, 1869-70; anatomy and physiology, 1869-71, 1882-83; rhetoric, elocution and English Language, 18971-73, 1883-85; history, 1872-83; sec. of the faculty, 1882-86; created coll. library, 1881; librarian, 1885-99; acting president, 1883; president, 1886-1905.  Director Hatch Experiment Station, 1888-1905; member Mass. Legislature, 1885.  Author General Catalogue of Mass. Agricultural College, numerous lectures and addresses.  D. at sea, Ap. 23, 1905.

Married D. 10, 1873, Helen E., da. of John Stanton, New Orleans, La.  Ch. William (A. C. 1901); John.

1485. *Graves, William Blair.  S. of Cyrus and Lucena (Thayer), b. W. Fairlee, Vt., F. 3, 1834.  M. A., A. C., 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Lawrence Acad., Groton.  Taught Centreville, R. I., 1862-63; Medfield H. S., 1863-64; Holliston H. S., 1864-65; Walker Instructor of mathematics A. C., 1865; prin. English Dept., Phillips Acad., Andover, 1866-70; prof. of natural sciences, Marietta, 1870-74; prof. of physics and civil engineering, M. A. C., 1874-81; Peabody prof. of natural sciences, Phillips Acad., Andover, 1881-1908; prof. emeritus, 1908-15.  Member Bd. of Overseers of Charity Fund, A. C., 1878-; Amer. Assoc. for Advancement of Science; Amer. Social Science Assoc.  D. Andover, May 3, 1915.

Married Aug. 26, 1863, Luranah Hodges, da. of Elijah Copeland, Mansfield.  Ch. Alice C. (d.); William P.; Henry S.; Helen L. (d.)

1486. *Gridley, Henry.  S. of Noah and Emeline (Reed), b. Amenia, N. Y., S. 19, 1836.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Amenia (N. Y.) Acad.  1st Lieut., 150th N. Y. Regt., 1862-63; in Army of Tennessee, 1863-64.  Killed in battle of Marietta, Ga., Je. 22, 1864.

1487. *Harrington, Samuel.  S. of Samuel D. and Mary A. (Burke), b. Paxton, May 28, 1836.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Leicester and Monson Acads.; A. C., 1857-60, 1861; B. A., 1871.  1st Lieut., 25th Mass. Vols., 1861-62; Capt., 1862-65; Lieut. Col., 1865; prin. Cohasset H. S., 1865-67; planter in Fla., 1867-68; prin. Brookfield H. S., 1868-69; Middle St. Grammar School, New Bedford, 1869-71; Collins Grammar School, Gloucester, 1871-73; Melrose H. S., 1873-74; submaster English H. S., Boston, 1874-76; master Eliot Grammar School, Boston, residing at Melrose, 1876-95.  D. Boston, O. 5, 1895.

Married Jy. 8, 1874, Helen, da. of Josiah Herrick, Gloucester.

1488. *Haynes, Charles Thaddeus.  S. of Samuel and Eliza (Spaulding), b. Townsend, Mch. 19, 1835.  M. A., A. C., 1867.

Prepared Appleton Acad. and New Ipswich, N. H.  Prin. Ashby Acad., 1862-63; Andover T. S., 1863-65; asst. in law office of brother and taught private pupils, 1865-68; prin. Edgartown H. S., 1868-70; taught mathematics Highland Military Acad., Worcester, 1870; prin. Webster H. S., 1870-72; Washington, Lamartine and Downing Street Schools, Worcester, 1872-98; retired, 1898; r. Cleveland Heights, O.; Townsend.  D. Cleveland Heights, O., Jan. 9, 1922.

Married Aug. 22, 1870, Sybel, da. of Benjamin Wallace, Townsend, who d. Ap., 1918.  Ch. Herman W.; Rowland.

1489. *Hazen, Hervey Crosby.  S. of Dixon and Celina (Crosby), b. Ithaca, N. Y., Je. 25, 1841.  M. A., A. C., 1871.  Delta Upsilon.

Prepared Ithaca (N. Y.) Acad.  Auburn T. S., 1862-65; s. s. Rodman, N. Y., 1865-66; Ludlow, Vt., 1866-67; ordained Ithaca, N. Y., by Presbytery of Ithaca, Aug., 1867; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Madura, So. India, 1868-70; p. Liverpool, N. Y., 1870-76; s. s. Manlius, N. Y., 1876-78; Spencer, N. Y., 1878-79; p. Manlius, N. Y., 1879-82; Holley, N. Y., 1882-83; miss'y of A. B. C. F. M., Manamadura, So. India, 1883-1914.  D. Manamadura, So. India, Jy. 20, 1914.

Married (1) Jy. 2, 1867, Ida J., da. of Dr. William A. Chapin, Ludlow, Vt., who d. Mch. 29, 1883; (2) Ap. 15, 1884, Hattie A., da. of Mr. Cook, Holley, N. Y., who d. Ap. 9, 1909.

1490. *Houghton, James Clay.  S. of James Clay (A. C. ex 1837) and Julia (Morton), b. Dana, S. 2, 1841.

Prepared E. Windsor (Conn.) Acad.  Studied law with William Hebard, Chelsea, Vt., 1862-64; cashier Orange Co. (Vt.) Bank, 1864-65; Orange Co. (Vt.) National Bank, 1865-71; 1st National Bank, Montpelier, Vt., 1871-74; director National Life Insurance Co., 1874-85; treasurer, 1885; vice-president, 1897-1901; president, 1901-02.  Asst. clerk Vt. House of Representatives, 1862, 1863; member Vt. Legislature, 1886.  D. Naples, Italy, Mch. 4, 1902.

Married O. 13, 1869, Grace R., da. of Edward R. Blackwell, Norristown, Penn.  Ch. Edward R. (A. C. 1893); Grace M.  Bro. Joseph G. (A. C. 1865).

1491. *Howe, Alvah Sereno.  S. of Perley and Mary (Puffer), b. Gardner, Aug. 13, 1837.  M. A., A. C., 1865.

Prepared Wilbraham and Holliston Acads.  Taught Ashburnham, 1862-63; prin. Chester (Vt.) Acad., 1863-65; Thetford (Vt.) Acad., 1865-68; Allendale Boarding School, Sterling Centre, 1868-70; Peters' H. S., Southboro, 1870-72; Webster H. S., 1872-74; Woonsocket (R. I) Consolidated Grammar School, 1874-77.  D. Woonsocket, R. I., S. 4, 1877.

Married Mch. 17, 1863, Lucy Annie, da. of John C. Glazier, Ashburnham.

1492. *Kittredge, Charles Marsh.  S. of Timothy and Fannie (Marsh), b. Mt. Vernon, N. H., Ap. 30, 1838.  M. D., Harvard, 1867.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Appleton Acad., Mt. Vernon, N. H.  Orderly sergt., 13th N. H. Vols., 1862-63; 2nd Lieut., 1863; Harvard Med. School, 1863-67; asst. physician, Insane Retreat, Hartford, Conn., 1867-68; attended lectures in N. Y. City, 1868-69; est. and conducted Riverview home miss'y  for Nervous Invalids, Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y., 1870-96.  D. Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Aug. 19, 1896.

Married D. 25, 1869, Marcella E., da. of William Conant, Mt. Vernon, N. H. who d. Aug. 4, 1892.  6 ch.  Harry M. (A. C. 1901).

1493. *Knight, Alva Aziza.  S. of Aziza and Jemima (Worden), b. Norwich, May 6, 1835.  M. A., A. C., 1865.

Prepared Ware H. S.  Princeton T. S., 1862-63; 1st Lieut., 34th U. S. C. I., 1863-65; Capt., 1865-66; studied law privately; admitted to bar, Ap. 3, 1866; to Supreme Court of U. S., N. 4, 1870; register Columbia Co., Fla., 1867; locating agent for Madison, Taylor, La Fayette, Suwannee, Columbia and Hamilton counties, Fla.; Circuit Judge 4th Judicial Circuit, Fla., 1868-72; U. S. District Attorney, No. District of Fla., 1873; member Constitutional Convention which formed Fla. State Constitution; state senator, 2 yrs; presidential elector, 1872; U. S. Int. Rev. collector, Fla., 1873-79; r. Jacksonville, Fla., 1866-; member law firm Knight & Museck; retired, 1920.  D. Seattle, Wash., May 26, 1923.

Married Aug. 22, 1866, Ellen M., da. of Russell Carruth, Boston.

1494. *Leonard, Willard Thomas.  S. of Oliver and Mariann (Bird), b. Taunton, Mch. 12, 1838.  M. A., A. C., 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared with Dr. H. B. Wheelwright, Taunton.  Taught So. Hadley, 1862-63; Greenfield, 1863-67; Petersham, 1867-72; prin. Pierce Acad., Middleboro, 1872; master Fall River H. S.; retired.  D. Taunton, Jan. 9, 1926.

Married N. 18, 1863, Addie F., da. of Rev. John Shepardson, Greenfield.  Ch. Florence E.; Annie; Mabel L. (d.)

1495. *Lewis, Zachariah Edwards.  S. of John Nitchie and Sarah (Edwards), b. Geneseo, N. Y., N. 5, 1840.  M. A., A. C., 1865; M. D., U. of City of N. Y., 1866.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Greenwich (Conn.) Acad. and Williston Sem.  Grad. Med. Dept., U. of City of N. Y., 1868; asst. surgeon U. S. A., Jefferson General Hospital, Jeffersonville, Ind., 1864; N. Y. Hospital, 1865-67; asst. demonstrator of anatomy, U. of City of N. Y., 1866-67; demonstrator, 1867-68; practised N. Y. City, 1867-68; West Farms, N. Y., 1868-74; Morrisania, N. Y., 1874-83; New Rochelle, N. Y., 1883-1907; r. Southampton, N. Y., 1907-10.  Member numerous medical societies; active in local affairs.  Wrote for medical journals.  D. Southampton, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1910.

Married d. 2, 1880, Mrs. Hannah Ogilvie, da. of James Buchanan, N. Y. City.  Ch. 1 da.  Bro. Henry A. (A. C. 1873).

1496. *Lincoln, Rufus Pratt.  S. of Rufus S. and Lydia (Baggs), b. Belchertown, Ap. 27, 1840.  M. D., Harvard, 1868.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem. and Exeter (N. H.) Acad.  2nd Lieut. 37th Mass. Vols., 1862; Capt., 1862-64; Major, 1864-65; Lieut. Col and Col., 1865; Harvard Med. School, 1865-68; throat specialist N. Y. City, 1869-1900.  Member Amer. Acad. of medicine and other medical societies.  Wrote many medical articles.  D. N. Y. City, N. 27, 1900.

Married Aug. 20, 1869, Caroline C., da. of Wellington H. Tyler (A. C. 1831), Cincinnati, O.  3 ch.  (Portrait in possession of A. C.).

1497. *McGlathery, William.  S. of Mehelm and Henrietta (Thomas), b. Norristown, Penn., N. 19, 1839.  M. A., A. C., 1874.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Treemont Acad., Norristown, Penn. and with private tutor.  Princeton T. S., 1862-64; Divinity School of Prot. Episcopal Ch., Philadelphia, Penn., 1864-66; ordained deacon, Je., 1867; priest, 1868; asst. p. St. Luke's Ch., Philadelphia, 1867-68; rector St. Andrew's Ch., Lambertville, N. J., 1868-69; Christ Ch., Towanda, Penn., 1869-73; Ch. of the Ascension, Fall River, 1873-75; St. Stephen's Ch., Pittsfield, 1875-81; w. c., 1881-84; rector Grace Ch., Middletown, N. Y., 1884-89; w. c. Norristown, Penn., 1889-1911.  D. Norristown, Penn., Ap. 18, 1911.

Married D. 30, 1873, Charlotte E., da. of Henry S. Mercur, Towanda, Penn.  Ch. 1 da.

1498. *Macomber, George.  S. of John and Abigail (Packard), b. Oakham, D. 20, 1838.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  1st Lieut. 34th Mass. Inf., 1862-63; acting adjutant, 1863-64; commanded engineer company of Army of W. Va., 1864; Capt. and transferred to 24th Mass. Inf., 1865; Brevet-Major, U. S. Vols.; 2nd Lieut. 14th U. S. Inf., 1866-67; 1st Lieut., 32nd U. S. Inf., on reorganization of army; Brevet-Major, U. S. A., 1867-69; acting asst. Inspector General, Dept. of the Columbia, 1866-67; stationed at San Francisco, Cal., 18(?)-67; Camp Goodwin, Ariz., 1868; Camp Bowie, 1869.  D. Camp Bowie, Ariz., S. 19, 1869.

Married Je. 28, 1866, Kate M., da. of Col. Goodwin, Fairfax, Va.

1499. *Maynard, Isaac Horton.  S. of Isaac and Jane (Falconer), b. Bovina, N. Y., Ap. 9, 1838.  M. A., A. C., 1867.  Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Stamford (N. Y.) Sem.  Studied law with William Murray, Delhi, N. Y.; admitted to bar, N., 1863; practised Delhi, N. Y., 1863-65; Stamford, N. Y., 1865-67; county judge and surrogate, 1877-84; 1st deputy Attorney-General, 1884-85; comptroller U. S. Treasury, 1885-87; asst. sec. of the treasury, 1887-89; appointed by Governor of N. Y. a commissioner to revise general laws of N. Y., 1889-90; 1st deputy Attorney-General, 1890-92; associate judge. Court of Appeals, 1892-93; in law firm of Maynard, Gilbert & Cone, Albany, N. Y., 1893-96.  Member N. Y. State Legislature, 1876-77.  D. Albany, N. Y., Je. 12, 1896.

Married Je. 28, 1871, Margaret M., da. of Charles Marvine, Delhi, N. Y.  Ch. 1 da.

1500. Morse, Frederick Daniels.  S. of Asa D. and Eliza (Hill), b. E. Medway, D. 25, 1838.  M. A., A. C., 1869; M. D., Rush Med. Coll., 1867.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Serft. Co. A, 42nd Mass. Vols., 1862-63; captured at Brashear City, La., Je. 22, 1863; paroled, Je. 26, 1863; at home, 1863-64; Rush M. D., 1864-67; taught Chicaco (Ill.) Reform School and Lake Forest (Ill.) Acad., 1865; practised Chicago, 1867-68; Lawrence, Kans., 1868-.

Married O. 19, 1869, Addie A., da. of Alvan Smith, Monson, who d. O. 31, 1914.

Address, 1041 Tennessee St., Lawrence, Kans.

1501. *Nash, James Henry.  S. of Simeon (A. C. 1829) and Cynthia (Smith), b. Gallipolis, O., Jan. 7, 1841.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Gallia Acad., Gallipolis, O.  Taught there, 1862-63; Studied law with father; admitted to bar, 1865; practised Charleston, W. Va., 1865-76. D. Charleston, W. Va., Je. 19, 1876.

Married Jan. 21, 1862, Lucinda M., da. of Ezra Allen, So. Hadley.  3 ch.  Bro. Simeon (A. C. 1863).

1502. *Newcomb, Otis Capron.  S. of Joseph M. and Hannah Kent (Capron), b. Easton, D. 26, 1838.  Phi Beta Kappa.

Prepared Attleboro H. S.  Studied med. Dr. Clark, Worcester.  D. Attleboro, N. 11, 1865.

1503. *Peck, Jonas Oramel.  S. of Jonathan J. and Myra (Tucker), b. Groton, Vt., S. 4, 1836.  M. A., Wesleyan (Conn.), 1870; D. D., Lawrence U., 1874.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Newbury (Vt.) Sem.; A. C., 1859-62.  Studied theology in N. E. conference of Meth. Episcopal Ch.; licensed Newbury, Vt., 1858; ordained deacon, Ap., 1862; p. Chelsea, 1862-64; Lowell, 1864-67; Worcester, 1867-70; Springfield, 1870-73; Chicago, Ill., 1873-75; Baltimore, M. D., 1875-78; St. Johns, Hanson Place and Simpson Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1879-87; corresponding sec. Miss'y Soc., Meth. Episcopal Ch., 1888-94.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 17, 1894.

Married (1) Jy. 28, 1862, Susan R., da. of Ferdinand Robinson, No. Amherst, who d. Jan. 17, 1888; (2) Jan. 18, 1890, Mrs. Alice Oftendinger, da. of William Foster, Va.  2 s.

1504. *Perry, Cyrus Murdock.  S. of Cyrus and Almira (Murdock), b. Holden, O. 5, 1839.

Prepared Leicester Acad.  Union T. S., 1862-65; chaplain 24th N. Y. Cavalry, 1865; s. s. No. Gage, N. Y., 1866-68; p. Jordan, N. Y., 1868-72; s. s. Southwick, 1872; a. p. Pembroke, 1872-79; p. W. Concord, N. H., 1879-82; s. s. Slatersville, R. I., 1882-88; So. Brewer, Me., 1889; Keene Valley, N. Y., 1891-98; Bolton, 1898-1909; w. c. Ellington, Conn., 1909-19.  Travelled extensively in Europe; attended International Sunday School Convention, Jerusalem, 1904.  D. Ellington, Conn., D. 3, 1919.

Married May 19, 1868, Sarah A., da. of Nathan Johnson, Trenton, N. Y.  2 adopted ch. Francis P., Grace E.

1505. Phipps, George Gardner.  S. of William (A. C. 1837) and Mary C. (Partridge), b. Franklin, D. 11, 1838.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Andover T. S., 1862-65; Ashland, 1865-67; ordained, Jan. 23, 1867; p. Wellesley, 1868-78; Newton Highlands, 1878-90.  Artist in water-colors; writes for newspapers and religious periodicals.

Married S. 12, 1865, Kathleen M., da. of Russell Carruth, So. Boston.  Bro. William H. (A. C. 1862).

Address, 1193 Walnut St., Newton Highlands.

1506. *Phipps, William Hamilton.  S. of William (A. C. 1837) and Mary C. (Partridge), b. Paxton, Jy. 3, 1841.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Monson Acad.  Prin. Leicester H. S., 1862-63; Andover T. S., 1863-66; ordained, Aug. 29, 1866; home miss'y and a. p. Empire City, Col., 1866-69; s. s. No. Beverly, 1869-70; Southville, 1870-71; a. p. E. Woodstock, Conn., 1871-73; Poquonock, Conn., 1873-77; Prospect, Conn., 1877-1902; r. Waterbury, Conn.  D. Waterbury, Conn., Mch. 29, 1922.

Married O. 10, 1872, Mary Elizabeth, da. of Rev. Francis Williams, Chaplin, Conn.  Ch. Florence W. (d.); Winifred W. (Walters); Ethel W.; Howard F.; Laurence W.  Bro. George G. (A. C. 1862).

1507. *Pratt, Jacob Loring.  S. of Loring and Laura (Vining), b. So. Weymouth, Aug. 6, 1835.

Prepared Thetford (Vt.) Acad.  Bangor T. S., 1862-64; a. p. Oxford, Me. and Norway, Me., 1864-66; ordained Strong, Me., N. 7, 1867; p. there, 1866-68; Rupert, Vt., 1885; supervisor of schools, Strong, Me., 25 yrs.  Author Evening Rest, Broken Fetters and other religious works.  D. Strong, Me., N. 15, 1891.

Married Je. 14, 1876, Lucy C., da. of George T. Soule, Strong, Me.  4 s.

1508. *Reed, George Milton.  S. of Samuel and Caroline (Nash), b. Weymouth, Jan. 8, 1840.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Weymouth H. S. and Hanover Acad.  Taught, 1862-63; studied law with Chandler & Shattuck, Boston, 1863-71; Harvard L. S., 6 mos.; admitted to bar, Jan., 1871; practised Boston, 1871-1911; associate justice, Dorchester Municipal Court, 1870-1911.  D. Cambridge, Ap. 11, 1911.

Married Jan. 28, 1903, Emma M., da. of John W. Estabrooks, Dorchester.

1509. *Richardson, Alvah Mills.  S. of Gilbert and Hannah (Davis), b. Woburn, Ap. 30, 1833.

Prepared Phillips Acad., Andover.  Priv. 45th Mass. Vols., 1862-63; Andover T. S., 1863-66; Limebrook Parish, Ipswich, 1866-70; agent Amer. Tract Soc., 1870-71; farmer Winchester, 1871-1912.  D. Palmer, Mch. 16, 1912.  Gilbert B. (A. C. 1853); Bro. Martin L. (A. C. 1856).

1510. *Robbins, James Henry.  S. of James and Mary (Parkman), b. Calais, Me., Jy. 22, 1839.  M. D., Harvard, 1867.  Delta Kappa Epsilon.

Prepared Calais (Me.) H. S.; A. C., 1859-62.  Taught Baring, Me., 1862-63; prin. Leicester H. S., 1863-64; Studied med. with Dr. Swan, Calais, Me., 1864; Bowdoin Med. School, 1864-65; Harvard Med. School, 1865-67; practised Machinas, Me., 1867-76; Calais, Me., 1876-81; Hingham, 1881-1900.  D. Hingham, Aug. 21, 1900.

Married (1) S. 16, 1868, Laura, da. of Ansel Dailey, Calais, Me., who d. D. 14, 1875; (2) May 30, 1881, Mary C., da. of James S. Pike, Robbinston, Me.  Ch. Reginald.

1511. *Shepard, Luther Dimmick.  S. of Rev. John W. and Eliza (Burns), b. Windham, Me., S. 11, 1837.  M. A., A. C., 1868; D. D. S., Baltimore Coll. of Dental Surgery, 1861; D. M. D., Harvard, 1879, 1879.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Nashua (N. H.) H. S. and Phillips Acad., Andover; A. C., 1858-60; B. A., 1871.  Baltimore Coll. of Dental Surgery, M. D., 1860-61; practised Amherst, 1862-65; Salem, 1865-67; Boston, 1867-1911; prof. of Operative Dentistry, Harvard, 1879-82.  President Amer. Dental Assoc., 1879; National Assoc. of Dental Examiners of World's Columbian Dental Congress, Chicago, 1893.  Ed. and pub. transactions of Amer. Dental Assoc., 1865-66.  D. Boston, Jan. 26, 1911.

Married O. 5, 1871, Josephine, da. of Edwin C. Bailey, Boston.  2 s.

1512. *Stanton, Charles Benjamin.  S. of John and Sophia (Cook), b. New Orleans, La., N. 9, 1840.

Prepared Mr. Hatheway's School, Medford.  Clerk in Quartermaster's Dept. Jeffersonville, Ind., 1863-64; Fort Scott, Kans., 1864-65; in firm of Richardson & Co., dealers in leather goods, Jeffersonville, Ind., 1866-69; with Hopkins & Stanton, Louisville, Ky., 1869-71; grocer Jeffersonville, Ind., 1872-77; accountant Chicago, Ill., 1877-82; special agent New Orleans (La.) Insurance Co., 1882-88; insurance business Indianapolis, Ind., 1888-90; sec. Standard Fire Insurance Co., Kansas City, Mo., 1890-95; insurance business Chicago, Ill., 1895-1906; r. Tacoma, Wash., 1906-13; Portland, Ore., 1913-15.  D. Portland, Ore., S. 5, 1915.

Married Jan. 18, 1870, Florence, da. of Sidney Lyons, Jeffersonville, Ind., who d. Aug. 22, 1912.  Ch. Mary A. (d.); Helen V. (Breed); John C.; Victor B. (Currie).

1513. *Stebbins, Calvin.  S. of Calvin and Sarah E. (Langdon), b. So. Wilbraham, Ap. 22, 1837.  D. D. (hon.), A. C., 1917.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Exeter (N. H.) Acad. and Williston Sem.  Harvard D. S., 1862-65; ordained Ap. 2, 1865, Boston; p. Chicopee, 1866-69; Malboro, 1869-72; Detroit, Mich., 1872-79; Lebanon, N. H., 1880-; Framingham, 1904-.  Member Sanitary Commission, Civil War.  Author Life of Henry Hill Goodell (A. C. 1862); co-ed. with William S. Tyler of Tyler's Recollections of the Civil War.  D. Framingham, D. 30, 1921.

Married Aug. 8, 1866, Lucinda Maria, da. of Marcus Beebe, So. Wilbraham, who d. D. 11, 1919.

1514. *Stockwell, Austin Parsons.  S. of Daniel and Mary (Gale), b. Hadley, D. 2, 1837.  M. A., A. C., 1865.

Prepared Hopkins Acad., Hadley.  Union T. S., 1862-65; ordained as Presb. N. Y. City, May 14, 1865; p. Pleasant Plains, N. Y. City, 1865-69; a. p. Reformed Dutch Ch., Mill Brook, N. Y., 1869-71; p. Gravesend, L. I., 1872-87; supt. of Industrial Schools, Brooklyn (N. Y.) Children's Aid Soc., 1887-93; supt. of schools. Howard Mission, N. Y. City, 1893-99; p. Centennial Chapel, 1st Reformed Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1890-93; Greenwood Heights Reformed Ch., 1894-99.  D. Brooklyn, N. Y., N. 21, 1900.

Married S. 20, 1865, Sarah P., da. of Francis Loud, Westhampton.  Ch. Lena F. (d.); Frederic L. (d.); Harry F. (d.)

1515. *Stoddard, Samuel Augustus.  S. of John and Merab (Parker), b. Coventry, N. Y., Ap. 20, 1835.

Prepared Amenia (N. Y.) Sem.  Priv. 24th N. Y. Light Artillery, 1862; corp., 1862-65; Union T. S., 1865-68; ordained as Presb., O., 1868; under H. M. S., Holton, Kans., 1868-70; p. Independence, Kans., 1870-74; miss'y to Cherokee Indians, Fort Gibson and Muscogee, Indian Ter., 1874-83; r. in Col. and Cal., 1883-86.  D. Bainbridge, N. Y., N. 24, 1886.

Married (1) May 20, 1868, Sarah E., da. of Rev. H. R. Hoisington, Batticotta, Ceylon, who d. May 21, 1871; (2) S. 12, 1876, Addie S., da. of A. W. Hannaford, Beloit, Wis., who d. Ap. 17, 1885.  [Seems to be brother of Elijah W. (A. C. 1849).]

1516. *Stone, Timothy Porter.  S. of Rev. Timothy D. P. (A. C. 1834) and Phebe C. (Holt), b. Plymouth, N. H., Je. 25, 1838.  Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared with father, Norwich, Conn.  Princeton T. S., 1862-64.  D. Lafayette, Ind., Jan. 30, 1864.

1517. *Sweetser, Charles Humphreys.  S. of Samuel and Nancy M. (Harbach), b. Athol, Aug. 25, 1841.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  On editorial staff Springfield Republica, 1862-63; est. and ed. The Round Table, N. Y. City, 1863-65; ed. Jersey City Times, 1865; est. Bureau of Literary Reference, 1866; est. daily evening paper, The Gazette, 1866; est. The Evening Mail, 1867; est. daily morning paper, The City, 1868; on The St. Paul (Minn.) Despatch, 1869; est. literary paper, Minneapolis, Minn.; literary ed. Chicago Tribune, 1869-71.  Ed. Guide Book to Minn.; summer Resort Book; pub. the first Song Book of Amherst College and Annals of Amherst College.  D. Pilatka, Fla., Jan. 1, 1871.

Married O. 24, 1868, Mary Newman, da. of Joseph H. Sweetser, N. Y. City.  1 da.

1518. *Tomson, Truman.  S. of Truman and Ann (Weston), b. Belchertown, May 16, 1839.  M. A., A. C., 1865.  Alpha Delta Phi.

Prepared Amherst Acad., Chatham, N. Y., and privately.  Taught in Ind.; Philadelphia, Penn.; Brooklyn, N. Y.; studied law privately and at Columbia Law School.  D. Amherst, N. 7, 1866.

Married O. 30, 1866, Cora A., da. of. Harmenius Welch, New Haven, Conn.

1519. *Tyler, Mason Whiting.  S. of William Seymour (A. C. 1830) and Amelia Ogden (Whiting), b. Amherst, Je. 17, 1840.  M. A., A. C., 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Williston Sem.  2nd Lieut., 37th Mass. Vols., 1862; 1st Lieut., 1862-63; Capt., 1863-65; Major, 1865; Lieut. Col. and Col., 1865; Columbia Law School, 1865-66; admitted to bar, N. Y. City, O., 1866; managing clerk in office of Evarts, Southmayd & Choate, 1866-69; in firm of Tremain & Tyler, N. Y. City, 1869-93; in firm of Tyler & Durand, 1893-1903; with sons William S. and Cornelius B., 1903-07; r. Plainfield, N. J., 1871-1907.  Trustee A. C., 1901-07; Governor N. J. Mayflower Descendants' Soc., and member similar societies.  D. N. Y. City, Jy. 2, 1907.

Married D. 29, 1869, Eliza M., da. of Rev. John F. [Schroeder], New Milford, Conn., who d. O. 14, 1906.  Ch. William S. (A. C. 1895); Cornelius B. (A. C. 1898).  Bro. William W. (A. C. 1864); Henry M. (A. C. 1865); John M. (A. C. 1873).

1520. *Vance, Samuel Colville.  S. of Laurence M. and Mary Jane (Bates), b. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 22, 1839.  Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Wabash Coll., Ind.; A. C., 1859-62.  Capt., 27th Mass. Cols., 1861-62; Major, 70th Ind. Vols., 1862-63; Col. 132nd Ind. Vols., 1863; in command of Regt. of Home Guards, 1864; partner Ind. Banking Co., Indianapolis, Ind., 1865-70; book-dealer there, 1871-75; agent Conn. Mutual Life Insurance Co., Indianapolis, Ind., 1875-77; farmer and orange grower, Verdiere Point and Jacksonville, Fla., 1877-1913.  D. Jacksonville, Fla., N. 3, 1913.

Married (1) Jy. 14, 1862, Minnie, da. of Rev. Moody Harrington, W. Springfield, who d. Ap. 13, 1863; (2) Je. 22, 1865, Mary, da. of Robert Breckenridge, Lafayette,Ind.  Ch. Jessie R. (Randall); Arthur B.; Mary B. (Beckly); Mrs. L. C. Gifford.

1521. *Warrington, George.  S. of George and Mary (Evaul), b. Dover, Del., D. 13, 1842.  M. A., A. C., 1865; B. D., Princeton, 1898.

Prepared Friends' Central H. S., Philadelphia, Penn.  Taught Quaker School there, 1862-63; clerk in Commissary Dept., Washington, D. C., 1863; 1st Lieut, 8th U. S. C. I., 1863-64; taught Trenton, N. J., 1864-66; studied law with E. W. Scudder there, 1864-67; Princeton T. S., 1867-71; ordained by W. Jersey Presbytery, May 9, 1871; p. Glassboro, N. J., 1871; s. s. Berlin and Waterford, N. J., 1872-73; p. Bald Eagle, Nittany and Beech Creek, Penn., 1873-74; Manalapan, N. J., 1874-80; evangelist there, 1880-82; p. United Presb. Ch., Birmingham, Ia., 1882-; Presb. Ch. Fairton, N. J., 1894-97.  D. Fairton, N. J., S. 1., 1900.

Married (1) Jan. 9, 1865, Emma, da. of Willet Dunn, Trenton, N. J., who d. O. 27, 1866; (2) Ap. 26, 1871, Emma, da. of Henry Gilroy, Philadelphia, Penn., who d. Ap. 16, 1896.  1 da.

1522. *Wells, Henry Parkhurst.  S. of Dr. Phineas P. and Catherine J. (French), b. Providence, R. I., S. 14, 1842.

Prepared Williston Sem. and Mt. Pleasant School, Amherst; A. C., 1859-62; B. A., 1882.  1st Lieut. Co. K, 13th Regt. N. Y. Heavy Artillery, 1863-65; studied law with C. E. Soule, N. Y. City and Columbia L. S.; admitted to bar, 1869; practised N. Y. City, 1869-1904.  Author Fly Rods and Fly Tackle; The American Salmon Fisherman; A City Boy in the Woods.  D. Brookyn, N. Y., N. 23, 1904.

1523. *White, Oliver.  S. of Josiah and Esther (Hiatt), b. Milton, Ind., Aug. 21, 1836.

Prepared Prep. Dept., Earlham Coll.; Earlham Coll., 1858-61; A. C., 1861-62; B. S.  Taught Wabash, Richmond, and Winchester, Ind., 1862-65; bookseller Richmond, Ind., 1865-76; Dublin, Ind., 1876-86; p. and teacher, Soc. of Friends, in middle West, N. Y. and Brooklyn, 1886-1906; Richmond, Ind., 1906-.  Author Report of Geological Explorations in State of Me.  D. Wachula, Fla., Ap. 27, 1908.

Married F. 13, 1865, Mary C., da. of Thomas Cottom, Winchester, Ind.  2 s., 2 da.

1524. *Willis, Nathan Elliot.  S. of Nathan and Rebecca (Dean), b. Bridgewater, Jy. 12, 1838.  M. A., A. C., 1865.  Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Upsilon.

Prepared Pierce (Middleboro) and Bridgewater Acads.  Bridgewater State Normal School, 1862-64; prin. No. Middleboro Acad., 1864; Southboro H. S., 1864-65; Weymouth, 1865-67; master Hillside Grammar School for girls, Jamaica Plain, 1867-68; sub-master English H. S., Boston, 1868-72; associate ed. The Massachusetts Teacher, 1870-71; studied theology; licensed, O. 15, 1872; supt. of mission schools with charge of 1st Cong. Ch., Marion, Ala., under Amer. Miss'y Assoc., 1872-74; ordained there, F. 11, 1873; p. there, 1873-74; D. Columbiana, Ala., S. 24, 1874.

Married N. 27, 1863, Lucy Jane, da. of Lewis W. Hayden, Bridgewater, who d. S. 24, 1874.


Adams, Edward Hitchcock.  S. of Prof. Charles Baker (A. C. 1834) and Mary (Holmes), b. Middlebury, Vt., Aug. 18, 1842.  M. D., Gerogetown U., Washington, D. C., 1876.  Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1858.  Clerk in drug store, S. K. Orr, Amherst, 1862-63; surgical steward on U. S. steamer Pembina, 1863; U. S. steamer Wachusetts, 1865-68; apothecary U. S. Naval Hospital, Washington, D. C., 1868-76; practised med. Amherst, 1876-.  Bro. Henry (A. C. ex 1869).
Alvord, Augustus.  B. Bolton, Conn., Aug. 30, 1834.  Prepared Monson Acad.; A. C., 1856, 1859-60.  Studied theology, Theological Institute, Conn.; 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery, Hartford, Conn., 1863; Chaplain 31st Regt. U. S. C. T., 1865; served with U. S. Christian Commission in Tex., 1865-66; s. s. Marlboro, Vt., 1866-67; Ridgebury, Conn., 1867-71; W. Suffield, Conn., 1871-73; Cummington, 1873-74; W. Granville, 1874-79; Hillsboro Centre, N. H., 1880-.
*Burt, Ansel Oscar.  S. of Bartholomew.  b. Taunton, Aug. 10 ,1840.  Prepared Parsonage School, Taunton, under Dr. H. B. Wheelwright; A. C., 1858; grad. Brown, 1863.  Prin. Provincetown H. S., 1865-68; Summer St. School, Taunton and sub-master Taunton H. S., 1870-91.  D. Taunton, Jan. 21, 1903.
*Chase, Thomas Noyes.  S. of Samuel S. and Eunice N. (Colby), b. W. Newbury, Jy. 18, 1838.  Prepared Thetford (Vt.) Acad.; A. C., 1859-60;  grad. Dartmouth, 1862.  Prin. Royalton (Vt.) Acad., 1862-64; clerk U. S. General Post Office, Washington, D. C., 1864-69; prof. of Greek, Atlanta (Ga.) U., 1869-73; Indian agent Green Bay, Wis., 1873-74; erected buildings for Amer. Miss'y Assoc., New Orleans, La., Galveston, Tex., Mobile, Ala. and Nashville, Tenn., 1874-79; investigated missions in Africa for Amer. Miss'y Assoc., 1879-; r. Atlanta, Ga., 18(?)-99; in West and Atlanta, Ga., 1888-1905; Bellows Falls, Vt., 1905-12.  Author many articles on education of the negro.  D. Bellows Falls, Vt., Ap. 23, 1912.  S. John H. (A. C. 1896).
Cline, Edward Ebenezer.  S. of Ebenezer H., b. So. Amenia, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1839.  Prepared So. Amenia (N. Y.) Sem.; A. C., 1858-59.  Farmer and merchant So. Amenia, N. Y., 1859-.
*Ewell, John Lewis.  S. of Samuel, b. Byfield, S. 4, 1840.  Prepared Dummer Acad., Byfield,; A. C., 1858; Yale, 1865.  Corp., 60th Mass. Inf., 1864; taught Chambersburg, Penn.; Nashville, Tenn.; Washington U., St. Louis, Mo.; prin. Prep. Dept. Nashville U., Tenn., 6 mos.; grad. Andover T. S., 1870; p. Waverly.  1874-78; 2nd Ch. Millbury, 1878-.  D. 1910.
*Farr, George.
*Fish, Dyer Ball Nelson.  S. of Dr. Seth, b. No. Amherst, Aug. 10, 1838.  Prepared Shelburne Falls Acad. and Conn. Literary Institute; A. C., 1858-59.  Taught in N. J., 1 yr.; grad. Berkshire Med. Coll., 1862; Asst. Surgeon, 27th Mass. Vols., 1863; Surgeon, 1864; practised med. No. Amherst, 1865-72; Amherst, 1872-.  D. 1895.  Ch. Henry S. (A. C. ex 1888).
*Ford, Henry Allen.  S. of Alven, b. Ithaca, N. Y., S. 24, 1838.  M. A., Kalamazoo Coll., 1870.  Delta Upsilon.  Prepared with private tutors and at Eureka Coll., Ill.; A. C., 1858.  Studied law U. of Mich., 1859-60; taught Gregory's Commercial Coll., Kalamazoo, Mich., 1860-61; admitted to bar there, 1861; local ed. The Telegraph and Gazette there, 1861-62; 2nd Lieut., 19th Mich. Vols., 1862; 1st Lieut. and Capt.; captured, Thompson's Station, Tenn., 1863 and in Libby Prison, 2 mos.; practised law Niles, Mich., 1865-67; supt. of schools. Berien Co., Mich., 1867-71; ed. and pub. Mich. Teacher, 1876; Northern Ind. Teacher, 1874-76; Kalamazoo Daily and Weekly Telegraph, 1875-77; educational news ed. Educational Weekly, Kalamazoo, Mich.; conducted Teachers' Institutes.  D. O. 23, 1894.
*Gerrish, John Wesley Dame.  S. of John, b. F. 4, 1838.  Registered from W. Lebanon, Me.  A. C., 1859-62.  D. Ap. 14, 1862.
Goddard, John.  S. of Warren and Mary (Tobey), b. No. Bridgewater (Brockton), O. 9, 1839.  Delta Upsilon.  Prepared No. Bridgewater Acad.; A. C., 1858.  Studied theology with Rev. Warren Goddard; s. s. Yarmouthport, Bridgewater, Salem; Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn.; ordained, F. 4, 1866; p. New Jerusalem Ch., Cincinnati, O., 1866-.  Address, Newtonville.
*Hale, Eben Thomas.  B. Newburyport, May 9, 1842.  A. C., 1859-60; grad. Yale, 1862.  Priv., Co. A., 45th Mass. Vols.; grad. Harvard L. S., 1865; manufactured stationery, Boston.  D. Newburyport, S. 7, 1868.
*Hall, Joseph Francis.  B. Jamestown, N. Y., Ap. 9, 1837.  Prepared Randolph (N. Y.) Acad.; A. C., 1858.  In brother's store and manufacturer of tinware, Jamestown, N. Y., 1858-61; Sergt. Co. F, 112th N. Y. Vols.; clerk Adj. General's office, Washington, D. C.  D. Jamestown, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1864.
*Ham, Chauncey Van Vliet.  S. of Isaac, b. May 25, 1836.  Registered from Schodack, N. Y.  A. C., 1858-59.  D. Jan. 1, 1860.
Henderson, Thomas.  S. of Horace, b. Sunderland, N. 24, 1835.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Williston Sem.; A. C., 1858-59.  Grad. Berkshire Med. Coll., 1862; asst. surgeon U. S. A., 1863-65; practised Easthampton, 1863-64; Boston, 1865-70; Waltham, and Lake Forest, Ill., 1870-78; Chicago, Ill., 1878-.
*Hunt, Moses Nowell.  S. of Dr. Ebenezer, b. Danvers, D. 11, 1839.  Prepared Holton H. S., Danvers and New Hampton, N. J.; A. C., 1859-61.  Grad. Harvard Med. School, 1867; practised St. Louis, Mo.  D. St. Louis, Mo., N. 17, 1873.
*Maynard, Edward.  S. of Horace (A. C. 1838) and Laura Ann (Washburn), b. Knoxville, Tenn., F. 3, 1843.  Alpha Delta Phi.  Prepared with private tutor; A. C., 1858-60.  1st E. Tenn. Regt.; 2nd Lieut.; Adj. and Lieut. Col., 1861-65; on Gov. Brownlow's staff, 18 mos.; U. S. Consul to Turk's Island, B. W. I., 1866-68.  D. Grand Turk, B. W. I., Jan. 10, 1868.  Bro. James (A. C. 1874).
*Merriam, Ephraim.  S. of Marshall, b. Pittsburgh, Penn., D. 9, 1838.  Prepared Normal Institute, Merrimack, N. H. and New Ipswich (N. H.) Acad.; A. C., 1858-1860.  Grad. Dartmouth Med. School, 1863; practised Lunenburg; asst. surgeon 40th Mass. Vols. and in Washington (D. C.) Hospital, 1864-66; practised Washington, 1866-95.  D. Washington, D. C., N. 30, 1895.
Morris, Edward.  S. of Henry (A. C. 1832), b. Springfield, Jan. 16, 1841.  Psi Upsilon.  Prepared Springfield and Williston Sem., Easthampton; A. C., 1858-60.  46th Mass. Vols., 1862-63; read law with father Springfield; admitted to bar, Je. 30, 1864; practised Springfield.
Parker, John Davis.  S. of J. B., b. Boston, Mch. 11, 1840.  Prepared Exeter (N. H.) Acad. and Salem H. S.; A. C., 1858.  Asst. supervisor of U. S. Treasury Dept. in S. C., yr. or two; manufacturer of "safe and jewelry boxes," Boston.
*Payson, Elliott.  S. of Thomas Elliott (A. C. 1834) and Hannah (Brown), b. Aug. 29, 1842.  Registered from Rowley.  A. C., 1858-59.  Served on Tecumseh, Western Gunboat Fleet.  D. Caior, Ill., Mch. 24, 1863.
*Pettengill, Samuel Barrett.  S. of Jonathan S. and Sally (Barrett), b. Grafton, Vt., F. 7, 1839.  Prepared Burr Sem., Manchester, Vt.; A. C., 1859.  Co. B, 7th Squadron, R. I. Cavalry, 4 mos.; Princeton T. S., 1863-65; Andover T. S., 1866; s. s. Upper Missouri Valley, 1866-67; Little Sioux, Ia., 1867-68; Royalton, Vt., 1868; farmer Grafton, Vt., 1868-74; s. s. Rutland, Vt., 1874; ed. and part proprietor Rutland (Vt.) Daily and Weekly Herald, 1874-77; ed.-in-chief Herald and Globe, 1877-79; ed. St. Albans (Vt.) Messenger, 1879-83; Portland Oregonian, Portland, Ore., 1883-86; Daily News and Daily Ledger, Tacoma, Wash., 1887-90; Everett (Wash.) Herald; r. Saxtons Rivert, Vt., 1895-1909.  Author The College Cavaliers; The Mistakes of Prohibition; Chinese Immigration.  D. Saxtons River, Vt., O. 22, 1909.
*Pierce, Gardner Carpenter.  S. of Rev. Willard, b. Foxboro, F. 22, 1838.  M. D., Harvard, 1866.  Prepared Abington H. S.; A. C., 1858; grad. Dartmouth, 1863.  Grad. Harvard Med. School, 1866; practised Ashland, 1866-.  D. Boston, May 18, 1900.
*Richardson, George Lovell.  S. of Joseph S., b. E. Medway, Mch. 9, 1838.  A. C., 1858-59; grad. Dartmouth, 1862.  Taught Sherborn H. S., 1862; Wrentham (Norfolk) and Abington, 1863-64; in grocery business Chicago, Ill., 1864-66; taught Abington Centre H. S., 1866-.  D. Abington, N. 12, 1899.
*Saunders, Erastus Huntington.  B. New London, Conn., F. 5, 1838.  Prepared New London, Conn., A. C., 1858-61; grad. Yale, 1863.  Taught Westchester, Penn., 1863-64; Tarrytown, N. Y., 1864-65; grad. General Episcopal T. S., N. Y. City, 1868; ordained deacon, Prot. Episcopal Ch., N. Y. City, 1868; priest, Ap., 1869; asst. p. St. Mary's Ch., Brooklyn, L. I. and supt. St. Mary's School and Kindergarten, 1868-69; rector Windham, Conn., 1869-71; W. Burlington, N. Y., 1871-72; Calvary Ch., Cairo, N. Y., 1872-73; St. Marks, Green Island, N. Y., 1873-74; asst. p. Ch. of the Heavenly Rest, N. Y. City, 1874-75; rector Rutherford Park, N. J., 1875-77; asst. p. St. Ann's Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 1877-78; rector Holy Trinity, Greenport and St. Mary's Shelter Island, 1878-.  D. 1902.
Sherman, Edward Hyde.  S. of John N., b. Wayland, N. 7, 1836.  Prepared Wayland H. S. and with private tutor; A. C., 1858.  Farmer, 1858-63; manufacturer of straw goods, 1863-.
Stevens, Frederick Augustus.  S. of Joseph C., b. May 10, 1839.  Registered from Bangor, Me.  A. C., 1859.  Col., Me. Regt. during Civil War; freight agent Toledo, Wabash and Wester R. R., St. Louis, Mo., 18(?)-77.
Tate, Absalom Humphreys.  B. Greensboro, N. C., S. 9, 1841.  Prepared New Garden (N. C.) School; A. C., 1858-59.  Farmer and merchant; manufacturer of woollen goods, Charlotte, N. C.

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